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Clementson, W..
Dickinson, R.
Field, R.
Franklin, F. W..
Freeman, s.
Froude, R. H.
Menzies, A.
Skillern, R. S.
Spencer, R.
Tozer, J.
Troughton, J.
Warne, d..

Appointment or Residence.
Head Master of Grammar School, Darlington.
Afternoon Lecturer of St. Mary, Newington Butts.
Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.
Chaplain to Earl Talbot.
Near Forty Hill, Enfield.
Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.
Curate of Kington St. Michael, near Chippenham.
Fellow of Trinity College.
Master of Crypt Grammar School, Gloucester.
At Helmington Hall, Durham.
Curate of St. Petrock, Exeter.
Chaplain to Earl Craven,
Priest Vicar of Exeter Cathedral.


OXFORD. REGIUS PROFESSOR OF DIVINITY. Board of Heads of Houses and Proctors ha The Gazette of Friday, the 19th March,

consented to entertain it in any shape; and notifies that his Majesty has been plea-ed

as an exact knowledge of the decision of to grant unto the Rev. Dickson Hampden,

the board upon this point must materially

influence their own conduct, they request D.D. Principal of St. Mary Hall, the office and place of Regius Professor of Divinity

the earliest information upon it. in this University, together with the place

“With regard to the former object, they and dignity of a Canon of the Cathedral

feel that their distrust of Dr. Hampden as Church of Christ, in the University, being

a teacher in theology (founded as it is on void by the death of Dr. Edward Burton.

the nature and tendency of his repeated statements), is such as to require the im

mediate application of suitable and sufficiOXFORD-SATURDAY, MARCH 5.

ent safeguards; and that no explanation At a meeting of the Members of Convo- or even recantation of his opinions at this cation held on the above day, the annexed moment can sufficiently restore their conresolutions were agreed to:

fidence: and they cannot but think it a " At an adjourned Meeting of Members great evil, that Dr. Hampden should be

of Convocation held this day in Corpus permitted to enter upon the duties of his Common Room, it was resolved unani- office without any previous act upon the mously,

part of the University, which may serve as “I. That the Rev. Vaughan Thomas, as a warning to the young men committed to Chairman of this meeting, be requested to their care. convey to the Rev. the Vice-Chancellor “ Acting upon the deliberate and conthe sincere thanks of the meeting for the scientious conviction, that, under such cirattention which he has paid to the former cumstances, nothing can justify the Uniexpressions of their wishes.

versity in shrinking from its solemu duty : "II. That the Rev. the Vice-Chancellor both to its students and the Church, they be respectfully requested to lay before the most earnestly deprecate any delay, which Board of Heads of Houses and Proctors may throw doubt on its intention, and prothe following considerations:

tract, perhaps to another term, all the evils “ The Members of Convocation whose of this unhappy discussion. names are attached to the late requisitions " However unwilling to depart from the have, in tbeir applications to the Rev. the ordinary practice of the University, they Vice-Chancellor and the Board of Heads feel it their bounden duty, as individuals, of Houses and Proctors, proposed to them- no longer to postpone the adoption of such selves two distinct objects, each of which measures as may seem best calculated to is, in their opinion, absolutely required by obviate the dangers apprehended, and sethe nature and urgency of the occasion. cure the objects proposed. It is, therefore,

The one is to guard against danger with greatest respect, that they feel themfrom Dr. Hampden's

future instructions as selves bound to add, that, after Tuesday a professor; the other to counteract the next, they should consider themselves at evil tendency of his past publications by liberty to pursue the course they may think some formal and authoritative act of cen- best adapted to satisfy the claims of duty.

“III. That the Chairman sign on behalf "With respect to the latter, wbich they of the meeting. consider a measure of the utmost impor- (Signed) tance, they are still in doubt whether the “VAUGHAN THOMAS, B.D., Chairman."


It is indeed not merely discreditable, but disgusting, says the Standard, that, on no less than two occasions, Dr. Hampden has been permitted, and has availed himself of the permission, to sit as judge in his own case; and that on one of these occasions, he has actually shielded himself from the inquiry into his qualifications by his own single vote.

On Tuesday, 22d March, a Convocation was holden, which excited more than common interest, and occasioned a greater influx of Members of Convocation than we ever remember to have seen, except on strongly contested elections, or public celebrities of the highest importance. The question to be decided was the adoption or rejection of the following statute :-

“ STATUTUM Novum.-Quum ab Universitate commissum fuerit S. Theologiæ Professori Regio, ut unus sit ex eorum numero, a quibus designantur selecti Concionatores, secundum Tit. XVI. $ 8, necnon ut ejus consilium adhibeatur, si quis Concionator coram Vice-Cancellario in quæstionem vocetur, secundum Tit. XVI. $ 11. quum vero qui nunc Professor est, scriptis suis publici juris factis ita res theologicas tractaverit, ut in hac parte nullam ejus fiduciam habeat Universitas.

