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XI.- Result of Excavations in Cave No. 13 at Kínberi. By

E. W. West, Esq. [With a Plan and five Plates.) ..

Discovery of a portion of Pagmatite in a Basaltic Dyke

in the Island of Carinja. By ditto .....

Section of the Trap in the Western Ghauts.

Carter, Esq.

By H. J.

Discovery of Coal Deposits in the Lyneah Valley, Sind.

By Captain F. Phillips ...

XIII.-On the Sanscrit Poet, Kálidása. By Bha'u Da'si',

Esq. (Concluded from p. 19)...

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Abstract of the Proceedings of the Society for the Years 1856-57,

57-58, 58-59, 59-60, and 60-61.


Members Elected

Presents to the Library


Presents for the Museum


Original Communications

Abstracts of the Proceedings, Official, Literary, and Scientific


Preparation of the Catalogue, xxxv, xliii, lxxx, 1xxxviii, xevii, xcviii,

Coins, Reports on.-

1. —By Dr. Leith. Muhainmadan, xxxv.-1}y the

Honorable the President (W. E. Frere, Esq. C.S.) Muhammurian,

xxxii, xl, xlvi, 1, lii, liii, lix, 1x ; Surashtran, xxxix, xlv, li, lxxviii;

Hindu (southern India), ivi. Arrangement of the Society's coins by,
Iviii. Letter from E. Thomas, Esq., through 11. M.'s Principal Secre-
tary of State, in reply to, respecting Surashtran coins subinitted for his
pinion, Ixxi; Description of a Muhamınauan Cviving Apparatus by,

xxii. - By 11. Newton, Esq. On Surashtran Coins in the Society's

Prize offered by J. Muir, Esq., for a “Treatise on the Vedanta System"..
Leller fiom Captain Burton, dated" Mombas,” 3rd January 18.07
Geology.- Coal-Deposits in Sind, xxxvi. Nagpoor Fossils, Ix. On Nowro-
jee Hill, Bombay, Ixxvii. Nummulitic Limestono near Surat

On "the Pallavi of the Zend dresta," in a letter from J. Roiner, Esq... xxxviii
Authenticity of the Iranian Family of Languages, by Dhunjibhoy Framji,

Esq. Abstract of 1st paper by, xli. Ditto, ditto, of 2nd p..per by.. xlviii

Translation of Cavc-Templo Inscriptions by Vishni Shastri, xliv, lxiii,

Ixvii, lxxxi. Reports by the Cave Temple Commission on, lxxxii,

lxxxix. Remarks on, by Mr. Bhíu Dají, xciv; ditto discussed, xcv;

correction of " Minutes" on, xcvi; Cave-Teinple Commission's report

on Mr. Bhau Dáji's remarks, sevii; Monthly Meeting's Resolution

xcviii; Committee of Management's report on

Anniversary Meetings and Annual Report.--Of 18.361-37, p. xxxv; of 10

58, p. xlii; of 1858-39, p. Ixii; of 183 )-60, p. Ixxix. ; of 1800-01, xcix
The Journal, xlii, xlvi..

The Rer. R. H. Thomas Friedericli's letters.-- Abstract of oue 10 Dr.

Wilson's address respecting the Brahmunda Purana of Bali, &c.alii.
To Col. LeGrand Jacob's adress, cop! or, returned for revision,
xlviii. Ditto, returned with a note from Col. Jacob, both having
reference to tlic Purana of Bali, &c., and the former also to the ancient
names of Java and Sumatra, &c., lxvii. Another to Col. Jaco',, for-
warded by the latter with a note; Col. Jacob's note regarding the
sending of Puranas to Mr. F. and Mr. F.'s letter achnowledging,



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with thanks, &c. the receipt of the Bhagavata, together with a letter

from the Secretary of the Society announcing his (Mr. P.'s) election

as Honorary Member


Respecting the Buokseller's want of attention in the supply of Books 1,

lii; the kind to be supplied specified ..


Government-letters presenting coins to the Society, &c., liii, lvi.


Copy of the Sanscrit Inscriptions in the Temple of Somnath sent to Mr.



Monsr. Laporte's letters offering an interchange of Land-Shells, Ixiv,



Alterations in the building of the Library occasioned by the location of the

statue of Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, Bt., in the central door-way, Ixiv.

Letter from Government making over the Rooms formerly used for

the Office of the Director of Public Instruction to the Asiatic and

Geographical Societies, respectively, Ixv


Abstract of an English Translation of a Copper-Plate Grant from Goa;

and Discovery of Historic Names and a Date in the Kanheri Cavo

Inscriptions, by Bláu Dóji, Esq.


Election of Honorary Meinbers.- E. E. Elliot, Esq., C.S., Ixxiii ; Dr.

Murtin Haug


Destruction of scveral of the Books by White-Ants, lxxviii, lxxix,


. lxxxviii

Ditto by leakages in the Roof


Museum, removal of the, to the New Room, lxxxiii ; Catalogue of the .. xcviii

Tabular view of Works in the ditterent Classes which have been added to

the Library during the last 15 years


Exchange of Publications with the Literary and Philosophical Society of



Decease oi thie Honorable Mountstuart Elpbinstone, 1xxxv. Ditto of

Captain J. G. Forbes


His Excellency the Ciovernor, Sir Goorge Russell Clerk, invited to be-

come Patron of the Society


Obituary of 1859-00


Circular from diessrs. Smith, Elder, and Co. announcing their intention

to discontinue their “ Book-business" in Bombay


Cave-Temple Coninission.—Notice of a motion to re-arrange their duties,

xcii; Dr. Wilson's reply, &c., xciii; relations of the, with respect to

the Society, cs:ablished, xciv ; Report by, on the labours of the



Resolution of the Society to sell a portion of their Novels and Ephemeral

Literature, xciii; Comunittee appointed to make the selection to be
submitted to a General Meeting ..


List of Members


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Lithographed Copies of 6 1 Inscriptions from the Buddhist
Caves of Kinheri in the Island of Salsette. (Corrected on Stone
by E. W. West, Esq.)– To face and follow.....

Plan (I.) of the Kánheri Caves.—To face and follow the last
leaf of Inscriptions.

Plan (II.) of some of the Kánheri Topes. With Plates I. II.
and III, illustrative of a Section, Elevation, and Sculptures of
the Stone.Tope, now in Ruins, &c.—To face and follow succes-
sively ..

Plate (IV.) Dingrams illustrative of Dr. Glasgow's paper on
the Moon's Figure, &c.- To face

Plan (III.) of the Kánheri Caves Nos. 12 and 13. With
Plates illustrative of Remains exhumed from them. Plate V.
Seal-Impression of a Sitting Figure of Budh with Inscription.
Pl. VI. a, b, c, d, Seal-receptacles of dried clay. Pl. VII. a, b,
c, d, Seal-impressions of dried clay bearing Inscriptions.
Pl. VIII. a, , c, Fragments of moulded clay, &c. found with the
Seal-impressions. Pl. IX. a, b, Stone-Pots and Copper Coins

bearing Arabic Inscriptions which were found in them.- To face
and follow successively.


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