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DONORS. CALDWELL (Rev. R.), Comparative Grammar of

the Dravidian or South-Indian Family of Lan-

Govt.of Bombay CARTER (H. J.), Geological Papers on Western

India, Cutch, Sindh, and the South-East Coast
of Arabia. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 800, with Atlas of
32 plates and Maps.-1857. Edited by, for

the Government of Bombay. (2 copies) .... CORRESPONDENCE relating to the Tenure of the

Possessions of H. H. Syajee R. Sindia in the

official, regarding the Ford Wah, in the

Shikarpoor Collectorate, Sindh, for 1855-56 ... CONTRIBUTIONS and Bye-Laws of the New Orleans Academy of Sciences

The Academy. Deaths in Bombay during the Year 1856 ......... D. G. Med. Dept. FALCONER (A.), Report on the Teak Plantations of Bengal..........

Govt. of India. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY of India, Memoirs of the,

with a Map. Part 1 of Vol. I. Pub. by order
of the Govt. of India. (2 copies) ....

Govt. of India. GIBBS (J.), Sketch of the Judicial Administration

of the Province of Sindh when under the Tal-
poor Dynasty ....

Govt. of Bombay. Higgins (Godfrey), on the Rosetta Stone

Genl. J. Jacob. INDISCHE Studien Beitrage fur die Kunde des

Indischen Alterthums von Dr. A. Weber.
Vierter Band, Erstes Heft

The Author.
INSTITUTION, Royal, of Great Britain, Notices of

the Meetings of the Members of. Part 6 for

The Institution.
JEWETT, on the Construction of Catalogues of

Smithsonian Inst. JONES (Comr. J. Felix), Memoirs connected with

Baghdad; Narwhan-Canal; Frontier of Tur-
key; and Persia, &c.

Govt. of Bombay.
LASSEN (Chr.), Indische Alterthumskunde, Vol. I. The Author.
LETTERon Epidemic Cholera in the Metropolis, 1854. D.G. Med. Dept.
List of Foreign Correspondents of the Smithsonian

Smithsonian Inst.

Mawson (J.), Records of the Indian Command of

General Sir Charles James Napier, G.C.B.,
comprising all his General Orders and Remarks
on Courts Martial. Compiled by

The Compiler. MEREWETHER (W. R.), Report by, with other

papers relating to the Enlargement of the Bi-
garee Canal in Upper Sindh ........

Govt. of Bombay. MilliGAN (Joseph), Vocabulary of Dialects of Aboriginal Tribes of Tasmania

Dr. Peet.
MISCELLANEOUS Information connected with the

Province of Kattyawar, in Goozerat, with three

Gort.of Bombay.
connected with the Lapsed Sattara Territory
and the Districts belonging to the Sattara Ja-

MORRIS (J.), Cases disposed of by the Sudder De-

wanee Adawlut of Bombay. Parts 1 to 3 of
Vol. III. Compiled by ...

Cases disposed of by the Sudder Foujdaree
Adawlut of Bombay. Nos. 2 to 6 of Vol. VI., 1 to
4 Vol. VII. and 1 to 2 Vol. VIII. Compiled by.

. OBSERVATIONS, Magnetical and Meteorological,

made at the Honorable East India Company's
Observatory, Bombay, in the Years 1854-55-56,
under the Superintendence of Lieutenant E. F.

Fergusson, I. N.
PAPERS regarding the Revenue Settlement effected

in the Districts of Omercote and Thurr PLAYFAIR (Lieut. R. L.), Memoir on the Ancient

Reservoirs at Aden
PORTRAIT of Dr. Morehead (Lithograph)

G. Med. College. PURGSTALL (Baron Hammar), Geschichte Wassal's

Persisch herausgegeben und Deutsch Übersetzt.
I. Band

The Author.
REPORT on Vaccination throughout the Bombay
Presidency and Sindh for 1855

D. G. Med. Dept.
-- on the Proceedings of the Officers engaged in
the Magnetic Survey of India. No. X.(2 copies) Govt. of Bombay.

Seventh Annual, of the Europeans and
Widows' Fund, 1856

The Committee.

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Govt. of Madras.


G. M. College.

Govt. of Bombay.

D. G. Med. Dept.

REPORT of the Juries of the Madras Exhibition of


Third, of H. M.’s Commissioners for the
Great Exhibition of 1851

Annual, of the Grant Medical Col-
lege, Bombay. Eleventh Year. Session

Crime and Result of the Administration of Criminal Justice in the Bombay Presidency, for the year 1856 (2 copies) .

of the Civil Judicial Administration of the Bombay Presidency for the year 1856 ....

of the Committee for Scientific Inquiries in relation to the Cholera Epidemic of 1854.....

on the Results of different Methods of Treatment pursued in Epidemic Cholera

ditto, in the Provinces throughout England and Scotland in 1851, being Supplement to the Metropolitan Report .......

of the Medical Council, to the Right Hon'ble Sir B. Hall, Bt., in relation to the Cholera Epidemic of 1852

8th and 9th Annual, of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

on the Observatories of His Highness the
Rajah of Travancore, at Trevandrum, and on the
Agustier Peak of the Western Ghats, by J. A.

