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Victor I. Zephyrinus Calixtus I. Urban I. Pontianus Antherus Fabian Novatian. Cornelius. Lucius I. Stephen I. Sixtus II. Denis . Felix I. Eutichius Caius Marcellinus Marcellus I.. Eusebius . Melchiades Sylvester I. Mark . Julis I. Liberius Felix II.. Damases I. Silicius. Anastasius 1. Innocent 1. Zosimus Boniface I. Celestin I. Sixtus III. Léo the Great Hilary Simplicius Felix III. Gelasius I. Anastasius 11. Symmachus . Hormisdas John I. Felix IV. Boniface II. John II.. Agapetus I. Sylverius. Vigilius Pelagius I. John III. Benedict I. Pelagius II.. Gregory the Great. Sabinien. Boniface 111. Boniface IV, Dieu-donné Boniface V..

A. D. 193 202 219 222 230 235 236 250 251 252 253 257 258 269 274 283 296 307 310 311 314 335 336 352 365 366 385 398 402 417 418 422 432 440 461 468 483 492 496 498 514 523 526 530 532 535 536 538 555 560 573 578 590 604 606 607 615 618

Honorius I.. Severinus. John IV. Theodore I., Martin I. Eugene I. Vitalien Deodati Donus I.. Agathon Leo II. Benedict II. John V. Conon Sergius I. John VI.. John VII. Sysinnius Constantine. Grégory II. Gregory III. Zachary Stephen II. Paul I. Stephen III. Adrian I. Leo III. Stephen IV. Pascal I. . Eugene II. Valentine. Gregory IV.. Sergius II. Leo IV.. Joan (Popess) Benedict III. Nicolas I. Adrian II. John VIII. Martin II. Adrian III. Stephen V. Formosus Boniface VI. Sephen VI. Romaine. Theodore II. John IX. Benedict IV. Leo V. Christopher Sergius III. . Anastasius III. Landon. John X. Leo VI.

A.D. 625 638 641 642 649 655 657 672 676 678 682 683 685 686 687 701 705 707 708 715 731 741 752 757 767

772 . 795

816 817 824 827 827 844 847 854 855 858 867 872 882 884 885 891 896 896 897 897 898 900 903 903 904 911 913 914 928 929 931

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Silicius was the first Bishop of Rome who assumed the title of Pope. With him also originated the celibacy of the Romish Clergy.

A. D. 1277

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• 1280




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Leo VII.... Stephen VIII.. Martin III. Agapet II. John XII. Leo VIII. Benedict V. John XIII. Benedict VI. Donus II. Benedict VII. John XIV. John XV. John XVI, Gregory V. Sylvester II. John XVII.. John XVIII. Sergius IV.. Benedict VIII. John XIX. Benedict IX. Gregory VI. Clement II.. Damases II.. Leo IX. Victor II. Stephen IX. Benedict X. Nicolas II. Alexander II. Gregory VII. Victor III. Urban II. Pascal II. Gelasius II.. Calixtus II.. Honorius II. Innocent II. Celestine II. Lucius II. Eugene III.. Anastasius IV.. Adrian IV. Alexander III. Lucius III.. Urban III. Gregory VIII. Clement III. Celestine III. Innocent III. Honorius III. Gregory IX. Celestine IV. Innocent IV. Alexander IV, Urban IV. Clement IV. Gregory X. Innocent V.. Adrian V. John XX.

A. D.

Nicolas Ill..

Martin IV. 942 Honorius IV. 946

Nicolas IV. 955 Celestine V 963 Boniface VIII. . 965 Benedict XI. 965 Clement V. 972 John XXI. 973 Benedict XII. 974 Clement VI. 983 Innocent VI. 985 Urban V. 985

Gregory XI. 996 Urban VI. 999 Clement VII. 1003 Boniface JX. 1003 Innocent VII. 1009 Gregory XII. 1012 Alexander V. 1024 John XXII. 1033 Benedict XIII. 1044 Martin V. 1046 Felix V.. 1047 Eugene IV. 1048 Nicolas V. 1054 Calixtus HII.

