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Whistler, J., Cornet, 6th Light Cav., to be Lieut., vice M'Neill, prom.-M.

Sept. 14,
Wahab, G., Lieut.-Col.-Com. 20th N. I., to the command at Trichinopoly, vice

Hamilton, on furlough.-M. Sept. 14.
Wilson, R. S., Capt., 21st N. I., to be Barrack-Master, vice Russell, prom.-M.

Sept. 14.
Walker, W., Lieut., 1st Light Cav., to be Quar.-Mast., Interp., and Pay-Mast.,

vice Buchanan.-M. Sept. 14. White, H., Capt., 7th N. I., to be Assist.-Adj.-Gen. of the Army, v. Hitchins.

M. Sept. 7. Wilson, J., Senior Capt. 13th N. I., to be Major, v. Hunter, prom.-M. Sept. 14. Wood, H. W., Ens., 4th N. I., to be Lieut., v. Stokes, prom.-M. Aug. 24. Watkins, A., Capt., 7th Light Cav., to be Major, v. Newmarch, prom.-M.

Aug. 24. Yates, R. H., Lieut.-Col., 44th N. I., to visit the Presidency for health.-M. Oct. 4.

BIRTHS. Adam, the lady of George, Esq., of a son, at Bombay, Sept. 21, Arathoon, the lady of J., Esq., of a daughter, at Madras, Sept. 1. Ardugh, the lady of Capt. J. R., Deputy Judge Advocate-General, of a son, at

Kamptee, July 30. Anstey, the lady of J. T., Esq., Civ. Serv., of a son, at Cocanadah, Sept. 30. Adam, the lady of the Rev. Wm., of a son, Calcutta, Sept. 29. Barber, the lady of Assist.-Surg., of a daughter, near Plassey, Aug. 20. Buchanan, the lady of Capt., 1st Light Cav., of a son, at Bangalore, Sept. 4. Burnett, the lady of Lieut., 20 Eur. Regt., of a son, at Bombay, Sept. 23. Baillie, the lady of George, Esq., Surg. to his Majesty of Oude, of a son, at Luck

now, Sept. 1o. Bainbridge, the lady of Joseph, Esq., of a daughter, at Madras, Aug. 14. Blake, the lady of Capt. B., 45th Regt., of a daughter, at Madras, July 29. Clayton, the lady of Lieut.-Sub.-Assist.-Commis.-General, of a son, at Berham

pore, Aug. 26. Chase, the lady of Capt. M. C., Commanding the Gov. Body Guard, of a son, at

Madras, Aug. 26. Counsell, the lady of Lieut., of a son, at Cuttack, Aug. 22. Corfield, the lady of Lieut. and Adj. F. B., of a son, at Poorneah, Aug. 23. Clarke, the lady of L., Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of a son, at Calcutta, Sept. 19. Cadell, the lady of Lieut. George, of a daughter, at Madras, Oct. 4. Davidson, the lady of T. K., Esq., of a daughter, at Ballygunge, Aug. 25. De Verane, the lady of J. M., Esq., of a son, at Sojenpore, Kishnaghur,

Aug. 20. D'Verinne, the lady of C., Esq., of a daughter, Calcutta, Sept. 8. Dewar, the lady of James, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of a son, at Bombay, Sept. 9. Graeme, the lady of Lieut. C. H., 5th Cav., of a son, at Bangalore, Aug. 26. Golding, the lady of B., Esq., of a daughter, at Jessore, Sept. 7. Griffins, the lady of H. H., Esq., of a daughter, at Luckeepore, near Commeorally,

Sept. 8. Haslaur, the lady of Capt., 25th N. I., of a son, at Titulya.-Aug. 20. Hobson, the lady of J., Esq., 1st European Reg., of a daughter, at Belgaum.Hamilton, J. J., Capt.,

Assist. Adj.-Gen. of the army, of a daughter, at Garden Reach, Calcutta,.-Sept. 26. Hackett, the lady of Lieut.-Col., of twin daughters, in camp, Jaulnah.-Aug. 15. Hawthorne, the lady of Capt., Dept.-Assist. Adj.-Gen., Dinapore Divis. of a

son.-C. Aug. 18. Hawes, the lady of W., Esq., of a son, at Chowringhee, Sept. 12. Hay, the lady of Major P. M., of a son, at Chowringhee, Sept. 10.

