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Young, Thomas, Ens., to do duty with 40th N. I. at Dinapore.-C. June 25.
Yarde, W. H., Ens., 11th N. I., on furl. to Bangalore.-M. June 21.
Yates, R. H., Lieut.-Col., to return to duty.-M. June 1.

Atkinson, the lady of Henry, Esq., of a son, at Madras, June 10.
Ashton, the lady of William, Esq., Civil Ser., of a daughter, at Madras, May 18.
Anderson, the lady of Lieut. P. C., of the Pioneers, of a son, at Allyghur,

June 23. Bruce, the lady of Capt. E., 35th Madras N. l., of a daughter, at Penang,

May 3. Birdwood, the lady of William, Esq., Civ. Serv., of a son, at Broach, June 5. Baumgardt, the lady of Lieut.-Col., H. M's. 31st foot, of a daughter, at Chunar

May 23. Barlow, the lady of Robert, Esq. Sen., Civ. Serv., of twin daughters, at Ghazee

pore, May 23, Breechman, the lady of Mr., Sitting Magistrate at Mullativo, Ceylon, June 4, Bunbury, the lady of Capt., of a daughter, at Penang, May 30. Butler, the lady of Lieut, and Adj. John, 3d N. I., of a daughter, at Lucknow,

June 3. Clemons, the lady of Capt. J., 9th N. I., of a son, at St. Thomas's Mount

Madras, June 26.
Calder, the lady of Capt., 1st Eur. reg., of a daughter, at Cannanore, June 7.
Crawford, the lady of Thomas, Esq., of a son, at Ganjam, June 18.
Dangerfield, the lady of Capt., Assist. Opium Agent, of a son, at Indore,

July 6.
De Souza, the lady of Antonio, Esq., of a daughter, at Karel, June 13.
Deans, the lady of John, Esq., at Batavia, Dec. 22.
Dyer, the lady of Lieut. Dep.-Assist.-Adj.-Gen. of the Army, of a daughter

at Madras, June 3. Emady Chekah Royal, or Nanah, the lady of, Son to his Highness the Rajah

of Bunganore, of a daughter, at Madras, June 24.
Eastgate, the lady of Capt., of a daughter, at Calcutta, July 9.
Francis, the lady of R. B., Esq., of a daughter, at Jessore, June 22.
Fleming, the lady of Lieut., of H. M.'s 49th regt., of a son, at the Cape of Good

Hope, Jan, 27.
Fitzgerald, the lady of Lieut. W. R., of the Eogin., of a son, at Allypore, May 1
Godfrey, the lady of Capt., Dep.-Assist.-Quar.-Mast.-Gen., of a son, at Bellary.

July 2.
Ginson, the lady of Major J. F., Commanding 20 Eur. regt., of a daughter, at

Kamptee, June 1.
Hunter, the lady of Capt. P., Assist.-Adj.-Gen., of a daughter, at Kamptee, near

Nagpore, July 6.
Harper, the lady' of Edmond J., Esq., of a daughter, at Hazareebaug, June 10.
Hughes, the lady of Ens., 39th N. I., of a son, at Madras, June 7.
Hall, the lady of Capt. James, of a son, at Calcutta, May 3.
Hudson, the lady of Capt. John, of a daughter, at Calcutta, June 20.
Hooper, the lady of G. 'S., Esq., Civ. Service, of a daughter, at Tellicherry

May 25.
James, the lady of Capt. J.P., 2d regt., of a son, at Palayeram, July 6.
Jordan, the lady of Paul, Esq., of a daughter, at Calcutta, July 4.
Jenkins, the lady of Lieut., 61st N. I., of a daughter, at Seebpoor, July 5.
James, the lady of Capt. Henry, 20th N. I, of a son, at Barrackpore, June 14.
Lindsay, the lady of C., Esq. of a daughter, at Calcutta, June 27.
M‘Dowell, the lady of James, Esq., Bengal Med. Serv., of a son, Calcutta, Feb. 14
Merchison, the lady of K., Esq., Civ. Serv., of a son, at Penang, May 20.
Marquand, the lady of Capt. Edward, of a son and heir, at Chittagong, June 2.
Moseley, the lady of Capt. G. W., Timber-agent, of a son, at Jynughur, in Tir

hoot, May 26. Monteath, the lady of Capt., 35th regt., of a son, at Meerut, May 25.

