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Donors. JAHRBUCH der Kaiserlich Koniglichen Geologischen

Reichsanstalt. From January to September

JULIEN (M. S. de), Reponse Mésurie aux Libelles

Injurieux de M. Reinaud
KNIGHT (R.), Inam Commission unmasked ..... The Author.
MEMOIRS of the Geological Survey of India. Part
2 of Vol. I. 2 copies

Govt. of India. MEMORANDUM on the Sindh Police

Govt. of Bombay. MORRIS (J.), Cases disposed of by the Sudder

Foujdaree Adawlut of Bombay. Nos. 5 and 6
of Vol. IX., and Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of
Vol. X., for 1858-59

Cases disposed of by the Sudder Dewanee

A dawlut of Bombay. Part 6 of vol. III......
OBSERVATIONS, made at the Magnetical and Meteo-

rological Observatory at Toronto, in Canada,
under the superintendence of Major General

Edward Sabine. Vol. III. for 1846-47-48 ...
Plans and Sections (photographed) of the Ashar

Moobaruck at Beejapoor.....
REINAUD (M.), Question Scientifique et Personelle

Soulevée au Sein de l'Institut au Sujet des
dernières Découvertes sur la Géographie et
l'Histoire de l'Inde. (2 copies)...

The Author.
REPORT on Vaccination throughout the Bombay
Presidency and Sindh, for the years 1856-57... Govt. of Bombay.

of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce, for

Ch.of Commerce.
of the Juries of the Madras Exhibition of
1857 ......

Govt. of Madras. 54th, of the British and Foreign Bible Society, for 18 18 .........

The Society of the Fort Improvement Library for 1858. The Committee.

4th Annual, of the Bombay Native Benevolent Library for 1858 ...

of the Director of Public Instruction, Bombay, for the year 1856-57. (2 copies)......... Govt. of Bombay.

of the Heemabhai Institute, for the year 1858......

The Committee.

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DONORS. REPORT on the Prisons of the Bombay Presidency, for 1857

Govt of Bombay. on the Police of the Bombay Presidency, 1857 new on the Civil Judicial Administration of the Bombay Presidency for the year 1858

of Crime and Result of the Administration of Criminal Justice in the Bombay Presidency, for the year 1853

Annual, of the Grant Medical College, Bom

bay. Thirteenth year. Session of 1858-59... Prin. Med. Coll. REVUE Américaine et Orientale. No. 1, for Oct.1858 The Society. RICKETTS (H.), Reports on the Districts of Pooree and Balasore

Govt. of Madras. Selby (Commander W. B.), Memoir of the Ruins

of Babylon, with Plans, in two sheets. (2 copies) Govt. of Bombay. SHERWILL's (Captain W. S.) Report on the

Rivers of Bengal SIR JAMSETJEE JEJEEBHOY, Photographed Likeness of, (in Frame)

Sir Jamsetjee.
Socie'te' (Paris) de la Géographie, Bulletin de.
Quartrième Série. Tome XVII...

The Society.
(Impériale) des Sciences Naturelles de
Cherbourg. Tomes IV. et V. for 1856 and 57.
SOCIETY, Royal Astronomical, Proceedings of.

No. 9 of Vol. XVIII. for 1858, and Nos. 5,
to 8 of Vol. XIX. 1838-59
-- Royal Astronomical, Monthly Notices of,
containing papers and reports of the proceedings
of, from November 1853 to July 1857. 3 Vols.

Royal Astronomical, Memoirs of. Vols.
XIII. XV. XVI. 1853-54-55-56-57

Royal Geographical, Proceedings of. Nos.
1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Vol. III......

Royal Asiatic, of Great Britain and Ireland.
List of Members of, for 1858.

Bengal Asiatic, Journal of. Nos. 3, 5 and
6 for 1858, and No. 1 for 1859
- Madras Literary and Scientific, Journal of.
No. 7 of Vol. IV. (Old Series)


DONORS. SOCIETY, Bombay Geographical, Transactions of. from May 1857 to May 1858 of Vol. XIV. ... The Society.

Medical and Physical, Transactions of. No. IV., new series, for the years 1857 and 1858.......

Govt. of Bombay. TASSY (M. Garcin de), Discours de, à l'ouverture de son Cours d'Hindoustani. Dec. 1858

The Author.
TAYLOR (Rev. M.), Catalogue Raisonné of Oriental

Manuscripts in the Library of the late College,
Fort George. Vol. I............

Govt. of Bombay. THOMPSON (J. G.), Pointed and Unpointed Romanic

Alphabets, compared in six versions of Luke
XIV. 18-20

The Author.
THOMAS (E.), Prinsep's Essays on Indian Antiqui-
ties, edited by. 2 Vols. 8vo........

Govt.of Bombay. TIJDSCHRIFT voor Indische Taal- land- en Vol.

kenkunde, &c. Niewe Serie. Deel III. Afl. 1
to 6 ....

