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CLERGYMEN DECEASED. Tas Rsv. DR. BURTON.-On Tuesday, the 19th ult. died, at Ewelme, in the forty-second year of his age, the Rev. Edward Burton, D.D. Rector of that parish, Canon of Christ Church, and Regius Professor of Divinity. We have scarcely ever been called upon to announce the death of any individual who will be so generally and so justly regretted, not only by his private friends, but by all who are interested in the reputation of the university of Oxford, and in the prosperity of the Church.

Dr. Burton was born on the 13th of February, 1794, at Shrewsbury, in which city his father, Major Edward Burton, was then resident. He was educated at Westminster, but was never on the foundation; and went to Christ Church as a Commoner, of which house he was matriculated, May 15, 1812. Here, his remarkable application, his bigb talent and exemplary conduct, were soon noticed, and the consequence was, that in the following year a studentship was given him by one of the Canons, on the express recommendation of the Dean and Chapter. In Easter, 1815, he was examined for his Degree, aud his name appears in the list of that Term in the First Class, both in Classics and Mathematics. He took his Degree of Bachelor of Arts October 29, 1815, and, we believe, soon after was ordained to the curacy of Tetteuhall, in Staffordshire, where he resided for some time in the zealous discharge of every duty connected with his prog fession.

On the 28th of May, 1818, he proceeded Master of Arts, and passed the greater part of that and the following year on the continent, visiting every place worthy of observation in France and Italy, inspecting the public libraries, collating MSS. and obtaining accurate information on all subjects connected with his favourite pursuits. Some idea of his research, as well as the extent of his inquiries, and the accuracy of his observation, may be formed from a perusal of his work on the Antiquities of Roine, which is perhaps the most useful, and at the same time the least pretending, publication concerning that interesting city.

In 1824, Mr. Burton accepted the office of Select Preacher. His sermons before the University were distinguished not more by their theological learning, acute criticism, and sound, and at the same time candid argument, than for their unaffected piety, and that genuine christian feeling which robs even religious polemics of all their bitterness.

On the 12th of May, 1825, he married Helen, daughter of Archdeacon Corbett, of Longnor Hall, Shropshire ; and never did any union take place more truly founded on mutual affection, or one productive of greater domestic happiness.

Immediately after his marriage Mr. Burton went to reside in Oxford, and soon began to take that prominent part in academical matters which his talents and acquirerpents seemed to demand. He was nominated a Public Examiner in 1826. In 1827, on the promotion of Dr. Lloyd to the Bishopric of Oxford, he became his Examining Chaplain, and the following year was chosen to preach the Bampton Lectures. On the 27th of November, 1828, he proceeded to the Degree of Bachelor in Divinity, as a Grand Compounder.

In the summer of 1829, the University was deprived of the ahle services of her Professor of Divinity by the premature death of Dr. Lloyd, then also Bishop of Oxford ; and Mr. Burton was immediately nominated to succeed him; and, on his becoming Professor of Divinity, he was appointed a Delegate of the University Press.



It is a consolation to his friends to reflect that, though he died young in years, he had accomplished more than many, even active and zealous Clergymen, have been able to effect in a long life; and that both his conduct and his resigned death justify their entertaining a firm persuasion that he has now entered into the joy of his Lord and Saviour, to whom he had faithfully and unreservedly consecrated all his talents.

