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Preferment. Nel Value. County. Diocese.


Governors of Crediton Sandford

205 Bent, H.

Devon Exeter Charity 201

L. Burton, Esq. Brooke, c. Ufford

299 Suffolk Norwich Brown, T. Ledenham

700 Lincoln Lincoln Mrs. B. Smith Chard, G. W. C. Blandford Forum 167 Dorset Bristol D. &. C. of Winchest. Dn Boulay Heddington

239 Wilts Salisbury French, P. A. . Odcombe

461 Somerset B. & W. Christ Church Heywood, G. . Ideford

270 Devon Exeter Trustees Holley, G. H.

| Hackford
with Whitwell

328 Norfolk Norwich D. & C. of Norwich Holmes, E. Millington

219 E. York P.of D. &C.Dean of York cum Givendale Holt, J. Wrawby

220 Lincoln Lincoln Clare Hall Hugnes, T. L.. Penegoes

250 Montgom.St. Asaph Bp. of St. Asaph Jenkins, D. Llanllwchairn

140 Cardigan St. David's Bp. of St. David's Barfreston

382 Kent Canterb. St. John's, Oxford Lord, Dr, H. Northiam

786 Sussex Chichest. Miss Lord Stonham Aspel

504 Methold, T..

Sir W. Middleton Wethringselt

A. Steward, Esq. Rogers, G. East Lavington 300 Wilts Salisbury Christ Church, Oxford Sandilands, R. . Turnaston

73 Hereford Hereford Lady Boughton Taylor, Dr. C. . Madley

608 Hereford Hereford D. & C. of Hereford Whaley, J. G. . Witnesham

463 Suffolk Norwich Peterhouse, Canıb.

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604} Suffolk Norw.

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Chaplain to St. Faith's Union, Norwich.
Head Mastership of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland.
Vice-Principal of the West Riding of Yorkshire Proprietary

Classical Master of the West Riding of Yorkshire Proprietary

Mastership of Enniskillen School.
Lectureship of St. Giles, Oxford.
Archdeacon of Madras.
Rural Dean of Aston, Oxfordshire.
Domestic Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Limerick.
Mastership of Perse Grammar School, Cambridge.
Chaplain to the Hospital at Sleaford.
Christ Church, Oxford, Lieutenant in 28 Regiment of Royal

Surrey Militia.
Domestic Chaplain to the Marquis of Abercorn.
Chaplain to His Majesty's Ship Minden.
Mastership of Darlington Free Grammar School.

Royds, C. S.
Tucker, W. G.
Wray, G.


Appointment or Residence.
Bagnall, E.

Over Whiteacre, and formerly of Magdalen Hall. Best, H.

Brighton, and formerly of the Close, Lincoln. Bird, w.

Student of Queen's College, Oxford. Bull, J.

Curate of Stowmarket, Suffolk. Coningham, R.

Rose Hill, Herts. Davies, J.

Montpelier Terrace, Cheltenham. Harvey,

Caldecote, Bedfordshire.
Slade, H. R. Esq. B.A.. St. Peter's, Cambridge, and Uley Cottage, Gloucestersbire.
Sandilands, R.

Minister of the English Church, St. Omer.
Tilson, H. Esq. Watlington Park, and formerly of Christ Church.

3 L

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'The l'rizes for 1836 have been adjudged as follows:

CHANCELLOR'S PRIZES.- Lotin Verse; “ Alexander ad Indum."- William Dickinson, Scholar of Trinity.

English Essay :--" The Effects of National Taste for general and diffusive Reading."-H. Halford Vaughan, B.A. Fellow of Oriel.

Latin Essay :-" Antiquorum Romanorum in publicis operibus magnificentia.” -(Not awarded.)

Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize.-" The Knights of St. John.”- Frederick William Faber, Scholar of University.

The Theological Prize, (Dr. Ellerton's Foundation,) on “ The Evidences of our Saviour's Resurrection," has been awarded to Edward Elder, B.A. Scholar of Balliol.

The following subjects are proposed for the Chancellor's Prizes for ihe ensuing year, viz. :

For Latin Verse_" Marcus Crassus a Parthis devictus."

For an English Essay—“The concurring causes which assisted the promulgation of the religion of Mahomet."

