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Hoc stercus,



Hoc internodium,} a knebone.

Hec munda,

Extractus venis cruor est, in corpore sauHec matrix, a schyn that a schyld

guis. Hec steria, ys consevyd in.

Hoc fel, Ace the galle. Hec cavilla, Ace a hankyl.

Hoc sperma, -tis, Ace mankynd. Hoc extum Ace a gret paugh. 5 Semen quod seritur, set progenies quoque Hoc viscus, Ace a bowelle.

sperma. Hoc nytunum, Ace a bowelle. Hoc alatum, Ace a rofom.' Hoc trutum, Ace a tharme.

Hic condulus, Ace a knokylle.
Hec struta, Ace a startere of nete.
Hoc intestinum

10 Hec meda,

a torde.
Hic colus,
a nestarme.

Hoc genu, Ace a kne.
Hec diafragma, Ace a mydred. Hic poplex, Ace a hame.
Hoc cordis, Ace a hert.
Hic splen, Ace the mylt.
Hic ren, -nis, Ace the nerys.

15 Hec tibea, Ace a leg.
Hoc epar, -ris, Ace the lywer. Hec tibea, Ace a trompe.
Cor sapit, et pulmo loquitur, fel coligit iram, Tibia dat somitum, me portat tibia totum.
Splen ridere farit, cogit amare jecur.

Hec sura, Ace a schynbone. Hic pulmo, Ace a long.

Hic nervus, Ace a senow. Hoc burbulum, Ace a umblye. 20 Hic pes, -dis, Ace a fothe, Hec elia, Ace flank.

Hic poder, Ace the fylthe of the fothe. Hoc cepum, Ace talow.

Hic callus, Ance the harde of the Hec pinguedo, Ace fatnes.

Hec planta,

fothe. Erba sit hec fragus, hoc fragrum sit tibi

Signat callus plautam collumque bovinum.

fructus, 25 Hic sudor, Ace swete. Hic fragros, -gi, pomplex cernatur haberi.

Hec arcacis, Ace slepe of the fothe. Hic fragus, Ace a hame.

Pes patitur artare, Ance, my fothe ys a Hec fragus, Ace a streberywyse.

slepe. Hoc fragum, Ace a strebery. Hoc apostema, -tis, Ace a postemet." Hic talus, Ace a hele.

30 Hec glaucoma, Ace a gome. Hic talus, Ace a dyse.

Hic articulus, Ace a too. Tudo cum talis, terram tango quoque talis. Hec vola, Ace the holle of the fothe. Hic sanguis,

Est vola pars palme, pars ale, pars pedis Hic cruor, Sanguis alit corpus, cruor est a corpore

35 Hic pollex, Ace a thombe. sumptus;

Hic index, Ace a lykpot.


Anee blode.



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} Ace coperas.


} a cruet.

Hic medius, Ace the longman. Hec paterna, Ace a patyn.
Hic medius, Ace the leche.

Hoc corporarium,
Hic auricularis. Ace the lythylman, Hoc corporale,
Pollex, index, medius, medicus, auricularis.

Hec fiola, Hec vesica, Ance a bleder.

5 Hic urcius, Hic musculus, Ace a muskylle. Hic musculus, Ace a lytyl mus.

Hic panis,

a nobely:2 Est musculus piscis, parvus mus, pars Hoc sacramentum, Ance the sacra


ment. Hec solia, Ace the sole of the fote. 10 Hoc sacrium, Hoc solium, Ace a kynges sete. Hoc sacrificium,

sacrifyce. Sub pede sit solia, solium quoque regia Hoc turibulum, Ace a sensere.


Hec aserra, a schyp that zychel

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ere in.

15 Hoc thus,

Hoc incesum, } Ance ensence.

Hec candela, Ace a candelle.
Hic almoriolum, Ace almery.

Hic lampas, Ace a lawmp.

20 Hic lichinus, Ace meche. NOMINA ECCLESIE

Hic mergulus, Ace herne in the lamp. NESSESSARIA.

Hoc olium, Ace oylle.

Hic cerreus, Ace a torche.

Hic cerulus, a lytyl torche.
Hoc superaltare, Ace a superaltori. 25 Hoc candelebrum,
Hec crux, Ace à crosse.

Hoc candelarium,} a candyllestyk. Hec imago, Ace a ymage.

Hoc crisma, -tis, Ace a crem. Hic lichitus, for a eylepott.

Hoc crismatorium, Ace a crismatory. Hoc vixillum, Ace a banyre.

Hoc vestiarium, Hic calix, Ace a schalys.

30 Hoc vestibulum; } a vestri.

Hoc altare

, }a hawtere.