The Rev. Isaac SAUNDERS.— It is with sincere regret that we announce the sudden death (Jan. 1st) of the Rev. Isaac Saunders, who has been, for the last nineteen years, Rector of the united parishes of St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe and St. Anne, Blackfriars, London. We understand that the deceased, who was in the fifty-third year of his age, left his country house at Norwood in the morning in perfect health, for the purpose of preaching in his parish church a sermon on the new year, a custom iwhich he has regularly observed during the many years of his incumbency. When the service for the day was over, Mr. Saunders entered the pulpit, and chose as his text the following verses from St. Paul's Epistle to the Colossians: “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not aster Christ ; for in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily, and ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power." The Rev. preacher, in discussing this text, had described the apt configuration of the physical frame of man, for the great objects of motion, respiration, and life, and was proceeding to impress upon his audience the necessity of a strict obedience to the ordinances of our Saviour, in order that their spiritual frame might," through the body of his flesh, be presented to God holy and unblameable;" when, on his uttering the words, “You will be complete in Christ," he suddenly stopped short, fell on his breast upon the cushion on which his sermon was placed, and then dropped backwards on the floor of his pulpit. The alarm of his congregation was excessive when it was found that he was unable to rise. Two medical gentlemen who were present immediately Tushed up to him, and opened a vein ; but the hand of death was upon him: only a few drops of blood followed the incision of the lancet, and in a few minutes he breathed his last, in that pulpit from which he had so often inculcated the doctrines of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come. He died at twenty minutes past twelve o'clock, amid the tears of his congregation. He was a member of St. Edmund's Hall; he was matriculated on the 14th of October, 1800; took the degree of B.A., 30th of May, 1804; M.A., 15th of October, 1807.

Mr. Saunders was, indeed, a faithful pastor to the parish that now mourns his departure. He was known to all, and beloved by all, of every class; nor was there a cellar or a garret in the whole district, with which he was not personally and familiarly acquainted, nor an inbabitant who ever sought relief, temporal and spiritual, without obtaining all that a liberal hand and the most zealous piety could offer. More than 1501. have already been raised by his parishioners and friends for the erection of a monument in testimony of his worth.

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Freferment. Net Value. County. Diocese.


£ Bedford, T.. St. Helen's

136 Worc. Worc. Bp. of Worcester Brett, J.. Woolferton

212 Norfolk Norwich H. H. Henley, Esq.

Annexed to the Reg. Burton, Dr. E.. Ewelme

556 Oxford Oxford Professorship of

Divinity, Oxford Cattell, T. Berkswell

786 Warwick Lichfield Col. Desbrowe Griffith, W. Llandwrog

314 Carnarv. Bangor Bp. of Bangor Wrawby Holt, J.

220 Lincoln Lincoln Clare Hall, Camb. cum Brig Wickhampton

125 Leathes, G. R. and Southwood

Norfolk Norwich J. F. Leathes, Esq.
cum Limpenhoe
The one moiety of the
Prebend. of Tyther-

22 Mogg, J. R. ington, in the Coll.Ch. Wilts Salisbury Prebend of Salisb.

of Heytesbury
and Horningsham 170



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Preferment. Net Value. County, Diocese.


£ Moss, A. Illingworth

140 W. York York Vicar of Halifax Gautby Mounsey, Allthorpe


Price, R.. Eaton, Hastings 280 Berks Salisb.

Rev. R. Price Frensham Rogers, J. and Elstead

78 S

Surrey Winches. Rev. J. Colmer Kirkeaton

537 W. York York Rev. J. Alderson St. Andrew by the Saunders, I. Wardrobe, and 483 Middlesex Lond. { Parishioners and Ld. St. Anne's, Blackfriars

Chancellor, alt. Sawbridge, J. S. Welford

1,364 Berks1 Pec. of D.C. A. Nicholson, Esq. Skerocold, J. J. St. Martin's Stamford Baron 98 Peterboro:Peterboro Marquis of Exeter Smithson, J. Headingley

250 W. York York Vicar of Leeds Speidell, T.. Crick

896 Northam. Peterboro'St. John's, Oxford Stanton, J. | Scaldwell

357 Moulton 391

Rev. J. Stanton Aunsby

209 Lincoln Lincoln Mrs. H. Newton Thorold, M. and Heydour


| Prebend.of Heydour cum Kelby

in Lincoln Cath. Thursby, G, A.

