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Name. Barnes, William Lawson Bennett, John Bidgood Blair, William Preston Browne, J. T. Bryer, T. Bush, Christopher. Crossfield, E. Mason Cundill, J. J. Davies, N. Dickenson, Thomas Rutherford Graves, R. Perceval Hall, G.. Hamer, H. jun. Hart, Joshua Haughton, W. Haworth, Jaines Hill, Thomas Leo. Hodgson, W. Jackson, G.. Jameson, William . Keeling, W. R. Kingsley, John Kirkman, T. Pennington Knowles, H. Lawson, Basil Ranaldson Longueville, J. Gibbons Marsden, T. Massie, W. H.. Menzies, W. Merriman, Nat. J. Readhead, T. Fisher. Riky, Walter Sandford, George Benjamin Simpson, John Steble, J. Hodgson Thompson, E. Thompson, W.

Degree. College.

B.A. St. John's Cambridge
B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford
B.A. Trinity

B.A. Trinity

B.A. St. John's Cambridge
B.A. Catharine Hall Cambridge
M.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford
B.A. St. John's Canıbridge
B.A. Pembroke Oxford
B.A Magdalen Cambridge
B.A. Trinity

B.A. Christ's

B.A. Queen's

B.A. Queen's

Cambridge (let. dim.)

B.A. Christ's

M.A. St. John's Cambridge
M.A. Sidney Sussex Cambridge

St. Bees
B.A. Trinity

B.A. St. John's Cambridge
B.A. Trinity

B.A. Trinity

B.A. Brazen nose Oxford

St. Bees
B.A. Wadham

B.A. Corpus Christi Cambridge
B.A. Trinity

B.A. Queen's

M.A. Brasennose Oxford
B.A. Trinity

B.A. Trinity

B.A. Brasennose Oxford
B.A. Trinity

B.A. Queen's

Cambridge . B.A. Trinity

Cambridge B.A. Trinity


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By the Lord Bishop of Worcester.

DEACONS. Garden, Francis

B.A. Trinity Cambridge Simms, Edward

M.A. Wadham

Oxford Southouse, George Wrenford

B:A. Oriel


PRIESTS, Dinely, Francis Plummer Giffard .

..B.A. Worcester Oxford Faussett, Bryan

B.A. Corpus Christi Oxford Ifill, John Southwell

M.A. Magdalen Hall Oxford

Name. Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.


£ Bennett, W. Portman Chapel

Middlesex London Dr. Spry Birkbeck, J. Denton

32 Durham Durham Rev. G. Macfarlane Browne, H. A.. Stowe Maries

439 Essex London Rev. G. H. Storie Clerke, C. C. Milton

Berks Sarum Christ Church, Oxf. Coles, J. R.. Shepton Beauchamp 373 Somerset B. & W. Messrs.Nash &Clarke

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Na Pa.
Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese. Patron.

£ Corrie, H. Blatherwick

394 Northam. Peterboro' S.O'Brien, Esq. Dennis, E. P. Onlton

378 Suffolk Norwich Rev. G. Anguish Dyson, C. Dogmersfield

333 Hants Winchest. Lady Mildmay (Ducklington Farley, T.. cum Hardwick Cha- 390 Oxford Oxford Magdalen College

pelry Fletcher, H.S. St. Leonard's, Bilston 635 Stafford Lichfield Earl of Scarboro'

Walberswick Harrison, T.

41 Suffolk Norwich Sir C. Blois and Blythburg Harvey, W. M. Little Mongeham 324 Kent Canterb. Abp. of Canterbury Hepwortb, G. Griston

199 Norfolk Norwich F. Franklyn, Esq. Herbert, W. Rhyd-y-bryw

145 Brecon St. Dav. Rev. D. Parry James, J. Chelmarsh

250 Salop Hereford Sir J. Sebright Maughan, S. B. Hebburn

1484 Northum. Durham Duke of Portland Moore, H. Penn

226 Stafford Lichfield Bp. of Lich. & Cov. Pemble, St. Peter's, Sandwich

Ld. Chan. & Corp. 144 Kent Canterb.

of Sandwich Pownall, Milton Ernest

235 Bedford Lincoln C. Turnor, Esq. Price, J.. Bleddfa

Radnor St. Dav. Rice, R.'. Eaton Hastings

280 Berks Salisb. Rev. J. Hawkins Smith, R. S. • West Stafford

303 Dorset Bristol J. Floyer, Esq. Storer, J. Haugham

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor Walker, G. E. C. Farley

195 Surrey Winchest. Merton College Williamson, W.L.Guisborough

72 Yorkshire York Abp. of York Wingfield, — . Abbey-leix

Lord de Veser


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Preferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.