For a Latin Essay—"Quibus de causis fiat plerumque ut instituta ac mores, Orientalium ægrius mutentur quam nostra.'

The first of the above subjects is intended for those gentlemen who, on the day appointed for sending the Exercises to the Registrar of the University, shall not have exceeded four years, and the other two for such as shall have exceeded four, but not completed seven years, from the time of their matriculation.

Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize, for the best Composition in English Verse, not limited to fifty lines, by any UnderGraduate who, on the day above specified, shall not have exceeded four years from the time of his matriculation - The Gipsies.

The Exercises are all to be sent under a sealed cover to the Registrar of the University, on or before the last day of March next. The Author is required to conceal his name, and to distinguish his Composition by what motto he pleases ; sending at the same time his name, and the date of his matriculation, sealed up under another cover, with the motto inscribed upon it.

Mrs. Denyer's Theological Prizes.The subjects for the year 1837 are:

" On the Divinity of our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,"

" On Original or Birth Sin, and the Necessily of New Birth unto Life.

Persons entitled to write for ihe alovementioned Prizes must be in Deacon's Orders at least, and on the last day appointed for the delivery of the Compositions to the Registrar, have entered on the eighih and not exceeded the tenth year from their matriculation.

The Compositions are to be sent under a sealed cover to the Registrar of the University, on or before Wednesday, the first day of March, 1837. None will be received after that day. The Author is required to conceal his name, and to distinguish his Composition by what motto he pleases ; sending at the same time bis name, and the date of his matriculation, sealed up under another cover, with the motto inscribed upon it.

THEOLOGICAL PRIZE.-" The Mission of St. John the Baptist." -The subject above stated, as appointed by the Julges, for an English Essay, is proposed to Members of the University on the following conditions ; viz.-1. The Candidate must have passed his examination for the degree of B.A. or B.C.L.-2. He must not on this day (June 10) have exceeded his twenty. eighth term.-3. He must have commenced his sixteenth term eight weeks previous to the day appointed for sending in his Essay to the Registrar of the University.-In every case the terms are to be computed from the matriculation inclusively.

The Essays are to be sent under a sealed cover to the Registrar of the University on or before the Wednesday in Easter week next ensuing.

The Candidate is desired to conceal bis name, and to distinguish his composition by what motto he pleases; sending at the same time his name sealed up under an. other cover, with the motto inscribed upon it.

The following gentlemen have been nominated Masters of the Schools for the ensuing year:

The Rev. John Bradley Dyne, M.A. Fellow of Wadham..

The Rev. Edw. Hawkins, M.A. Fellow of Pembroke.

The Rev. Herhert Kynaston, M.A. Student of Christ Church.

The Examinations for the Hebrew Scholarships have been decided; the successful competitors being-For the Kennicott Scholarship, the Rev. Chas. Seager, B.A. Scholar of Worcester College; for the Posey and Ellerton Scholarship, W. Holloway Webb, B.A. of Magdalen Hall.

The Rev. Hobart Seymour, M.A. of Trinity College, Dublin, has been admitted ad eundem.


K. W. Collett, Christ Church. Rev. C. J. Fox, Magdalen Hall. Edward Price, Magdalen Hall. · Rev. C. L. Guyon, Wadham Coll. R. J. Spranger, Fell. of Exeter Coll. N. F. Lightfoot, Exeter Coll. Charles Boutell, Trinity Coll. J. R. Hughes, Fell. of New Coll. Rev. F. Baugh, Fell. of All Souls' Coll. Rev. J. L. Spencer, Worcester Coll. W. A. Fane De Salis, Oriel Coll. Rev. Edward Fursdon, Oriel Coll. Rev. John Finney Belfield, Oriel Coll. Rev. Thomas Williams, Jesus Coil. Henry Blane, Brasennose Coll. Rev. Charles Boys, Merton Coll. W. Wellesley Knighton, Christ Church. Rev. F. P. G. Dineley, Worcester Coll. Rev. C. M. Provand, Magdalen Hall., T. F. Henney, Scholar of Pembroke Coll. Rev. Thomas Stevens, Oriel Coll. Edward Vansittart Neale, Oriel Coll. Rev. F. A. Marriott, Oriel Coll. Rev.W.H.Egerton, Fell. of Brasen. Coll. J. W. M. Berry, Brasennose Coll. Rev.G.G. W'addington, Fell. of New Coll. George James Williamson, Jesus Coll.] C. E. Lefroy, Christ Church, gr. comp. George Rushout, Christ Church. John Garratt, Christ Church. Richard Ryder Dean, Christ Church. Rev. T. A. Maberly, Christ Church. Rev. H.J.Maddock, Fell.of WorcesterColl. J. C. Meadows, Schol. of Pembroke Coll. John Holbeche Short, Merton Coll. John Douglas Giles, Corpus Christi Coll.


