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Hoc mustum, Are moste.
Hoc idromellum, Ace wurte.



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Hoc ciromellum, Ace growtc.5
Hoc claretum, a clerote wyne.

Hoc nectar, Ace piment.
Hoc onafrum,

15 Hec amurca, a lyf of wyn. Hic uter, -ris, a flaget.'

Hec servisia, alle maner ale. Hec olla,

Hec selea, Ace stale ale.
Hec lura, a mowth of a flaget. Hec ffexs, Ace dregys.
Hec lura, a nek of a flaget.

Hec spuma, Ace berme.
Lura sic os utris, et collum Juridus inde. 20
Hic cifus, alle manyr copys.
Hic crater,



Hec cateria, } Ance a pese.?

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Hec urna, a cowpe.
Hec murra, a masowyr.
Hoc coopertorium, a ...
Hec clepsidra, a speget.
Hec urnula, a not.3
Hec orca, Ace a cane.
Hic canterus, a colok. 4
Hec amphora, a tancard
Hec idria, a watyrpot.
Hec ffidelia, idem est.
Hec justa, Ace a gyste.
Hoc vinum, alle maner wyne.
Hoc tementum, Ace strong wyne.
Hoc villum, Ace febylle wyne.
Hoc ffalarnum, Ace gode wyne.
Hoc tenulentum, Ace thyn wyne.
Hoc merum, Ace cler wyne.
Hec sapa, Ace qeketh wyne.
Hoc amuennum, Ace wyte wyne.

Hoc peripsima, Ace a paryng.

Hec mica, Ace a crume.
35 Hic bolus,
Hic murcellus,

a musselle.8
Hec buccella,
Est buccella cibus quantum semel accipis



40 Hoc salinum,
Hoc assitabulum,

} a salere.
Hoc ffrustrum, Ace a lumpe.



A flask, a leathern bottle.
Pece, or pese,

was a common name for a drinking-cup.


See before, p. 725 l. 27. 6 See before.

The little figure at the head of this article is curious, as showing the usual form of the loaf of bread at this period.

Not, or nut, a sort of small vase. 4 Collock is the name given in the northern dialects to a large pail.

8 1. e., a morsel.

Hic sal, saltis, Ace salt.
Hoc coclear, Ace a spone.
Hoc candelebrum, Ace a cand-

ylsteyke. Hoc gausape, Hoc toral,

a burdclothe. Hec mappa, Hoc sissorium, Ace a trench

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Hec subuncula, }a scherte.


Hec tunica, Ace a cote.
Hoc ventrale, a corsete.

a scherte.

CAMERE. Hec supera;}

5 Hic camrius,

Ance a schama rokete or a lyste. Hec instita,

Hic et hec sinista,) berleyne. Hec lombesina, Ance a paltoke." Hoc lectum, alle maner off beddys. He bracce, -arum,

Hoc grabatum, a seke mannys beddys. Hoc ffemorale, Ance a breke. Hoc torum, Ace a husbondes bedde Hoc perizoma,

10 Hec toreuma, Ace a kynges bedde.' Hic fforulus, Ace a huwyng.

Hoc supralectum, }a selowyr.
Hoc lumbare, Ace a bregyrdyle. Hec tectora,
Hec legula, Ace a lanyr.

Hoc capisterium, Ace a redele.5
Hoc subligar, Ace a styltbonde. Hoc pallium, Ace a palle.

15 Hoc tapetum, Ace a schalun.. Subliger est legula caligas quas sublygans

Hoc coopertorium, a cowyrlythe. alte.

Hoc torall, idem est. Hoc tibiale, a strapylle.

Est toral mappa, tegmen lectoque vocatur. Hec caliga, Ace a hose.

Hic lodex, Ace a blanket.
Hic mancus, Ace a meteyne. 20 Hoc linthiamen, Ace a schete.
Hec ffirotica, Ace a glofe.?

Hoc carentivillum, a canvas.
Hic sotularis, Ace a scho.

Hoc ffultrum, Ace a matras. Hic pedulus, Ace a soke.

Hec sponda, Ace a ffedyrbedde. Hic fractillus, Ace a dag of a gowyn. Hoc servical, Ace a pelow.

} a combe.
Hoc pecten,
Hoc caliandrum, a wulpere.?

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25 Hec comd,



"A paltock was a doublet or cloak descending to the middle of the thigh. It is a word which has recently been brought into use again.

For cirotica, i. e. chirotheca. It is another example of the curious use of the f, remarked in a former note.

3 The dagging, jagging, or foliating, the edges of garments, came into fashion apparently in the reign of Edward III.,

and prevailed more or less till the latter
part of the fifteenth century.
The celure, or roof, of the bed.

The ridel, or bed-cortain.
6 See before, p. 626, note 2.

Wulpere. The Latin word caliendrum signifies false hair a periwig. A wulpere was perhaps a head-dress composed of false hair ; probably the same word as volupere.


Hoc anabatum, Ace a docer ad dorsum. Hoc festum, a holy day.
Hoc calatrale, Ace a sydedocer.

