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19.4414",1,715 DOMESTIC.--The month of January, Lord Chancellor of England, with the bóth in the natural and political world, title of Baron Cottenham; Mr. Bickeraffords in general little to interest us; steth, to the Mastership of the Rolls, and were it not that the quarter's reve- with that of Baron Langdale. The nue then makes its public appearance, title of Baroness Stratheden, has been we should have little to record in our granted to Lady Campbell, wife of retrospect.

Sir John Campbell, His Majesty's AtSir C. Pepys has been appointed torney General.

"! Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Quarters ended on the

5th of January 1835, and the 5th of January 1836, shewing the Increase or Decrease : on each Head thereof.

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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years ended on the

5th of January 1835, and the 5th of January 1836, skewing the Increase or Decrease on each Head thereof.

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In Ireland, the usual record of mur- suffering the punishment due to their der, rapine, and arson, continues; and crimes; and from patriots having been till Daniel O'Connell is sent to a penal again converted into pickpockets and settement, or otherwise summarily petty plunderers, bare in the most disposed of, and Popery put down by exemplary manner, been shot, hung, the strong arm of the law, what has

and flogged. beco, will be.

PORTUGAL.- The Queen is married The subscription for the distressed to the brother of her former husbandIrish Clergy now reaches 85,0001.-a one of the Cobourg princes. good omen for the Reformed Church! FRANCE.—The usual rumours

Foreign.-In Spain, the Queen's plots have been rife, but the Amearmy, under Cordova, including the rican messaye appears to absorb all foreigu. mercedaries, has suffered other feelings, for Monsieur clearly another severe defeat. The liberals is at a loss to know whether to fight or at Barcelona have murdered, in cold pay. blood, some two hundred of their loyal In the Northern States the greatest fellow-subjects; whilst their equally activity prevails in the War departrespectable friends of St. Giles's, facetiously known as the Dog's-meat " This looks rebellion, Brigade, have been in several cases Against the people's majesty."





TRIBUTES OF RESPECT, Rev. M. D. DUPFIELD.—The inhabitants of the parish of Wivenhoe have lately presented to the Rev. M. Dawson Duffield, an elegant silver tea service, consisting of tea pot, coffee pot, cream ewer, sugar basin, tongs, and waiter, in acknowledge ment of his assiduous performance of the duties of his ministry. This must doubt-, less be highly gratifying to Mr. Duffield, being the second piece of plate he has received from the scene of his late labours; a silver cup, purchased by a penny subscription among the poor inhabitants and the children of the national schools baving been presented to him after his farewell sermon.

Rev. J. F. Doveton. A most splendid silver flagon has been presented to the Rev. J. F. Doveton : the Doveton arms beautifully engraved on one side, and on the reverse the following inscription :-" Presented by the parishioners of Leighupon-Mendip to the Rev. John Frederick Doveton, B.C.L. twelve years their Rector, as a small token of the high estimation in which they held him as a zealous minister, an upright magistrate, and at all times a benevolent friend to the poor."

Rev. ANDREW M'LEAN, M.A.---The teachers of the Sabbath schools connected with St. Andrew's Church, Ramsbottoin, Lancashire, have presented to their much, esteemed and talented minister, the Rev. Andrew M'Lean, M.A. a rich and beautiful silver cup, with a flattering inscription, expressive of their deep respect for his character, and of their gratitude for his faithful, affectionate, and laborious services.

Rev. Joseph BURRILL.— The inhabitants. of the parish of Masham, Yorksliire, have presented to the Rev. Joseph Burrill, Curate of that parish, a handsome silver tea-tray, with a flattering inscription, as a token of respect and affection for pastoral superintendence during the term of nearly fifty years. The value of the plate is 601.

Rev. William Dawson. A most gratifying tribute of respect for a Clergyman has been paid to the Rev. William Dawson, the Curate of Royton, on his leaving that place for the incumbency of Rampside, near Ulverston. The inhabitants presented him with a splendid silver cup; and it is further gratifying to understand, that the Sunday-school teachers presented the same gentleman with a beautiful and costly portable silver communion service, in testimony of their great regard for his valuable services to that institution. To show the influence of the pastor, and the

attachment of the flock, it need only be stated, that through the instrumentality of the former, nearly 10001. have been voluntarily subscribed by the inhabitants, and usefully expended in effecting improvements connected with the Established Church in the village of Royton, during the twelve years of Mr. Dawson's ministry there.

Rev. C. A. THURLOW.—A very beautiful enchased silver salver has been presented to the Rev. Charles Augustus Thurlow, the Minister of Scalby, in Scarborough, by the residents of that place and neighbourhood, as a " sincere though imperfect expression of the high sense they entertain of his exalted worth as a Clergyman of the Church of England."