BACHELORS IN DIVINITY. Rev. F. A. Faber, Fell. of Magd. Coll. Rev. R. Michell, Fell. of Lincoln Coll. Rev.H.R.Harrison, Fell. of Lincoln Coll.

DOCTOR OF CIVIL LAW. R. Westmacott, Esq. R.A.

BACHELORS IN MEDICINE. A. J. Sutherland, Student of Christ Ch. Richard Henry Goolden, Queen's Coll.

MASTERS OF ARTS. E. J. Edwards, Balliol Coll. gr. comp. A. C. Tait, Fellow of Balliol Coll. Rev. Robert Scott, Fell. of Balliol Coll. R. J. Roberts, New Inn Hall. Richard Burgess, New Inn Hall. Rev. G. W. Owen, New Inn Kall. Rev.T.F.R. Read, Schol.of University Coll. Rev. J. D. Clark, University Coll. Rev. T. L. Trotter, Lincoln Coll. R. Muckleston, Schol. of Worcester Coll. Henry Parker, Worcester Coll. Rev. John Irvine, Magdalen Hall. Rev. H. W. Wright, Magdalen Hall. Rev. T. E. Poole, Magdalen Hall. Rev. J. K. Glazebrook, Magdalen Hall. Rev. R. S. Hawker, Magdalen Hall. William Smyth, Wadham Coll. Rev. Edward Harland, Wadham Coll. Rev. J. K. Charlton, Christ Church. Hon. H. C. Bagot, Christ Church. Rev. H. J. Swale, Queen's Coll. Rev. Francis Storr, Queen's Coll. E. Meyrick, Demy of Magdalen Coll. E. W. Pears, Demy of Magdalen Coll. Rev. G. C. Hall, Demy of Magdalen Coil. H. P. Guillemard, Schol. of Trinity Coll. Rev. E. R. Larken, Trinity Coll. Rev.T.W.Goodlake,Schol. of Pemb. Coll. H. le M. Chepmell, Schol. of Pemb. Coll. G. B. Rogers, Pembroke Coll. Rev. G. A. Webb, Merton Coll. John Lockhart Ross, Oriel Coll. Rev. C. W. Bingham, Fell. of New Coll. Herbert Hill, Fell. of New Coll. Thomas Briscoe, Fell. of Jesus Coll. E. Loury Barnwell, Schol. of Jesus Coll. Rev. Henry Knapp, St. John's Coll. C. W. Orde, University Coll. gr. comp.

Harry Grey, St. Edmund Hall.
W. F. Donkin, Schol. of University Coll.
Hugh Holbech, Christ Church.
T. W. Weare, Stud. of Christ Church.
Osborne Gordon, Stud. of Christ Church.
Hon. A. W. Bagot, Christ Church.
John Barre Beresford, Christ Church.
Charles Somers Cocks, Christ Church.
Abraham Borradaile, Christ Church.
Hon. A. Wodehouse, Christ Church.
C. Seager, Scholar of Worcester Coll.
Alban Atwood, Worcester Coll.
Thomas Orgill, Worcester Coll.
William Preedy, Wastham Coll.
Edwin Meyrick, Queen's Coll.
W. M. Herchmer, Queen's Coll.
Hardwicke Shute, Pembroke Coll.
J. E. Grubb, Pembroke Coll.
Charles Dunlop, Pembroke Coll.
William Cope, Trinity Coll.
John Ballard, Trinity Coll.
Arthur Taylor, Trinity Coll.
John Butler, Trinity Coll.
James Pycroft, Trinity Coll.
H. W. B. Daubeney, Trinity Coll.