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SA. Macdougal, Esq. Blenkarne, J. St. Helen's, Bishopsgate 209 Middlesex London & Dean & Ch. of

St. Paul's, alt. Bohun, J. F. B. Depden

350 Suffolk Norwich Lord Chancellor Boldero, G.. Ixworth

101 Suffolk Norwich R.N.Cartwright, Esq. Cantley, T... Griston

199 Norfolk Norwich F. Franklyn, Esq. Compton, J. C. Farley

195 Surrey Winchest. Merton College Davie, C. Heanton,

431 Devon Exeter J. D. Bassett, Esq. Punchardon Dickinson, R. Ilfracombe

150 Devon Exeter Preb. in Salisb. Cath. Fisher, C. Oulton

378 Suffolk Norwich Rev. G. Anguish Fletcher, J.. Roystone

166 York York Abp. of York Greville, J. Peasemore

950 Berks Salisb. A. Houblon, Esq. Hardinge, J. Hopesay

603 Salop Hereford Rev. J. Hardinge Harvey, R. St. Lawrence

262 Kent Canterb. Abp. of Canterbury Herbert, D.. Rhyd-y-bryw

Brecon St. Dav.
Holcombe, G. Prebendary of Westminster
Holliday, E. Bleddfa

Radnor St. Dav.
Lister, R. Lytham

131 Lancaster Chester T. Clifton, Esq. Mildmay, W.S.J. Dogmersfield

333 Hants Winchest. Lady Mildmay Southfleet

523 Kent Canterb. Abp. of Canterbury Rashley, P. Barking

1197 Essex London All Souls Rice, R..

Eaton Hastings 280 Berks Salisb. Rev. J. Hawkins Rowland, W. Sketbridge

Brecon Scurr, T. Allendaletown

180 Northum. Pec.of Sa.T.W.Beaumont, Esq. Stiffkey

Norfolk Norwich Marq. Townsend and Morston Whitney, G. Stretford

94. Hereford Hereford J. Wall, Esq. Williams, w. Little Mongeham 324 Kent Canterb. Abp. of Canterbury Woodforde, F.

Weston Bamfylde 193 Somerset B. & W. Rev. J. Goldesbrough
I and Hornblotton 218 Somerset B. & W. J. G. D. Thring, Esq.

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Minor Canon of Norwich.
Surrogate, within the Diocese of Worcester,
Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of Beaufort.
Surrogate, within the Diocese of Worcester.
Domestic Chaplain to the Dowager Duchess of Beaufort.
Chaplain to the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdon.
Domestic Chaplain to Lord Thurlow.
Chaplain to the Mayor of Bristol.
Chaplain to the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdop.
Master of Free Grammar School, Caloe.
Chaplain to the General Penitentiary, at Millbank.
Curacy of Cliburn, in the County of Westmoreland.
Curacy of Dudley.
Curacy of Grimley and Hallow.
Domestic Chaplain to Earl Ferrers.

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Scholar of l'embroke College.
Chaplain to the Duke of Cambridge.
Exeter College.
Fellow of New College.
At Kibworth, Leicestershire.
At Lytham.
Curate of Kirkham, Lancashire.
Head Master of the Grammar School, Plymouth,



DOCTOR IN CIVIL LAW. The Rev. George Moberly, late Fellow of Balliol College, Head Master of Win. chester School

DOCTOR IN DIVINITY. The Rev. Thomas John Hussey, D.D. of Trinity College, Dublin, was adınitted ad eundem.

ELECTIONS. The Rev. R. Dickson Hampden, D.D. and Principal of St. Mary Hall, has been appointed to the Regius Professorship of Divinity, to which is annexed a Canonry of Christ Church, and the Rectory of Ewelme, Oxon, in the room of the late Dr. Burton.

Rev. Dr. Bull, Canon of Christ Church, has been nominated by the Proctors of the University, with the consent of Mr. ViceChancellor, a Delegate of the Press, in the room of the late Professor of Divinity.

It has been resolved in Convocation, that the name of Sir Robert Taylor, Knt. should be inserted in the catalogue of Benefactors to the University.

