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under the provisions of this Act, should be disunited : be it enacted, that wherever the Bishop of any diocese, or the Bishops of two dioceses, shall represent to the said Commissioners that any benefices in his or their diocese or dioceses, which now are or which may be hereafter united into one benefice, may be disunited with advantage to the interests of religion, such Commissioners shall inquire into the circumstances of the case, and if they shall be satisfied that such union may be usefully dissolved, they shall certify the same to his Majesty in Council, and thereupon it shall be lawful for his Majesty in Council to issue an order for dissolving such union, and directing that such order shall be registered in the registry of the diocese to which such united benefice shall belong, and which order the registrar of such diocese, immediately on the receipt thereof, is hereby required to register accordingly; and thereupon, immediately if the same benefice shall then be vacant, otherwise on the first avoidance thereof, such union shall be ipso facto dissolved, and thenceforward such benefices shail be and be deemed and taken to be separate and distinct benefices to all intents and purposes whatever, and as if such benefices had never been united ; and the patron or patrons thereof shall and may present to the same respectively, and so from time to time as they or either of them shall become vacant.

13. Incumbent may resign one or more of disunited benefices, and patron may present.

The other clauses contain provisions enacting that portion of glebe, &c. may be assigned to each of the disserered benefices, and shall belong to the incumbent. Provisions for altering the shape and boundaries of contiguous parishes. Spiritual persons not to take to farm for occupation above 80 acres, without consent of the Bishop, and then not beyond seven years, under penalty of 10s. per acre.

19. That no spiritual person beneficed, or performing ecclesiastical duty, shall engage in trade, or buy to sell again for profit or gain. Not to extend to spiritual persons engaged in keeping schools, or as tutors, &c., in respect of any thing done, or any buying or selling in such employment; or to selling any thing bonâ fide bought for the use of the family; or buying or selling cattle, &c. for the use of his own glebe or demesne lands, &c.

20. Penalties for non-residence, without license or exemption; and not residing at another benefice. That every spiritual person holding any benefice shall keep residence on his benefice, and in the house of residence (if any) belonging thereto; and if any such person shall, without any such license or exemption as is in this Act allowed for that purpose, absent himself from such benefice or house, if any, for any period exceeding the space of three months together, or to be accounted at several times in one year, unless he shall be resident at some other benefice of which he may be possessed; he shall, when such absence shall exceed three months, and not exceed six months, forfeit onethird of the annual value of the benefice from which he shall so absent himself; and when such absence shall exceed six months and not exceed eight months, one-half of such annual value; and when such absence shall exceed eight months, two-thirds of such annual value; and when such absence shall have been for the whole of the year, three fourths of such annual value.

21. Penalty for neglecting duty on Sundays, &c. 51. for every offence.

25. Certain persons exempt from penalties for non-residence. That no spiritual person being Dean of any cathedral or collegiate church, or being head ruler of any college or hall within either of the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge, and no spiritual person having or holding any Professorship or any public readership in either of the said Universities, while actually resident within the precincts of the University, and while reading lectures therein during the time required by the conditions of his office (provided always, that a certificate under the hand of the ViceChancellor of the University, stating the fact of such residence and of the due performance of such duties, shall in every such case be transmitted to the Bishop of the diocese, within six weeks after the 31st day of December in each year); no spiritual person serving Chaplain of the King or Queen's most excellent Majesty, or of any of the King or Queen's children, brethren, or sisters, during so long as he shall actually attend in the discharge of his duty as such as Chaplain in the Household to which he shall belong; and no Chaplain of any Archbishop or Bishop, whilst actually attending in the discharge of his duty as such Chaplain : and no spiritual person actually serving as Chaplain of the House of Commons, or as Clerk of his Majesty's Closet, or as a Deputy Clerk thereof, while any such

person shall be actually attending and performing the functions of his office; and no spiritual person serving as Chancellor, or Vicar General or Commissioner of any diocese, whilst exercising the duties of his office; or as Archdeacon, while upon his visitation or otherwise engaged in the exercise of his Archidiaconal functions; or as Dean, or Sub-Dean, or priest, or reader, in any of his Majesty's Royal Chapels at St. James's or Whitehall, or as reader in his Majesty's private chapels at Windsor or elsewhere, whilst actually performing the duty of any such ottice respectively: or as preacher in any of the Inns of Court, or at the Rolls chapel, whilst actually performing the duties of such office : and no spiritual person being Provost of Eton College or Warden of Winchester College, or Master of the Charter House, during the time for which he may be required to reside, and shall actually reside therein respectively; and no spiritual person being Master of Eton, Winchester, or Westminster Schools, or principal of the East India College; shall be liable to any of the penalties or forfeitures in this Act coutained for or on account of non-residence, during any such period as aforesaid, or any benefice; but every such spiritual person shall, with respect to residence under this Act, be entitled to account for such period of absence from his benefice as if he had legally resided on some other benefice, any thing in this Act contained to the contrary notwithstanding.