J.M.Wilson,Schol.of Corpus Christi Coll. C. P. Godfrey, St. John's Coll.

A Congregation will be holden on Tuesday, July 5th, solely for the purpose of admitting Inceptors to their Regency: and another July 9, for granting Degrees.

No person will on any account, be admitted as a Candidate for the Degree of B.A. or M.A. or for those of B.C.L. or B. Med. (without proceeding through Arts,) whose name is not entered in the book, kept for that purpose, at the ViceChancellor's house, on or before the day preceding the day of Congregation,

James Hill, Fellow of New Coll. Stephen Barney, Exeter Coll. H. B. Bullocke, Exeter Coll. Frederick Brown, Exeter Coll. Alexander Orr, Oriel Coll. John Sutton Utterton, Oriel Coll. Charles Henry White, Oriel Coll. R. H. M. hes, Jesus Coll. T. Rothwell, Oriel Coll. grand comp. J.J. Plumer, Balliol Coll. grand comp. Charles Sweet, Balliol Coli. John Penrose, Balliol Coll. Sir W. C. James, Bart. Christ Church. Joseph Moore, Schol. of Lincoln Coll. David Barclay Bevan, Magdalen Hall. William Paget Hoblyn, Queen's Coll. Arthur Mogg, Queen's Coll. R. N. Maddock, Queen's Coll. S. A. Pears, Schol. of Corp. Christi Coll. James Hannay, Worcester Coll. John Mount Barlow, Worcester Coll. C. H. Spragge, Scholar of Exeter Coll. James Henry Bower, Exeter Coll. Christopher D. Francis, Exeter Coll. Charles Pridham, Exeter Coll. Henry Wickens, Exeter Coll. Hon. C.F. Cranstoun, Jesus Coll. Thomas Harries, Jesus Coll. Francis James Cramer, New Coll. Samuel Stead, Brasennose Coll. Robert Perceval, Brasennose Coll. Gordon Whitbread, Brasennose Coll. Arthur Edward Campbell, Trinity Coll. William Pulling, Oriel Coll. J. A. Hessey, Fell, of St. John's Coll. E. H. Cheney, Christ Church. C. F. F. Clinton, Christ Church. Henry Barnett, Christ Church. H. C. Campion, Christ Church. Henry Luke Dodds, Christ Church. E. J. Jackson, Worcester Coll. Cuthbert Jeddere Fisher, Wadham Coll. Joshua Treacy, Scholar of Queen's Coll. Joseph Hunt, Scholar of Queen's Coll. A. R. Harrison, Scholar of Queen's Coll. Kenyon Honfray, Magdalen Hall. John Woolley, Scholar of Exeter Coll. James Connell, Balliol Coll. John Dolignon, Balliol Coll. W. J. Crockford, Brasennose Col). Edward Caswall, Brasennose Coll. Edward Monro, Oriel Coll. R. G. Young, Oriel Coll. gr. comp. J.G. Higgens, Worcester Coll. gr. comp. John Hext Bushnell, Worcester Coll. G. W. Braikenridge, University Coll. G. L. Cartwright, Exeter Coll. William Crouch, Exeter Coll. David William Mitchell, Christ Church. Frederick Pyndar Lowe, University Coll. Hinton Castle Smith, Wadham Coll. Richard Panting, Christ Church. James Ward, Fell. of New Coll.

BALLTOL COLLEGE, William Knight, Commoner of Balliol, has been elected a Scholar of that Society, on the Foundation of Mrs. Sarah Eatou.

BRASENNOSE COLLEGE. Mr. William Henry Egerton, B.A. of Brasennose College, has ween elected a Fellow of that Society,

EXETER COLLEGE. Mr. Thomas Phinn, and Mr. William Duckworth Furneaux, Commoners of Exeter College, have been elected Scholars of that Society.

JESUS COLLEGE. William Dyke, B.A. Scholar of Jesus College, has been elecced a Fellow on the Foundation of Dr. Francis Mansell, for the seven counties of South Wales, Monmouthshire included.

MAGDALEN COLLEGE. Two Pellowships are vacant in this Colleve, open to any Members of the University of Oxford, who are natives of Buckinghamshire or Nottinghamshire. Candidates must be Bachelors of Arts, at least, at the period of Election, which takes place on Tuesday, the 26th day of July; and they are required to present themselves to the President on or before the Thursday previous to the Election, with certificates of baptism, and testimonials from their Colleges or Halls.


