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Legge.--THE CHINESE CLASSICS. Translated into English. With

Preliminary Essays and Explanatory Notes. By James LEGGE, D.D., LL.D. Crown 8vo. cloth. Vol. I. The Life and Teachings of Confucius. pp. vi, and 338. 10s. 6d. Vol. II, The Life and Works of Mencius. pp. 412. 128.

Vol. III. The She (ing, or The Book of Poetry. pp. viii. and 432. 12s. Legge.—INAUGURAL LECTURE ON THE CONSTITUTING OF A CHINESE CHAIR

in the University of Oxford. Delivered in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oct. 27th, 1876, by Rev. JAMES LEGGE, M.A., LL.D., Professor of the Chinese Language

and Literature at Oxford. 8vo. pp. 28, seved. 6d. Legge.-CONFUCIANISM IN RELATION TO CARISTIANITY. A Paper

Read before the Missionary Conference in Shangbai, on May 11, 1877. By

Rev. James LEGGB, D.D., LL.D. 8vo. sewed, pp. 12. 1877. Is. 6d. Legge.--A LETTER TO PROFESSOR Max MÜLLER, chiefly on the Trans

lation into English of the Chinese Terms T'i and Shang_7'7. By J. LEGGE, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature in the University of Oxford.

Crown 8vo. sewed, pp. 30. 1880. 1s. Leland.—FUSANG; or, the Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist

Priests in the Fifth Century. By CHARLES G. LELAND. Cr. 8vo. cloth,

pp. xix. and 212. 1875. 78. 68. Leland.-PIDGIN-ENGLISH SING-Song; or Songs and Stories in the

China-English Dialect. With a Vocabulary. By Charles G. Leland. Crown

8vo. pp. viii. and 140, cloth. 1876. 58. Lobscheid. --ENGLISH AND CHINESE DICTIONARY, with the Punti and

Mandarin Pronunciation. By the Rev. W. LOBSCHEID, Knight of Francis Joseph, C. M.I.R.G.S. A., N.Z.B.S.V., etc. Folio, pp. viii. and 2016. In Four

Parts. £8 88. Lobscheid.—CHINESE AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY, Arranged according to

the Radicals. By the Rev. W. LOBSCHEID, Knight of Francis Joseph, C.M.I.R.G.S.A., N.Z.B.S.V., &c. I vol. imp. 8vo. double columns, pp. 600

bound. £2 8s. M-Clatchie.-CONFUCIAN COSMOGONY. A Translation (with the Chinese

Text opposite) of section 49 (Treatise on Cosmogony) of the “ Complete Works” of the Philosopher Choo-F00-Tze, with Explanatory Notes. By the Rev.

Thomas M‘CLATCHIE, M.A. Small 4to. pp. xviii. and 162. 1874. £1 ls. Macgowan.—A MANUAL OF THE Amor COLLOQUIAL. By Rev. J.

MACGOWAN, of the London Missionary Society. Second Edition. 8vo. half

bound, pp. 206. Amoy, 1880. £i 10s. Macgowan.- ENGLISH AND CHINESE DICTIONARY OF THE Amoy DIALECT.

By Rev. J. MacGowan, London Missionary Society. Small 4to. half-bound,

pp. 620. Amoy, 1883. £3 38. Maclay and Baldwin.-AN ALPHABETIC DICTIONARY OF THE CHINESE

LANGUAGE IN THE Foochow DIALECT. By Rev. R. S. Maclay, D.D., of the
Methodist Episcopal Mission, and Rev. C. C. BALDWIN, A.M., of the American

Board of Mission. 8vo. half-bound, pp. 1132. Foochow, 1871. £4 4s. Mayers.—THE ANGLO-CHINESE CALENDAR MANUAL. A Handbook of

Reference for the Determination of Chinese Dates during the period from 1860 to 1879. With Comparative Tables of Annual and Mensual Designations, etc. Compiled by W. F. MAYERS, Chinese Secretary, H.B.M.'s Legation,

Peking. 2nd Edition. Sewed, pp. 28. 78. 6d. Mayers – THE CHINESE READER'S MANUAL. A Handbook of Bio

graphical, Historical, Mythological, and General Literary Reference. By W. F. Mayers, Chinese Secretary to A. B. M.'s Legation at Peking, F.R.G.S., etc., etc. Demy 8vo. pp. xxiv. and 410. £l 5s.