Pars festum tecti et dicitur esse solenne. Hec fforma, } a forme.

Hoc tingnum, a spere,
Hoc schabellum,

Hec trabecula, a wynbeme.
Hoc scannum, Ace a benche. 5 Hec trabes, a refter.
Hec antipera, Ace a screne.

Hic postis, -tis, a poste.
Hoc scopum, a matte.

Hoc laquiare, Ace a postbondde. Hoc utensule, howseho.1

Hoc sigillum, a barer of a rofetre. Hoc stramentum, lyttere.?

Hec ffenestra, Ace a wyndow. Hic stratus, -tus, -ui,

10 Hoc lucanar, a day of a wyndow.4 Hoc stratum; -ti, to; } a bed.

Hoc superuminare, Ace a lenterne,5 Stratus vel -tom confinguntur tibi lectum. Hec antica, Ace a porche. Hoc epicausterium, a thuelle.3 Hoc ostium, Ance a dore. Hic caminus, a grete fyre.

Hoc osticulum, Ace a hatche. Hic caminus, a chymny.

15 Hoc limen, -nis, Emittens fumum tibi sit locus ipse caminus,

Hec grunda, a hespe. Maximus atque rogus tibi dicitur esse ca- Hoc domicilium,

minus. Hoc institucium, Hec fagota, a fagat.

Hec cavilla, Ace a pyn. Hoc focale, fuelle.

20 Hoc manutentum Ance a haginday.6 Hic fax, -cis, Ance a chyde.

Hoc findolum, a lache.

Hec sera, Ace a loke.

Hec serula, Ace a clyket.

Hoc pesulum, Ace a hespe.

25 Hec ventifica, a screne. .

Hec assia, -e, Ace a burde. Hoc doma, -tis, a roffe.

Hec pertica, Ace a pherche. Hoc festum, a roffetre.

Hoc repagulum, a barre.

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Hec paries, -tis,} a walle.

Hic murus,

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Hic diaconus, } a dekyn.

Hic clatravus, Ace a lache.

Hic archidiaconus, Ace a arsdekyn. Hic obex, Ance a hoke.

Hic officialis, Ace a offysere. Hic gumser, Ance a hengylle.1 Hic comissarius, Ace a comissere. Hec vectes, Ance a hoke.

Hic rector, Ance a persun. Hec area, Ance a florthe.2

5 Hic vicarius, Ance a vecory. Hec capedo, dicitur spacium inter

Hic presbeter, parietes.

Hic et hec sacerdos, > a pryst. Hoc scannum, Ace a benche.

Hic capellanus, Hoc focarium, Ace a hartstone. Sacris dicatus vel sacris deditus atque Hic ffocus, idem est.


Sacra dans, vel dux sacer esto sacerdos. Hic focus, Ance a hautere. Hic focus, Ance a fyir.

Hic levita, Est altare focus, locus et focus ignis. Hic subdiaconus, a subdekyn. Hoc reposilium, Ace a fyirbelowys. Hic acoletus, Ance a colet. Hec basys, the growndpelyr. 15 Hic exorcista, Ance a benet. Hic stilus, Ace a smal of a pelyr. Hic et hec secrista, a sekyrsteyn. Hic stilus, Ace a poyntelle.

Hic aquarius, a halywater-clerke. Hic stilus, alle maner speche. Hic aquebachelus, idem est.

Hic abbas, Ance a abotte. Est stilus unde puer scribit modus atque


20 Hic prior, -ris, Ace a prier. Atque stilus media pars dicitur esse co- Hic supprior, Ance a supprier.

lumna; Hic sellerarius, a selerer. Dico basi portare domum stilumque victis Hic subselarius, a subselerer.

ab ipsa,

Hic canonicus, a chanon. Portat epistilium quibus est erecta columba.

25 Hic monacus, a mongke. Hec cobluma, Ance a pylere.

Hic frater, a frere.
Hic eremita, a heremyte.

Hic doctor,
Hec vouta, Ace a wout.

Hic instructor,
Hec cardo, Ance a durherre. 30 Hic monitor,

Hic petegogus,
Hic auctor,


Hic imbutor, Hic papa, Ace a pape.3 Hic patriarca, Ace a patriark. 35 Hic didasculus, Hic cardinalis, Ace a cardinalle. Hic magister, -ri, -ro, Hic archiepiscopus, Ace a arsby- Doctor et instructor, monitor, petogogus, schop.

et auctor, Hic episcopus, Ance a byschop.

Imbutor, papas, didasculus, atque magister. Hic legatus, Ance a legat. 40 Hic legista, a legister. Hic suffraganeus, a suffrigan. Hic grammaticus, a grammaryon. Hic decanus, Ance a dene.

Hic dioleticus,

. Hic canselarius, } a scawnceler.

Hic arcista, Hic scriba,

Hic sophista, a sophister. " A hengle, or hinge.

It is a curious example of the extent to i. e., a floor.

which the order for erasing the pope's 3 This word had been nearly erased in name from public documents was carried the MS., no doubt after the Reformation.

llec ffornis,} Ance a

Hic arcus,

Hic papas,



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