Sept. 16.

Hardy, the lady of Lieut.-Col., Quar.-Mast.-Gen., of a son, at Bombay, Aug. 6.
Hind, the lady of W. H. L. Esq., of a daughter, at Kidderpore, Aug. 9.
Hughes, the lady of Capt. S., 50th N. I., of a son, at Mangalore, Sept. 29.
Hessing, the lady of J. A. Esq., of a son.- Calcutta, Sept. 25.
Houlton, the lady of Capt. S., 1lth N. I., of a son, at Dinapore, Aug. 20.
Luard, the lady of Capt., 16th Lancers, of a son, at Meerut, July 28.
Lushington, the lady of Henry Esq., of a daughter, at Chowringhee., Calcutta,

Aug. 24.
Lee, the lady of Capt. S., of a daughter, at Calcutta, Sept. 3.
Lowe, the lady of John, Esq., of a son, at Chowringhee, Sept. 21.
Lowis, the lady of J., Esq., Civ. Serv., of a son, at Chowringhee, Sept. 26.
Moore, the lady of Major G., 59th Reg., of a daughter, at Barrackpore,

Aug. 20. Odell, the lady of I.ieut., 25th N. I., of a daughter, at Masulipatam, Sept. 19. Pierce, the lady of Lieut.-Col., F. H., Horse Artill. of a son, at Bombay,

Aug. 12. Poynton, the lady of Capt. W., of a daughter, at Colabah, Bombay, Aug. 9. Palmer, the lady of S. G., Civ. Serv., of a daughter, at Garden Reach, Calcutta,

Sept. 19. Ripley, the lady of Lieut. 2d Eur. reg., of a daughter, at Ayra, Aug. 9. Russell, the lady of H. P., Esq., Civ. Serv., of a son, at Monghyr, Aug. 12. Rae, the lady of Lieut. 20th Foot, of a daughter, at Poonah, Sept. 5. Ray, the lady of the Rev. Edward, of a son, Calcutta, Sept. 15. Stubbs, the lady of W., Esq., of a daughter, at Surat, Aug. 29. Swan, the wife of the Rev. T., of Serampore College, of a son, at Serampore,

Aug. 27. Sanderson, the lady of Capt., 9th Cav., of a son, at Cawnpore, Aug. 12. Strettell, the lady of C. G., Esq., of a son, Calcutta, Aug. 29. Simson, the lady of W., Esq., of a son, at Tannah, Sept. 21. Saunders, the lady of J., Esq., of a daughter, Bombay, Aug. 8. Swinhoe, the lady of T. B., Esq., of a daughter, Calcutta, Aug. 12. Scott, the lady of David, Esq., jun., Civ. Serv., of a son, at Burdwan, Aug. 14. Smalley, the lady of E., Esq., of a daughter, at Nellore, Oct. 8. Taylor, the lady of Lieut. R. 65th N. I., of a son, at Barrackpore, Aug. 18. Thompson, the lady of the late Thomas, Esq., of a daughter, Calcutta, Aug. 23. Thomson, the lady of G. P., Esq., of a daughter, at Comillah, Aug. 28. Trotter, the lady of E., Esq., of a son, Calcutta, Sept. 3. Turner, the lady of Capt. Wm., Fort Adj., of Agra, of a daughter, at Simla,

Aug. 15. Wilkinson, the lady of F. E., Esq., Civ. Serv., of a daughter, at Mozufferpore,

Tirhoot, Aug. 22.
Williamson, the lady of Maj. 3d Lt. Inf., of a son, at Bangalore, Aug. 26.
Wallace, the lady of Capt. J., Post-Master, Dooab. div. of a son, at Belgaum,

Sept. 3.
Wright, the lady of Capt. John, 40th reg., of a daughter, M. July 23.