Broun, F.R.S. (3 copies).
REVUE de l'Orient de l'Algérie et des Colonies,

Mai 1857 .......
RIVARA (Eliodoro de Cunha), Grammatica da

Lingua Concani
ROMER (John), Letter to the Editor of the Bombay

Quarterly Review
Socieste' (Paris) de Géographie, Bulletin de la.

Ts. IX. to XIV. Nos. 67 to 72 of Toine XII.,
Nos. 73 to 78 of Tome XIII.

Impériale des Sciences Naturelles de Cher-
bourg, Mémoires de

Smithson, Inst.

Genl. Cullen.

The Author.

The Society.

Society, Royal Astronomical, Memoirs of, for the
Session of 1854-55

The Society.
Royal Astronomical, Proceedings of. No. 9
of Vol. XVI., Nos. 3 to 7 of Vol. XVII.
No. 1 of Vol. XVIII.

Monthly Notices of, containing Papers and
Reports of the Proceedings of, from November
1854 to June 1855 ......

American Oriental, Journal of. No. 2 of
Vol. V........

Bengal Asiatic, Journal of. No. 6 for 1856
and No. 7 for 1857, with Index to Vols. I. to
XXIII. of the Journal; and to Vols. XIX.
and XX. of the “ Asiatic Researches”

Madras Literary and Scientific. Nos. 1 and 2 of Vol. I., 1857. No. 3 of Vol. II. for 1857. -- Bombay Geographical, Transactions of, Vol. XIII. from March 1856 to March 1857

Bombay Medical and Physical, Transac-
tions of, No. 3, for the Year 1855-56 (2 copies)

Royal Asiatic, of Great Britain and Ireland,
Journal of. Part 2 of Vol. XVI.......

33rd Annual Report of ditto, for 1856 ......

Royal, Proceedings of. Nos, 23, 24, and 25 of Vol. VIII. ......

Royal Geographical, Journal of. Vol. XXVI.
Tassy (M. Garcin de), Discours de, à l'ourer-

ture de son Cours d'Hindoustani. (Decem

The Author.
“Mantic Uttair," ou le “Langage des
Oiseaux,” Poème de Philosophie Religieuse
par Farid-Uddin Attar, translated by ........ The Translator.

La Poésie Philosophique et Religieuse chez
les Persans d'après le “Mantic Uttair," 3rd Ed. The Author.

Note sur les Rubaiyat de Omar Khaiyom.

1857 Taylor (Rev. W.), Report by, on the Elliot Marbles

Govt. of Madras. WALKER (Col. A.), Report by, on the Provinces of

Kattyawar and the Ceded Districts in Guzerat. Govt. of Bombay.


DONORS. WALKER (A.), Willoughby (J. P.), and other

Officers, Proceedings adopted by, for the

Suppression of Infanticide in Kattyawar Govt. of Bombay. WIGHT's (Dr.) Work, entitled “Icones Plantarum

Indiæ Orientalis.” General Index of the Plants
described and figured in

Govt. of Madras. Wilson (Rev. J., D.D.), Notes on the Constituent

Elements, the Diffusion and the Application of
the Marathi Language, from the second edition

of Molesworth's Marathi and English Dictionary. The Author. ZEITSCHRIFT der Deutschen Morgenlandischen

Gesellschaft. 10th Band, 4th Heft and 11th
B. 1 to 3 H.....

The Society.

FROM THE 30TH NOV. 1857 TO THE 29TH NOV. 1858.

way Incline

A BHANDLUNGEN fur die Kunde des Morgenlandes.

Herausgegeben von der Deutschen Morgenlan-
dischen Gesellschaft. No. 3, Band I. 1858 ..

The Society.
ANTIQUARISK Tiddsskrift udgivet af det Kongelige

Nordiske Oldskrift-Selskab, 1852-54 .......... BALFOUR (Dr. E.), Catalogue of Descriptive Geo

logy, containing Hypogene and Volcanic Rocks,

exhibited in the Madras Central Museum...... Govt. of Madras. BASKER DAMOTHER, Selections from the Marathi Poets by

The Author. BERKLEY (J. J.), Paper on the Bhore Ghaut Rail

Mechanics' Inst. BIBLIOTECA Arabo-Sicula ossia, Raccolta di Testi

Arabici che Toccano, la Geografia, la Storia,

le Biografie e la Bibliografia della Sicilia ...... The Society. CIRCULAR ORDERS of the Sudder Dewanee Adawlut for the years 1854-55-56

Govt. of Bombay. of the Sudder Foujdaree Adawlut for the years 1854-55-56........ CONYBEARE (H.), Introductory Lecture by, to a

Course on the Principles and Practice of Civil

The Author.
COTTON (Colonel A.), Study of Living Languages.
Cust's (R.) Life of Alexander the Great, known

in the East as


- Sikunder”.....

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