LIBERALITY OF THE CHAPTER OF WINCHESTER. The Dean and Chapter of Winchester have manifested their accustomed liberality by directing 1100 bushels of coals to be supplied to the poor of the city and suburbs of Winchester.

Diocese of SALISBURY.-A General Ordination will be holden at the Palace, Salisbury, on Sunday, the 29th day of May, 1836. Candidates for Deacons' orders, who intend to offer themselves for Ordination at that time, are hereby informed that they are to attend at the Palace, for their first examination, on Tuesday, the 23d day of February next, at ten o'clock in the morning.

The candidates may be informed of the books and subjects in which they will be then examined, by applying to Edward Davies, Esq. Registry, Close, Salisbury, to whom a nomination to a cure (in which is to be inserted the date of the incumbent's institution and the population of the parish), and a letter from the incumbent, stating his reason for requiring a Curate, must be sent forthwith.

N. B. The candidates must be Graduates of one of the Universities, or examined Students of Civil Law, and no candidate will be admitted whose title is a nomination to a cure, the population of which exceeds 400 persons, if he is to perform the whole duty, or on a temporary title; and no candidate for either Deacon's or Priest's orders will be admitted to examination who does not come prepared with a gramma. tical knowledge of such portions of the Hebrew Scriptures as they may be informed of by applying as above.

The requisite papers to be sent in by candidates for Priest's orders are a Testimonium, Si quis, and Letters of Deacon's orders, if not ordained Deacon in the Diocese of Salisbury; which candidates, as well as the candidates for Deacon's orders, are to be at the Palace on Tuesday, the 24th day of May next, at ten o'clock in the morning.

Bath Church of ENGLAND LAY ASSOCIATION.- In the last annual report of this admirable association we find it stated, that in the city of Bath more than 4001. independent of the ordinary contributions, have been raised, under a pressing emergency, for their national schools; whereby that invaluable institution has not only been rescued from debt, but two new daily schools are at this time about to be established, and other important measures adopted ; and to this sum should be added 2001. anonymously sent to a member of the committee. The subscriptions for rebuilding St. Michael's Church have amounted to more than 1,3701.; and, quite at the close of the season, the collection at the churches and chapels for the endowment of the new Church at Combe Down, and the building a residence for the minister, amounted to nearly 5001.: in short, it may fairly be stated that more than 2,4701. have been raised (in addition to the sums annually subscribed) during the last year, for purposes immediately connected with the welfare of the Established Church. We are also informed, that no less than four new churches have arisen here, been consecrated, and filled with congregations, during the short space of five years; one of them (St. Saviour's) having above 700 free sittings; a fifth church is all but up, and a sixth is in contemplation.

The Bishop of Gloucester, by devoting a portion of the revenue of his See to the augmentation of small benefices, has, with the assistance of Queen Anne's Bounty, considerably increased the livings of Horsley, Upton, Cam, Coleford, and Pauntley

LAY-IMPROPRIATORS.---It is a fact, not less true than astounding, that out of the eleven thousand livings in England and Wales, seven thousand of them are in the hands

ot lay-impropriators; and a sum, not less than 150,0001. a year of church prugeriv, is possessed by Lord John Russell's father!!

BROUSGROVE.—We have great satisfaction in referring our readers to a report of the proceedings at a meeting lately held at Bromsgrove, to consider the propriety of erecting and endowing a Chapel of Ease in a part of that extensive parish, which is far re:noved (we believe nearly three miles) from the parish church. The Bishop of Rochester (Vicar of the parish) took the chair on the occasion. His Lordsliip announced that the Dean and Chapter of Worcester (who are the patrons of the living) had determined to give 1,5001. towards the endowment, and 1001. towards the building. The announcement of this munificent contribution excited warm applause, and gave universal satisfaction. It was also announced that the Bishop of Rochester and the Hon. R. H. Clive would each give 100l. ; and it was notified from the latter that he should fulfil the intention of his lamented relative, the late Earl of Plymouth, who had desizned to contribute to this object. The Rev. J. N. Harward (the Curate of the parish), and the Rev. G. A. Jacob (Head Master of the Free Grammar School), hare given 501. each.

ARCHEISHOP OF COLOGNE.-The Very Rev. Clement Augustus, Baron Droste, at Bischering, Bishop of Colana, suffragan Bishop of Munster, has been unanimously elected Archbishop of Cologne.

New CHAPEL AT EDINBURGH--An Edinburgh paper says that the Rev. Mr. Candlish, of St. George's Church, Edinburgh, has received anonymously the sum of tuo thousand pounds, to endow the Chapel lately purchased by the St. George's congregation from the Unitarians.