Bruce, G. A., Capt., to Miss E. Masters.-Calcutta, Aug. 29.
Benson, W. M., Esq., Civ. Serv., to Maria, third daughter of C. Scott, Esq. of

Trewardresa, Cornwall, at Humerpoor, Aug. 23. Clarke, H., Esq., to Helen Eliza Barfoot, daughter of J. Barfoot, Esq., CalHolland, Mr. P. U., to Margaret C., widow of the late Capt. R. M. Owen, Cal

cutta, Aug. 22. Clarke, Thomas, Esq. of H. C. Marine, to Miss E. F. Des-Cruslais, at Chander

nagore, Aug. 12. Campbell, Lieut. K., Interp. and Quar. Mas., 45th N. I., to Miss M. A. Read, at

Baitool, Aug. 21. Duquat, P. L. M., Commis. Depart., to Miss Harriett Masters, Calcutta, Aug.


cutta, Aug. 23. Laurie, the Rev. Geo. James, Mad. Presid., to Laura Louisa, second daughter of

the late Sam. Ludlow, Esq., at Almora, Aug. 21. Littler, J. H., Major, 14th N. I., to Helen O. Stewart, only daughter of Capt. H.

Stewart, H. M.'s Serv., at Benares, Calcutta. Leicester, C. B., Esq., nephew of Lord de Tabley, to Miss Leycester, eldest

daughter of W. Leycester, Esq., at Calcutta, Sept. 8. Musgrave, J. F., 36th N. J. to Miss M. C. Stockdale, only daughter of the late

T. R. Stockdale, Esq., Madras, Sept. 3. Minchin, Lieut. F., 47th N. I., to Emily, third daughter of John Griffin, Esq.,

Sloane Street, Chelsea, at Benares, Aug. 14. Moore, J. A., Esq., of H. H., Nizam's service, to Sophia Stewart, second

daughter of Lieut. Col. R. H. Yates, of the Madras Estab., July 31. Meriton, R. O., Capt., 2 Bom. Eur., Reg., to Margaret Eliza, only daughter of

of P. Eliot, Esq., M.D., Neath, Glamorganshire, Sept. 24. Dratt, Geo., Esq., to Miss G. H. Cuiming, at Poonah, Aug. 2. Smith, A. F., Esq., to Josephina, widow of the late Alex. Falconer, Esq., at

Calcutta, Sept. 25. Swinhoe, J. H., Esq., of Calcutta, to Jessey, youngest daughter of the late R.

Trowman, Esq., of Exeter, Devon, at Madras, Sept. 14. Sage, Joseph C., Esq. 4th Extra N. I., to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the

late N. Ralesholm, Esq., at Calcutta, July 27. Walker, M., Esq. 16th Lancers, eldest son of Rear-Admiral Walker, C. B., to

Fanny M. Welch, eldest daughter Thom. Welch, Esq., Harley Street, at Masulipatam, Oct. 8.

DEATHS. Blake, Benjamin, youngest son of Capt. B., 45th N. I., at Jaulnalı, July 13. Baker, Saralı, daughter of the late W., Esq., of Walton le Soken, in Essex, at

sea, May 15. Babington, Jane, wife of Joho, Esq., Civ. Serv., Madras, Aug. 9. Barlow, Lieut. and Adj. W. F., 230 N. I., at Asseergurh, Aug. 3. Bishop, George Sleigh, son of Lieut. G. T., at Calcutta, Aug. 6. Berk, J., Lieut., 21st N. I., at Mulligaum, Aug. 20. Cazalet, W., Capt. 12th N. I., at Bombay, Sept. Campbell, Dugald, Ens. 2d Eur. regt., at Bombay, Aug. 11. Clarke, W.C., Capt., 6th Foot, at Bombay, Sept. 14. Clarkson, W. H., Lieut. 3d N. I., aged 22, at Poonah, Aug. 2. Cecil, Josiah, Lieut., of the C. E. V. B., at Vizagapatam, July 12. Doherty, H. H., Lieut., 18th N. I., at Mhow, Sept. 3. Dickson, W. Lieut., Executive Engin., eldest son of Col. Sir Alexander Dickson,

