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Texts. Reprinted from the Editio Princept by F. Max MULLER, M.A. Membre étranher de l'Institut de France, etc. Second Edition. With the two texts on parallel pages. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 800-828, stitched in wrapper.

1877. £1 12s. Muir.-TRANSLATIONS FROM THE SANSKRIT. See “ Trübner's Oriental

Series,” p. 3. Muir.-ORIGINAL SANSKRIT TEXTS—0. under Sanskrit. Muir.— EXTRACTS FROM THE CORAN. In the Original, with English

rendering: Compiled by Sir WILLIAM Muir, K.C.S.I., LL.D., Author of

" The Life of Mahomet. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 64, cloth. 1880. 38. 6d. Müller.—THE SACRED HYMNS OF THE BRAHMINS, as preserved to us

in the oldest collection of religious poetry, the Rig-Veda-Sanhita, translated and explained. By F. Max Müller, M.A., Fellow of All Souls' College; Professor of Comparative Philology at Oxford. Volume I. Hymns to the Maruts or

the Storm Gods. 8vo. pp clii. and 264. 128. 6d. Müller.—LECTURE ON BUDDHIST NIHILISM. By F. Max MÜLLER,

M.A., Professor of Comparative Philology in the University of Oxford; Member of the French Institute, etc. Delivered before the General Meeting of the Association of German Philologists, at Kiel, 28th September, 1869. (Translated

from the German.) Sewed. 1869. ls. Müller.-RIG VEDA SAMHITA AND PADA TEXTS. See page 89. Newman.—HEBREW THEISM. By F. W. NEWMAN. Royal 8vo. stiff

wrappers, pp. viii. and 172. 1874. 48. 6d. Piry.—LE_SAINT EDIT, ÉTUDE DE LITTERATURE CHINOISE. Préparée

par A. THÉOPHILE PIRY, du Service des Douanes Maritimes de Chine. 4to.

pp. xx. and 320, cloth. 1879. 218. Priaulx.-QUÆSTIONES MOSAICÆ; or, the first part of the Book of

Genesis compared with the remains of ancient religions. By OsmoND DE

BeauvoIR PRIAULX. 8vo. pp. viii. and 548, cloth. 12s. Redhouse.—THE MESNUVI. See “ Trübner's Oriental Series,” p. 4. Rig Veda Sanhita.— A COLLECTION OF ANCIENT HINDU HYMNS. Con

stituting the First Ashtaka, or Book of the Rig-veda; the oldest authority for the religious and social institutions of the Hindus. Translated from the Original Sanskrit by the late H. H. Wilson, M.A. 2nd Ed., with a Postscript by

Dr. FITZEDWARD HALL. Vol. I. 8vo. cloth, pp. lii. and 348, price 21s. Rig Veda Sanhita.-A Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns, constitut

ing the Fifth to Eighth Ashtakas, or books of the Rig Veda, the oldest Authority for the Religious and Social Institutions of the Hindus. Translated from the Original Sanskrit by the late HORACE HAYMAN Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Edited by E. B. COWELL, M.A., Principal of the Calcutta Sanskrit College. Vol. IV., 8vo., pp. 214, cloth. 148.

A few copies of Vols. II. and III. still left. [Vols. V. and VI. in the Press. Sacred Books (The) OF THE EAST. Translated by various Oriental

Scholars, and Edited by F. Max Müller.. All 8vo. cloth. Vol. I. The Upanishads. Translated by F. Max Müller. Part I. The Khân

dogya-Upanishad. The Talavakâra- Upanishad. The Aitareya-saranyaka. The Kaushîtaki-Brâhmana-Upanishad and the Vâgasansyi-Sambitâ- Upanishad.

pp. xii. and 320. 108. 6d. Vol. II. The Sacred Laws of the Âryas, as taught in the Schools of Âpastamba,

Gautama. Vâsishtha, and Baudhầyana. Translated by Georg Bühler. Part I. Apastamba and Gautama. pp. Ix. and 312. 1079. i0s. 6d.