Church COMMISSIONERS.—It appears by the fifteenth report of the Commis. sioners for Building New Churches and Chapels, that in the whole 212 churches and chapels have now been completed, and therein a total provision made for 283,555 persons, including 155,938 free seats, to be appropriated to the use of the poor.

Public LOAN FOR A Roman Catholic CHAPEL.—The Rev. C. Buckley, parish priest, has got a loan of 6001. from the Board of Public Works, for a Roman Catholic Chapel !!

LIBERALITY OF THE VOLUNTARY System.—Mr. Saunders, a dissenting minister at Mile-end, in the course of his sermon on a Sunday evening in the last month took occasion to advert to the support given by the various congregations of dissenters in London to their pastors. He said he was placed in a situation in which he could speak his sentiments without fear, neither receiving nor expecting to receive the least emolument from his congregation; but he must say, in respect to other congregations differently placed, that the support given to their ministers was most shamefully pemurious. Many of those whose high literary acquirements had cost them years of labour, and their friends much money, were paid for their services at a lower rate than a menial servant. He knew many ministers, connected by their talents and character with the higher classes of society, who, from the meanness of those for whom they laboured, wearied out their lives in seclusion from the world on a miserable pittance. He bad known others, for whom the temptation has been too strong, and who, by keeping pace with their connexions in society, had prepared for themselves trouble and anxiety, and many such had thereby been brought to an untimely grave. He thought this illiberality and meanness of spirit, so prevalent amongst those who volunteered to support their own pastors, highly disgraceful to the character of dissenters; and if persevered in, would tend greatly to depreciate the talents and usefulness of the dissenting ministry, and the character of that body generally.

By the Lord Bishop of Bristol, January 10th.


Degree. College.

University. Carwithen, William Henry

(let. dim.) B.A. Worceste. Oxford Pullen, Joseph

M.A. Fell. Corp. Ch. Cambridge

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By the Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, January 17th.

DEACONS. Buller, Henry John

(let. dim.) M.A. Trinity Oxford Daubeney, Henry William Bowles

Com. Trinity Oxford Enierson, Alexander Lyon

B.A. Pembroke Oxford Stawell, William Palmer

(let. dim.) B.A. St. Peter's Cambridge Whalley, Richard

B.A. St. John's Cambridge Woolley, Thomas Lamplugh

Com. Mag. Hall Oxford

PRIESTS. Kinglake, William Chapman

B.A. Trinity Cambridge Kingspill, Henry

B.A. Trinity Oxford Riley, Edmund

M.A. Lincoln Oxford Smith, Robert James

B.A. Worcester Oxford Wilkins, John Sebastian

B.A. Queen's Cambridge


By the Lord Bishop of Hereford.

DEACON. Burlton, Francis Jenks . .

M.A. Worcester



Graves, John.
Phelps, Henry Dampier
Thornton, Charles •

BA. Exeter

B.A. Wadham Oxford
M.A. Christ Church Oxford


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PREFERMENTS. The King has been pleased to direct letters palent to pass the great seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, nominating the Venerable William Grant Broughton, Archdeacon of New South Wales, to the Bishopric of Australia. Name. Proferment. Net Value, County. Diocese. Palren.

£ Ball, w. Rossory

Fermanagh Bates, J. E.. Stratton Audley

89 Oxford Oxford D. & C. of Christ Ch. Brent, D. Grendon

91 Northam, Peterboro'Trin. Coll. Camb. Close, E. Emly

Tipperary Cashel Abp. of Cashel
Foxton, J.

Essex London L. W. Lambe, Esq. Gaskin, T. St. Clement's

102 Camb. Ely

Jesus Coll, Camb. Gibson, J. Garston

130 Lanc. Chester R. Watt, Esq. Gillmor, W. Illingworth

140 W. York York Vicar of Halifax Gould, E. Spraughton

519 Suffolk Norwich W. Gould, Esq. Hewson, M. Corkbeg

Cork Cloyne Lord Lieutenant Jones, J Little Marcle

Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford Kidd, St. Matthew's

271 Lanc. Chester Manch. Coll. Ch. Kingsmill, u.

Chewton Mendip 420 Somerset B. & W. W. Kingsmill, Esq. Maginn, Castletown Rochie

Bp. of Cork&Cloyne Middleton, S. Long Stratton

388 Norfolk Norwich New Coll, Oxford Norridge, E. Black Notley

461 Essex London G. Nottidge, Esq. Perrin, M. Kilsallagham


Lord Lieutenant Pruen, W. A. St. Helen's

136 Worc. Worc. Bp. of Worcester Rogers, w. Marshaltown

Cork Cloyne
Shaw, E. B.

437 Leicester Lincoln J. Pares, Esq.

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