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18. Registrars to register births and deaths, and to inform themselves carefully of every birth and every death after 31st December next.

19. Occupiers of houses in which any birth or death shall happen, shall, within eight days after the birth, or within three days after the death, give notice of such birth or death to the registrar, under a penalty of 20s.

20. Parent required to give particulars of death ; or in case of death, the occupier of the house.

21. Children born at sea, and (26) dying there, may be registered.

22. Births after fifteen days to be registered before the superintendent registrar, on payment of certain fees.

24. Baptismal name, if different from that in register, may be added.
25. Next of kin or other person present at death, to give particulars.
27. No dead body to be buried without certificate of registry or inquest.
28. Register to be signed by the informant.
29. Registrars to be paid by overseers according to a scale.
30. Marriage registers to be kept by officiating minister, &c. in duplicate.
31. Duplicates and certified copies to be sent to superintendent registrar.
32. Searches may be made.

33. Superintendent registrars to send certified copies of registers to General Register Office.

34. Certificates may be sealed, and given in evidence without any further proof.
35. Indexes to be kept, searches allowed, and certificates given.
86. Penalty of 50%. on parties being married refusing to answer questions.

37. Every person making false statement as to birth, death, or marriage, to be deemed guilty of perjury.

38. Penalty of 501. for not duly registering births, deaths, and marriages, or for losing or injuring the registers.

39. Every person destroying or falsifying register-books guilty of felony.
40. Accidental errors may be corrected.
41. Recovery of penalties.
42 to 45. Form of conviction, appeal, &c.

46. " Nothing herein contained shall affect the registration of baptisms or burials as now by law established, or the right of any officiating minister to receive the fees now usually paid for the performance or registration of any baptism, barial, or marriage."




By the Lord Bishop of Winchester, July 10.


Degree. College. University,
Baynes, Donald Christopher

S.C.L. Sidney Sussex Cambridge Dunckley, Thomas

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Estridge, Henry Thomas

B.A. "New Inn Hall Oxford Hird, Lewis Platers

B.A. Merton

Oxford Hollingworth, Ollive

A.A. Sidney Sussex Cambridge Jeremie, John Frederick

B.A. Trinity Cambridge Lott, Samuel Jordan

(let. dim.) S.C.L. Downing Cambridge Mealen, Frederick Vander

B.A. Trinity Cambridge Morre, David Browne

(let. dim.) Pearson, William Henley

B.A. Christ Church Oxford Pigott, Richard Paynton

B.A. Trinity

Oxford Pope, Septimus

B.A. Queen's

Oxford Prater, Thomas

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Ward, Joon Houghton

M.A. Corpus Christi Cambridge

PRIESTS. Battemer, Robert Durant .

B.A. Clare Hall Cambridge Blake, Edmund (let. dim.) B.A. Caius

Cambridge Broch, Octavius

M.A. Brasennose Oxford Butler, Thomas

B.A. Magdalen

Oxford : Hawtrey, Stephen Thomas

M.A. Trinity Cambridge


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By the Lord Bishop of Durham, July 24.

DEACONS. Bennett, Edmund

(let. dim.) B.A. St. John's Bird, George

B.A. St. John's Blane, Henry

M.A. Brasennose Bramwell, Henry Rowland

B.A. Christ's Carr, Henry Byne

M.A. University Chattoes, Robert

B.A. Trinity Davidson, John

B.A. Clare Hall Dunn, John Woodham

B.A. Queen's Fearon, William Charles

(let. dim.) B.A. St. John's Grieve, John Paget, Thomas Bradley

(let. dim.) B.A. Trinity Wilmer, Thomas George

(let. dim.) B.A. Trinity Wilson, William

PRIEST. Maltby, Henry Joseph

(let. dim.) B.A. Caius

Oxford &Dur.
Camb. & Dur.
Oxford & Dur.
Canıb. & Dur.


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Preferment. Net Value. County.



