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Rev. Dr. Wilson.

B'bay Geog. Soc.

Gold, specimens of, in Quartz-Rock and Clay, from

Melbourne, Australia
Guano, solid, fragment of, and in powder, from the

Curia Muria Islands
Lead and Iron Ores, specimens of, collected among

the Hills of Beloochistan, by Major W. H. R.

Quartz-Rock, auriferous, specimen of, from the

“ Victoria Gold Fields," South Australia .... Rupee (1) of Akbar Shah, the Victorious King,

A. H. 1219; coined at Ahmedabad with the
minting tools above mentioned

Govt. of B'bay.

[Esq. D. J. Kennelly,

Hon. W.E. Frere.

FROM TIIE 28TH NOV. 1859 TO THE 26TH NOV. 1860.

Dr. Kane,


Hon. W. E. Fere.

Rev. S. Hislop.

Coins, Bactrian (4), Electrotyped
Fan, elaborately ornamented, made out of part of

a leaf of the Talipot Palm and used in Ceylon
on occasions of ceremony.

Each Chief and
Headman in Ceylon, when walking abroad is
attended by a follower, who holds a fan of this

kind above his head
Fossil Shells, Marine, Eocene (?), a small collection

of, from the Sub-Trappean deposit of Raja-
mundry, chiefly from Kateru, named and

described by the ....
Geological specimens (2), from Hallanea the largest

of the Curia Muria Islands. One characteristic
of the Limestone (Eocene?), and the other
that of the black Trappean rock which veins

the granitic mountains there
Plumbago, specimens of, from Ceylon
Rana, Impressions of foot-prints of, on black-shale

from the sluices in the Island of Bombay;

found and presented by Rock-Specimens, Granitic, Metamorphic, and Sedi

mentary, from Travancore
Sculptured remains from the Island of Salsette.

One sitting figure of Buddha, perfect, with the
exception of the arms

Rev. P. Badger.
Hon. W.E.Frere.

Dr. Leith.

Maj. Genl.Cullen.

E. W. West, Esq.

a well

DONORS. Shot, Stone-, specimen of, found at Dwarka

Hom. W.E.Frere. hewn out of Laterite from Viziadroog · Lt. Dowell, I. N. Steatite, grey, smoky, two specimens of, obtained 20 feet below the surface at Goonah in digging

Cap:H.P.Mayne. Stones (2), sculptured in relief, from the remains

of a large Structural Daghob close to the caves
of Kanheri in Salsette, apparently representing
a human sacrifice......

E. W. West, Esq.
one from the same Daghob, with similar
small figures in relief

Two Globular Vessels with lids rudely cut out of

red stone (laterite ?) about seven inches in
diameter, taken from the small 'Topes or burial
places close to the Caves of Kanheri in Salsette. Ditto.

FROM THE 26TH NOV. 1860 TO THE 25TH NOV. 1861.

Dr. Birdwood.

H. J. Carter, Esq.

Armour and War Instruments, Chinese, specimens

of, taken after the Bombardment of the Takoor
Fort, consisting of a Helmet, Javelins, Cross-
bow, Arrows, Musket, and Fuzees. Also some

Chinese coins :
Basalt, columnar, of Salsette, specimens of, from

Dharavee and Malar on the outside of the

Island, also from Coorla....
Basaltic Scoriæ, specimens of, from the outer ridge

of the Island of Bombay, just above Kambala..
Coin, plaster cast of, of the Sah Dynasty*...
Corals, Madrepora and Meandrina, specimens of..
Koran, copy of the, elaborately ornamented and

written on a roll of paper measuring 10 feet
and 10 inches in length by in breadth,

obtained at Morabad
Lead and Copper Mines, specimens from the, near

Limestone, Nummulitic, portions of, coarse, yellow,

charged with Orbitoides dispansa and a small
nummulite of the class “ Striata,” found in

Dr. Leith.
H. Newton, Esq.

Sir A. Grant, Bt.

Rer. Dr. Wilson.


• See p. 15.

DONORS. situ at Turkesur, about ten miles to the east of the Railway Station at the Keem river near Surat;

ditto from Bhadee about 15 miles S.W. of Ruttunpoor, Rajpipla. Discovered and presented to the Society by ...

A. Rogers, C.S. Limestone and Stalactites from the cavern of

“Lahout” at Sha Bilawal in Beloochistan Col. Hough. Pegmatite, specimen of, from a large fragment found

in situ in a narrow Basaltic Dyke in the Island

of Caranja near the village of Ooran ...... H.J.Carter, Esq. Porphyritic Trap, specimens of, from the neighbourhood of Tannah

Dr. Leith.
Pyroxene, in black, rhombic, foliated crystals, on

Prehnite, with Laumonite, Chabacite, and Do-
decahedral Calc-spar, from the freshwater stra-
tum intercalated in the trap of Nowrojee-Hill
Quarry; the specimens also contain casts of
Cyprides ; discovered and presented by...