Vol. III. The Sacred Books of China. The Texts of Confucianism. Translated

by James Legge. Part I. The Shû King. The Religious Portions of the Shih

King The Hsiâo King. pp. xxxii. and 492. 1879. 128. 6d. Vol. IV. The Zend-Avesta. Part I. The Vendîdâd. Translated by James Darmesteter.


civ. and 240. 108. 6d. Vol. V. Pahlavi Texts. Part I. The Bundahis, Bahman Yast, and Shâyast-la

Shâyast. Translated by E. W. West. pp. Ixxiv. and 438. 12s.6d. Vol. VI. The Qur'ân. Part I. Translated by E. H. Palmer. pp. cxx. and

268, cloth. 10s. 6d. Vol. VII. The Institutes of Vishnu. Translated by Julius Jolly. pp. xl. and

316. 108. 6d. Vol. VIII. The Bhagavadgitâ with other extracts from the Mahâbhârata.

Translated by Kashinath Trunbak Telang. pp. 446. 108. 6d. Vol. IX. The Qur'ân. Part II. Translated by E. H. Palmer. pp. X. and 362.

108. 6d. Vol. X. The Suttanipâta, etc. Translated by V. Fausböll. pp. lvi. and 224,

108. 6d. Vol. XI. The Mahâparinibbâna Sutta. The Tevigga Sutta. The Mahâsudassana

Sutta. The Dhamma-Kakkappavattana Sutta. Translated by T. W. Rhys


xlviii.-320. 108. 6d. Vol. XII. The Satapatha-Brâhmana. Translated by Prof. Eggeling. Vol. I.

pp. xlviii. and 456. 12s. 6d. Vol. XIII. The Pâtimokkha. Translated by T. W. Rhys Davids. The Maha.

vagga. Part I. Translated by Dr. H. Oldenberg. pp. xxxviii. and 360. 108. 6d. Vol. XIV. The Sacred Lav;s of the Aryas, as taught in the Schools of Vâsishtha

and Baudhâyana. Translated by Prof. Georg Buhler. Vol. XV. The Upanishads. Part II. Translated by F. Max Müller. [In preparation Vol. XVI. The Yî King. Translated by James Legge. pp. xxii. and 448. 108. 6d. Vol. XVII. The Mahâvagga. Part IÍ. Translated by T. W. Rhys Davids, and

Dr. H. Oldenberg: Vol. XVIII. The Dâdistân-î Dînîk and Mainyô-i Khard. Pahlavi Texts. Part

II. Translated by E. W. West.
Vol. XIX. The Fo-sho-hing-tsan-king. Translated by Samuel Beal.
Vol. XX. The Yâyu-Purâna. Translated by Prof. Bhandarkar, of Elphinstone

College, Bombay.
Vol. XXI. The Saddharma-pundarîka. Translated by Prof. Kern.

Vol. XXII. The Akârânga-Šûtra. Translated by Prof. Jacobi. Schlagintweit.-BUDDHISM IN TIBET. Illustrated by Literary Docu

ments and Objects of Religious Worship. With an Account of the Buddhist Systems preceding it in India. By Emil SCHLAGINTWEIT, LL.D. With a Folio Atlas of 20 Plates, and 20 Tables of Native Prints in the Text. Royal

8vo., pp. xxiv. and 404. £2 2s. Sell.—THE FAITH OF ISLAM. By the Rev. E. SELL, Fellow of the

University of Madras. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xiv. and 270. 1880. 6s. 6d. Sell.—IHN-I-TAJWID; or, Art of Reading the Quran. By the Rev.