200 Northam, Peterboro'J. H. Thursby, Esq. Abington Penn

226 Stafford Lichfield Bp. of Lichfield Wane, J. Whiteparish

126 Wilts Salisbury R. Bristow, Esq. Whaley, J. G. Witnesham

463 Suffolk Norwich St. Peter's, Camb. Canon of St. Asaph }651 Flint St. Asaph Bp. of St. Asaph Vause, J. Christ Church, Liverpool 105 Lancas. Chester J. Houghton, Esq.


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Williams, W. { Ysceifiog




Clerk in Orders of the Parish Church of Leeds.
Head Master of Woodbridge Grammar School.
Chaplain of the Worcester House of Industry.
Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of Cambridge.
Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Curate of St. Mary's, Newington, Surrey.
Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of Beaufort.
Chaplain to the County Gaol at Bodmin.
Grammar School, Little Walsingham, Norfolk.
Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Charleville.
Preacher at Lincoln's Inn.
Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of Beaufort.
Domestic Chaplain to Lord Crewe.
Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Charleville.

Brown, E..
Collett, W..
Davis, T.
Hawkins, W. B. L.
Hewson, M.
Irons, W, J.
Jones, R. P.
Kendall, F. J. H.
Leeder, R.
Lever, J.
Lonsdale, J.
Randolph, H.
Schomberg, J. B..
Simpson, G.
Tighe, H. U.

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OXFORD, Congregations will be holden for the Master of Arts for that of Bachelor in purpose of granting Graces and conferring Civil Law, with a view to proceeding in Degrees on the following days in the pre- that faculty sent Term, viz. :Thursday, 4

Thursday, 3 Thursday, 11 Thursday, 10

ELECTION. Thursday, 18

Thursday, 17

Mr. John Thomas, B.A. late Scholar of Thursday, 25 Saturday, 26

Trinity College, has been unanimously No person will, on any account, be ad- elected a Scholar on Mr. Viner's foundation, mitted as a Candidate for the Degree of in the room of Mr. Cripps, lately elected a B.A. or M.A. or for that of B.C.L. or B.M. Vinerian Fellow, without proceeding through Arts, whose name is not entered in the book, kept for

NEW COLLEGE. that purpose, at the Vice-Chancellor's house, on or before the day preceding the Mr. Godfrey Rolles Lee (from Winday of Congregation.

chester School) has been admitted Scholar On Tuesday, February 16th, a Congre

of New College. gation will be holden, as provided in the

CORPUS CHRISTI COLLEGE. Dispensation for intermitting the Forms and Exercises of Determination, solely for

An Election will be held in this College the purpose of receiving from the Deans or on Friday, the Uth of March, of a Scholar other officers of their respective Colleges or

for the county of Kent. Halls the names of such Bachelors of Arts All persons are eligible who are natives as have not yet determined : and their

of the above county, and who may not names having been so signified to the have exceeded their nineteenth year on the House, and thereupon inserted in the Re- day of election. gister of Congregation, they may at any

All candidates must appear personally time in the same, or in any future, Term

before the President on the 5th day of be admitted to all the Rights and Privi

March, at eleven o'clock in the morning, leges to which they would have been eu

and must produce certificates of the martitled by the intermitted Forms and riage of their parents, and of their own Exercises.

baptism ; an affidavit of their parents or of And every Bachelor of Arts is desired some other competent person, stating the to take notice, that unless he has pro- day and place of their birth, and a testiceeded to that Degree on or before Thurs- monial of previous good conduct from the day, February 11th, his name cannot be Tutor of the College or the Head Master of inserted in the Register of Congregation

their School, during the present year.

There will be an election of a Fellow on

Mr. Michel's Foundation, on Thursday,

the 25th instant, Candidates must at

least be Bachelors of Arts of this UniRev. William Young, Oriel Coll.

versity, who have attained, in point of

standing, the seventh Academical Term MASTERS OF ARTS.

from and after taking the said degree, exJames Boustead, Queen's Coll.

clusive of the Term wherein the same was Rev. Wm. Wellwood Stoddart, Fell. of taken; and at the most, must be Masters St. John's Coll.

or Bachelors of Arts who have not exChas. Frederick Baldwin, St. John's Coll. ceeded the thirty-fourth Academical Term John Budgen, Trinity Coll.

from their matriculation, including the Rev. William Fletcher, Brasennose Coll. Term in which they were matriculated. Rev. John Hughes, Brasennose Coll. They must also leave with the Provost, on

or before Saturday, the 20th of February, BACHELOR OF ARTS.