Mayers.—THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. A Manual of Chinese Titles,

Categorically arranged, and Explained with an Appendix. By W. F. Mayers, Chinese Secretary to H.B.M.'s Legation at Peking. Royal 8vo. cloth,

pp. viii.-160, 1878. £1 108. Medhurst.—CHINESE DIALOGUES, QUESTIONS, and FAMILIAR SENTENCES,

literally translated into English, with a view to promote commercial intercourse and assist beginners in the Language. By the late W. H. MEDHURST, D.D.

A new and enlarged Edition. 8vo. pp. 226. 188.
Möllendorff.—MANUAL OF CHINESE BIBLIOGRAPHY, being a List of

Works and Essays relating to China. By P. G. and 0. F. von MÖLLENDORFF,
Interpreters to H.I.G. M.'s Consulates at Shanghai and Tientsin. 8vo. pp. viii.

and 378. £1 10s. Morrison.—A DICTIONARY OF THE CHINESE LANGUAGE. By the Rev.

R. MORRISON, D.D. Two vols. Vol. I. pp. x. and 762; Vol. II. pp. 828,

cloth. Shanghae, 1865. £6 68. Peking Gazette.—Translation of the Peking Gazette for 1872, 1873,

1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, and 1879. 8vo. cloth. 10s. 6d. each. Piry.--Le Saint Edit, Etude de Littérature Chinoise. Préparée par

A. THEOPHILE Piry, du Service des Douanes Maritimes de Chine. Chinese

Text with French Translation. 4to. cloth, pp. x. and 320. 218. Playfair.-CITIES AND TOWNS OF CHINA. 258. See page 27. Rosny.-A GRAMMAR OF THE CHINESE LANGUAGE. By Professor

LEON DE Rosny. 8vo. pp. 48. 1874. 48. Ross.—A MANDARIN PRIMER. Being Easy Lessons for Beginners,

Transliterated according to the European mode of using Roman Letters. By

Rev. John Ross, Newchang. 8vo. wrapper, pp. 122. 6s. Rudy.—THE CHINESE MANDARIN LANGUAGE, after Ollendorff's New

Method of Learning Languages. By CHARLES RUDY. In 3 Volumes.

Vol. I. Grammar. 8vo. pp. 248. £1 18. Scarborough.—A COLLECTION OF CHINESE PROVERBS. Translated and

Arranged by WILLIAM SCARBOROUGH, Wesleyan Missionary, Hankow. With

an Introduction, Notes, and Copious Index, Cr. 8vo. pp. xliv. and 278. 108.6d Smith.—A VOCABULARY OF PROPER NAMES IN CHINESE AND ENGLISH,

of Places, Persons, Tribes, and Sects, in China, Japan, Corea, Assam, Siam, Burmah, The Straits, and adjacent Countries. By F. PORTER SMITH, M.B., London, Medical Missionary in Central China. 4to. half-bound, pp. vi., 72,


DIALECT. By G. E. STENT. Second Edition, 8vo. pp. xii.-720, half bound.


STENT. 16mo. pp. 250. 1874. 158.
Stent.—THE JADE CHAPLET, in Twenty-four Beads. A Collection of

Songs, Ballads, etc. (from the Chinese). By GEORGE CARTER STENT,
M.N.C. B.R.A.S., Author of " Chinese and English Vocabulary,” • Chinese and
English Pocket Dictionary,"

," “ Chinese Lyrics,” “Chinese Legends,” etc. Cr. 80. cloth, pp. 176. 58. Vaughan.—The Manners and Customs of the Chinese of the Straits

Settlements. By J. D. VAUGHAN. Royal 8vo. boards. Singapore, 1879. 78. 6d. Vissering.-ON CHINESE CURRENCY. Coin and Paper Money. With

a Facsimile of a Bank Note. By W. Vessering. Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. xv. and 219. Leiden, 1877. 188.

and x.


Wade.-Yü-YEN Tzú-Erh Chi. A progressive course designed to

assist the Student of Colloquial Chinese, as spoken in the Capital and the Metropolitan Department. In eight parts, with Key, Syllabary, anu Writing Exercises. By Thomas FRANCIS WADE, C.B., Secretary to Her Britannic Majesty's Legation, Peking. 3 vols. 4to. Progressive Course, pp. xx. 296 and 16; Syllabary, pp. 126 and 36 ; Writing Exercises, pp. 48; Key, pp. 174 and