26. Dignitaries, &c, residing at cathedral churches for certain periods, exempted, Provision for cases in which the year of residence at cathedrals commences at any other period than the 1st of January.

27. Rights of present Incumbents and Dignitaries, as to exemptions and licenses, preserved.

28. Exemption forfeited if house of residence not kept in repair.

29. Every petition for license for non-residence to be in writing, and to state certain particulars.

30. Bishops may grant licenses in certain cases enumerated.

31. Under special circumstances, Bishops may grant licenses to reside out of the liouse or benefice, and may appoint and assign salaries to Curates. Reasons for granting them to be transmitted to the Archbishop for examination and allowance; who may, after inquiry, annul, or in any manner vary license.

38. A list of licenses allowed by the Archbishop, or granted in his own diocese, shall be annually transmitted to his Majesty in council, who may revoke licenses, &c. License, although revoked, shall be deemed valid between the grant and revocation.

40. On or before the 25th March annually a return shall be made to his Majesty in council of every benefice, with names of residents and non-residents, &c.

41. If any person, neither licensed nor exempt, does not sufficiently reside, the Bishop may issue a monition. Returns to be made to monitions which may be required to be upon oath. Where return shall not be made, or shall not be satisfactory, Bishop may order residence, and, if disobeyed, may sequestrate the profits of the benefice, and direct an application of the profits. Appeal against sequestration may be made to the Archbishop.

42. Persons who shall return to residence on monition shall pay the costs.

43. If any person return to residence on monition shall, before twelve months thereafter, absent himself, the Bishop may without monition sequester the profits of the benefice.

45. If any benefice shall continue under such a sequestration one year, or incur two such sequestrations within two years, it shall become void, except in case of relief, upon appeal.

46. Contracts for letting houses in which any spiritual person by order of the Bishop be required to reside shall be void. Any person holding possession aster, the day appointed shall be subject to penalty.

48. No oath relating to residence shall be required of any Vicar, 49. Non-resident Incumbents neglecting to appoint Curates, Bishop to appoint. 50. Curates to reside on benefices under certain circumstances.

51. Extension of the provision of the Acts 17 Geo. III. c. 33, and 21 Geo. III. c. 66, relating to the repairing and rebuilding of houses of residence; and power to the Bishop to enforce compliance.

61. Bishops may enforce two services on Sunday in certain cases. 64. Bishop to appoint stipends to Curates.

84. That no spiritual person shall serve more than two churches or two chapels, or one church and one chapel, in one day, &c.

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By the Lord Bishop of Bath & Wells, April 3d.


Degree College.

Unirersity. Fitzgerald, Augustus Otway

B.A. Balliol

Oxford Harvey, James Abraham

B.A. St. Edmund Hall Oxford Trevelyan, Edward Otto

B.A. Corpus Christi Oxford

PRIESTS. Boyle, Richard Cavendish Townshend

M.A. Christ Church Oxford Watts, Nicholas, jun.

B.A. University

Oxford Wolley, Thomas Lamplugh

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford



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By the Lord Bishop of Rochester, April 17.

DEACONS. Carrick, George Moor

(let. dim.) B.A. Catharine Hall Cambridge Darwall, Leicester

ditto B.A. Trinity

Cambridge Dunlop, Charles

Stud.of Pembroke Oxford Dupre, William Oliver Allen . (let. dim.) Lit. Garden, John Larkins

B.A. St. Peter's Cambridge Grey, the Hon. Francis Richard (let. dim.) M.A. Trinity Canıbridge Haigh, Daniel

ditto B.A. Catharine Hall Cambridge Hodge, Charles

ditto B.A. St. Edmund Hall Oxford Langston, Frederick Foyster . ditto M.A. St. John's Oxford Lloyd, John


M.A. Emmanuel Cambridge Pendrill, John.

ditto B.A. St. John's Oxford Saunders, John Clement


St. Bees Scott, the Hon. William Hugh ditto M.A. St. John's Cambridge Shelley, Frederick

ditio Lit. Webb, George Augustus

ditto B.A. Merton

Oxford Wilkinson, William Francis

ditto B.A. Queen's


PRIESTS. Alfree, Frederick Charles .