Moorat, the lady of John, Esq., of a daughter, at Madras, June 7.
Moberly, the lady of Capt., Dep. Sec. Mil. Board, of a son, at Madras, May 30.
Paxton, the lady of Dr. George, 41st. N. I., of a son, at Muttra, May 15.
Poynton, the lady of Capt. W., of the Country Service, of a daughter, at

Colabah, Aug. 9.
Ricketts, the lady of H., Esq., of the Civ. Serv., of a son, at Cuttack, June 20.
Rylot, the lady of Capt., 2d Cav., of a son, at Mhow, July 24.
Sievwright, the lady of Francis, Esq., Surg., H. M. Depôt, of a son, at Chin-

surah, July 4. Stewart, the lady of Lieut., 220 N. I., of a son, at Midnapore, Jane 5. Stuart, the lady of Lieut.-Col. J. N., of twins, a son and daughter, at Chow.

ringhee, May 12. Stuart, the lady of Capt. H., 48th foot, of a son, at Trichinopoly, June 14. Searle, the lady of Mr., Assist.-Surg., of a son, at Madura, June 16. Stapleton, the lady of Lieut., 520 N. I., of a daughter, at Chittagong, May 19. Steel, the lady of Capt. James, Dep.-Judg.-Adv. Gen., of a daughter, at Dina

pore, June 8. Saunders, the lady of J., Esq., of a daughter, Bombay, Aug. 8. Stacy, the lady of Capt., 32d N. I., of a daughter, at Subathoo, June 28. Talbot, the lady of Lieut., 61st N. I., of a son, at Calcutta, June 22. Ward, the lady of Capt. B. S., of a son, at Cannanore, Madras, July 2. Woodcock, the lady of E. H., Esq., Civil Service, of a son, at Salem, July 8. Williamson, the lady of Lieut., 25th N. I., of a son, at Dinapore, June 10, Willis, the lady of Lieut., A. D., of a daughter, at Keitah, July 1.

MARRIAGES. Bruce, Lieut., Stanhope, 3d reg. of Buffs, to Isabella, daughter of Col. Ro

bert Ellis, 25th Light Dragoons, Bombay, June 20. Cook, A., Esq., Surgeon 67th N. I. to Mrs. L. M. Armstrong, widow of the late

Capt. H. B. Armstrong, H. M. 14th reg., at Dinapore, May 30. Colvin, John Russel, Esq., Civil Service, to Emma Sophia, daughter of the Rev.

C. Sneyd, Isle of Wight, at Calcutta, May 11. Christian, the Rev. J., to Miss S. Morton, at Calcutta, July 9. Danby, Frederick, Esq., of the Grange, Hainault Forest, Essex, to Fanny, relict

of the late J. E. Higginson, Esq., at Madras, June 11. Dougal, John, Esq. to Charlotte, eldest daughter of the late John Sandford, Esq.,

of the Bengal Service, at Calcutta, July 16. Fergusson, F. J., Esq., to Margaret, only daughter of the late Captain Edw.

Lowes, at Calcutta, May 9. Greenway, Charles Coverdale, Esq. to Miss Mary Farquharson, eldest daughter

of Richard Foley, Esq., at Cawnpore, June 12. Hannay, S. F., Lieut.-Adj. of the 4th N. I., to Miss M. C. Graham, eldest

daughter of Alexander Graham, Esq., Glasgow, at Calcutta, July 4. Hodges, P. P. Capt., Executive Officer of Public Works, to Emily Vandeput,

eldest daughter of William Jones, Esq., of Helston, in Cornwall, at Penang,

June 6. Ives, George E., Esq., S. R. A., to Frances, youngest daughter of Thomas

Bush, Esq., at Calcutta, May 4. Lyons, S. A., Lieut., 34th reg., to Miss Logie, grand-daughter of Major-Gen.