Rev. William James Copleston, M.A. Fellow of Oriel College, has been nominated one of the Masters fof the Schools for the ensuing year, and took the usual oath of office.

W. Piers Calveley Claughton, B. A. late Scholar of Braseunose College, has been elected Fellow of University College, on the Foundation of William of Durham.


Rev. Walter Posthumus Powell, Worcester

R. Williams, Oriel Coll. grand comp.
Rev. John Hodgson, Queen's Coll.
Rev. R. Wood, Fell, of St. John's Coll.
Rev. M. W. Mayow, Stud. of Christ Ch.
W. B. Baring, Esq. Oriel, grand comp.
W. Wrottesley, Fell. of All Souls' Coll.
Rev. T. Dand, Taberdar of Queen's Coll.
A. H. Hall, Balliol Coll.
Rev. J. Jackson, Schol. of Pembroke Coll.
Rev. G. T. Clare, Fell. of St. John's Coll.

Rev. E. Alston, Fell. of St. John's Coll.
Rev. W. R. Coxwell, Exeter Coll,
Joseph Duncan Cork, Exeter Coll. grand

William Raikes Faber, University Coll.
Rev. William Kemble, Lincoln Coll.
Arthur G. Sewallis Shirley, Christ Church.
Rev. David J. Lewis, Jesus Coll.
Rev. M. Atkinson, Fell. of Lincoln Coll.
Rev. E. M, Stanley, Worcester Coll.
Rev. John H. Clayton, Worcester Coll.
Rev. W. E. Jelf, Stud. of Christ Church.
T. W. S. Grazebrook, Brasennose Coll.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. Thomas L. Wolley, Magdalen Hall. William W. Mackeson, Queen's Coll. William Dunlop, Balliol Coll. William Maskell, University Coll. Scott Frederick Surtees, University Coll. Robert Maynard, Wadham Coll. George Dempster Miller. Wadham Coll. T. E. Morris, Student of Christ Church. E. J. Randolph, Student of Christ Church. A. R. Barnes, Student of Christ Church. W. H. Cotton, Student of Christ Church. E. H. Hansell, Demy of Magdalen Hall, James Farquhar, Jesus Coll. Edward Henry Sawbridge, Balliol Coll. George Hulme, Balliol Coll. George Charles Pearson, Christ Church. Edward Moore, Christ Church. James Bowden, Pembroke Coll. Rev. Charles J. Sterling, St. Mary Hall. William Honywood, University Coll. Cotsford Burdon, Lincoln Coil. George Home Drummond, Christ Church. Fitz Roy Blachford, Brasennose Coll.

grand comp. W. Nich. Ridley Colborne, Christ Church. James Swaine, Wadham Coll. Havilland de Sausmarez, Fell. of Pem.Coll.

incorporated from Caius Coll. Cambridge.

CORPUS CHRISTI COLLEGE. An Election will be held in this College on Friday, the 11th of March, of a Scholar for the county of Kent.

All persons are eligible who are natives of the above county, and who may not have exceeded their nineteenth year on the day of Election.

All Candidates must appear personally before the President on the 5th day of March, at eleven o'clock in the morning, and must produce certificates of the marriage of their parents and of their own baptism; an affidavit of their parents or of some other competent person, stating the day and place of their birth, and a testimonial of previous good conduct from the Tutor of the College or the Head Master of their School.

LINCOLN COLLEGE. An Election will take place to four Scholarships and two Exhibitions, now vacant, on Tuesday, the 15th of March next.

The Scholarships are without limitation. Candidates for the Exhibitions must be natives of the Diocese of Durham; or, for want of such, natives of Northallertonshire or Howdenshire, in the county of York ; or of Leicestershire, particularly of the parish of Newbold Verdon; or of the diocese of Oxford; or of the county of Northampton.

All the candidates will be required to deliver in personally to the Sub-Rector, testimonials of good conduct, on or before Friday, the 11th of March.

N. B. Candidates for the Exhibitions must at the same time produce certificates of the place of their birth.

MAGDALENE HALL. A Lusby Scholarship, tenable for three years, is now vacant, open to all Members of the University, of not less than four,

more than eight Terms standing. Gentlemen who desire to offer themselves as Candidates, are requested to signify their intention to the Vice-Principal, and to present certificates of their standing, and testimonials of their good conduct, signed by the Head of their House, or Tutor.

