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in Arabia. Compiled by Captain F. M. HUNTER, F.R.G.S., F.R.A.S., Assistant Political Resident, Aden. Demy 8vo. half-morocco, pp. xii.-232.

1877. 78. 6d. Hunter.-A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE INDIAN PEOPLE. By W. W.

Hunter, C.I.E., LL.D. Crown 8vo. pp. 222 with map, cloth. 1883. 3s. 6d. Hunter.—Indian Empire. See Trübner's Oriental Series, page 5. Japan.-MAP OF NIPPON (Japan): Compiled from Native Maps, and

the Notes of recent Travellers. By R. H. BRUNTON, M.I C.E., F.R.G.S. 1880. In 4 sheets, 21s.; roller, varnished, £1 118. 6d.; Folded, in case,

£1 58. 6d. Juvenalis Satiræ.—With a Literal English Prose Translation and

and Notes. By J. D. LEWIS, M.A. Second, Revised, and considerably Enlarged Edition. 2 Vols. post 8vo. pp. xii.-230, and 400, cloth. 1882.

12s. Leitner.-SININ-I-Islam. Being a Sketch of the History and

Literature of Muhammadanism and their place in Universal History. For the use of Maulvis. By G. W. LEITNER. Part I. The Early History of Arabia

to the fall of the Abassides. 8vo. sewed. Lahore. 68. Leitner.-HISTORY OF INDIGENOUS EDUCATION IN THE PANJAB SINCE

Annexation, and in 1882. By G. W. LEITNER, LL.D., late on special duty with the Education Commission appointed by the Government of India. Fcap.

folio, pp. 588, paper boards. 1883. £5. Leland. - FUSANG ; or, the Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist

Priests in the Fifth Century. By CHARLES G. LELAND. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp.

xix. and 212. 1875. 78. 6d. Leland.—The Gypsies. See page 69. Leonowens.- The ROMANCE OF SIAMESE HAREM LIFE. By Mrs. ANNA

H. Leonowens, Author of " The English Governess at the Siamese Court.”
With 17 Jllustrations, principally from Photographs, by the permission of J.

Thomson, Esq. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 278. 1873. 14s. Leonowens.—THE ENGLISH GOVERNESS AT THE SIAMESE COURT :

being Recollections of six years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok. By ANNA HARRIETTE LEONOWENS. With Illustrations from Photographs presented to

the Author by the King of Siam. 8vo. cloth, pp. x. and 332. 1870 1 2s. Lillie.- BUDDHA AND EARLY BUDDHISM. See page 05. Long. — Eastern Proverbs and Emblems. See Trübner's Oriental

Series, page 4.
Linde.—TEA IN INDIA. A Sketch, Index, and Register of the Tea

Industry in India, published together with a Map of all the Tea Districts, etc.
By F. LINDE, Surveyor, Compiler of a Map of the Tea Localities of Assam,

etc. Folio, wrapper, pp. xxii.-30, map mounted and in cloth boards. 1879. 63s. McCrindle.-- The Commerce and Navigation of the Erythræan Sea.

Being a Translation of the Periplus Maris Erythraei, by an Anonymous Writer, and of Arrian's Account of the Voyage of Nearkhos, from the Mouth of the Indus to the Head of the Persian Gulf. With Introduction, Commentary,

Notes, and Index. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. iv. and 238. 1879. 78. 6d. McCrindle.—ANCIENT INDIA AS DESCRIBED BY MEGASTHENÊS AND

ARRIAN. Being a Translation of the Fragments of the Indika of Megasthenes collected by Dr. SCHWANBERK, and of the First Part of the Indika of Arrian. By J. W. McCRINDLE, M.A., Principal of the Government College, Patna, etc. With Introduction, Notes, and Map of Ancient India. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. xii.-224. 1177. 78. 6d.

McCrindle.—ANCIENT INDIA as described by Ktêsias, the Knidian,

being a translation of the abridgment of his “Indica,” by Photios, and the fragments of that work preserved in other writers. By J. W. McCRINDLE, M.A., M.R.A.S. With Introduction, Notes, and Index. 8vo, cloth, pp. viii.

