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DONORS. Deaths in Bombay during the year 1857

D. G. Med. Dept. DEMPSEY (G. D.), Sketch by, for a Map of Knowledge. (With a Map)

.... Mechanics' Inst. DRAWINGS (Photographed) of the “ Jumma Mus

jid” and “Ibrahim Rozah," at Beejapoor,
with letter-press.
1 fol.......

Gort.of Bombay. of the Mosques of the “Gol Goomuz" at

Beejapoor, with letter-press. 1 fol.
DUPIN (Par M. Le Baron C.), 2nd Rapport à l'Aca-

démie des Sciences, (Canal Maritime de
Suez), Paris, 1857

R. Knight, Esq.
Second Rapport, Paris, 1858.......
FREDERIC VII. Roi de Danemark, Vestiges d’As-
serbo et de Soborg decouvertes, par

R. Soc. N. Antiq. sur la Construction des Salles dites des

GIRAUD (Dr. II.), Lecture by, on Combustion, and

the Sun the Source of all Terrestrial Force Mechanics' Iust. HART (Captain), Report on a Project for the Sup.

ply of Water to the Poona Cantonment, with
plans and sections. (9 sheets)

Govt. of Bombay. II AWKES (Lieutenant H. P.), Report by, upon the

Oils of Southern India
HERVEY (Major C. R. W.), Reports and Returns

relating to the Crimes of Thuggee and Dacoity,

compiled by, Hodgson (B. H.), Papers relative to the Coloni

zation, Commerce, Physical Geography, &c. of

the Himalaya Mountains at Nepal (2 copies). Gort. of India. Hooker and Thomson's Flora-Indica ; being a

systematic Account of the Plants of British

Govt. of Bombay. INSTITUTION, Royal, of Great Britain, Notices of the Meetings of the Members of.

Part 7, from November 1856 to July 1857

The Institution. JAMESON's (W.) Report upon the Botanical

Gardens of the Government, North-West Pro-

Govt. of India.
LASSEN's (Von Chr.) Indische Alterthumskunde.
Vols. II. and III.

The Author.

LECKEY (E.), Principles of Goojurathee Grammar. The Author.
Lessep's (Par M. F. de) Percement de l’Isthme

de Suez, Rapport et Projet de la Commission
Internationale, Documents publiés par.-1856-
57. 3e et 4e Série

R. Knight, Esq.
LIFE of Rama, the Son of Dasaratha, King of
Ajodya ..

Govt. of India. (The) of Raja Rammohunroy, by an exStudent of the Elphinstone Institution

Govt. of Bombay. Madras Exhibition of 1859, of the Raw Products of Southern India

Gort. of Madras. MALWA “Ukbar” (Newspaper) of the 2nd, 9th,

16th, and 23rd February, and 2nd and 9th
March 1858

Govt. of Bombay. MEMOIRS of the Geological Survey of India. Part

I. of vol. I. (2 copies).
MEMORANDUM upon the Pauchontee or Indian

Gutta Tree of the Western Coast
MOLESWORTH (J. T.), Dictionary, Marathi and

English, 2nd Edition, compiled by, 1857 .....
Morris (J.), Cases disposed of by the Sudder

Foujdaree Adawlut of Bombay. Nos. 3, 4, 5,
6 of vol. VIII. for 1857, and Nos. 1, 2, 3,
of vol. IX., compiled by.........

the Sudder Dewanee Adawlut of Bombay.

No. 5 of vol. III.
MULLER (Max), Rig Veda Sanhita, the Sacred

Hymns of the Brahmans, together with the

Commentary of Sayanacharya, edited by
OBSERVATIONS, Magnetical, made at the Honorable

Company's Magnetical Observatory at Madras
in the years 1846-50

Govt. of Madras.
Meteorological, made at the Meteorological
Bungalow at Dodabetta in the years 1851-55. Govt. of Bombay.

Magnetical and Meteorological, made at the
Honorable East India Company's Observatory,
Bombay, in the year 1857, under Superinten-

dence of Lieut. E. F. T. Fergusson, I. N...... OLDHAM (Dr. T.), on some Addition to the Know

ledge of “ Cretaceous Rocks" of India ...... The Author.


PhiliGRET (Par M. le Capitaine), Observations

Hydrographiques dans la Baie de Péluse (Canal
Maritime de Suez)

R. Knight, Esq.
RAFN (Par C. C.), Inscription Runique du Pirée

RI. Soc. N. Antiq. Antiquites de l'Orient, Monuments Rumographiques Interprétés

Antiquites Américaines d'après les Monu-
ments Historiques des Ilandais et des Anciens

REPORT of Civil Judicial Administration in the
Bombay Presidency for the year 1857

Govt. of Bombay.
of Crime, and the Result of the Adminis-
tration of Criminal Justice in the Bombay
Presidency for the year 1857

of the Director of Public Instruction, Bom-
bay, for the year 1855-56

D. Public Inst.
by the Juries on the subject of the Thirty
Classes into which the Exhibition was divided.
I vol.

Govt. of Bombay. REPORT on the Suppression of Dacoity in Bengal for 1855-56 ....