Sir John Arnold, K. C. B., at Seetapore, June 22. Lionel, Mr. Thomas, son of the late Mr. Thomas Lionel, of the Ordnance

Department, to Miss Frances Edwards, at Madras, June 4. Lewin, W. C. J., Lieut. of Horse Artil. to Miss Lamprimaudaye, at Calcutta,

June 15. Ockleton, Thomas, Esq., to Miss C. A. Huet, at Calcutta, June 21. Preston, Lieut. D'Arcy, 65th N. I., to Miss Janet Forrest, at Calcutta, June 30. Reade, Lieut. W. B., 1st Light Cav., to Elizabeth, second daughter of J. Griffin,

Esq., of Sloane-street, Middlesex, at Benares, May 10. Stewart, Mr. Arch., Engineers, to Mrs. Carolina Matilda Bennet, at Calcutta,

May 4.

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Terraneau, Robert, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Brown, at Mooradabad, June 5. Turner, Jobn, Esq., Attorney-at-law, to Miss Frances Matlin, Calcutta, June 23. Tomkyns, Mr. William, Assist. in the office of Accountant Board of Revenue, to

Miss Maria Louisa Desplannes, at Calcutta, June 9. Urquhart, Lieut. George, 65th N. I., to Cecilia Mary, youngest daughter of the

late Col. G, Torrane, Governor at Cape Coast, Africa, at Barrackpore.

June 23.
Vincent, Major William, commanding 25th N. I. Vols to Mrs. E. Pickersgill, at

Calcutta, July 12.
Walker, James A., Esq., to Miss Feliciana Da Costa, at Calcutta, June 5.
Willoughby, Edward, Lieut., 18th N. I., to Emma, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Col.
Sheall, Bombay Estab., at Poonah, June 1.

Burchell, Lieut. Edward Sayer, at Kamptee, June 26.
Barnes, Lydia, wife of Mr. Salmon, of the Surat Mission, aged 20 years, at

Surat, June 12. Booth, George, Esq., aged 23 years, at Calcutta, May 27. Brady, Mr. Patrick, Tutor of the Engineer Institution, aged 40 years, at Geer

gaum, July 29. Bell, Charles Hamilton, Capt. of Artillery, Sophia, the lady of, of cholera, at

Nusseerabad, May 19. Comparte, Lewis Jacob, Esq., Superintendent of Indigo Works, aged 37 years,

at Monghyr, June 16. Clarke, the lady of Lieut. Augustus, Dep.-Ass.-Com.-Gen., at Bellary, May 25. Clarkson, Lieut. W. H., 31st N. I., at Poonalı, Ang. 2. Campbell, Neil, Brev.-Capt., H. M.'s 13th Lt. Inf., at Dinapore, April 25. Crewes, Jobn, Capt. of the brig Marcelly, aged fifty, at Calcutta, July 13. Cavell, Inne Henrye, Esq., Surg. to the Right Hon. the Governor-General, at

Subathoo, June 21. Davies, Major, Evan, 14th N. I., commanding the Nizam's Reformed Horse at

Mominabad, May 8. Davies, Julia, wife of Capt. Charles Frederick Davies, of the country sea-service,

aged thirty-two, Calentta, May 1. Dickenson, the lady of Capt., 1st Brigade Horse Artil., at Bangalore, June 19. Eaton, Charles, Capt., late Master-Attend., at Coringa, aged 74, Madras, May 20 Eurenell, Lieut., E. S., at Kamptee, June 26. Fawcett, J., Esq., Heleu Langford, infant daughter of, Bombay, July 28. Fitzgerald, Lieut. and Quart.-Mast. 41st regt., at Kamptee, near Nagpore