K. C. B., aged 23, at Chittagong. Heldsdinger, John H. V., Capt., aged 65, at Calcutta, Sept. 3. Hamilton, J. J., Capt., Assist.-Adj. Gen. of the Army, at Calcutta, Sept. 27. Long, J. B., Esq., aged 24 years, at Calcutta, Aug. 31. Matthew, Capt., 30th Foot, at Ellichpore, Aug. 14. Paton, the lady of Charles, Esq., at Akyab, Aug. 31. Smith, Conway William, son of E. J., Esq., Civ. Serv., at Allahabad, Aug. 12. Stuart, J. L., Lieut.-Col., of the Bengal Army, at Berhampore, Sept. 3. Soonderbut Smarth, a Hindoo High Priest of Bombay, at Bombay, Aug. 25. Sinclair, John, Capt., 29th N. I., Commanding 1st regt. Pioneers, in Camp near

Beezwarah, Aug. 12. Stapleton, S., Lieut. Adj., 520 N. I., at Chittagong, Sept. 13. Short, Emily Jane Maria, only daughter of the late Licut.-Col. Wm., of the 2d

Bombay N. I., aged one year and ten months, at London, Jan. 22. Tomkyns, Mr. Williamı, son of Lieut.-Col. J. Tomkyns, late of Bengal Artil.

aged 42 years, at Calcutta, Aug. 27. Vansandan, L., Lieut., 68th N. I., and second in command of the Rungpore Light

Infantry, at Bishnauth, Aug. 18.
Young, Matthew, Capt., 30th Foot, at Elliclipore, Aug, 14.




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Date. Port of Arrival.

Ship's Name. Commander.
Jan. 26 Portsmouth Sir Wm.Wallace Wilson
Jan. 26 Downs


Pearson Jan. 26 Dover

St. Leonard Rutherford Jan. 28 Clyde

Palambam Nash Jan. 28 Clyde


Baird Feb. 11 Holyhead Clyde

Scott Feb. 12 Portsmouth Eliza Jane Liddell Feb. 12 Cowes Augusta

Giles Feb. 13 Cowes Pyramus

Johnson Feb. 15 Margate Marcelly

Dawson Feb. 15 Dover


Robinson Feb. 16 Downs Mountaineer Canny Feb. 16 Downs


Warming Feb. 18 Plymouth Alfred

Pearson Feb. 18 Portsmouth David Scott Thornhill Feb. 18 Downs


Cochlan Feb. 18 Downs Mary

Laird Feb. 20 Dover


Parker Feb. 21 Cowes


Coffin Feb. 21 Cowes


Obean Feb. 22 Isle of Wight C. of Harcourt Harrison Feb. 25 Off the Lizard Broxbornbury Fewson Feb. 25 Cowes Orpheus



Place of Depart. Date.

1827. Bengal

.. Sept. 16 Cape Nov. 15 Bengal

Sept. 10 Bombay.. Sept. 16 Bombay.. Oct. II Bombay.. Oct. Mauritius Nor, 6 Sourabaya Oct. 29 Mauritius Nov. 5 Bengal

Aug. 23 Bombay.. Sept. 4 Bombay. Oct. 11 Bengal Sept. 13 China Oct. 14 Bengal

Sept. 10 Bengal

Aug. 27 Cape Dec. 6 Bengal Oct. 3 Siam

Nov. 11 Batavia .. Oct. 28 Mauritius Nov. 27 China Oct. 14 Batavia .. Oct. 29


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ARRIVALS IN EASTERN PORTS. Date. Port of Arrival. Ship's Name.