E. Sell, B.D. 8vo., pp. 48, wrappers. 1882. 28. 6d. Sherring.-THE HINDOO PILGRIMS. By the Rev. M. A. SHERRING,

Fcap. 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 125. 58. Singh.-SAKHEE Book; or, the Description of Gooroo Gobind Singh's

Religion and Doctrines, translated from Gooroo Mukhi into Hindi, and afterwards into English. By Sirdar Attar Singh, Chief of Bhadour. With the

Author's photograph. 8vo. pp. xviii, and 205. Benares, 1873. 158. Sinnett.—THE Occult WORLD. By A. P. SINNETT, President of the

Simla Eclectic Theosophical Society Third Edition. Fcap. 8vo., pp. xiv. and

140, cloth. 1883. 38. 6d. Sinnett.-ESOTERIC BUDDHISM. By A. P. SINNETT, Author of the

Occult World,” President of the Simla Eclectic Theosophical Society. Third Edition. Crown 8vo., pp. xx. and 216, cloth. 1884. 78. 6d.



Subjects subsidiary thereto. By Syed Ahmad Khan BAHADOR, C.S.I., Author of the “ Mohammedan Commentary on the Holy Bible,” Honorary Member of the Royal Asiatic Society, and Life Honorary Secretary to the Allygurh Scientific Society. 8vo. pp. 532, with 4 Genealogical Tables, 2 Maps, and a Coloured

Plate, handsomely bound in cloth. €1 108. Thomas.—JAINISM. See page 28. · Tiele.-OUTLINES OF THE HISTORY OF RELIGION. See " Trübner's

Oriental Series,” page 6. Tiele.-History of Egyptian Religion. See Trübner's Oriental Series,

page 5.

Vishnu-Purana (The); a System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition.

Translated from the original Sanskrit, and Illustrated by Notes derived chiefly from other Puráņas. By the late H. H. WILSON, M.A., F.R.S., Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford, etc., etc. Edited by FitZEDWARD Hall. In 6 vols. 8vo. Vol. I. pp. cxl. and 200; Vol. II. pp. 343 : Vol. III., pp. 348; Vol. IV. pp. 346, cloth; Vol. V.Part I. pp. 392, cloth. 10s. 6d. each. Vol. V., Part 2, containing the Index, compiled by F. Hall. 8vo. cloth, pp. 268.

12s. Wake.—THE EVOLUTION OF MORALITY. Being a History of the

Development of Moral Culture. By C. STANILAND WAKE, author of “Chapters on Man," etc. Two vols. 8vo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 506, xii. and 474.

21s. Wherry.--Commentary on the Quran. See Trübner's Oriental Series,

page 5.

Wilson.-Works of the late HORACE HAYMAN Wilson, M.A., F.R.S.,

Member of the Royal Asiatic Societies of Calcutta and Paris, and of the Oriental

Soc. of Germany, etc., and Boden Prof. of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford, Vols I. and 11. ÉssAYS AND LECTORES chiefly on the Religion of the Hindus.

by the late H. H. Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Collected and edited by Dr. REINHOLD Rost. 2 vols. cloth, pp. xiii. and 399, vi. and 416. 21s.



Distribution of the Indian Languages. By John Beames. Second enlarged and

revised edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 96. 1868. 58. Beames.—A COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR OF THE MODERN ARYAN LANGUAGES

of INDIA (to wit), Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati. Marathi, Uriya, and Bengali. By John BEAMES, Bengal C.S., M.R.A.S., &c. 8vo. cloth. Vol. 1. On Sounds. pp. xvi. and 360. 1872. 16s. Vol. II. The Noun and the Pronoun. pp. xii. and 348. 1875. 168. Vol III. The Verb. pp. xii. and

316. 1879. 16s. Bellows.--ENGLISH OUTLINE VOCABULARY, for the use of Students of the

Chinese, Japanese, and other Languages. Arranged by John Bellows. With
Notes on the writing of Chinese with Roman Letters.By Professor SUMMERS,

King's College, London. Crown 8vo., pp. 6 and 368, cloth. 6s.

and Students of Language. By Max Müller, M.A., Taylorian Professor in the University of Oxford. With an Introduction on the proper use of the ordinary English Alphabet in transcribing Foreign Languages. The Vocabulary compiled by John Bellows. Crown 8vo. Limp morocco, pp. xxxi. and 368. 78. 60



Second, corrected, and enlarged Edition. Demy 8vo. pp. 805. 1875. 288. Calligaris.—LE COMPAGNON DE Tous, ou DICTIONNAIRE POLYGLOTTE.