Hec ara,


These popular names of the fingers seem to be of considerable antiquity. The following curious lines are quoted by Mr. Halliwell (Dict of Arch. Words) from a MS. of the fifteenth century in the University Library, . Cambridge (Ft. v. 48, fol. 833): Ilke a fyngir has a name, als men thaire fyngers

A Nominale in MS. Reg 17, C. XVII.,
fol. 39, 10, gives the following list, very
similar to that in our text:

Hic pollex, Ae thowmo.
Hic index, Ae lic-pote.
Hic medius, Ae lang-fynger.
Hic medicus, Ae leche

calle. The lest fyngir hat lit yl- man, for bit is lest

of alle ; The next fynger hat leche-man, for quen a

leche dos ogt, With that fynger he tastes all thyng how that

hit is wrogt; Long-man hat the mydilmast, for longest

fynger bit is; The ferthe men calls to wcher, therwith men

touches i-wis ; The fifto fynger is the thow mbe, and hit has

most mygt, And fastest haldes of alle the tother, forthi men

calles hit rigt.

Hic auricularis, Ae lytyl-fynger. Mr. Halliwell has printed a modern nursery rhyme, (Nursery Rhymes of England, fifth edition, p. 155), in which dames very similar to these are still used, namely, thumbkin, foreman, longman, ringman, and littleman. In Norfolk the fingers are called popularly, Tom - thumbkin, Willwilkin, Long-gracious, Betty bodkin, Littletit.

the oblay, or offering.

2 1. e.,


Hoc vitrum, } Ance glas


Hoc missale, Ace a myssale.

Hoc ventilogium, a wedercok. Hoc gradale, Ace a grayelle.

Hoc calasisorium, Are a hers. Hoc troparium, Ace tropere.

Hoc fferetrum, Hoc callendarium, Ace a calendere. Hoc sandapulum,

Ance a bere. Hoc ymnare, Ace a ymnere.

5 Hec libetina, Hec leges,

Hic loculus, Hec legenda, a legend.

Est loculus bursa, parvas locus, et lubitina. Hic legendus,

Hec sera, Ace wax.

10 Hoc ilum,
Hoc psalterium, Ace a sawtereboke. Hoc orologium, Ace a horologe.
Hoc antifonarium, a amphanere. Hoc oritimum, Ace a cloke.
Hoc primarium, Ace a premere. Hoc organum, Ace a orgon.
Hoc mertilogium, Ace a mertelage. Hoc osculatorium, Ace a paxbrede.

Hoc passionari[um], Ace a passionari. Hic towalus,
Hoc regestrum, Ace a regestyr.

Hic certofagus,
Hoc ordinale, Ace a ordynal.

Hoc sepulcrum, Ance a grafe. Hoc portiforum, Ace a portes.

Hoc bustum, Hoc touale, Ace a toual.

20 Hoc tumba, Hoc temperalium, Ace a temperal. Hec casula, Ace a chesypyl.

Hoc poliandrum, Ace a byryelston. Hec alba, Ace a hawbe.

Hic ysopus, Ace a sprenkylle. Hic amictus, Ace a amyte.

Hoc aspersorium, idem est. 25 Hic stallus, Ace a stalle.

Hoc mausolium, ] Hic phano, -is, Ace phanun.'

Hic tumulus,

} Ance a grafe. Hec capa, Ace a cope.

Hoc pulpetorium, Ace a pulpyt.
Hoc superpelicium, a syrples.
Hec dalmatica, a tonykyl.

Hic ffons, -tis, Ace a funte.
Hic gradus, -dus, -ui, Ace a grese.?
Hic baptismus, Ace crystyndome.
Hoc piscis,

} Ace a box. Hoc alabastrum,

35 Hec



Hoc monumentum,} Ance a tumb.


Hec zona,

Hoc tropheum,} a gyrdylle.

Hec campanicula,} a belle.

Hoc campanile, Ace a stepyl.
Hoc camparium, idem est.
Hoc tintinabulum, a lytyl belle.
Hic batillus, Ace a clapyr.

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A standard; the gonfanon. * A step. In the directions in the will of Henry VI., for the building of the colleges at Eton and Cambridge, we read, „Item, the height fro the streete to the enhancing of the ground of the cemetery, 7 feete di., and the same walle io height

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Hic buceulus; } a bullok.

Hec juvenca;} a hekfere.


a SOW.

Hoc lectrinium,
Hic ambo, a leyterne.

juvencus Hic discus,

Hec buccula,
Hic obstratis, Ace a pannyng.
Hoc velum, Ace a veyle.

5 Hic vitulus, Ace a calfe. Hoc simutorium,

Hic vervex, Ace a ram. a schererd. Hoc atrium,

Hic aries, Ace a wedyr. 1 gour

Hec ovis, alle manner a chepe.

Hec verbica, Ace a hew.
10 Hec adasia, Ace pyllyd hew.

Hec erna, Ace a hewlambe.

Hic agnus, Ace a wedyrlombe.

Hic agnellus, a lytyl lambe.

Hic titirus, Ace a belwedyr.
15 Hic equiferus, Ace a wyld hors.

Hic aper, Ace a wyld bore.

Hic verres, tam bore.


Hec nefrenda,

} a hoge. Hic dextrarius, Ace a stede.

20 Hec porca, Hic emissarius, a corsowyr.

Hic et hec sus,

} Hic sucarius, Ace a trotore.'