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Courtenay, Hon. and Rev. Henry Hugh B.A. Merton

Oxford Cumming, Joseph George . (let. dim.) B.A. Emmanuel Cambridge Flavell, John Webb

ditto B.A. Trinity

Dublin Grey, Hon. and Rev. John

ditto M.A. Trinity

Cambridge Hotham, John Hallett

B.A. Magdalen Oxford Lloyd, John (let. dim.) B.A. Jesus

Oxford Malet, William Wyndham

ditto S.C.L. Magdalen Hall Oxford Pollard, Henry Smith

B.A. Lincoln

Oxford Young, Thomas Drake .

(let. dim.) B.A. Queen's Cambridge



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By the Lord Bishop of Exeter.

DEACONS. Batten, Henry

B.A. Exeter

Oxfordi Comfray, K. J.

Magdalen Hall Oxford Edwards, Joseph

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Rickards, Hely Hutchinson

B.A. New Inn Hall Oxford Walter, William Richard Keats

B.A. Exeter


PRIESTS. Barnes, Henry Mackinnon Baynham

B.A. Oriel

Oxford Burrough, James Walrond

B.A. Queen's

Oxford Clarke, Thomas

B.A. Queen's

Oxford Keigwin, James Philip.

B.A. Schol. of Wadh. Oxford Langmead, G. Winne

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Lightfoot, Nicholas Francis

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Morshead, John Philip Anderson

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Pitman, William Parr

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Radclyffe, Charles Edward

B.A. Brasennose Oxford Rodd, Henry Tremayne

B.A. Exeter

Oxford Tracey, John

B.A. Wadham

Oxford VOL. XVIII. NO. V.



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Bassett, W.F.D. Heanton


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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.


£ Atkinson, G. J. . Kettlethorpe

569 Lincoln Lincoln Sir W. A. Ingilby

431 Devon Exeter J. D. Bassett, Esq. Punchardon

Buckland Colling, T. A.

244 Devon Exeter

The King
Grey, J.

478 Northum. Durham Bp. of Durham Harding, T. H. Ashley

316 Stafford Lichfield H. C. Meynell, Esq. Hart, R. Calton

142 Norfolk Norwich D. & C. of Norwich Howes, T. F.. Wingfield

100 Suffolk Norwich Bp. of Norwich Hughes, H. H. Layham

800 Suffolk Norwich St. John's, Cambridge Hume, W. W.. Scaldwell

357 Northam. Peterbro' Duke of Buccleugh Leathes, F.. Wickhampton

150 Norfolk Norwich J. F. Leathes, Esq. Liddell, Hon. R. Barking

1197 Essex London All Souls' College Lowther, B..

Rev.H. Lee, Preb. of Vow Church

Hereford Cath. Poole, W. Moulton

391 Northam. Peterbro' G. V. Stanton, Esq.

207 Devon Exeter J. Carpenter, Esq. Swainson, C. L. Crick

896 Northam. Peterbro' St. John's, Oxford Todd, F. St. Peter's, Marylebone 600 London London The King Trevenen, T.J.. St. Ewe

492 Cornwall Exeter Rev. T. J. Trevenen Warre, F. Bishop's l.ydeard 120 Somerset Pec. of D. D. & C. of Wells Waikins, T. Llansantfraed

271 Brecon St.David's Earl of Ashburnham Whipham, A. Gidley

72 Devon Exeter Rev. T. Whipham Woodhouse, G.W. Albrighton

651 Salop.

Lichfield Haberdasher's Comp.

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200 Hereford Hereford {

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Radclyffe, C. E. { Syddenham

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The Bishop of LICHFIELD AND COVENTRY.—On Thursday, March 31st, died, at Hastings, the Hon, and Right Rev. Henry Ryder, D.D. Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, and one of the Prebendaries of Westminster. His lordship had long been in a declining state of health. He was the seventh child of Nathaniel, first Lord Harrowby, by Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Terrick, Bishop of London; he was born on the 21st of July, 1777, and educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he took the degree of M.A. in 1798 ; that of D.D. in 1813. He was consecrated Bishop of Gloucester in 1815, and translated to the See of Lichfield and Coventry in 1824. In 1831 he was appointed a Prebendary of Westminster in commendam. In 1802 he married Sophia, daughter of Thomas March Phillipps, Esq. by whom he had a family of thirteen children, all of whom survive him except one son, Charles, who was drowned at sea in 1825. His eldest daughter is married to Sir George Grey, the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies. The deceased Bishop published several single sermons, among which was one On the Doctrines of Final Perseverance and Assurance of Salvation;" and another “ On the Propriety of preaching the Calvinistic Doctrine," printed in London in 1806.