June 7, Glover, Harriet, youngest daughter of J. Glover, Esq.. of Pool House, Worces.

tershire, at Hawul Bagh, near Almorah, May 24. Grant, Capt., Charles, 7th Lt. Cav., near Kurnaul, June 13. Hutchings, Rev. R. L. (A. M.) Chaplain of the Presidency, at Penang,

April 20.
Halhed, J. Hastings, eldest son of N.J! Halhed, Esq., Civ. Serv., at sea, Jan. 3.
Harvey, J., Esq., aged 62 years, at Calcutta, May 15.
Henwood, G., Esq., late of Kedgeree, aged 24 years, at Entally, June 20.
Heath, Wm., Esq., Assist. Surg., attached to the Depot at Chinsurah ; drowned

in crossing to Chaudpaul Ghaut, May 28.
Humphreys, the wife of the Rev. J., aged 31, at Malacca, on the 29th of May.
Muspratt, R. J. M., Esq., Civ. Serv., aged 19, at Bombay, July 20.
Macvite, the infant daughter of Lient. W.J., Artil. reg., at Ishapore, June 26.
M'Leod, J. A., infant son of J. MʻLeod, Esq., at Pondicherry, June 13.
Montgomery, A. B., infant daughter of Assist. Surg., Bombay, Mad. Estab., at

Chanda, near Nagpore, June 16.
Macdonald, A. C. M., infant danghter of the late Capt. A. Macdonald, Political

Agent at Neemuch, Villa Marina, Bombay, May 4. Moran, E., Esq., late Commissary of Ordnance, aged 71 years, at Calcutta, on the

12th of July.

pore, June 22.

Macauley, M., infant daughter of T. B., at Bombay, July 16.
Panton, A., daughter of Capt. J., Engineers, at Arcot, June 1.
Robson, W. H., infant son of F, H., Esq., at Madras, June 30.
Renwood, G., Esq., late of Kedgeree, aged 34 years, at Entally, June 20
Ramsay, P. W., Maj., of H. M.'s 47th reg., at Berhampore, June 29.
Robertson, Ens., 530 N. I., of the Arracan fever, while marching through the

country, at Akyal, June 22.
Scott, C., Esq., Ceylon Civ. Serv., and Provincial Judge, at Galle, Ceylon, June 3.
Spencer, E., Lieut., Inv. Estab., at Monghyr, June 23.
Steel, the infant daughter of Capt. J., Deputy-Judge Advocate-General, at Dina-
Salmond, F. C., Esq., Civ., Estab., at Penang, May 28.
Stewart, F., Esq., Assist.-Surg., on board the Java, June 11.
Stapleton, the wife of Lieut., 520 N. I., at Chittagong, May 27.
Stewart, J. D., late Master-Attendant at Cochin, May 9.
Turner, W., Capt., 58th N. I., at Agra, June 8.
Vibart, Emma Forbes, infant daughter of John Vibart, Esq., Civ. Serv., aged 11

months, at Ahmedabad, May 11. Willis, J., Lieut., 28th N. I., at Musulipatam, June 25. Waldron Eliz., Miss, daughter of the late Capt. J. H. Waldron, 46th N. I., aged

7 years and 7 months, at Calcutta, July 5. Watkins, Mary Anne, infant daughter of Capt. J. Watkins, 620 N. I. at Benares,

June 23. Warren, F., Lieut., N. I., aged 24 years, drowned in attempting to save himsel

from the wreck of the late ship John, July 3. Watkinson, Mary Emma, eldest daughter of Mr. J. Watkinson, o Grove House

at Chinsurah, May 13. Watson, J. C. Esq., aged 47 years at Calcutta, May 10.


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ARRIVALS FROM EASTERN PORTS. Date. Port of Arrival. Ship's Name. Commander. Place of Depart. Date, 1827.

