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church, and attend to what he hears there. To those who add to this the happiness of being able to read the Bible at home, I earnestly recommend the study of that sacred book, as the greatest advantage, and the greatest pleasure they can enjoy. It will be the guide of their youth, and the comfort of their old age. They will every day find new beauties, as they become more acquainted with it. Their understandings will be enlightened, their hearts will be softened. All the blessings of redeeming love will be presented to their view, all the glories of heaven will be opened to their hopes. The joys and sorrows of this world will seem as nothing; they will learn to scorn its pleasures, and despise its temptations, while they press forward to the mark, with their eyes fixed on the glory which shall be revealed. And when they have finished their course with joy, they will resign their souls in peace to Him who made, and who redeemed them; who will support them through the pains of death, and receive them into everlasting glory. To whom, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be ascribed all honour and glory, by us, and by all created beings, now and for ever. Amen.


ST. JOHN xvii. 4.

I have glorified Thee on earth.

ROM the example of our blessed LORD

we learn to glorify God by our thoughts, by our words, and by our actions. I have endeavoured to show you how we should imitate his piety, his fervent prayer, his constant attendance on all the appointed duties of religion; and we must humbly endeavour to follow his example in the reverence which he expressed for his Heavenly Father by every part of his conduct here on earth. I will mention some particulars which make a part of what is called our duty towards God, before I proceed to show you how we ought to glorify Him by performing our duty towards our neighbour in the manner which He has commanded.


In the first place we should glorify God by never taking his name in vain ; and I do not know a surer sign of true piety, than constant attention to this duty. The man who has a true reverence for God dares not profane his holy

He will hold in abhorrence the shocking vice of swearing, that disgrace to a Christian country, by which men commit a dreadful crime against God, without even the temptation by which they try to excuse other crimes.

A truly pious man can never be guilty of this vice ; for the fear of God is always before his eyes, and the love of Gop in his heart. He looks up with reverence to the great Creator of Heaven and earth, to whom all hearts are open, who hears the most secret word, and will call him to answer for it before men and angels.

Though he fear not them who kill the body, he fears (and every human being ought to fear) the torments reserved for the wicked after death. But the good man is not restrained only by the fear of punishment, he is influenced by the love as well as the fear of God.

Can such a man wantonly offend his kind and gracious Master ? Will he blaspheme that sacred name which he adores ? Certainly not. When he mentions the name of God, it is to bless and praise it; to tell how gracious the Lord has been to him. Will a man, who knows the terrors of the ALMIGHTY, who believes that he will assuredly punish those who despise his mercy, will he dare to call for damnation on his fellow creatures ? Will his heart be capable of forming the dreadful wish, that the man who has offended him may really suffer the vengeance of eternal fire, that he may really dwell with everlasting burnings, where the worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched? Think of this, I entreat you ; and tell me, whether any heart, however wicked, is capable of wishing this ? Yet such is the impious language which we continually hear amongst men who call themselves Christians; such is the inhuman wish pronounced against a man like ourselves, nay sometimes even against the poor harmless animal which God has given to assist us in our labour, against the horse worn out with work, or terrified with blows. The barbarous treatment of animals is a subject which deserves very serious consideration; but at present I am only endeavouring to point out to you the meaning of words which are often used by thoughtless men, who never consider what they


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