Batavian Society. VERHANDELINGEN van het Bataviaasch Genoots

chap van Kunsten en Wettenschappen. Deel

XXVI. WARDEN (J.), Letter to William Ewart, Esq., M.P., on Colonization and Settlement in India

The Author.
YULE (Captain H.), Narrative of the Mission sent

by the Governor General of India to the Court
of Ava in 1855, with Notices of the Country,
Government, People, &c.

Govt.of Bombay. ZEITSCHRIFT der Deutschen Morgenlandischen.

Gesellschaft. Herausgegeben von der Geschaft-
fuhrern. Zwolfter Band, 1-4 Heft............ The Society.

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FROM THE 28TH NOV. 1859 TO THE 26th NOV. 1860.

[tiania. Ri. Uvy, Chris

ABUL KASIM Mahmud Bin Omar Zamabsario.

Al-Mufassal. Opus de Re Grammatica Arabi

cum. Ed. J. P. Broch .......
AIRY (G. B.), Instructions and Chart-Observations

of "Mars," in right Ascension at the Apposi-
tion of 1860, for obtaining the measure of the
Sun's distance, by

Ri. Astron, Soc.

DONORS. ANNUAL Police Return, showing the State of Crime

in the Town and Island of Bombay during the
years 1858 and 1859

Govt. of Bombay. ANTIQUARISK Tidsskrift udgivet af det Kongelige

Nordiscke Oldskript-Selskab. 1855-57. Parts
1 and 2

RI. S. N. Antiq. BALFOUR (E.), Classified Catalogue of the Raw

Produce of the Madras Exhibition of 1859,
compiled by..

Govt.of Bombay BUNSEN and Haug, on the Zend Account in the

Vendidad of Zoroaster respecting the Primitive
Migrations of the Bactrians to the Land of the

Dr. Haug
CATALOGUE of works presented to the Royal

Society of Northern Antiquaries from 1855 to

The Society. CIRCULAR ORDERS of the Sudder Dewanee Adawlut for the years 1857-58 and 1859 ... Gort. of Bombay.

of the Sudder Foujdaree Adawlut, for the years 1857-58-59 ..... CONYBEARE (H.), “Bombay Water-Works." (2

. copies)

The Author. CONNON (J.) and DALZELL (P. M.), Statement of

the External Commerce of the Presidency of

Bombay, for 1848-49-50-51-52-53-54 .... Govt. of Bombay CORRESPONDENCE (Official) relating to Canal

Clearances in the Hyderabad Collectorate, Sind,

in 1855-56-57 and 1858, with a Map..... DALTON (J.), Meteorological Observations and

[chester Essays by .....

Phil.Soc. of ManNew System of Chemical Philosophy by, in

2 parts

DALZELL(P. M.), Statement exhibiting the External

Trade of Sindh for the years 1858-59, with a
“Memorandum" by W. T. Coles, Esq.; also
Administration Report of the Kurrachee Cus-

toms Department for the year 1858-59.. Govt. of Bombay Deaths in Bombay during the year 1859

D. G. Med. Dep. Extracts from the Despatches, Minutes, and Cor

respondence of the Marquis of Wellesley, K.C.B. M.A.M.Hossein.


[tiania. Ri. Uvy. Chris

Govt. of Bombay.

FORTALLINGER Om Keiser Karl Magnus og Hans

Javninger, udgivet af C. R. Unger
GIBBS (J.), Circular Orders by, issued for the guid-

ance of Officers in Sindh in the Judicial

Department, revised and compiled by
GIRAUD and HAINES (Drs.), Analysis by, of the

Mineral Springs and various Wells and River

Waters in the Bombay Presidency...
HALDEMAN (Prof. S. S.), Report on the present

State of our Knowledge of Linguistic Ethno-

on the relatio between Chinese and Indo-
European Languages

Investigation of the Power of the Greek

Z” by means of Phonetic Laws HARRINGTON (Edw.), Index to Cases decided

by the Sudder Dewanee and Sudder Foujdaree

Adawluts, Bombay. Compiled by
HAUG (Dr. M.), Ueber Schrift and Sprache de
Zwerten Keilfchrift ...

Die funf Gathas oder Sammlungen von
Liedern und Sprachen Zurathustras seiner

Junger und Nachfolger
IIOLMBOE (M. C. A.), Traces de Buddhisme en

HUTCHISON (J. R.), Allygnoh Statistics, being a

Report on the General Administration of that
District from A.D. 1803 to the present time,

with Maps and Appendices JANARDHAN RAMCHUNDERJEE,

Sketches of Eminent Hindoo Authors, being
Memoirs of the Lives of both Prose and
Poetical Writers of India (ancient and mod-

JOBERT (A. C. G.), Ideas or Outlines of a new Sys-
tem of Philosophy

Philosophy of Geology
LACHLAN (Major R.), Paper and Resolutions in

Advocacy of the Establishment of a uniform
system of Meteorological Observations ...... ..

[tiania. RI. Uvy. Chris

Gort. of Bombay.

The Author.

[chester. Phil. Soc. of Man

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