Mr. Giraud, Commoner of Exeter Col. lege; Mr. Thomas C. Price, Commoner of Brasennose College ; and Mr. George Gilpin, have been elected Post-masters of Merton College.

NEW COLLEGE, Mr. Charles Arthur Griffith, and Mr. William Bedford, have been admitted Actual Fellows of New College.

Blount Exhibitioner, and Charles Nevile, Commoner of Trinity, and Henry Rendall and Vere Henry Hobart, have been elected and admitted Scholars of that Society. The Blount Scholarship has been adjudged to Mr. Hermann Ludolf Prior.


PEMBROKE COLLEGE. Mr. George Rust has been admitted an Exhibitioner on the Foundation of Mrs. Juliana Stafford, and the Rev. William Oades, as a Bible Clerk of Pembroke College.

Joshua Treacy and Jos. Hunt, Proba-
tionary Scholars of Queen's College, were
elected and admitted Taberdars of the
same Society.

The Rev. Henry Peter Guillemard,
M.A. and William Henry Ley, B.A.
Scholars of Trinity, have been admitted
Probationary Fellows of Trinity College ;
and Messrs. Thomas Brooking Cornish,

Charles Scriven, B.A. Scholar of Sir Thomas Cooke's Foundation, ard William Whitehead, B.A. on that of Mrs. Sarah Eaton, have been elected Fellows of Worcester College.

Mr. Joseph Baker, Mr. Charles Henry Browne, and Mr. Jas. Roe, have been elected Scholars of Worcester College from Bromsgrove School, on Sir Thomas Cooke's Foundation,


CAMBRIDGE. At a Congregation on the 3d ult, the following Grace passed the Senate :-To The following prizes have been adaffix the University Seal to a petition judged :against certain clauses in " A bill to repeal Members' Prizes for Bachelors of Arts : so much of an Act of the 54th year of James Ind Smith, Trinity College. King George III. commonly called the No second prize adjudged. Copy Right Act,' as requires the gra- Subject-Extincta servitute apud Intutious delivery of eleven copies of every sulas Occidentales, quænam commoda vel published book to eleven of the public incommoda possint exinde oriri ? libraries of the kingdom, and to provide Members' Prizes for Undergraduates :other means for the encouragement of William Gilson Humphry, Trinity Coll. learning."

No second prize adjudged.

Subject-In Republicâ benè constituta The following gentlemen have been sunt hereditario jure Nobiles. appointed Barnaby Lecturers :-

The Porson Prize (for the best translaMathematical. - Rev. George Thack. tion of a passage from Suakspeare in eray, M.A. King's College.

Greek verse) has been adjudged to Philosophical.-Rev. James D. Simp

Charles J. Vaughan, of Trinity College. son, M.A. Sidney College.

Subject — King Richard 11. Actii. Rhetoric.- Rev. James E. Dalton, M.A.

Scene 1. Queen's College.

BeginningLogic.-Rev. George Urquhart, M. A.

GAUNT. " Methinks I am a Prophet Magdalen College.

new inspired," &c. And ending" How happy then were my ensuing

death." The following Grace has passed the Sir William Browne's gold medal for Senate :-To affix the seal to pe:itions to the best epigram has been adjudged 10 both Houses of Parliament, praying that Thomas Whytehead, of St. John's Coll. in “The'amended Municipal Corporation Subject--Insaniens Sapientia. Bill" a clause may be inserted autho- No prize was adjudged for the Greek rizing the appointment of the Vice-Chan- and Latin Odes. cellor for the time being to be a Justice of ihe Peace for the town of Cambridge. Hebrew Scholarships.-Philip Carlyon,

B. A. of Emmanuel College, has been A grace has passed the Senate to ap- elected a Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholar of point the Vice-Chancellor, the Master of the first class; and Frederic Myers, M.A. Christ's College, and Dr. Clark, a Syndi- of Clare Hall, a Scholar of the second cate to manage and superintend the trans- class. A gratuity of 201. was also adfer and delivery of the Macartney judged to Edward Huff, B.A. of Queen's Museum to the University.

College, in consideration of the knowledge


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