Govt. of India.
Annual, of the Grant Medical College,
Bombay. Twelfth year, Session 1857-58 ...... G. M. College.

8th Annual, of the European Pensioners
and Widows' Fund, 1857

The Society (35th) Annual of the Royal Asiatic Society

of Great Britain and Ireland, for 1858 ........ REPORTS on the Asylums for European and Natire

Insane Patients at Bhowanipore and Dullunda
for 1856 and 1857

Govt. of Bombay. RICKETTS' (H., Esq.) Reports on the Districts

of Minapore (including Hijelee and Cut

tack).... SIDNEY Magazine of Science and Art, from June to December 1857 ......

Dr. Morehead. SINCLAIR (R. S.), Lecture by, on the “Laws of Motion”

Mechanics' Inst. SMITH (D.), Report of the Sigrowlee and Kurhurbaree Coal Fields. (3 copies)

Govt. of Bombay.

The Society.

Donors. SOCIE'TE' (Paris) de Géographie, Bulletin de la.

Nos. 79 to 84 of Tome Vol. XIV. for 1857 .. Society, Royal Astronomical, Proceedings of, Nos.

9 of Vol. XVII. and Nos. 1 to 8 of Vol. XVIII.

Philological, Transactions of, for 1854-55-66

-Royal, Proceedings of, No. 24 of Vol. VIII.
and No. 31 of Vol. IX.

Royal Geographical, Journal of. Vol.
XXVII. for 1857...........

(London), Royal Geographical, Proceedings
of. Nos. 3 to 5 of Vol. II. for 1858

Asiatic, of Bengal, Journal. Nos. 1 to 5
for 1857, and Nos. 1 and 2 for 1858

Madras Literary and Scientific, Journal of.
Nos. 4, 5, 6 of Vols. II. III. 1857

Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic, Jour-
nal of, edited by J. Capper, Esq. Parts I. and

II. for 1856-58
STEPHENSON (Par M.), Observations sur le Dis-

cours Prononcé sur le Percement de l'Isthme
de Suez, 1857

R. Knight, Esq. Tassy (M. Garcin de), Discours de, à l'ouverture

de son Cours d'Hindoustani. Dec., 1857......

Hir et Ranjhan Légende du Penjab, traduite de l’Hindoustani par

The Translator. TAYLOR (W.), Catalogue Raisonnée of Oriental

Manuscripts in the Library of the late Col

lege, Fort Saint George. (2 copies).... Govt. of Madras. WALL (P. W.), Report by, on a reputed Coal-For

mation at Kotah, on the Upper Godavery River. WEBER (Dr. A.), Indische Studien Bertrage fur die

Kunde des Indischen Alterthums. 4th B.3 H. The Author.
WILLIAMS (Professor M.) Sakoontala, or the “Lost

Ring," an Indian Drama, translated by, into
English prose

and verse, from the Sanskrit of
Kalidasa. I vol..........

Govt.of Burnbay.
Ditto ditto with Illustrations, 4to...
WILSON (Rev. J., D.D.), India Three Thousand

Years ago, or the Social State of the Aryas on
the Banks of the Indus in the Times of the Vedas. The Author.


ZEITSCHRIFT der Deutschen Morgenlandischen

Gesellschaft. Herausgegeben von den Gesells-
chaftfuhrern. Elfter Band, IV. Heft

The Society.


FROM THE 29TH NOV. 1868 TO THE 28TH NOV. 1859.

The Society.

Govt. of Bombay.

Govt. of Madras.

The Author.

Govt. of Bombay.

The Author.

ABHANDLUNGEN fur die Kunde des Morgenlandes.

Herausgegeben von der Deutschen Morgenlan

dischen Gesellschaft. No. 5 Band I. ........ ANNUAL Police Return, showing the State of

Crime in the Town and Island of Bombay,

during the year 1857 BALFOUR (E.), Catalogue of Mollusca in the Madras

Government Central Museum, (2 copies) BROUN (J. A.), Letter to Sir David Brewster on

“Results in Terrestrial Magnetism"

(Rev. J. C.), Indian Infanticide, its Origin, Progress, and Suppression Buist (G.), Geology of Lower Egypt, especially of

the portion betwixt Alexandria and Cairo and

Suez ....
CATALOGUE, Official and Descriptive, of the Madras

Exhibition of 1857 .....
CORRESPONDENCE, further, relating to the Intro-
duction of a Rough Survey and Revenue Settle-

a ment in the Province of Sindh ..... Dalzell (N. A.), Short Review of Mr. Plowden's

Report on the Salt-Excise of the Bombay

DRAWINGS (Photographed) of the Ancient Buildings

at Beejapoor, with letter-press. 2 vols. fol. .. Hislop and Hunter (the Rev. Messrs.), Mineralo

gical Description of a Series of Rocks collected
by, near Nagpore, Central India, described by

Professor Haughton
INSTITUTION (Royal) of Great Britain, Notices of

the Proceedings of. Part 8 for 1857-58 .....

List of the Members, Officers, &c. of, with a
Report of the Visitors, for the year 1857 ...

Govt. of Madras,

Govt. of Bombay,


The Author.

The Institution.

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