Testimonials from their College or Hall for William West Blanford, St. Edmund Hall. the three years immediately preceding the

day of Election.

An Exhibition also, of 601. per annum Permission has been granted to the is vacant, open to natives of Middlesex, Rev. George Moberly, late Fellow of Bal- which it is proposed to fill up at the same liol College, and Head Master of Win- time. Candidates must have attained the chester School, to commute the. Degree of full age of fifteen, and not have exceeded

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the age of twenty years ; and, if Members of the University, must not have been matriculated more than twelve calendar months before the day of Election. They

must also deliver to the Provost certificates of their Baptism, and Testimonials of their good conduct, on or before the 20th of February next.



The following will be the subjects of The Hulsean Prize has been adjudged to

Examination in the last week of the Lent Thomas Whytehead, of St. John's College,

term, 1837 :for his Dissertation on the following sub

1. The Gospel of St. Luke. ject :-“ The resemblance between Moses and Christ is so very great and striking,

2. Paley's Evidences of Christianity. that it is impossible to consider it fairly 3. The Hecuba of Euripides. and carefully without seeing and acknowledging that He must be foretold where He

4. The First Book of Cicero de Oratore. is so well described."

The following is the subject for the Hulsean Prize of the present year:-“ How far Professor Airy has sent in his resignation 047 Sariour's Miracles were typical of the of the Plumian Professorship. Nature of the Christian Dispensation.

The Examination of Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts commenced on Wednesday, January 13. The following is an Alphabetical List of the first four Classes :


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Adeock, Clare
Atkinson, Trin.
Bates, Chr.
Bickersteth, Sid.
Chapman, Joh.
Clayton, Caius

Agar, Trin.
Amphlett, Pet.
Ansted, Jesus
Arrowsmith, Trin.

Baker, Caius
Bateson, Joh.

Qu. Bennett, Joh. Blackall,

Caius Bridgman, Caius Browne, Trin. Browne, P. Joh. Calvert, Pemb. Campbell, Trin. Carnegie, Cath. Chamberlain, Pet.


Trin. Jones, Mag. Turner, S. Trin.
Currey, Trin. Lawson, Joh. Turner, W. Trin.

Joh. Lynn, Chr. Uwins, Joh. Gambier, Trin. May,

Cath.H. Westoby,

Hedley, Trin. Patteson, Corpus Whitelock, Joh.
Hudson, Joh. Tennant,

Chapman, Caius Fellows, Joh.

Jeudwine, W.Joh.
Christopherson, Joh. Frere, Trin. Jones, J. Joh.
Clarke, Qu. Frost,


Jones, W. Joh. Clarke, J. T. Joh. Gilbert,


Keppel, Hon.T.Dow. Coleman,


Green, Chr. Keyiner, Pemb. Coles,

Corpus Hale, Tr. H. Kingdon, Qu, Cooke, Joh. Hardy, Trin. Landon, Corpus Cooper, Pet. Headlam, Trin. Leygard, Emm. Cotton,

Trin. Higgins, Corpus Lowndes, Trin. Cousins,

Pet. Hillman, Trin. Mansfield, Trin. Crow, Cath.H. Hoare, Joh. Marsh, Joh. Drage,

Emm. Hodgson, Joh. Meade, Pet. Duncan,


Hore, Trin, Milner, Pemb. Eden,

Joh. Howes, Caius Minster, Cath. Evans, Trin. Jackson, Pemb. | Moore, Qu. Everard, Joh, Jennings, Trin. Moore, Mag. Farrand,

Clare Jeudwine, G. Joh. Moore, Caius

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