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and Sincerity, p. 214 Z, C, h, 215 k, n. V. Put
nishment of the Wicked, p. 317 a.

V. supra, Flat-

IDLE NESS. V. Diligence, p.

IDOLATRY. V. Only God, p. 22 x.

V.. Devils, p.
124 u. V. General Duty to God, p. 131 r, &c.
V, Worship, p. 156. y, 2, 157 a, b. V. Prayer,

p. 166 y, z, a
INTERCESSION of Christ for Mankind, p. 94 h, &c.

Of Men for one another, V. p. 162 t
JUDGMENT. God is Judge, V. p. 15 p, 18 m, q, r,

43 W, 44 f, 138 m. He committeth Judgment to the
Son, p. 76.i. Christ shall judge the World, p. 106.
Judging one another, V. Wrong Juilgment, p. 200.
V. Candour, p 211 Judging ourselves, V. Exa-

mination, p. 296
JUSTIFICATION. Not possible by Nature or the Deeds

of the Law. V. Sinfulness of Man, p 70, &c. Jus-
tification by Christ, V. p. 91 p. 93 d, 99 p, 112 m.
n, o, p, 113 q. Justification by Faith, V. p. 113 ex
134 k, 135 0, 136 w, x, y

KING. God is King, V. p. 18 k, &c. 20 d, &c.

Christ is King, V. p 78 0,79 , 84 e, f. Kings
of the Earth, v. Duty of Magistrates and Subjects,
p. 230 g, &c. 232, &c.
KINDRED. V. Doing Good, p. 202 f. V. Chastity,

p. 258 0

Law. V. Sinfulness of Man, p 71 a. Vi Christian

Covenant, p. 86 n, o, r, &c. V. Holiness, p. 112
1, m, 113 r. V. Obe lience, p. 146 a. V. Justice
p. 190 z.

V. Meditation, p. 275 d
LYING. V. Truth and Sincerity, p. 213.


V. supra,

MALICE. V. Lore, p. 184 s, 185 z, a. V. Peace

and Union, p. 187 u V. Justice, p. 191 g, h, i, a
MARRIAGE. V. Original State of Man, p. 53 d. V.

Duty of Husbands and Wives, p. 2200, p. V. Chase

tity, p. 260 z, a
MEDIATOR.. Christ our Mediator, V. p. 75 d, 84 c,

0,87 s, t, 88 x. V. Intercession of Christ, V. p. 94

h, &c.
MIRACLES. Done by God, V. p. 51 m.

By God the
Father through the Son, V. p. 76 f. By Christ, V.
p. 80 a, &c. By the Holy Ghost, V. p. 96 t; w,

[ocr errors]

Order. V. Church of Christ, p. 103 0, 105 u. V.
Public Assemblies, p. 179 k, l, &c V. Union,
V. Duty of Ministers, р

241 w
PATIENCE. V. Trust in God, p. 139 x, 140 y

Submission, p

149 r, 150 a, d, 152 l, m, n, o,
153 x.

V. Meekness, p. 253

p. 187 s.

PERJURY. V. Oaths, p. 167 f, h, 168 b. False

Witness, p. 200
PREACHING. of the Gospel, V. p. 8 y, 89 c, 101

a, b, 103 m, 104 p, s, 105x, 111 e. V Faith, 136

u. V. Duty of Ministers, p. 23+ p, 235 q. &c
PRIDE. Of the Devil, p. 125 b. Of the Wicked,

P, 131 p. Sin of Pride, V. Trust in God, p. 140 %.

V. Humility p. 246
PROFANENESS. V. Worship of God, p. 1:55 0, 156

r, t, u, X, y. V. Oaths, p. 167 k, 168 1, m. V.
Duty of Ministers, p. 237 w, x. V. supra, Blasphe-

PROPHETS. · Prophecy. Before Christ, V p. 41,

7. u, 83 x, 85 g, 86 n, 89 e. Christ a Prophet,
p. 8+ y, 86 0, 88 y. Prophecy given by the Spirit,
d. By Jesus Christ, V.


103 i.
Examples of prophets to be follored, V. p. 152 m.
False Prophets, V. p. 124 t, 134 h, i, 279 p. V.
supra, Divination.

97 b, c,

PROVIDENCE. V. God Preserver, p.13. V. God Diso

poser and Governor, p 15 o, &c. V. Wisdom of
God, p. 31 V. Trust in God, p. 138 i, o, p, 139
t. V. Contentment, p. 264 h

REGENERATION. By Water and the Spirit, V. Ope-

rations of the Holy Ghost, p 99 r V Holiness, p.
113 s.

