My grandmother's guests and their tales

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Page 18 - Soft hour ! which wakes the wish and melts the heart Of those who sail the seas, on the first day When they from their sweet friends are torn apart ; Or fills with love the pilgrim on his way, As the far bell of vesper makes him start, Seeming to weep the dying day's decay.
Page 69 - And folds in waved notes, with a trembling bill, The pliant series of her slippery song ; Then starts she suddenly into a throng Of short thick sobs, whose...
Page 46 - ... as great a weight of iron as he could bear, and more ; that he have no sustenance, save only, on the first day, three morsels of the worst bread ; and on the second da}-, three draughts of standing water, that should be nearest to the prison door ; and in this situation this should be alternately his daily diet till he died, or (as anciently the judgment ran) till he answered...
Page 69 - Founded to th' name of great Apollo's lyre; Whose silver roof rings with the sprightly notes Of sweet-lipped angel-imps, that swill their throats In cream of morning Helicon, and then Prefer soft anthems to the ears of men, To woo them from their beds, still murmuring That men can sleep while they their matins sing...
Page 63 - By all that from thy prophet broke, In thy divine emotions spoke ! Hither again thy fury deal, Teach me but once like him to feel : His cypress wreath my meed decree, And I, O Fear, will dwell with thee ! ODE TO EVENING.
Page 61 - With their own vision oft astonished droop, When o'er the watery strath or quaggy moss They see the gliding ghosts unbodied troop.
Page 62 - They see the gliding ghosts unbodied troop. Or, if in sports, or on the festive green, Their destined glance some fated youth descry, Who now, perhaps, in lusty vigour seen, And rosy health, shall soon lamented die. For them the viewless forms of air obey; Their bidding heed, and at their beck repair: They know what spirit brews the stormful day, And, heartless, oft like moody madness, stare To see the phantom train their secret work prepare.
Page xvi - Among the blest, the chosen few, (Blest if their happiness they knew), Who, for three hundred guineas paid To some great master of the trade, Have, at his rooms, by special favour, His leave to use their best endeavour, By drawing pleas from nine till four, To earn him twice three hundred more ; And after dinner may repair To 'foresaid rooms, and then and there Have 'foresaid leave from five till...
Page 19 - ... upon through the spectacles of pity, did even increase the lines of her natural fairness, so as Amphialus was astonished with grief, compassion, and shame, detesting his fortune that made him unfortunate in victory.
Page 4 - ... part which was opposite to him, and beyond them, he saw the spires of a building, which seemed to be either a church or a monastical establishment. Looking down, he perceived that the small enclosure was thickly covered with graves, on each of which a small wooden cross had been placed, and flowers thickly planted. One grave was open, as if it had been just dug : he looked upon the wall against which this open grave was made, and he saw upon it a marble tablet, with an inscription. He gazed upon...

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