1057 Pius II.
. 1057 Paul II.
. 1058 Sixtus IV.
· 1061 Innocent VIII.

1073 Alexander VI.
1085 Pius III..
1087 Jules II.
J099 Leo X.
1118 Adrian VI.
1119 Clement VII.
1124 Paul III.
1130 Jules III.
1143 Marcellus II.
1144 Paul IV..
1145 Pins IV.
1153 Pius V.
1154 Gregory XIII.
1159 Sixtus V,
1181 Urban VII.
1185 Gregory XIV

1187 Innocent IX.
. 1187 Clement VIII.

1191 Leo XI.
1198 Paul V.
1216 Gregory XV.
1226 Urban VIII.
1241 Innocent X..
1243 Alexander VII..
1254 Clement IX.

1261 Clement X. . 1264 Innocent XI. . 1271 Alexander VIII. . 1276 Innocent XII. . . 1276 Clement XI.

1276 Innocent XIII.

1285 1288 1294 1296 1303 1305 1314 1334 1342 1352 1862 1370 1378 1389 1394 1404 1406

1410 • 1417 . 1419 . 1424


1439 · 1447

1455 1458 1464 1471 1484 1492 1503 1503 1518 1522 1523 1534 1549 1555 1555 1559 1565 1572 1585 1590 1590 1591 1591 1605 1605 1621 1623 164 1655

1667 . 1669

1676 1689 1691 1700 1721

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FOREIGN ECCLESIASTICAL INTELLIGENCE, &c. SCHISMATICS IN HOLLAND.- A party of seceders from the national religion have petitioned the King of Holland to authorize their establishment into a separate community. By the fundamental law of 1814, Protestantism was recognised as the religion of the state, and the king has refused to sanction a departure from it on the part of the petitioners, until it shall appear from their forms and statutes, which they are desired to furnish, that their separation does not compromise the interests of good government and morality. In the meantime the free exercise of their worship is unauthorized, and regarded as illegal.

“ The Young GERMANY."-Resolution of the German Diet, in its 31st sitting of last year :

“There has latterly been formed in Germany a literary school, which has at length assumed the title of The Young Germany, or Young Literature. Its ostensible efforts, disclosed in its writings, made palpable to all classes of readers, are destined to attack the Christian religion in the most audacious manner, to degrade the actual relations of society, and to destroy all education and all morality.

“ Considering that it is necessary immediately to arrest this pernicious tendency, which is calculated to undermine the foundations of all legal order, by employing the simultaneous action of all the governments of the Confederation, without prejudice to the further measures which the Diet, or each of the States, may think it necessary to adopt separately, according to circumstances, in order to attain the proposed end;

" For these reasons the German Diet has agreed on the following resolutions :

“ 1. All the German governments engage to apply in all their rigour the penal laws, or police regulations of their country, to the authors, editors, printers, and publishers of all the writings proceeding from the literary senate known hy the pame of The Young Germany, or · Young Literature,' to which school belongs especially Henry Heine, Charles Gutzkow, Henry Laube, Ladolf Wienburg, and Theodore Mundt, and also to hinder, by all legal means, the propagation of their writings, and whether it be by means of the book trade, of reading rooms, or in any other manner.

" 2. Relatively to the deposit and sale of writings of this description, the booksellers must receive from the government a suitable notice, . and it shall be represented to them at the same time, how much it is to their real interest, with respect to the protection which they have asked from the Diet, effectually to second on their part the measures of the government against the disorganizing tendency of these literary productions.

“The government of the free city of Hamburgh shall be invited to give a notice of this nature, particularly to Messrs. Hoffman and Campe, booksellers at Hamburgh, who have been the principal editors and publishers of writings of this description.”

Salle d'Asile. -Workmen are now employed in the restoration of one of the most beautiful monuments of Gothic architecture in Paris. The building in question was formerly the chapel of an ancient convent, and the roof and windows are exquisite specimens of graceful and elegant workmanship. It is intended, when restored, for a Salle d'Asile.

Convent of NuNS.—Three houses in the rue de Varennes, at Paris, have just been thrown into one spacious edifice, which is to become a convent of nuns, under the appellation of the Sacré-Cœur. It is believed that one of the Princesses Royal is the patroness, and a considerable sum has been raised for its endowment.

Tue CATHEDRAL OF St. Denis in France has been undergoing most extensive repairs, which are nearly completed.

REFORM IN the German Universities. – Certain judicial prerogatives, with which the German Universities have been invested from time immemorial, are threatened with reform.

Births, MARRIAGES, &c. At Brussels.—During the year 1835, the number of births in Brussels were 4,254 ; deaths, 5,888; marriages, 1,149; divorces, 3.

In Ghent, the births were 3,231 (males, 1,587; females, 1,644); marriages, 736; deaths, 2,369, exclusive of 164 soldiers in the military hospital, 47 strangers, and 120 infants still-born.