Alderson, c. Kirkheaton

537 W. York York Rev. J. Alderson Bacon, R. Woolferton

212 Norfolk Norwich H. H. Henley, Esq. East Wretham Birch F. L. cum W. Wretham

547 Norfolk Norwich W. Birch, Esq. Brereton, A. B. Bitchfield

134 Lincoln Lincoln Bp. of Lincoln Cantley, G.. Castle Ashby

208 North. Peterbro' Marq. of Northampt. Corfe, J. Walls

18 Exeter,C. Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Edwards, W. Almeley

254 Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford Fellows, J. Stoke Holy Cross 162 Norfolk Norwich D. & C. of Norwich Greenway, W.W. Hardwick

268 Northamp. Peterbro' Misses Hughes

| Lord Willoughby Hamer, H.: Pointington

247 Somerset B. & W.

de Broke Harrison, H. R. Elston

299 Nottingh. York W. B. Darwin, Esq. Holdsvorthy, W. Kirkby Stephen 356 Westmori. Carlisle. Hone, E. B. Halesowen

686 Shropsh. Worcest. Lord Lyttelton Howard, W.

Great and Little

658 Norfolk Norwich New College, Oxford Jones, D. Sully

250 Glamorg. Llandaff J. J. Guest, Esq. Kitson, J. B. St. Veep

215 Cornwall Exeter D. Howell, Esq. Mitchinsoa, T. . Helpringham

149 Lincoln Lincoln Own Petition Norman, G., Marston

41 Stafford P.of Preb. Abp. of Canterbury Pickthall, Millom

189 Cumberl. Chester Ch. of D. of Lancast. Poppin, G. Hayton

123 Cumb. Carlisle D. & C. of Carlisle Rawlings, W. . Friiwell

103 Oxford Oxford W. Willes, Esq. Richards, H. Llansay

170 Monm. Llandaft Duke of Beaufort Saunders, H. E. Lavington

Wilts Sarum Christ Church, Oxford Shorting, C. Stonham Aspall 504 Suffolk Norwich R. K. Cobbold, Esq. Staunton, W. C. Matlock

320 Derby Lichfield Dean of Lincoln Prebendal Stall Taylor, C. .

47 Hereford Cathedral Moreton Magna Upjohn, T. Highbray

280 Devon Exeter T. P. Ackland, Esq. Wood, R. Summer Town

Oxford Oxford St. John's, Oxford

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, S. N . { Helton

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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese,


201 Devon Exeter Bent, 11.

L. Burton, Esq. { and High Bray

280 Devon Exeter T. P. Ackland, Esq. Biggs, C. Hales Owen

686 Shropsh. Worcest. Lord Lyttelton Bossall

445 York York Britton, J. .

D. & C. of Durham East Acklarn

108 York D. &C. Chan. of York Cath. Dixon, H. Millom

189 Cumberl. Chester Chan. of the Duchy

of Lancaster 197 Suffolk Norwich Lord Chancellor Beguildy

164 Radnorth St.David's Bp. of St. David's Every, N. St. Veep

215 Cornwall Exeter D. Howell, Esq. llolcombe, G. Matlock

320 Derby

Lichfield Dean of Lincoln Ilolt, J. Elston

299 Nottingh. York W. B. Darwin, Esy. Glascombe Jones, J.

171 Radnor St.David's Bp. of St. David's Alltmawr

48 Brecon St.David's Rec. of Llanafanfwr Mitchinson, T. . Helpringham

149 Lincoln Lincoln Own Petition Llandeniolen

305 Carnarvon Bangor Lord Chancellor Roberts, W. Bryncroes

107 Carnarvon Bangor C. W. G. Wyon Roe, T. T. Swerford

496 Oxford Oxford Magdalen, Oxford Castle Ashby

208 Northam. Peterboro'Marq. of Northampt. Seagrave, J.

Barton Westcote 179 Oxford Oxford Rer. J. Seagrave Singleton, W. South Witham

120 Lincoln Lincoln Lord Huntingtower Smithson, J. Kirkheaton

537 W. York York Rev. J. Alderson Swinburn, J. Dearham

85 Cumb. Carlisle T. C. Curwen, Esq. Taylor, J. Babraham

106 Cambridge Ely H. J. Adeane, Esq. Todd, N. Bitchfield

134 Lincoln Lincoln Bp. of Lincoln Whitelock, W, . Sulhamstead Abbotts 600 Berks Sarum Queen's Coll. Oxbrd Williamson, J. P. Kirkby Stephen 356 Westmorl.Carlisle Wood forde, T. Pointington

de Broke


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Minor Canon in Rochester Cathedral.
(Of Wadham College) Physician Extraordinary. His

Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge.
Curacy of St. Peter's, St. Alban's.
Lectureship of Monmouth.
(of Wadham College) Chaplainey of Sandford, Devon.
Chaplain to the Bellerophon Man-of-War,
Archdeacoury of Derby.
Chaplain to the Hercules Man-of-War.
Afternoon Lecturer at St. Peter's, Coruhill, London.
Chaplain to the Chippenham Uniun Work house.
Evening Lecturer at St. Mildred's, Poultry, Londou.

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BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. S. W. Cornish, Exeter Coll. grand



In a Convocation, the Rev. Henry Thorpe, M.A. late Fellow of St. John's College, and Junior Proctor of the University, resigned the Procuratorial office ; and ihe Rev. Lancelot Arthur Sharpe, M.A. Fellow of St. John's, and one of the Pro-Proctors, was admitted Junior Proctor, having been previously noininated to that office by the Rev. Dr. Wynter, President of St. John's, who presented the new Proctor to the Vice-Chancellor Mr. Sharpe having been admitted with the usual formalities, nominated as one of his Pro-Proctors the Rev. Charles Page Eden, M.A. and Fellow of Oriel, who took the oaths, and subscribed the declaration usual on such occasions.

H. J. Phillips, Worcester Coll. gr. comp.
R. L. Roberts, St. John's Coll. gr. comp.
Rev. Robert Armitage, Worcester Coll.
Rev. Francis Smith, Trinity Coll.
Rev. W. Pole Pigott, New Inn Hall.
Rev. H. H. Harington, Magdalen Hall.
Rev. W. A. Strange, Sch. of Pemb, Coll.
Rev. W. Perceval Ward, Oriel Coll.
Rev. Joshua Bennett, Christ Church.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. William Frederick Lewis, St. Mary Hall. Alexander Oswald, Christ Church. John Edward Cox, All Souls' Coll. Hon. W. Chetwynd Talbot, Christ Church. Seymour Phillips Allen, Christ Church. Edward Charles Evans, Oriel Coll.

The following gentlemen have been admitted to their Regencies :

Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D. Canon of Christ Church, Regius Professor of Hebrew.

John Bawpfyeld Daniel, M.D. Christ Courch.

Robert Bentley Todd, M.D. Pembroke.
William Duke, M.D. Magdalen Hall.

John Elliot Pasley Robertson, D.C.L. Magdalen Hall.


William Charles Buller, B.A. of Oriel, and William Andrews, B.A. of Queen's, were elected Fellows of Exeter College.


IN LINCOLNSHIRE. Mr. John Marshall's Charity.— An Allowance or Exhibition of 121. a-year, for a poor Scholar at one of the Universities, in the gift of the Trustees of the said Mr. Marshall, is now vacant. The qualification of this Charity is expressly confined to such as are born in the borough of Southwark or town of Stamford. Candidates having pretensions for the above, may apply, post paid, for further information, to Mr. Henry Bilke, clerk of Mr. Marshall's trust, No. 12, Stamford-street, London.

ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE. Messrs. Henry William Burrows, and George Martin Bullock, Scholars of St. John's, were admitted Fellows of that College ; and at the same time, Mr. Thomas Knapp Chittenden, Commoner of St. John's (of kin to the Founder), was elected and admitted Fellow; and James Bellamy (from Merchant Taylors' School), and Thomas Garrard (from Reading School), were elected and admitted Scholars of that Society.



DOCTOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. Sidney Wm. Cornish, grand comp.

Mr. William Burnett, Scholar of New College, was admitted Actual Fellow of that Society.

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CAMBRIDGE. Graces have passed the Senate, appoint- Rev. A. Ollivant, Fellow of Trinity Coll. ing Mr. Ray, of St. Peter's College, and Rev. R. Lyon, Trinity Coll. Mr. Pullen, of Corpus Christi College, Rev. W. Mills, St. John's Coll. deputy Taxors in the absence of Mr. Mr. Kennedy, St. John's Coll. by Royal Porter aud Mr. Kuhff.