1827. Nov. 29 Cowes


Hjelm Singapore June 15 Nov. 30 Dover


Gibson Bombay.. Aug. 1 Dec. 1 Downs



Singapore July 5 Dec. 1 Portsmouth William Harris Beachroft.. Ascen. Isl. July 5 Dec. 4 Dover


Studd Bombay.. Aug. 6 Dec. 5 Downs


Baigrie Batavia Dec. 6 Downs


Green Bombay.. Aug. 5 Dec. 6 Portsmouth Spring

Harpie Bombay.. June 10 Dec. 17 Downs Egyptian

Lilburn Bombay.. Aug. 16 Dec. 17 Downs Augerona Baker Bengal Dec. 17 Downs C. of Dunsmore

Bengal Dec. 18 Downs William Parker Brown Cape

Oct. 12 Dec. 21 Liverpool.. Clansmen Snowden Calcutta.. Sept. 1


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May 5 July 5

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Port of Depart.




Date. Port of Arrival. Ship's Name.

Commander 1827 June 15 Bengal


Kind.ey June 16 Bengal


Watt June 16 Bengal

Sir William

Wilson June 19 Bengal

Scalby Castle

Newall June 20 Madras


Manning July 15 Bengal


Rodger July 23 Batavia


Rixon Julý 25 Bombay


Robinson July 31 Bombay


Dillon Aug. 1 Mauritius Darius

Blair Aug. 1 Mauritius Mary

Beachroft Aug. 6 Bombay

Chas. Kerr

Brodie Aug. 7 Mauritius

Morning Star Gibbs Aug. 25 Bombay

John Biggar

Kent DEPARTURES FROM EUROPE. Date. Port of Depart. Ship's Name.

Commander. 1827. Oct. 28 Gravesend Norfolk

Redman Oct. 29 Liverpool Cleopatra

Clement Nov. 1 Gravesend Calista

Hawkins Nov. 4 Gravesend Mary Ann .. O'Brien Nov. 8 Portsmouth Marmion

Wright Nov. 9 Liverpool Thomas Ritchie .. Alexander Nov. 11 Gravesend Auriga

Walford Nov. 16 · Gravesend Patience

Matthews Nov. 17 Portsmouth Satellite

Laws Nov. 18 Portsmouth Undaunted

H. M. S. Dec. 1 Greenock


Dec. 1 Greenock Lady Han. Ellis..

Dec. 3 Gravesend Governor Harcourt
Dec. 4 Gravesend Sarah

Dec. 6 Gravesend


Kemp Dec. 9 Leith


Mackie Dec. 11 Gravesend


Boyle Dee. 13 Gravesend Lady Holland Snell Dec. 17 Deal


Dec. 20 Gravesend Importer

Dec. 21 Gravesend Borodino
Dec. 22 Plymouth Exmouth

Dec. 23 Gravesend Candian

Reed Dec. 25 Gravesend Lord Amherst Ardlie

N. S. Wales
N. S. Wales
Mad. & Beng.
N. S. Wales
Beng. & Mau.
Mad. & Beng.
Cape & Beng.
Mad. & Beng.
N. S. Wales
N. S. Wales
Mad. & Beng.

POSTSCRIPT. SUPPRESSION OF ANOTHER Indian Paper. In a former part of this Number, we have adverted to the fact of the suppression of a second Indian Newspaper by the mere mandate of authority, without trial or hearing ;-on which occasion, no Public Meeting,—no Memorial to Government,-no Petition to Parliament,-no Public Subscription to carry through measures necessary for redress,-seems to have been thought of by the English community in India ; though the power of suppressing the opinions, and destroying the whole property of individuals, at will, is even worse than the arbitrary taxation of the community, generally, by a Stamp Tax, which, being divided among thousands, can positively effect the ruin of no one, though it may be generally inconvenient and disagreeable. Since our sheets were closed for the Press, we have received the following from India, which, as containing the injured indivi. dual's remarks on the Official Correspondence given, we feel it our painful duty to place on record here :

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