-104. 1882. 68. Madden.-COINS OF THE JEWS. See “Numismata Orientalia." Vol. II. Malleson.—ESSAYS AND LECTURES ON INDIAN HISTORICAL SUBJECTS. By

Colonel G. B. MALLESON, C.S.I. Second Issue. Crown 8vo, cloth, pp. 348.


B.C.S., to the Teshu Lama, and of the Journey of Thomas Manning to Lhasa. Edited, with Notes and Introduction, and lives of Mr. Bogle and Mr. Manning, by CLEMENTS R. MARKHAM, C.B., F.R.S. Second Edition. Demy 8vo., with

Maps and Illustrations, pp. clxi. 314, cl. 1879. 218. Marsden's Numismata Orientalia. New International Edition.


By WASHINGTON Matthews, Assistant Surgeon, U.S. Army. Contents :
Ethnography, Philology, Grammar, Dictionary, and English-Hidatsa Voca-

bulary. 8vo. cloth. £1 lls. 6d. Mayers.— Treaties between the Empire of China and Foreign Powers.

Together with Regulations for the Conduct of Foreign Trades. By W. F. MAYERS, Chinese Secretary to H. B. M.'s Legation at Peking. 8vo. pp. viii.

225 and xi. 1877. Cloth £2. Mayers.—China and Japan. See DENNYS. Mayers.—THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. A Manual of Chinese Titles,

categorically arranged and explained, with an Appendix. By W. F. Mayers.

Roy. 8vo. cloth, pp. viii.-160. 1878. £1 108. Metcalfe.—THE ENGLISHMAN AND THE SCANDINAVIAN ; or, a Comparison

of Anglo-Saxon and old Norse Literature. By FREDERICK METCALFE. M.A., Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford ; Translator of “Gallus” and “ ( haricles; ”

and Author of “The Oxonian in Iceland. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. 512. 1880. 188. Mitra.—THE ANTIQUITIES OF ORISSA. By RAJENDRALALA MITRA.

Published under Orders of the Government of India. Folio, cloth. Vol. I. pp. 180. With a Map and 36 Plates. 1875. £6 68. Vol. II. pp. vi. and 178.

1880. £4 48. Mitra --Buddha Gaya; the Hermitage of Sákya Muni. By RAJEN

DRALALA MITRA, LL.D., C.I.E. 4to. cloth, pp. xvi. and 258, with 51 plates.


LALA MITRA, LL.D., C.I.E. 8vo. cloth, pp. xlviii.-340. 1882. 128. 6d. Moor.—THE HINDU PANTHEON. By EDWARD Moor, F.R.S. A new

edition, with additional Plates, Condensed and Annotated by the Rev. W.O.

Simpson. 8vo. cloth, pp. xiii. and 401, with 62 Plates. 1864. £3.

DISTRICT in the Presidency of Madras By HENRY MORRIS, formerly of the
Madras Civil Service. Author of a History of India for Use in Schools

and other works. 8vo. cloth (with a map), pp. xii. and 390. 1878. 12s. Müller.—ANCIENT INSCRIPTIONS IN CEYLON. By Dr. EDWARD MÜLLER.

2 Vols. Text, crown 8vo., pp. 220, cloth and plates, oblong folio, cloth. 1883. 218.

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Notes, Rough, OF JOURNEYS made in the years 1868, 1869, 1870, 1871,

1872, 1873. in Syria, down the Tigris, India, Kashmir, Ceylon, Japan, Mongolia, Siberia, the United States, the Sandwich Islands, and Australasia.

Demy 8vo. pp. 624, cloth. 1875. 148. Numismata Orientalia.—THE INTERNATIONAL NUMISMATA ORIENTALIA.

