The Satapatha-br‚hmana. Part I: According to the Text of the M‚dhyandina School, Part 1, Book 1

Front Cover
Julius Eggeling
Scribner's, 1900 - 456 pages

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Page 259 - Lay vanquished, rolling in the fiery gulf, Confounded, though immortal. But his doom Reserved him to more wrath; for now the thought Both of lost happiness and lasting pain Torments him : round he throws his baleful eyes That witnessed huge affliction and dismay, Mixed with obdurate pride and steadfast hate. At once, as far as Angels ken, he views The dismal situation waste and wild.
Page 260 - The horrid shock. Now storming fury rose, And clamour such as heard in Heaven till now Was never...
Page 156 - Like as when some cruel chieftain slain, the hateful band is all dispersed and scattered, so the host of Mara disconcerted, fled away. The mind of Bodhisattva (now reposed) peaceful and quiet.
Page 106 - Mathava, the Videgha, then said (to Agni), 'Where am I to abide?' 'To the east of this (river) be thy abode!' said he. Even now this (river) forms the boundary of the Kosalas and Videhas; for these are the Mathavas (or descendants of Mathava).
Page 163 - Thus did he complete the end of " self," as fire goes out for want of grass ; thus he had done what he would have men do; he first had found the way of perfect knowledge. He finished thus the first great lesson...
Page 208 - Twere equal, then, the doing right or wrong : there should be no reward of works ; the works themselves being his making, then all things are the same with him, the maker, but if all things are one with him, then our deeds, and we who do them, are also self-existent.
Page 8 - Let then his heart be joyful and glad, banish all anxiety and doubt, the spiritual omens that are everywhere manifested indicate for your house and dominion a course of continued prosperity 3.
Page 440 - from this,' she means to say ' from my relatives;' and by saying 'not from thence/ she means to say 'not from husbands.
Page 217 - After he had reared it in this way, he took it down to the sea. And in the same year which the fish had indicated to him, he attended to (the advice of the fish) by preparing a ship; and when the flood had risen, he entered into the ship. The fish then swam up to him, and to its horn he tied the rope of the ship, and by that means he passed swiftly up to yonder northern mountain.
Page 167 - Buddha regarding the invitation of Brahma-deva rejoiced at heart, and his design was strengthened ; greatly was his heart of pity nourished, and purposed was his mind to preach.

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