Commander. Port of Depart. 1827. Aug. 25 Calcutta



London Aug. 28 Bombay


Clarkson London Aug. 28 Bombay


M'Lean Liverpool
Aug. 29 Bombay

Competitor Jackson Cork
Aug. 29


Aug. 31

Hutchinson.. London
Sept. 1 China

Lord Hungerford Hathorne London Sept. 1 Calcutta



Liverpool Sept. 6 Madras

John Dunn


London Sept. 9 Calcutta


Smith : London
Sept. 12 Madras
P. Char. of Wales Biden

Sept. 15 Madras



London Sept. 13 Calcutta


Buchanan Clyde Sept. 15 Bombay



Clyde Sept. 17 Madras



Sept. 19 Madras
Lady M'Naghten Faith

Sept. 24 Calcutta



Sept. 24


London Sept. 24 China

Duke of Sussex Whitehead London Sept 26 Bombay


Hughes Liverpool Sept. 26 Calcutta

Duke of Lancaster Hanny Liverpool Sept. 26 Calcutta


Sheriffe Glasgow Sept. 27 Madras



Sept. 28 Ceylon
Lady Rowena Russell

Sept. 28 Calcutta


M'Leod Liverpool Sept. 28 Calcutta

Lady of the Lake Nicholls .. London Sept. 30 Madras


Munro Clyde



Ship's name.


Ports of Depart.

Date. Port of Arrival.
Sept. 30 Madras
Oct. 3 Calcutta
Oct. 17 Calcutta
Oct. 17 Madras
Oct. 18 Madras
Oct. 27 Calcutta
Oct. 30 Calcutta
Nov. 2 Mauritius
Nov. 6 Mauritius
Nov. 8 Mauritius
Nov. 8 Mauritius
Nov. 10 Mauritius
Noy. 11 Mauritius

Le- Bengal





John Taylor Atkinson Liverpool
Childe Harold West



M. of Wellington Chapman London
Carnbrea Castle .. Davey


Cotsworth London

Dunning London

Henderson London

Patterson Liverpool

Dawson London
Samuel Brown Reed

William Young : Morrison .. Liverpool

Destination. 1

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Date. Port of Depart. Ship's Name.

Jan. 29 Plymouth General Harris Stanton
Jan. 29 Liverpool Othello

Jan. 29 Liverpool


Christian Jan. 29 Liverpool Alcyone

Mure Feb. 1 Falmouth


Tayt Feb. 3 Cowes


Warren Feb. 7. Downs

Charles Jameson Christie Feb. 8 Cowes

Berwickshire Madan Feb. 8 Cowes

Sir David Scott MacTaggart Feb. 8 Downs


Grant Feb. 8 Cowes


Armstrong Feb. 8 Portsmouth Hoopoo

Pappen Feb. 9 Downs


Feb. 9 Portsmouth William Harris .. Beachcroft ..
Feb. 9 Portsmouth Claudine

Feb. 10 Portsmouth General Palmer Truscott
Feb. 10 Downs

Marq. of Huntly Fraser Feb. 10 Downs


Timius Feb. 12 Cork

Alexander Ogilvy Murray Feb. 19 Portsmouth Harlequin

O'May Feb. 21 Deal

Abercrombie Rob. Innes Feb. 22 Downs


Bullen Feb. 23 Deal


Johnstone Feb. 23 Downs


Brigg Feb. 23 Gravesend Hebden

Fowler Feb. 23 Deal

Duchess of Athol Daniel Feb. 23 Deal

Marquis Camden Larkins Feb. 23 Deal

Earl of Balcarras Broughton Feb. 23 Deal

George the Fourth Barrow

Mad. & Beng.
Mad. & Beng.
Mad. & Beng.





PASSENGERS HOMEWARDS. By the St. Leonard, from Bengal :-Lieut.-Col. Fort, Bengal Army; Capt Davison (late of the Northumbrian); Lieuts. Lormer (left at Ascension) and Smith, 45th reg. ; Surgeons Newmarsh and M‘Rea; Mr. Hawkins; Miss S. Plumb; 2 servants, and 4 of the crew of the Northumbriun.

By the Marcelly, from Bengal :-Capts. Moore and Burt, 14th Foot; Mr. J. Wilson; Mrs. Crews, and Miss Holyoak.

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