“Statutum est, quod munerum prædictorum expers sit S. Theologiæ Professor Regius, donec aliter Universitati placuerit. Ne vero quid detrimenti capiat interea Universitas, Professoris ejusdem vicibus fungantur alii ; scilicet, in Concionatores selectos designando Senior inter Vice-Cancellarii Deputatos, vel eo absente, aut ipsius Vice-Cancellarii locum tenente, proximus ex ordine Deputatuz (proviso semper, quod sacros ordines susceperit), et in consilio de Concionibus habendo Prælector Dominæ Margaretæ Comitissæ Richmondiæ."

It being generally understood that the Proctors intended to interpose their velo, and by this means negative the statute, great excitement prevailed ; and this was considerably increased by a rumour that Mr. Vaughan Thomas was prepared to argue from the statutes that the proper time for such interposition was after, and not before, the scrutiny had taken place. As we are enabled to give Mr. Thomas's speech at full length, we shall only recount, and that very briefly, the aetual proceedings of the Convocation. The Convocation House being manifestly incapable of containing the numbers assembled, the Vice-Chancellor determined upon holding the Convocation in the Theatre, and shortly after three o'clock the procession inoved from the Delegates' Room; at the head of which, and immediately following the Vice-Chan

cellor, appeared the venerable and learned President of Magdalen College. The Doctors and Noblemen having taken their respective places in the semicircle, the ViceChancellor opened the Convocation, and after a short time consumed in the admission of Members of Convocation to their Regencies, the Registrar read the statule, and the Vice-Chancellor inquired if any one desired to offer any observations on it :-Ecquis sententiam suam exprimere vult? Upon this, Mr. Thomas, who stood immediately in the centre of the area, addressed the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors, and another gentleman uttered a few words, but as he commenced his speech in English, he was immediately stopped by the Vice-Chancellor, and reminded that the Latin was the only language to be statutably used in that assembly. The statute was then read a second time, and the ViceChancellor put the question first to the Doctors, “ Placetne vobis, Domini Doctores ?" There were, as usual, several who cried “ Placet," and a smaller number "Non." Upon the question being referred to the Masters, “ Placetne vobis, Magistri ?” the Proctors rose simultaneously, and imposed their veto, saying,

“ Nobis Procuratoribus non placet.” The ViceChancellor tben immediately dissolved the Convocation.

As no scrutiny could be taken, the friends of the measure adopted a mode, not unusual, of displaying ihe comparative numbers of the assentients and dissentients; the Placets filed off to the right, leaving the Non Placets on the left, side of the Theatre; and a gentleman who is well versed in the subject, and whose calculation we can depend upon, assures us, that the numbers in the area, on the one side, (the Non Placets), were exactly 34, whilst he considers the Placets to have amounted to as nearly 480 as possible.

Upon the result of the Convocation being generally known, a very full meeting took place at Brasennose College, where the following requisition was determined on, and, as we are given to understand, very numerously signed :"A Requisition to the Rev. the Vice

Chancellor. “ We, the undersigned members of Convocation, having found that the University of Oxford has been precluded, by the intervention of the Proctors, from publicly expressing an opinion on the nature and tendency of principles promulgated in certain publications of the Rev. Dr. Hampden, the Regius Professor of Divinity, still consider it our duty to state our

nated Public Examiners, were submitted to the House, and unanimously approved :

In Literis Humanioribus.-Rev, Frederick Oakeley, Fellow of Balliol College.

In Disciplinis Mathematicis et Physicis.-Edward Hill, M.A. Student of Christ Church.

The election of the Proctors for the ensuing year having taken place in their respective Colleges, according to the Caroline Statute, the names of the gentlemen appointed to fill that office were, on Wednesday, announced to the ViceChancellor. They areRev. R. Hussey, M.A. Stud. of Ch. Ch. Rev. H. Thorpe, M.A. late Fellow of

St. John's Coll.

deliberate conviction that on this momentous subject some formal act of censure on the part of the University is imperatively required.

** And we hereby respectfully request, that at the earliest opportunity which may seem to you fitting, you would be pleased once more to lay before the Board of Heads of Houses and Proctors, this earnest entreaty, that some measure may be again submitted to Convocation, to clear the University from the charge of sanctioning such principles, and to prevent, as far as possible, the dangers which are likely to arise from them.”