Hec scrofa, Hic palafridus, a palfrey.

Hec porcula,
Hic gradarius, Are a hawmlore.?

Hec nefrenda,} a geldyd sow.
Hic mannus, Ace a hakeney. 25 Hic porcellus, Ace a pyg.
Hic cabo, Ace a stalon.

Hic caper, a get buk.
Hic caballus, Ace a capulle.

Hec capra, Aee a gothe. Hic viridus, Ace a thylhors.

Hic edus,
Hic spado, Ace a gelt hers.

Hic capriolus, a kyd lomb.
Hic equus, Ace alle maner hors. 30 Hic edulus,
Hec equa, Ace a mare.

Hic leporarius, a frefownd.
Hic pullus, Ace a schekyn.

Hic odorincicus, a stanyel. Hic pullus, Ace a fole.

Hic caniculus, a qwelpe.
Pullus, -a, -um, Ace blak.

Hic catulus, idem est.
Pullus equs, pullus galline, pullus et ater. 35 Hec catula, a byche qwelpe.

Hec lacesca, Ace a byche.
Hec asina,

Hic molossus, Ace a bonddoge. Hic saginarius, Ace a palhors.3

Hic catus, Hic taurus, Ace a bole.

Hic mureligus,

a catt. Hic mulus, Ace a mule.

40 Hic pilax, Hic et hec bos, Ace a hox.

Hic catellus, Ace a cytlyng.5

Hic bubalus, Ace a bogelle.
a COW.
Hec vacula,
Trotore, a trotter.

hunger, and fyrst, for thirst, which were ? Hawmlore, i. e. an ambler.

forms of the dialects of the Welsh border Pal-horse, evidently a pack horse.

in the fourteenth century. * i. e., a greyhound. The use of the A kitten. letter f in this word is rather singular, Bogelle, a beagle. and reminds us of the words fynger, for



Hic asinus, } a has.


Hec vacca,







a leo

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Hic Tetrissius

, }

a mane.

Hic ericius, NOMINA ANIMA

Hic irmacius,

a hurchyn. LIUM FERORUM.

Hic dromidarius, Ace a dromedarye. Hic leo, Ance a lywn.

Hec ffera, Ace a wyld best. Hec leena,

5 Hic camelus, Ace a schamelle. Hec leonissa, nys.

Hic lepusculus, Ace a leveret.
Hic cervus, Ace a hert.

a otere.
Hic servus, Ace a serwant.
Hic cervus per c. scriptuin sit bestia silve; Hic grillus, Ace a pryket.2
S. si scribatur servus, famulus vocitatur. 10 Hic unicornus, a unicorne.
Hec cerva, Ace a hynde.

Hic gurrex, Ace a watermowse. Hic cervulus, Ace a hertes calfe. Hic roonideus, Ace a redmowse. Hic damus, Ace a dobuk.

Hic cornu, indeclinabile, Ace a horne. Hic vel hec dama, Ace a doo. Hec ungula, Ace a claw. Hic hinnilus, Acc a fowne.

15 Hoc palare, Ace a dewlap. Hec fferina, -ne, Ace venisyn.

Hec crista. Hic lupus, Ace a wulfe.

Hec juba,

} Hec lupa, Ace a femel wulfe.

Hic Jubar rex fuerat, jubar hoc lux, hec

juba crista. Hic ursus, Ace a bere. Hec ursa, idem est.

20 Hec cauda, Hic leopardus, Ace a lebard.

dica Hec leoparda, idem est.

Hic colimellus, Ace thoyse.
Hic vulpes, Ace a ffox.

Hec ceta, Ace a brystylle.
Hec simia, Ace a hape.
Hic cuniculus, Ace a conyng.

25 Hec cunicula, idem est

Tallinna NOMINA AVIUM Hic furo, -is, Ace a foret.

DOMESTICAHic olefans, a olefawnt.

RUM. ,

a scurelle. Hic scurellus,


Hic gallus, Ace acok. Hec mustela, a wesylle.

Hec gallina, Ace a hene. Hic lepus, Ace a hare.

Hic pullus, Ace a cheke. Hic rato, Ace a ratun.

Hic ancer, Ace a gander. Hic sorex, idem est.

Hec auca, Ace à gose. Hic mus, Ace mowse.

35 Hic ancerulus, Ace a guslyng. Hic vel hec talpa, Ace a molle. Hic castor,

Hic altile, Hec melota, a brok.

Hic pavo, Ace a pocokk. Hic taxus,

Hic anas, for drake. Hec taxus, a hewtre.1

40 Hec anata, a heynd. Hic arbor taxus, hinc taxom dico melotam Hic columbus,

Hec columba, Hic pecoides,

Hic pipio, Ace dowbyrd.


Hic capo, -is, } a capun.


Hic fetrunctus, } a sulmard.


a dowe.



A yew-tree.

A pricket is, properly, a buck in his second year. The Prompt. Parv. has, “Pryket, beest, capriolus.“ But in our text it must be eitber an error for cryket, which

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