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SELECTIONS of the Bombay Goverrnment. No.

LXIII. Annual Progress Reports of Executive
Engineers, for 1858-59

SILLAR (W. C.), a Month in the Cotton Districts

near Bombay, by.... SCHLAGINTWEIT'S (Messrs. H. and R. De), Theoretical Considerations and Tables in reference to Indian Hypsometry. Part I. of Vol. II. of a result of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia. 1 vol. 4to 1861 ... SOCIETE (Paris) de Géographie, Bulletin de la. Tome XX. for 1860

SOCIETY, Royal Astronomical, Monthly Notices of, with supplemental notice. No. 9 of Vol. XX., Nos. 3, 5, and 7 of Vol. XXI. 1861 .... Royal, Proceedings of. Nos. 38, 40, and 43 for 1860......

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Proceedings of, No. 1, Vol. V. 1861
Bengal Asiatic, Journal of. Nos. 3 and 4,
for 1860. No. 1, for 1861

Madras Literary and Scientific. Vol. I.
8vo. 1834


Bombay Medical and Physical, Transactions of. No. 6. New Series.



Royal Asiatic, of Great Britain and Ireland, Journal of. Part II. of Vol. XVIII.

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The Author.

The Authors.

The Society.

Madras Literary and Scientific. No. XI.

of Vol. VI. 1861. New Series..

TASSY (M. Garcin de), La Poésie Philosophique et
Religieuse chez les Persans d'après le "Mantic
Uttair," 3rd Ed....

Description des Monuments de Delhi en


THESAURUS Græcæ Linguæ, with Index. 9 vols.


TRAVANCORE, Description of the Administrative

System of, in the year 1844, No. III. by V.
Kristna Row....

The Author.

B. Dajee, Esq.

Genl. Cullen.

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WALKER (W.), New Dock Scheme, with a

Plan ...
ZEITSCHRIFT der Deutschen Morgenlandischen

Gesellschaft. 13th Band, IV Heft, and 14th
Band, I. to IV Heft

The Society.


FROM THE 24TH NOV. 1856 TO THE 30TH NOV. 1857.

Carbonaceous Shales and Shelly Limestone, speci

mens of, from the lower part of the Laterite

cliffs at Vurkaly, 12 miles south of Quilon .. Genl. Cullen. Coins, copper (63), of the Pattan Sooltans, turned

up by a villager while ploughing a field in
August 1856, near Nandgaon, about six miles
west of the Phondah Ghat*

Capt. G. Thomas.
silver (13), discovered in some Excavations
made in the ancient city of Wallabhae in Khat-

Lieut. Treror. silver and cornelian seals (1 bag of), obtained at Baghdad by Colonel Pope, presented to the Society for selection and report I

Col. G. Pope. Corals and Nummulites, specimens of, from the Eocene formation in Sindh....

Col. Turner. Fossil Shells from the Chalk Formation, &c. also specimens of minerals....

Dr. Stuart.
Fossils, Cretacean, a box of, from Bagh and its

neighbourhood, 18 miles north of the Ner-
budda and about 145 miles from the sea ; con-
taining a fragment of an Ammonite, T'ere-
bratulæ, Pecten, Janira, and Echinoidea

from a yellow, arenaceous deposit of the
Nummulitic formation, gathered round Kur-
rachee in Sindh ....

Dr. Rooke. from the Nummulitic Formation in Sindh. The Secretary.

* See “ Proceedings," 1856-57, for further description. + Idem

See “ Unpublished Proceedings.” 13th August 1857.



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Rev. S. Hislop.

Geological Specimens and Fossils from the neighbour

hood of Nagpoor, containing :-1, of Granite
with large crystals of mica and shorl; 1, of
Amygdaloid Trap ; 12, from the Sandstone
formation, of which two bear impressions of
Estheria ; 4, of Worm-tracks in Shale; 4, of
Phyllotheca ; and I, of seed-vessels, in fine sand-
stone; together with one specimen of fine
sandstone alone.-20 specimens from the Inter-
trappean Lacustrine Formation, chiefly consist-
ing of Unio Deccanensis with Melania and
Paludina Deccanensis ; 2, of the seeds of two
species of Chara, C. Malcolmsonii
and the other undescribed. The rest of the
specimens bearing roots and seeds of various