Mandate. To re-appointthe Fitzwilliam Syndicate.

DOCTORS IN PHYSIC. To re-appoint the B.A. Degree, and

J. F. Bernard, Corpus Christi Coll. previous examination syudicate.

R. Greenup, Queen's Coll. To appoint Mr. Shaw, of Sidney Col.

F. R. Philp, Queen's Coll. lege, deputy Proctor in the absence of

W. P. Borrett, Caius Coll. Mr. Heaviside.

G. E. W. Wood, Trinity Coll. The following grace also passed :-To

J. Barr, Emmanuel Coll. appoint the Vice-Chancellor, the Master

of Jesus College, Professor Musgrave, Mr.
Blick, of St. John's College, and Mr. Rev. P. Booth, Corpus Christi Coll.
Fennell, of Queen's College, a Syndicate

Rev. H. Melvill, St. Peter's Coll. to co:sult respecting the re-letting of the

Rev. J. Donne, St. John's Coll. rectory of Burwell, the lease of which will Rev. J. Mais, Queen's Coll. expire at Michaelmas next; and also to

BACHELORS IN CIVIL LAW. consider whether any, and if any what,

H. T. Day, Clare Hall. abatement should be made to the present G. R. Harding, Queen's Coll. lessee, Mr. Dunn, for the year ending at

C. Kent, Queen's Coll. Micbaelmas, 1835; and to report there

T. W. Melhuish, St. Peter's Coll. upon to the Senate.

H. Gale, Trinity Hall,


P. Blakiston, Emmanuel Coll.

Rev. J. Stoddart, late Fellow of Clare Hall. W. D. Williams, Corpus Christi Coll.
Rev. H. Robinson, late Fell. of St. John's T. R. Tuck, Caius Coll.

MASTERS OP ARTS. KING'S COLL. PEMBROKE COLL. QUEEN'S COLL. Wilkinson, Alfred Harvey, W. Wigan Jarvis, C. M. G.

Jones, Luke

Stoddart, R. W. Hand, H. George Bowstcad, Joseph Whitaker, George

Thomson, Robert Latham, R. Gordon Beghie, F. Richard Hedges, Edward

Roots, Augustus Hibbert, John Drake, William

Evans, William

Fisher, Francis Wilkinson, R. H. Eyre, G. Hardolph Ley, James Peard

Barlow, William Brooke, William

Barry, James


Knight, John

Cartmell, James

Chapman, Abel
Clutterbuck, Henry
Bourne, J. Bury
Knipe, S. Sawrey

Hildyard, James
Nelson, Adam
Pratt, J. Henry
Acworth, William

Bateman, J. W. Wix, Joseph Ellis, J. W. Elley Fitzherbert, W.

Downes, John Wirgman, Augustus Platten, J. Cletherd 'Fenn, David Haworth, James Peat, John Daniel, W. Dack Buckley, Thomas

Armstrong, Henry Bullen, John

Gwilt, Robert
Daniel, H. Townley

Tuck, John Johnson Travers, J. B.
Jerrard, F. W. Hill Forster, Henry

Nicholson, William
Maule, H. Augustus
Stead, Alfred
Bateman, Thomas

Blyth, William Smith, T. Tunstall

Cathrow, E. John

More, R. H.G.
Garden, J. Larkins
TRINITY HALL. Rashdall, John

Drake, Walter
Ludlow, William
Nicholl, Thomas

Somerville, J, C.

Peers, John W. Bright, John H. Myers, Frederick

Lloyd, Martin J. Bolton, R. Thorley

CORPUS CH. COLL. Jones, Edward
Clifford, John B.

Bali, Thos. J.
Rose, Hyla Holden Hine, H. T. C.

Maddock, E. K.

Howlett, J. Henry Du Boulay, Francis Grigson, William

Marsden, W. D. Sculchorpe, C. F. Backhouse, P. B. Fox, John

Pound, William Couchman, J. Freeman, Edward JESUS COLL.

Smith, John Kempe, John E. Chapman, Cowdell Cheetham, ohn Wegg, Robert


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