NEW COLLEGE. Mr. Henry William Cripps, Scholar of New College, has been admitted an Actual Fellow of that Society.

Mr. Robt. Baker has been admitted Scholar of the same Society.

PEMBROKE. Mr. Havilland De Sausmarez, B. A. of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, has been elected a Fellow of Pembroke



A Fellowship is vacant, open to Graduates of this University, being natives of Cheshire, or of Lancashire south of the Ribble, and not exceeding eight years from the day of their matriculation.

Candidates are required to announce themselves to the Principal, and to produce certificates of the locality of their birth, together with testimonials from their respective Colleges or Halls.


The following Noblemen have been lately admitted Members of Christ Church : -the Lord Ward, Lord Cremorne, and the Hon. R. S. Carew, eldest son of Lord Carew.

College, on the foundation of King
Charles I. in this University, on the nomi-
nation of the Dean and Jurats of the
Island of Guernsey.

On the same nomination, Mr. George
de Cateret Guille was elected a Scholar of
Pembroke College, on the foundation of
Bishop Morley.

of Kent, will be filled up on Friday, the 11th of March.

Candidates, who must not have exceeded the eighth Term from their Matriculation, are required to present, in person, to the Master, the usual testimonials of good conduct from their respective colleges, together with certificates of the place of their birth, on or before Monday, the 7th of March.

WADHAM. Mr. George Malim Messiter has been admitted Scholar of Wadham College.

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. Two Scholarships in this College, open to persons born in any part of England; and one, confined to natives of the county


To authorize the late Vice-Chancellor On Wednesday, February 3, the Heads to employ a part, (viz. 50001.) of the of Houses proceeded to “nominate and balance due to the Fitzwilliam Fund in the prick" two of the candidates for the office purchase of Exchequer Bills. of Public Orator, vacant by the resignation To appoint Sir William Follett one of of the Rev. R. Tatham, B.D. of St. John's the University Counsel in the room of College. The successful candidates with Lord Langdale, now Master of the Rolls. the Heads, were, the Rev. J. F. Isaacson,

To allow Mr. Crool, (Hebrew Teacher) B. D. Tutor of St. John's and King's; 301. out of the University Chest in addition and the Rev. C. Wordsworth, M. A. to his annual salary. Fellow of Trinity. These two gentlemen were proposed to the Senate, and after a whole day's polling, the numbers The Cambridge Norrisian Prize Essay

for last year has been adjudged to Edward For Mr. Wordsworth

265 Harold Browne, Esq. M.A. of Emmanuel For Mr. Isaacson,

168 College, in that University. SubjectOn Tuesday, February 2, the Rev.

The Person, Character, and Actions of James Challis, M.A. rector of Papworth

Jesus Christ afford a satisfactory fulfilment Everard, and formerly Fellow of Trinity

of all the Prophecies in the Old Testament

which relate to the Messiah." College, was elected Plumian Professor, in the room of Professor Airy, appointed

DEGREES CONFERRED. Astronomer Royal, at Greenwich.




Archdeacon Broughton, Pembroke Coll. by royal mandate.

The following Grace has passed the
Senate :-

To appoint the Vice-Chancellor, the Master of Jesus, Professor Miller, Mr. Thorp, Mr. Smith, Mr. Peacock, Mr. Whewell, Mr. Willis, Mr. Lodge, Mr. Ash, Mr. Fennell, Mr. Corrie, Mr. Hodgson, Mr. Hymers, Mr. Crauford, Mr. Hildyard, of Trinity Hall, Mr. Heaviside, a Syndicate for the purpose of collecting the Subscriptions already announced for the new Library.

Also to affix the seal to the assent of the University to the Manchester and Cheshire Junction Railway passing through the Hulse estate.

To grant to the late Vice-Chancellor from the Common Chest the balance, (viz. 164. 185. 4 d.) due to him from the Botanic Garden account, for the year ending at Michaelmas, 1835.

HONORARY MASTERS OF ARTS. Lord Charles Amelius Hervey, Trinity Coll. fifih son of the Marquis of Bristol.

The Hon. Thomas Robert Keppel, Downing Coll. fifth son of the earl of Albemarle.

The Hon. Philip Yorke Savile, Trinity Coll. third son of the earl of Mexborough.


Jobin Benson Skipper, Emmanuel Coll.
William A Dawson, Christ's Coll,

Charles Allix Wilkinson, scholar of
King's College, has been elected a Fellow
of that Society.

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