French Savings Banks. — The deposits in the French Savings Banks during the year 1835 amounted to the sum of 27,516,000 francs ; viz.Banks in Paris

13,670,000 fr. in the Departments

13,846,000 fr. The disbursements made by the Banks amounted to 441,000 francs. The amount of funds on the last day of December was 62,270,000 francs, and the number of Banks, duly authorized by Government, at that date, was 155.

The SABBATH AT Belgium.—The Belgian Minister of War has issued a circular to the generals and commandants of provinces, to the effect that reviews, military exercises and parades, are not to interfere with the attendance of the soldiery on religious worship. This is curious at least.

THE OBITUARY OF THE CHURCH OF ROME, for the year 1835, contains the names of the Cardinals Canale and Pandolfi Alberici ; of the French Archbishop, Raillon, of Aix; of Mgrs. de La Tour-Landorthe, de Lostanges, and Dupont-Poursat, Bishops of Pamiers, Perigueux, and Coutances; and of M. Fallot de Beaumont, formerly Bishop of Plaisance.



ATTORNEY-GENERAL 0. SHORE AND OTHERS. The following Judgment of Lord Church, and a Calvinist and TriniLyndhurst on this most important tarian: and that the trust deeds escase; to which is prefixed the joint tablishing these charities were duly opinion of Mr. Baron Alderson and executed by her in the years 1704 and Mr. Justice Patteson, was delivered 1707 : and that thereby the trust in Gray's Inn Hall on the 11th of estates and premises of the annual February last :

value of about 30001., and Lady This Information was filed in June Hewley's alms-house, were duly con1830, by His Majesty's Attorney sub-trustees were appointed to manage

veyed to seven trustees, and seven General, at the relation of Thomas Wilson, Joseph Read, George Had

the alms-house, all of whom were

Dissenters from the Established field, John Clapham, and Joseph Hodgson, against Samuel Shore the

Church, within the protection of the

Act of Toleration of the 1st of William younger, Offey Shore, John Pemberton Heywood, Peter Heywood, Thomas

and Mary: and that the trust funds Walker, and John Wood, the Rev.

were thereby directed to be applied Charles Wellbeloved, the Rev. John

for the following purposes :-Ist, to Kenrick, Thomas Bischoff, Varley poor and godly preachers for the time Bealby, Joseph Henry Oates, and

being of Christ's holy gospel; 2dly,

to the widows of such preachers; George Palmes, defendants, and was to the following effect.

3dly, for encouraging and promoting

the preaching of Christ's holy gospel In Chancery.

in poor places; 4thly, for exhibitions Between His Majesty's Attorney- for or towards the educating of young, General, at the relation of Thomas

men designed for the ministry of Wilson, Esq., (Treasurer of High- Christ's holy gospel; 5thly, for the bury College ;) Joseph Read, Esq., relieving of godly persons in distress, (Vice-Treasurer of Rotherham Col- being fit.objects of Dame Sarah Llew. lege ;) George Hadfield, Esq., ley's Charity; 6thly, for the support (Treasurer of Blackburn Academy;) of Lady Hewley's alms-house for nine John Clapham, Esq., and Joseph poor women, and one poor man, to be Hodgson, Esq., Dissenters from the governed and managed by the seven Established Church, within the pro- sub-trustees, according to the book of tection of the Act of Toleration of rules left by Dame Sarah Hewley; by the 1st of William and Mary, at the which she required, as a qualification time of the, foundation of Dame for admission to the alms-house, that Sarah Hewley's Charities, Inforin- the alms-women should be able to ants;

repeat by heart the Lord's Prayer, the and

Ten Commandments, and Mr. Bowles's Samuel Shore the younger, Esq., Catecbism. That Dame Sarah Hewa John Pemberton Heywood, Esq., ley died 23d August, 1710, aged 83. Thomas Walker, Esq., Thomas Lee, That the charity funds were applied Esq., Daniel Gaskell, Esq., William by the original trustees and subWalker, Esq., Offley Shore, Esq., trustees, and their immediate succes, and the Rev. Charles Wellbeloved, sors, for the sole and exclusive benefit and George Palmes, the present of Dissenters from the Estab:ished Trustees, Sub-trustees, and Ma- Church, within the protection of the nagers of Dame Sarah Hewley's Act of Toleration, until the year 1756, Charities.

when certain trustees were appointed Tbe information states :

who were Socinians in their religious “ That Dame Sarah Hewley, the belief. That ihe defendants, the foundress of the charities in question, present trustees, sub-trustees, and was a Dissenter from the Established

managers, were all of them UniVOL. XVIII.



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