Geological specimens illustrative of the rocks con-

nected with the Coal or Lignite Deposit in the
Lyneah Valley near Kotree, Sindh, consisting
of :-1st, coal ; 2nd, blue clay (plastic), with
fragments of plants and coal ; 3rd, red and varie-
gated sandstone (loose), and sands ; 4th, grey,
compact limestone charged with Alveolina, and
emitting an odour like sulphuretted hydrogen
when rubbed ; 5th, whitish, compact limestone
charged with Orbitolites, Alveolina, and Num-
mulites (small); 6th, ferruginous clay and

sandstone altered by heat......
Gorgonia juncea, specimens of, white, yellow, and

red, from Bombay Harbour close to Mazagon

Graphite, specimens of, (3) from Travancore, about

12 miles N. E. of Trevandrum ...
Laterite, specimens of, (12) from the cliffs about the

same distance north of Trevandrum ; bearing
cylindrical fragments like the fossilized stems

of vegetables
Lignite, specimen of, from the Lyneah Coal-bed

discovered by Captain F. Phillips, near Kotree
in Sindh

H. Inman, Esq.

The Secretary

Genl. Cullen.

J. A. Broun, Esq.

Col. Turner,


Dr. deCrespigny.

Shells (Fresh-water), from the neighbourhood of

Marine, collection of, gathered at Rutna.
Trap and Laterite, specimens of, from Rutnagherry,

showing the passage of the former into the

Dr. Broughton.

FROM THE 30TH NOV. 1857 TO THE 29TH NOV. 1858.

Good Hope

Birds (stuffed), viz: White Albatross ; large black

Gull; “Bonny Hulk;” “Noddy,” dark ;
“Do." grey ; Cape Pigeon. From the Cape of

Dr. Boate.
Clay Strata (hardened), and Red Sandstone, speci.
mens of, from Jodpoor

Dr. Impey
Coins, silver (10), part of 65 dug up between Dhun-

doka and Ahmedabad. Reported on by the

Govt. of Bombay.
gold (1), of Mahamood Shah III., king of
Ahmedabad, who reigned A. H. 944 (A. D.
1538) to 916, (A. D. 1553). Discovered in a
field at Shikoree
gold (5), called "Hoons” or “ Waharahs.”

" Fossils (Lagena), two specimens of, from the Island

of Karak in the Persian Gulf; taken from the

rock of which the Island is partly composed.. Dr. Miller. Geological specimens, a large collection of, chiefly

from the Islands of the Persian Gulf, illustrative

of the Miocene (?) formation of the Gulft.... Lt.C.G.Constable Image of Budh, part of, in relief, in dark Chlorite

Schist, dug up at Peshawar, (in several pieces).
It is of the same kind of schist and in the
same style of sculpture as the remains already
in the Museum, which were brought from

Gimal Giri, about 30 miles north of Peshawur. Dr. Birdwood. Laterite, specimens of, from Matharan, including & pisi-form variety

Dr. Leith. specimen of, pisi-form, and Manganese from Laterite, at the Phonda Ghat.. * See “ Proceedings," 10th Sept. See Beng. Asiat. Jour. No. 27, p. 41, N. S. DONORS.

Dr. Impey.

Limestone, specimen of, deep yellow, charged with

Ammonites, apparently A. opis Sowerby (Grant's
Geo. Cutch), from about 20 miles west of
Jesselmeer. Also white and red fine, semi-com-
pact, micaceous sandstone, the white bearing
fossil-wood; from the road between Jesselmeer

and Pokurn.
Nummulitic Fossils, consisting chiefly of Corals,

Echinodermata and Bivalve Shells, from the
vicinity of the coal-deposit in the Lyneah
Valley, near Kotree, in Sindh ; also specimens
of white and blue clays and coal, from the

carboniferous strata there
Plants (dried), and a few geological specimens, with

one bird's skin from Zanzibar. (These speci-
mens were forwarded by Captain Burton,
through an Apothecary of H. C.'s service,

without written communication.)*
Plants (dried), a book of, collected round Bushire..
Shell-Bomb, of brass, and iron-shot found at

Mooltan, where they were manufactured during

the siege, by Moolraj .. Tertiary deposit, specimens of (like the Shell-Con

crete of Bombay), from Bushire

H. Inman, Esq.

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Capt. Burton.
Dr. A. Burn.

Col.Honner, C.B.

Dr. A. Burn.

FROM THE 29TH NOV. 1858 TO THE 28th NOV. 1859.

Govt. of Bombay.

Chrysalis of Papilio Hector, specimen of, from

Coining Apparatus, consisting of double punches,

iron-stand, and hammer, used formerly at

Coins, silver (15), of the Gupta dynasty, from the

collection of H. H. the Raó of Cutch : presented

by H. H. the Raó, through Geological specimens from Galle, consisting chiefly

[Jacob. Genl. Le Grand

of Granitic Rocks, collected and forwarded from
that place for the Society by

Dr. Buist.

* They have since been sent to, and received by Captain Burton, at the Royal Geographical Society.- Ed.

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