V. Baptism, p 170 d, e, 171 i, k, l, m.
By Repentance and Faith in Christ.' V Knowledge,
p. 110 y.

V. Holiness, 112 k, 113 r. V. Happi-
ness, p. 118 w, y. V. Self-denial, p. 268 s. V.

Amendment, 4 302 g, &c.
REVENGE. V. Forgiving Injuries, p. 205
Riches. V. Mortality, p 58 h. V. Vanity of human

Condition, p. 63 o, 64 z, 65 a, &c. 66 p. V.
Thanksgiving, p. 160 y. V. Humility, p. 247 g,
249 u, &c. V. Diligence, p. 263 a, c V. Con-
tentment, p. 264 i, 266 s, &c. V Mortification,
p. 269 c.

V. Punishment of the Wicked, p. 323 f.

V. supra.

SACRAMENTS.' V. Covenants, p. 170. Baptism, ibido

Lord's Supper, p. 171
SACRIFICE, Christ a Sacrifice for Men, V. p 90 f, g,

91 n, r, 92 s, 113 t, u, 118 z, 120. The Heathen
Sacrifice, V. Devils, p. 124 u. The true Sacrifice
required by God, V. p. 117 q. V Duty to God,
p. 138 f, h, k. V. Obedience, p 147 e, f. V. Wor.
ship of God, p. 155 i, l, m, n. V Praise and Thanks-
giring, p 158 k, 160 c, 161 f.

V. Prayer, P:
166 u, 173 t, 175 h. V. Public Assemblies, p. 178

c. 237 d.
SACRILEGE. V Vows, p. 169 t, u, w, x
SCRIPTURE. V. p. 3, &c. Given by inspiration, V.

P 4 h. &. Clearness of the Scriptures, V. p. 6.
Perfection, p 7 u, &c.


SPIRIT God is a Spirit, V p. 24 Spirit of Man,

p. 12 o, 54 f, g, 58 e, 61 c. 73 h. 118 z. Spirit
of God, V. Holy Ghost, p. 95. Created Spirit, V.

Angels, p. 121
SPIRITUAL Nature of the Christian Religion, V New

Covenant, p. 86 r, &c. V Operations of the Spirit
p. 97, &c.

V. Church of Christ, p. 102 h, i V.
Christian Knowledge, p. 110 x Holiness, p. 111,
&c Happiness, p. 118 x. &c. V. Duty to God, p.
129 d, e, &c. V. Faith, p 135 p V. Obedience,
p. 146 c, &c. V Worship, p155 h, &c. 1720,
174 a, b, 176 0, 177 t. V. Mortification, p 267,

&c. V. Perfection, p. 282, &c.
SUPERSTITION. V. Vanity, p. 66 m V. Duty to God,
p. 130 l, m, 133 a. V. Fear of God p.

142 t.
V. Prayer, p. 163 C, 166 z. V. Holidays, p 174 a,
b. V Edifisation in General, p. 2701 Edification

by Knowledge, p. 272 d. V. supra, Divination.
TEMPTATION. V. Sinfulness of Man, p. 740. V.

Christ as Man, p. 83 u. V Devil, p 127 m, n,

128 q. V. Submission to God, p. 150 a, b. V.
Prayer, P

162 r, 163 d, 165 0. V. Watchfulness,
p. 276


V. Company, p. 277 a, 278,
THOUGHTS. V Knowledge of God, p. 291, k, l. V.

Vanity of Man, p 62 g 66 m Ignorance, p 68 m.
Insufficiency, p. 69 i, 1, 70 p. v. Knowledge of
Christ. p. 79 y V. Thoughts of the Wicked, p.

V. Justice, p. 191 g, h, i. V. Candour
in judging, p. 211 a. V. Humildly, p 246 a. V.
Chastity, p. 259 y V Unii ersal Obedience, p.
284 s

V Sincerity, p. 286 f, g, h, l. V. supra,

[ocr errors]


131 p.

TRINITY. V. p. 108, &c.

VAIN-GLORY. V. Humility, p. 246 d, f, &c.


WORDS. V. Vanity of Man, p. 62.1, 66 m V Oaths,
p. 167 f, &c.

V. False Witness, p 200, &c. V.
Candour in speaking, p 212, &c. ' V. Truth and Sin-
cerity, p. 213, &c. * V. Edification, p 216 u, w.
220 n. V. Meekness, p. 253 y, z. a, b, 254 g, &c.
V. Chastity. p 260 d, e. V Watchfulness, p. 277
w. V. Universal Obedience, p 283 1. &c. V. supra,
Blasphemy, Cursing, Flattery, Profaneness.
Works. Of God. V. Ch. II. Part, p. 20 a, b, c,

21 m, n, 23 b, 33 k, 34 q, s, 35 2, 51 m, &c.
Of Christ, V. p. 78 n, &c. n, 80 a, &c. Of the Holy
Ghost, V p. 96, 97. Works of Man, V. Weakness,
p. 70 o, &c.

V. Faith, p. 136 w, x, y, 137 g.
V. Justice of God, p. 43 b, c. V. Rewards, p. 209

V. Punishments, p. 316 2, 321 w
WORLD. V. Love of God, p. 145. V. Mortification,

p. 269 x, &c.

r, u.


G. CAW, Priater, Edinburgh.

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