The Bishop OF ELY-We regret to state that Dr. Bowyer Edward Sparke, the Lord Bishop of Ely, died on Monday, April 4, at his house in Dover-street. His Lordship held that diocese since 1812, having been translated to the see from Chester, to which diocese he was consecrated in 1809. His lordship was advanced in years; he was formerly Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, Official Visitor of Peterhouse, St. John's and Jesus Colleges, and Visitor to the Master of Trinity College, in that University. He was formerly tutor to the Duke of Rutland. His remains have been interred in a vault in Bishop West's chapel, at the south-east angle of the cathedral. About half-past eleven o'clock the procession began to move from the Palace to the Cathedral, preceded by mutes, sword-bearer, &c. and attended by the principal officers of the isle, his lordship's medical attendants, and the clergy and gentlemen of the diocese. The pall was supported by the Prebendaries and Minor Canons of the cathedral. On entering the cathedral at the

western porch, nothing could exceed the imposing effect which presented itself; the whole length of the nave on either side (seats having been provided by the Dean and Chapter) was lined with spectators, as well as the organ loft and the galleries, and the greatest order and silence prevailed. As the body was borne up the aisle, the lay clerks and choristers chanting the prefatory verses of the burial service, accompanied by the deep tones of the organ, the effect excited the most solemn and devout feelings. On arriving at the choir, the remainder of the service was performed by the very reverend the Dean, except the psalms, and the anthem at the vault, which was also chanted. The coffin, which was covered with purple velvet, and richly and chastely decorated with a gilt plate, bearing the following inscription ;


Episcopus Eliensis,
Obiit IV, die Aprilis,

A. D. 1836.

Ætatis LXXVII. surmounted by a mitre, and the arms of the see, was then lowered into the vault, and placed by the side of that of Mrs. Sparke, whose remains had been deposited there but three weeks before. Much respect was shown by the inhabitants of the city, the tradesmen closing their shops; and many of the most respectable assisted in keeping order in the church, and in arranging the very great concourse of persons who attended to witness the procession. It is, we believe, fifty-seven years since a bishop was buried in the cathedral; Bishops Yorke and Dampier having been interred in their family vaults.


| Ufford

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ga} York


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Somerset B.&w. SD. & C. of Christ Ch.

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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.


£ Bicker, J. . Wingfield

100 Suffolk Norwich Bp. of Norwich

Rev. C. Brooke
Brooke, C.
and Blaxall

Burney, R. A.

272 Somerset B. & W. Bp. of Winchester

103 Warwick Wore. R. Knight, Esq. Cregoe, J. St. Ewe 492 Cornwall Exeter Rev, J. Trevenen

G. W. Dowker, Esq. Dowker, E. s Salton

York Master of HelmsLand Sinnington 84

worth School Odcombe

461 French, P. A. Thorn Falcon 296

E. & J. Batten, Esqrs, Haigh, W. Wooler

478 Northum, Durham Bp. of Durham Millington Holmes, E.

219 York York Dean of York cum Givendale Hordern, P. Chorlton

103 Stafford Lichfield Manchester College Knipe, J. Aldermaston

Berks Salisb. Queen's Coll. Oxford St. George's Mark, M..

123 York York

Abp. of York
Massingberd, C. B. Kettlethorpe 569 Lincoln Lincoln Sir W. A. Ingilby
Nicholson, J. Widdial

290 Herts Lincoln C. E. Heaton, Esq. Pickford, J. Cholderton

225 Wilts Salieb, Oriel College, Oxford Rogers, J. . Clodock

149 Hereford St.David's W'. Wilkins, Esq.
Rowland, w. Llansantfraed 271 Brecon St.David's Earl of Ashburnham
Royds, E.

681 Cheshire Chester J. Royds, Esq.
Sedgwick, J. Howgill

57 York Chester Vicar of Sedberg Speidell, T. Crick

896 Northam. Peterbro' St. John's, Oxford Moulton

391 Northam. Peterbro' G. V. Stanton, Esq. Stanton, J..

Scaldwell 357 Northam. Peterbro' Duke of Buccleugh Valpy, Dr. . Stradishall

325 Suffolk Norwich Sir R. Harland Walker, W. Layham

800 Suffolk Norwich St. John's, Camb. St. Petrox Walter, P. M..

59 Kent


Rev. A. Farwell

White, H. :


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198} Stafford "Lichfield D. & C. of Lichfield

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