Edited by Edward Thomas, F.R.S., etc. Vol. I. Illustrated with 20 Plates

and a Map. Royal 4to. cloth. 1878. £3 138. 6d. Also in 6 Parts sold separately, viz.:Part I.-Ancient Indian Weights. By E. THOMAS, F.R.S., etc. Royal 4to. sewed,

pp. 84, with a Plate and a Map of the India of Manu. 9s. 6d. Part II.—Coins of the Urtuki Turkumans. By STANLEY LANE POOLE, Corpus

Christi College Oxford. Royal 4to. sewed, pp. 44, with 6 Plates. 9s. Part IIl. The Coinage of Lydia and Persia, from the Earliest Times to the Fall

of the Dynasty of the Achæmenidæ. By BARCLAY V. HBAD, AssistantKeeper of Coins, British Museum. Royal 4to. sewed, pp. viii, and 56, with

three Autotype Plates. 10s. 6d. Part IV. The Coins of the Tuluni Dynasty. By EDWARD THOMAS ROGERS.

Royal 4to. sewed, pp. iv. and 22, and i Plate. 58. Part V. The Parthian Coinage. By PERCY GARDNER, M.A. Royal 4to. sewed,

pp. iv. and 65, with 8 Autotype Plates. 18s. Part VI. On the Ancient Coins and Measures of Ceylon. With a Discussion of

the Ceylon Date of the Buddha's Death. By T. W. Rhys Davids, Barrister . at-Law, late of the Ceylon Civil Service. Royal 4to. sewed, pp. 60, with Plate

108. Numismata Orientalia.— Vol. II. COINS OF THE JEWS. Being a History

of the Jewish Coinage and Money in the Old and New Testaments. By FREDERICK W. MADDEN, M.R.A.S., Member of the Numismatic Society of London, Secretary of the Brighton College, etc., etc. With 279 woodcuts and a plate of alphabets. Royal 4to. sewed, pp. xii. and 330. 1881. £2.

Or as a separate volume, cloth. *£2 2s. Numismata Orientalia.-Vol III. Part I. THE COINS OF ARAKAN, OF

PEGU, AND OF BURMA. By Lieut.-General Sir ARTHUR PHAYRE, C.B., K.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., late Commissioner of British Burma. Royal 4to., pp.

viii. and 48, with 5 Autotype Illustrations, sewed. 1882. 88. 6d. Olcott.—A Buddhist Catechism, according to the Canon of the Southern

Church. By Colonel H. S. Olcott, President of the Theosophical Society.

24mo. pp. 32, wrapper. 1881. 18. Oppert.—ON THE ANCIENT COMMERCE OF INDIA : A Lecture. By Dr.

G. OPPERT. 8vo. paper, 50 pp. 1879. ls. Oppert.-CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE HISTORY OF SOUTHERN INDIA. Part I.

INSCRIPTIONS. By Dr. G. OPPERT. 8vo. paper, pp. vi. and 74, with a Plate. 1882.



with 14 Plates, wrapper. Part I. pro Vol. I., complete in 6 parts, price 30s. Osburn.—THE MONUMENTAL HISTORY of EGYPT, as recorded on the

Ruins her Temples, Palaces, and Tombs. By William OSBURN. Illustrated with Maps, Plates, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. xii. and 461; vii. and 643, cloth. £2 2s. Out of print.

Vol. I.-From the Colonization of the Valley to the Visit of the Patriarch Abram.
Vol. II.-From the Visit of Abram to the Exodus.


Palestine.- Memoirs of the Survey of Western Palestine. Edited by

W. BESANT, M.A., and E. H. PALMER, M.A., under the Direction of the
Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund. Complete in Seven Volumes.
Demy 4to. cloth, with a Portfolio of Plans, and large scale Map. Second Issue.

Price Twenty Guineas.
Palmer.- EGYPTIAN CHRONICLES, with a harmony of Sacred and

Egyptian Chronology, and an Appendix on Babylonian and Assyrian Antiquities.

By WILLIAM Palmer, M.A., and late Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.