And at the same time the following de. claration was unanimously agreed to :

Oxford, March 22, 1836. “We, the undersigned non-resident members of Convocation, who have come to this place for the purpose of taking part in the deliberation on the proposed statute respecting Dr. Hampden, desire also to express our feelings of admiration and grati. tude towards the great body of resident members, and especially towards the members of the committee which has prepared the several documents, circulated ai this crisis, for the wisdom and energy, the christian zeal and christian charity, with which they have laboured in this painful and sacred cause.

And we do hereby pledge ourselves to promote, here and elsewhere, according to our means, the efficiency of the protest which the University is now called on to enter against a false and dangerous system of theology ; as also to render that protest, if possible, only the more solemn, complete, and decisive for any temporary obstruction which may occur, through advantage taken of the forms of our academical constitution."

The number of Essays delivered in for Mrs. Denyer's Theological Prizes is as follows:-"On the Doctrine of Faith in the Holy Trinity," eight; on the "Sufficiency of Holy Scriptures for the Salvation of Man," five.

Mr. Linwood, of Christ Church, the same gentleman who so recently obtained the University Scholarship for the encouragement of Latin Literature, is the successful candidate for Dean Ireland's Scholarship for 1836.

The Examiners appointed to elect a Mathematical Scholar for 1836, have announced their election of Mr. Nicholas Pocock, B.A. Michel Scholar of Queen's College.

In a Convocation, the names of the following gentlemen, who had been nomi


DOCTOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. Edward Bouverie Pusey, Canon of Christ Church, Regius Professor of Hebrew. (grand comp.)

BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. Richard Greswell, Fellow of Worcester College.

MASTERS OF ARTS. Rev. C. Alderson, Magdalen Hall. Rev. William Butler, Queen's Coll. Willoughby J. E. Rooke, Brasen. Coll. George Benjamin Sandford, Brasen. Coll. Arthur H. Dyke Acland, Christ Church. Rev. S. Lysons, Exeter Coll. (gr. comp.) George Kettilby Rickards, Trinity Coll. Rev. William Hornby, Christ Church. Edward James, St. John's Coll. Robert Lowe, Fellow of Magdalen.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. Humfrey W. Freeland, Christ Church. John Frederick Fagg, University Coll. Theodore Augustus Echalez, Trinity Coll. Edward Hicks, C. C. C. (grand comp.) George Lowe, Merton Coll. Alfred Gatty, Exeter Coll. G. Newnham Phillips, Merton Coll.

PEMBROKE COLLEGE. Havilland de Sausmarez, B.A. of Caius College, Cambridge, has been elected a Fellow of Pembroke College, on the nomination of the Dean and Jurats of the Island of Guernsey.

CORPUS CHRISTI. Mr. Richard Joynes (from the Charter House) has been elected Scholar of Corpus Christi College, for the county of Kent.

MAGDALEN HALL. Mr. William G. S. Addison, Commoner of Exeter College, has been elected Lusby Scholar of Magdalen Hall.

[blocks in formation]

There will be an Election of Three Scholars on Monday, May 30. Candidates must be above sixteen and under twenty years of age, and will be required to present, in person, to the President, certifcates of baptism, and testimonials of conduct, together with a Latin epistle, to request permission to offer themselves, at nine o'clock on Wednesday morning, May



and one,

A Fellowship is now vacant, to which an Election will take place on Friday, the 20th day of May next.

It is open to natives of the old Diocese of Lincoln.

N.B. Candidates are required to give in their namnes to the Sub-Rector, together with the usual College Testimonials, and a certificate of their place of birth, on or before Saturday, the 14th of May.

Messrs. J. Fraser and William Kay, and Messrs. George Atty, of Brasennose College, and F. P. Morris, of Worcester College, have been elected Scholars of Lincoln College ; and at the same time, Messrs. E. H. Adamson, of University College, and C. R. Martyn, of Lincoln College, were elected Exbibitioners of the same Society, on the Foundation of Lord Crewe.

Two Scholarships in this College, open to persons born in any part of England ;

confined to patives of the county of Kent, will be filled up on Friday, the Ilth of March.

Candidates, who must not have exceeded the eighth Term from their Matriculation, are required to present, in person, to the Master, the usual testimonials of good conduct from their respective Colleges, together with certificates of the place of their birth, on or before Monday, the 7th of March.

[blocks in formation]

The following Graces have passed the Senate :

To authorise the Registrary to transfer the University Muniments from the present office in the Old Court of King's College to a room in the Pitt Press, as a temporary Register Office.

To appoint the Vice-Chancellor, the Master of Jesus, the Master of Christ's, Mr. Peacock, Mr. Whewell, Mr. Hughes, of St. John's, Mr. Bowstead, Mr. Isaacson, Mr. Smith, of Caius, Mr. Philpoti, and Mr. Phillips, of Queen's, a Syndicate, to consider whether any and what alterations may be made in the Previous Examination, and in the Examination for B.A. degrees.