Dr. Leith.
Rock-specimens from Japan, consisting of Mica

Schist, Scoriæ, and old blue Limestone...... Comr. Robinson. Sand (iron), attracted by the Magnet, from the sea-shore at the Base of Malabar Hill

Dr. Leith. Selenite, from the Salt-works at Patree on the Runn, 80 miles N.W. of Ahmedabad ....

Dr. Kane. Trap-clay, specimens of, from between beds of Trap under the Fort of Sattara

Dr. Leith.
Water, mineral, specimens of, from the hot springs

at “Tonk” or “ Tong,” about 80 miles west
of Hydrabad

Col. Hough.


FROM THE 24TH NOV. 1856 TO THE 30TH NOV. 1857.


Broughton (Dr. F.), Description by, of some Cave

Temples and Rock-Excavations about seven
miles from the sea, on the Western Coast of
India, near Wagotun, in a letter to the Rev.
Dr. Wilson, Honorary President*.

• This Journal, vol. v. p. 611.


Rev. Dr. Wilson.


Dr. Don.

The Author.

The Secretary

The Author.

Broughton (Dr. F.), on the Transition of Trap into

Laterite* ..
Carter (H. J., Esq.), on the Ultimate Structure of

Spongilla ; with further “Notes” on the FreshWater Infusoria of the Island of Bombayt .. - on Specific Character, Facundation, and

Abnormal Growth, in Edogonium .... DeCrespigny (Dr. E. N. C.), Notice by, of 84

Species of Testaceous Mollusca from Rutna

gherry I Dhunjeebhoy Framjee, on the Origin and Authenti

city of the Iranian Family of Languages Extract from a Report by Lieutenant Wilkins, Exe

cutive Engineer, Aden, containing a Statement
of all the different Attempts and their Results,
which have been made since our occupation
of Aden, to increase the Supply of Water

from a Note by Captain R. F. Burton, at
Zanzibar, dated 28th April 1857, to the Sec-

Frere (W. E., Esq. C.S., President), Report by, on

thirteen Silver Coins found among the Ruins of
Wallabhi in Kattyawar**

Report by, on a bag of Coins obtained at

Report by, on a Gold Coin discovered in
1854, in the Inam Field of Khunderow bin
Mulharrow, Patell of Sickoree, and submitted

for examination by the Government II
Inman (H., Esg.), Letter, with Geological Specimens

and Diagrams of the different Deposits passed
through proceeding from the right bank of the
Indus to the newly-discovered Coal-Deposits
in Lyneah Valley, Sind$$

Govt. of Bombay.

The Secretary.

The Author.

* This Journal, Vol. V. · p. 639. + Id. id. p. 574. # Unpublished. Ś See“ Proceedings,” p. xli. (In process of being published by the Author). || This Jour. Vol. V. p. 597. See“ Proceedings,” p. xxxv. Id. xxxvii. ++ See “ Unpublished Proceedings,” 13th August 1857. 11 See “ Proceedings,” p. xl.

$$ Recorded.



The Author.

Jacob (Colonel LeGrand), Genealogical and Histo

rical Sketch of the Gohel Tribe of Rajpoots.
Translated by, from a Document in the posses-

sion of the Bhaonuggur Raja*
Richardson (A. St.John), Account by, of the Fort

of Galnat Romer (J.), Letter by, on the Pahlavi of the Zend

Avesta I

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FROM THE 30TH NOV. 1857 TO THE 29TH NOV. 1858.

The Author.

Carter (H. J., Esq.), Note by, on the Red-Colour

ing Matter of the Sea round the Shores of the
Island of Bombay.....

Report by, on the Geological Specimens
from the Persian Gulf, collected by, and pre-
sented to the Society by Lieut. C. G. Con-

stable, I.N.
Dhunjeebhoy Framjee, Esq., on the Origin and

Authenticity of the Iranian Family of Lan-
guages. Part II. f...

Frere (W. E., Esq., C.S.), Report by, on the 1395

Coins sent by Government with their Letter
No. 270, dated 30th January last**

Report by, on Coins received from Lieute-
nant Trevor, of the Engineers, found in the
Ancient City of Wallabhi in Kattiawartt....

Report by, on 40 Gold Coins, received from

D. Davidson, Esq., Collector of Poonaff.... Hislop (Rev. S.), on Fossils from the Nagpoor

State, &c.$$...

FROM THE 29TH NOV. 1858 TO THE 28TH NOV. 1859.

Bhawoo Daji, Esq., Translation by, of a Copper

Plate Grant from Goa ||II....

* This No. p. 112. + Id. p. 143.

See“ Proceedings," p. xxxviii. § Ann. Nat. Hist. v. i. p. 258. || Bengal Asiat. Jour., New Ser., No. 97, p. 41. Seo Proceedings,” p. xlviii. (In process of publication by the Author).

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