2 vols.. 8vo, cloth, pp. lxxiv. and 428, and viii. and 636. 1861. 12s. Patell.-COWASJEE PATELL'S CHRONOLOGY, containing corresponding

Dates of the different Eras used by Christians, Jews, Greeks, Hindús,
Mohamedans, Parsees, Chinese, Japanese, etc. By Cowasvee SORABJEE

Patell. 4to. pp. viii. and 184, cloth. 50s.
Pathya-Vakya, or Niti-Sastra. Moral Maxims extracted from the

Writings of Oriental Philosophers. Corrected, Paraphrased, and Translated into English. By A. D. A. WIJAYASINHA. Foolscap 8vo. sewed, pp. viii. and

54. Colombo, 1881. 88. Paton.—A HISTORY OF THE EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION, from the Period of

the Mamelukes to the Death of Mohammed Ali; from Arab and European Memoirs, Oral Tradition, and Local Research. By A. A. Paton. Second

Edition. 2 vols. demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 395, viii. and 446. 1870. 78. 6d. Pfoundes.-Fu So Mimi Bukuro.—A BUDGET OF JAPANESE NOTES.

By Capt. PFOUNDES, of Yokohama. 8vo, sewed, pp. 184. 78. 6d. Phayre.—Coins OF ARAKAN, ETC. See “ Numismata Orientalia."

Vol. III. Part I. Piry.--LE SAINT EDIT. LITTERATURE CHINOISE. See page 36. Playfair.-—THE CITIES AND TOWNS OF CHINA. A Geographical Diction

ary by G. M. H. PLAYFAIR, of Her Majesty's Consular Service in China. 8vo.

cloth, pp. 506. 1879. 258. Poole.—COINS OF THE URTUKÍ TURKUMÁNS. See “ Numismata Ori

entalia." Vol. I. Part II. Poole.— A SCHEME OF MOHAMMADAN DYNASTIES DURING THE KHALIFATE. By S. L. Poole, B.A. Oxon., M.R.A.S., Author of “ Selections from the Koran,'

8vo. sewed, pp. 8, with a plate. 1880. 2s. Poole. - AN INDEX TO PERIODICAL LITERATURE. By W. F. Poole,

LL.D., Librarian of the Chicago Public Library. Third Edition, brought down to January, 1882. Royal 8vo. pp. xxviii. and 1442, cloth. 1883,

£3 138. 6d. Wrappers, £3 10s. Ralston.—Tibetan Tales. See Trübner's Oriental Series, page 5. Ram Raz.—Essay on the ARCHITECTURE of the Hindus. By Ram Raz,

Native Judge and Magistrate of Bangalore. With 48 plates. 4to. pp. xiv. and

64, sewed. London, 1834. £2 2s. Ravenstein.-THE RUSSIANS ON THE AMUR; its Discovery, Conquest,

and Colonization, with a Description of the Country, its Inhabitants, Productions, and Commercial Capabilities, and Personal Accounts of Russian Travellers. By E. G. RAVENSTEIN, F.R.G.S. With 4 tinted Lithographs and 3

Maps. 8vo. cloth, pp. 500. 1861. 15. Raverty.-NOTES ON AFGHANISTAN AND PART OF BALUCHISTAN, Geo

graphical, Ethnographical, and Historical. By Major H. G. Raverty, Bombay Native Infantry (Retired). Fcap. folio, wrapper. Sections I. and II. pp. 98.

1880. 28. Section III. pp. vi. and 218. 1881, 58. Rice.—MYSORE INSCRIPTIONS. Translated for the Government by

Lewis RICE. 8vo. pp. vii. 336, and xxx. With a Frontispiece and Map.
Bangalore, 1879. £1 108.