A Grace also passed the Senate to appoint Dr. French, Dr. Adams, Professor Lee, Professor Musgrave, Mr. Phillips, of Queen's, Mr. Rose, of St. John's, and Mr. Browne, of Emmanuel College, a Syndicate to reconsider and renew the Tyrwhitt's Scholarship Regulations, which have ceased to be in force.

The Chancellor's gold medals for the two best proficients in classical learning among the commencing Bachelors of Arts have been adjudged to William Alexander Osborne, and John Smith Mansfield, both of Trinity College. The first decision of the examiners was that Mr. Osborne had obtained the first medal; and Mr. Marsh, of St. John's College, and Mr. Mansfield, of Trinity, being nearly equal, it was thought fit the two latter gentlemen should be re-examined.

ELECTIONS. John Gorham Maitland and Charles Penrose, both of Trinity College, have been elected Bell's scholars.

Charles John Vaughan, of Trinity College, has been elected Craven scholar.

There will be Congregations in the Senate-house on the following days of the ensuing Easter term :

Wednesday.. April 27, at eleven.
Wednesday.. May 11, at eleven.
Wednesday.. 25, at eleven.
Saturday.... June 11, (Stat.) B. D.

Com, at ten.

[blocks in formation]


Rev. Joseph Prendergast, Queen's Coll. Rev. Joseph Hugill, St. John's Coll.


James Henry Willan, St. John's Coll.
D. Cotterill, St. John's Coll.
Henry Matthew, Sidney Coll.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW. Hugh Penfold, Trinity Hall.


Rev. S.H.Widdrington, Mag.Coll. (comp.)
James Patrick Royle, Trinity Coll.
Henry Cotton Arden, Trinity Coll.
Charles W. Lamprell, Clare Hall.
George William Kerridge, Trinity Hall.
Thomas Blackall, Caius Coll.
Robert John Harrison, Emmanuel Coll.
Charles Bernal, Clare Hall,

SECOND CLASS. Jeudwine, G. Joh. Cooke, Joh. Thompson, Em. Wilkinson, Joh. Campbell, Trin. Swinny, Mag. Richardson, Trin. Fellowes, Joh. Thorp, Em. Clarke, T. J. Jeb. Whitworth, Clare

THIRD CLASS. Milner, E. W. Pem. , Walton, Trin. Moore, ŞQue.

Adcock, Clare Jackson, Pein. Pollock Trin, Tennant Trin. Hoare, Joh. Chapman,

Joh. Cousins, SPet. Keymer, Pem. Meade, Pet. Hudson, Joh.

The following summary of the Members of the University is extracted from the “Cambridge Calendar" of the present year: Trinity Coll. .... 817

1658 St. John's Coll... 527

1076 Queen's Coll..... 117

358 Caius Coll.

282 Christ's Coll..... 105

242 Emmanuel Coll. . 112

217 Corp. Christi Coll. 90

214 St. Peter's Coll... 95

209 Magdalene Coll. 77

188 Catharine Hall .. 71

186 Clare Hall...... 82

168 Jesus Coll....... 72

163 Pembroke Coll... 53

Trinity Hall 45

King's Coll. 83
Sidney Coll.


87 Downing Coll. 28

52 Commor. in Villa 11

Membs, of Sen.

Membs. on Bds.


.... 115

The Rev. Stephen Reay, M.A. of St. Alban's Hall, has been admitted ad eundem in this University.

Mr. Francis Nicholas, M.A. of Wadham College, has been admitted ad eundem in this University

The following are the names of the Inceptors to the degree of Master of Arts, on Friday, March 18:Robert Phelps, Trinity Coll. John Henry Brown, Trinity Coll. John H. Howlett, Fell. of Trinity Coll. Clement Fisher Sculthorpe, St. John's Coll. Rev. C. B. Lockwood, St. John's Coll. Joseph Bowstead, Fell. of Pembroke Coll. Rev. J. H. Pratt, Fell, of Caius Coll. Luke Jones, Queen's Coll. Rev.James Hildyard, Fell. of Christ's Coll. Rev. James Cartmell, Hell. of Christ's Coll. Rev, S. G. Fawcett, Fell. of Magd. Coll. Alexander Tate, Emmanuel Coll.


[blocks in formation]



J. F. Isaacson, B.D. St. John's Coll. J. Gibson, M.A. Sidney Sussex Coll. H. S. Hildyard, M.A. St. Peter's Coll. C. Merivale, M. A. St, Jobn's Coll.

JESUS COLLEGE. On Saturday last, Henry Jones Daubeney, Esq. B.A., of Jesus College, was admitted a Fellow of that Society on the nomination of the Lord Bishop of Ely,

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