Par le Colonel LOUIS CALLIGARIS, Grand Officier, etc. (French-Latin- Italian-
Spanish-Portuguese-German-English-Modern Greek-Arabic-Turkish.)

2 vols. 4to., pp. 1157 and 746. Turin. £4 48. Campbell.—SPECIMENS OF THE LANGUAGES OF INDIA, including Tribes

of Bengal, the Central Provinces, and the Eastern Frontier. By Sir G.

CAMPBELL, M.P. Folio, paper, pp. 308. 1874. £1 118. 6d.

Tive Philology, MYTHOLOGY, AND ARCHÆOLOGY, in connexion with the
Origin of Culture in America and the Accad or Sumerian Families. By HYDE

CLARKE. Demy 8vo. sewed, pp. xi, and 74. 1875. 28. 6d.
Cust.—LANGUAGES OF THE EAST INDIES. See Trübner's Oriental

Series,” page 3. Douse.—GRIMM's Law; A STUDY: or, Hints towards an Explanation

of the so-called “ Lautverschiebung.” To which are added some Remarks on the Primitive Indo-European K, and several Appendices. By T. LE MARCHANT

Douse. 8vo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 230. 10s. 6d.
Dwight.—MODERN PHILOLOGY: Its Discovery, History, and Influence.

New edition, with Maps, Tabular Views, and an Index. By BENJAMIN W
Dwight. In two vols. cr. 8vo, cloth. First series, pp. 360 ; second series,

pp. xi. and 554. £1. Edkins.—China's PLACE IN PHILOLOGY. An Attempt to show that the

Languages of Europe and Asia have a Common Origin. By the Rev. JOSEPH

EDKINS. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xxiii. and 403. 108. 6d. Ellis.—ETRUSCAN NUMERALS. By ROBERT Ellis, B.D. 8vo. sewed,


Ellis, B.D., Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and author of “ Ancient

Routes between Italy and Gaul.” Crown 8vo. pp. iv. 156, cloth. 1870. 58. Ellis.-ON NUMERALS, as Signs of Primeval Unity among Mankind.

By Robert Ellis, B.D., Late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.

Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 94. 38. 6d. Ellis.—PERUVIA SCYTHICA. The Quichua Language of Peru: its

derivation from Central Asia with the American languages in general, and with the Turanian and Iberian languages of the Old World, including the Basque, the Lycian, and the Pre-Aryan language of Etruria. By ROBERT ELLIS, B.D.

8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 219. 1875. 68. English and Welsh Languages.—THE INFLUENCE OF THE ENGLISH AND

Welsh Languages upon each other, exhibited in the Vocabularies of the two
Tongues. Intended to suggest the importance to Philologers, Antiquaries,
Ethnographers, and others, of giving due attention to the Celtic Branch of the

Indo-Germanic Family of Languages. Square, pp. 30, sewed. 1869. 18. Geiger.—CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE

HUMAN RACE. Lectures and Dissertations. By LAZARUS GEIGER. Translated from the Second German Edition by DAVID ASHER, Ph.D. Post 8vo, cloth, pp. X. and 156. 1880, 68.

Vol. I.
Vol. I.


LOLOGY, as represented in the Library of His Excellency Sir George Grey, K.C.B., Her Majesty's High Commissioner of the Cape Colony. Classed, Annotated, and Edited by Sir GEORGE GREY and Dr. H. I. BLEEK.