By Sir Thomas Roe and Dr. John FRYER. Reprinted from the “ Calcutta

Weekly Englishman.” 8vo. cloth, pp. 474. 1873. 78. 6d. Rogers.—COINS OF THE TULUNI DYNASTY. See “ Numismata Ori.

entalia.” Vol. I. Ра: IV. Routledge.-ENGLISH RULE AND NATIVE OPINION IN INDIA. From

Notes taken in the years 1870-74. By JAMES ROUTLEDGE. Post 8vo.

cloth, pp. 344. 1878. 108. 6d. Schiefner. –Tibetan Tales. See Trübner's Oriental Series, page 5. Schlagintweit.-GLOSSARY OF GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS FROM INDIA AND

Tibet, with Native Transcription and Transliteration. By HERMANN DE SCHLAGINTWEIT. Forming, with “ Route Book of the Western Himalaya, Tibet, and Turkistan,''the Third Volume of H., A., and R. De SCHLAGINTWEIT'S “Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia.” With an Atlas in imperial folio, of Maps, Panoramas, and Views. Royal 4to., pp. xxiv. and

293. 1863. £4. Sewell.—REPORT ON THE AMARAVATI TOPE, and Excavations on its Site

in 1877. By ROBERT SEWELL, of the Madras C. S., etc. With four plates.

Royal 4to. pp. 70, boards. 1880. 38. Sewell.–ARCHÆOLOGICAL SURVEY OF SOUTHERN INDIA. Lists of the

Antiquarian Remains in the Presidency of Madras. Compiled under the Orders of Government, ROBERT SEWELL, H.M.'s Madras Civil Service, Member of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the Asiatic

Society of Bengal. Vol. I., 4to. pp. xii-326, lxii., cloth. 1882. 208. Sherring: -Hindu Tribes and Castes as represented in Benares. By

the Rev. M. A. SHERRING. With Illustrations. 4to. Cloth. Vol. I. pp. xxiv. and 408. 1872. Now £6 6s. Vol. II. pp. lxviii. and 376. 1879. £2 88.

Vol. III. pp. xii. and 336. 1881. £1 12s.

An Account of Benares in Ancient and Modern Times. By the Rev. M. A. SHERRING, M.A., LL.D.; and Prefaced with an Introduction by FitZEDWARD Hall, Esq., 'D.C.L.

8vo. cloth, pp. xxxvi. and 388, with numerous full-page illustrations. 1868. 218. Sibree.—THE GREAT AFRICAN ISLAND. Chapters on Madagascar. A

Popular Account of Recent Researches in the Physical Geography, Geology, and Exploration of the Country, and its Natural History and Botany, and in the Origin and Division, Customs and Language, Superstitions, Folk-Lore and Religious Belief, and Practices of the Different Tribes. Together with Illustrations of Scripture and Early Church History, from Native Statists and Missionary Experience. By the Rev. Jas. SIBREE, jun., F.R.G.S., of the London Missionary Society, etc. Demy 8vo. cloth, with Maps and Illus

trations, pp. xii. and 372. 1880. 12s. Smith.–CONTRIBUTIONS TOWARDS THE MATERIA MEDICA AND NATURAL

HISTORY OF CHINA. For the use of Medical Missionaries and Native Medical Students. By F. POPTER SMITH, M.B. London, Medical Missionary in

Central China. Imp. 4to. cloth, pp. viii. and 240. 1870. £1 ls. Strangford.- ORIGINAL LETTERS AND PAPERS OF THE LATE VISCOUNT

STRANGFORD, upon Philological and Kindred Subjects. Edited by VISCOUNTESS

STRANGFORD. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. xxii. and 284. 1878. 128. 6d.
Thomas.-ANCIENT INDIAN WEIGHTS. See Numismata Orientalia."

Vol. I. Part I.

Incidental Sketch of the Derivation of Aryan Alphabets, and contributions to the Early History and Geography of Tabaristan. Illustrated by Coins. By

EDWARD Thomas, F.R.S. 8vo. pp. 56, and 2 plates, cloth, sewed. 1872. 38. 6d. Thomas.-SASSANIAN Coins. Communicated to the Numismatic Society

of London. By E. THOMAS, F.R.S. Two parts. With 3 Plates and a Wood. cut. 12mo, sewed, pp. 43. 58.


With an

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