140, sewed. €.4. Wade.- WÉN-CHIEN Tzŭ-ERH CAI. A series of papers selected as

specimens of documentary Chinese, designed to assist Students of the language, as written by the officials of China. In sixteen parts, with Key. Vol. I. By Thomas Francis Wade, C.B , Secretary to Her Britannic Majesty's Legation

at Peking. 4to., half-cloth, pp. xii. and 455; and iv., 72, and 52. £5. Williams.-A SYLLABIC DICTIONARY THE CHINESE LANGUAGE,

arranged according to the Wu-Fang Yuen Yin, with the pronunciation of the Characters as heard in Peking, Canton, Amoy, and Shanghai. By S. WELLS

WILLIAMS. 4to. cloth, pp. lxxxiv. and 1252.' 1874. £5 58. Wylie.—NOTES ON CHINESE LITERATURE ; with introductory Remarks

on the Progressive Advancement of the Art; and a list of translations from the Chinese, into various European Languages. By A. WYLIE, Agent of the British and Foreign Bible Society in China. 4to. pp. 296, cloth. Price, £1 16s.


COREAN. Ross —A COREAN PRIMER. Being Lessons in Corean on all Ordinaly

Subjects. Transliterated on the principles of the Mandarin Primer by the same author. By the Rev. John Ross, Newchang. Demy 8vo. stitched. pp. 90. 10s.

EGYPTIAN (COPTIC, HIEROGLYPHICS). Birch.-EGYPTIAN Texts: I. Text, Transliteration and Translation

-II. Text and Transliteration.-III. Text dissected for analysis.—IV. Deter

minatives, etc. By S. Birch. London, 1877. Large 8vo. 12s. Catalogue (C) of leading Books on Egypt and Egyptology on Assyria

and Assyriology. To be had at the affixed prices of Trübner and Co. 8vo., pp.

40. 1880. 18. Chabas.--LES PASTEURS EN EGYPTE.—Mémoire Publié


l'Academie Royale des Sciences à Amsterdam. By F. CHABAS. 4to. sewed, pp. 56.


AND Ude. By Hyde CLARKE, Cor. Member American Oriental Society ; Mem.

German Oriental Society, etc., etc. Demy 8vo. sd., pp. 32. 28. Egyptologie.—(Forms also the Second Volume of the First Bulletin of

the Congrès Provincial des Orientalistes Français.) 8vo. sewed, pp. 604, with

Eight Plates. Saint-Etiene, 1880. 88. 6d. Lieblein.-RECHERCHES SUR LA CHRONOLOGIE EGYPTIENNE d'après les

listes Généalogiques. By J. LIEBLEIN. Roy. 8vo. sewed, pp. 147, with Nine Plates. Christiana, 1873. 108.




ASSYRIAN AND THE EGYPTIAN MONUMENTS. Published under the Sanction of the Society of Biblical Archæology. EDITED BY DR. S. BIRCH.

Vous. I. TO XII., 1874–79. 38, 6d. each. (Vols. I., III., V., VII., IX., XI., contain

Assyrian Texts.) Renouf.-ELEMENTARY GRAMMAR of the Ancient Egyptian Language,

in the Hieroglyphic Type. By Le Page Renour. 4to., cloth. 1875. 12s.

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Ballad Society (The).–Subscription-Small paper, one guinea, and

large paper, three guineas, per annum. List of publications

on application. Boke of Nurture (The). By JOAN RUSSELL, about 1460-1470 Anno

Domini. The Boke of Keruynge. By WYNKYN DE WORDE, Anno Domini 1513. The Boke of Nurture. By Hugh Rhodes, Anno Domini 1577. Edited from the Originals in the British Museum Library, by FREDERICK J. FURNIVALL, M.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Member of Council of the Philological and Early English Text Societies. 4to. half-morocco, gilt top, pp. xix. and 146,

28, xxviii. and 56. 1867. 11. lls. 6d. Charnock.—VERBA NOMINALIA ; or Words derived from Proper Names.'

By Richard STEPHEN CHARNOCK, Ph. Dr. F.S.A., etc. 8vo. pp. 326, cloth. 148. Charnock.—Ludus PATRONYMICUS; or, the Etymology of Curious Sur

By RICHARD STEPHEN CHARNOCK, Ph.D., F.S.A., F.R.G.S. Crown 8vo., pp. 182, cloth. 78. 6d. Charnock (R. S.)A GLOSSARY OF THE Essex DIALECT.

By R. S. CHARNOCK. 8vo. cloth, pp. x. and 64,. 1880. 38. 6d. Chaucer Society's (The).-Subscription, two guineas per annum.

