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friend of the friendless and the comforter of the lowly. In this aspect of his work his imitation of Christ was preëminent, that his labour of love was specially consecrated "to seek and to save that which was lost."

But we anticipate, and must glance at the boy Wesley, and the circumstances which proved the Campus Martius to train him for his lifelong conflict "with the rulers of the darkness of this world, with spiritual wickedness in high places."

Close bordering on the winding Trent, in one of the richest portions of Lincolnshire, is the parish and manor of Epworth, the church standing upon an elevation reached by a gentle ascent about four miles from the river, but shaded from view by a shoulder of the hill. Right well do we remember our pilgrimage to that spot a few short months ago. The heavens smiled propitiously on our purpose, for never did a brighter spring sun pour gladness into the heart than that which shone upon us as we crept blithely along the road that gradually swept up from the ferry. Our sensations we will not attempt to describe, as we paced the pathway of the quiet old country town, where the first relic we picked up was the characteristic one of a torn page of the New Testament. Suffice it to say, that it was with more than common emotion we looked upon the font where the man whose genius made the celebrity of the place had been baptized; upon the communion table where Wesley had often officiated, yet whence he had been rudely repulsed by an intemperate and ungrateful priest, who had owed his all to the Wesleys; on the tombstone of his father, which on that occasion and subsequently served the itinerant John for a pulpit, from which he addressed weeping multitudes in

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