Part 1.- South Africa. 8vo. pp. 186. 208.

Part 2.-Africa (North of the Tropic of Capricorn). 8vo. pp. 70. 48.
Vol. I. Part 3.-Madagascar. 8vo. pp. 24. 28.
Vol. II. Part 1.- Australia. 8vo. pp. iv. and 44. 38.
Vol. II. Part 2.—Papuan Languages of the Loyalty Islands and New Hebrides, compris-

ing those of the Islands of Nengone, Lifu, Aneitum, Tana, and

others. 8vo. p. 12. 1s. Vol. II. Part 3.-Fiji Islands and Rotuma (with Supplement to Part II., Papuan Lan

guages, and Part I., Australia). 8vo. pp. 34. 28.
Vol. II. Part 4.-New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, and Auckland Islands. 8vo. pp.

76. 78.
Vol. II. Part 4 (continuation).-Polynesia and Borneo, 8vo. pp. 77-154. 78.
Vol. III. Part 1.-Manuscripts and Incunables. 8vo. pp. viii. and 24. 2s.

Vol. IV. Part 1.-Early Printed Books. England. 8vo. pp. vi. and 266. 128. Gubernatis.-ZOOLOGICAL MYTHOLOGY; or, the Legends of Animals.

By ANGELO DE GUBERNATIS, Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Literature in the Instituto di Studii superiori e di Perfezionamento at Florence, etc. In

2 vols. 8vo. pp. xxxvi. and 432, vii. and 442. 288. Hoernle.—A COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR OF THE GAUDIAN LANGUAGE, with

Special Reference to the Eastern Hindi. Accompanied by a Language Map, and a Table of Alphabets. By A. F. R. HOERNLE. Demy 8vo. pp. 474.

1880. 188. Hunter.-A Comparative Dictionary of the Non-Aryan Languages of

India and High Asia. With a Dissertation, Political and Linguistic, on the Aboriginal Races. By W. W. HUNTER, B A., M.R.A.S., Hon. Fell. Ethnol. Soc., Author of the “ Annals of Rural Bengal,” of H.M.'s Civil Service. Being a Lexicon of 144 Languages, illustrating Turanian Speech. Compiled from the Hodgson Lists, Government Archives, and Original MSS., arranged with Prefaces and Indices in English, French, German, Russian, and Latin.

L'arge 4to. cloth, toned paper, pp. 230. 1869. 428. Kilgour.—THE HEBREW OR IBERIAN RACE, including the Pelasgians,

the Phenicians, the Jews, the British, and others. By Henry KILGOUR. 8vo. sewed, pp. 76. 1872.


in which its forms are illustrated by those of the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Gothic, Old Saxon, Old Friesic, Old Norse, and Old High-German.

FRANCIS A. MARCH, LL.D. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xi. and 253. 1877. 108. Notley.-A COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR OF THE FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH,


cloth, pp. xv. and 396. 78. 6d. Oppert.-On the Classification of Languages. A Contribution to Com

parative Philology. By Dr. G. OPPERT. 8vo.paper, pp. vi. and 146. 1879. 78.6d. Oriental Congress.—Report of the Proceedings of the Second Interna

tional Congress of Orientalists held in London, 1874. Roy. 8vo. paper, pp. 76. 58. Oriental Congress.—TRANSACTIONS OF THE SECOND SESSION OF THE

INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ORIENTALISTS, held in London in September, 1874. Edited by Robert K. Douglas, Honorary Secretary. Demy 8vo.

cloth, pp. viii. and 456. 218. Pezzi.—ARYAN PHILOLOGY, according to the most recent Researches

(Glottologia Aria Recentissima), Remarks Historical and Critical. By DOMENICO PEZZI, Membro della Facolta de Filosofia e lettere della R. Universit. di Torino. Translated by E. S. ROBERTS, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Gonville and Caius College. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xvi, and 199. 68..


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