List of Publications on applicat.on. Eger and Grime; an Early English Romance. Edited from Bishop

Percy's Folio Manuscript, about 1650 A.D. By John W. HALES, M.A., Fellow and late Assistant Tutor of Christ's College, Cambridge, and FREDERICK J. FURNIVALL, M.A., of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 1 vol. 4to., pp. 64, (only

100 copies printed), bound in the Roxburghe style. 108. 6d. Early English Text Society's Publications. Subscription, one guinea

per annum. 1. EARLY ENGLISH ALLITERATIVE POEMS. In the West-Midland

Dialect of the Fourteenth Century. Edited b R. Morris, Esq., from an

unique Cottonian MS. 16s. 2. ARTHUR (about 1440 A.D.). Edited by F. J. FURNIVALL, Esq.,



by F. Hall, Esq., D.C.L. 48. 4. SIR GAWAYNE AND THE GREEN KNIGHT (about 1320-30 A.D.).

Edited by R. MORRIS, Esq., from an unique Cottonian MS. 10s.



a treates, noe shorter than necessarie, for the Schooles, be ALEXANDER HUME. Edited for the first time from the unique MS. in the British Museum (about

1617 A.D.), by Henry B. WHEATLEY, Esq. 48. 6. LANCELOT OF THE LAIK. Edited from the unique MS. in the Cam

bridge University Library (ab. 1500), by the Rev. WALTER W. SKEAT,

M.A. 8s. 7. THE STORY OF GENESIS AND Exodus, an Early English Song, of

about 1250 A.D. Edited for the first time from the unique MS. in the Library

of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, by R. Morris, Esq. 88. 8 MORTE ARTHURE; the Alliterative Version. Edited from ROBERT

THORNTON's unique MS. (about 1440 A.D.) at Lincoln, by the Rev. GEORGB


SOME IMPERFECTIONS OF IMPRESSIONES OF CHAUCER'S WORKES, reprinted in 1598; by FRANCIS THYNNE. Edited from the unique MS. in the Bridgewater Library. By G. H. KINGSLEY, Esq., M.D., and F. J. FURNIVALL,

Esq., M.A. 108. 10. MERLIN, OR THE EARLY HISTORY OF KING ARTHUR. Edited for the

first time from the unique MS. in the Cambridge University Library (about

1450 A.D.), by HENRY B. WHEATLEY, Esq. Part I. 28. 6d. 11. The MONARCHE, and other Poems of Sir David Lyndesay. Edited

from the first edition by JOHNE Skott, in 1552, by FITZEDWARD Hall,

Esq., D.C.L. Part I. 38. 12. THE WRIGHT'S CHASTE WIFE, a Merry Tale, by Adam of Cobsam

(about 1462 A.D.), from the unique Lambeth MS. 306. Edited for the first

time by F. J. FURNIVALL, Esq., M.A. 18. 13. SEINTE MARHERETE, þE MEIDEN ANT MARTYR. Three Texts of ab.

1200, 1310, 1330 A.D. First edited in 1862, by the Rev. OSWALD COCKAYNE,

M.A., and now re-issued. 28. 14. KYNG HORN, with fragments of Floriz and Blauncheflur, and the

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Edited from the MSS. in the Library of the University of Cambridge and the British Museum, by the Rev. J. Rawson

LUMBY. 38. hd 15. POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS, AND LOVE POEMS, from the Lambeth MS.

No. 306, and other sources. Edited by F. J. FURNIVALL, Esq., M.A.

7s.6d. 16. A TRETICE IN ENGLISH breuely drawe out of 5 book of Quintis

essencijs in Latyn, þ Hermys þ prophete and king of Egipt after þ flood of Noe, fader of Philosophris, hadde by reuelacioun of an aungil of God to him

sente. Edited from the Sloane MS. 73, by F. J. FURNIVALL, Esq., M.A. 18. 17. PARALLEL Extracts from 29 Manuscripts of PIERS PLOWMAN, with

Comments, and a Proposal for the Society's Three-text edition of this Poem.

By the Rev. W. SKEAT, M.A. 1s. 18. HALI MEIDENHEAD, about 1200 A.D. Edited for the first time from

the MS. (with a translation) by the Rev. OswALD COCKAYNE, M.A. ls. 19. THE MONARCHE, and other Poems of Sir David Lyndesay. Part II.,

the Complaynt of the King's Papingo, and other minor Poems. Edited from

the First Edition by F. HALL, Esq., D.C.L. 3s. 6d. 20. SOME TREATISES BY RICHARD ROLLE DE HAMPOLE. Edited from

Robert of Thornton's MS. (ab. 1440 A.D.), by Rev. GEORGE G. PERRY,
M.A. ls.

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