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esteem of her friends, of her character in this world, and perhaps of her eternal happiness in the next. And shall not God be avenged for such crimes? Think not that the number of criminals will be any excuse in his sight. I know that such men are not always detested as they ought to be.

I know that they are often found in all societies, and even in the religious assemblies of Christians. If there be such a man in this congregation, to him I speak; let him listen to the voice of truth. If thy wicked heart intend to seduce an innocent woman, and to take advantage of her love for thee to ruin her in this world and the next; I charge thee to consider the sin which thou art about to commit, and to tremble at the vengeance of an offended God. The hour of repentance

. must come, God grant that it may be now. GOD God grant that the preacher may touch thee to the soul, while he calls thee to answer for thy crime at the judgment seat of CHRIST. There we must all appear; and how wilt thou then reply to the parents of the woman thou hast seduced, when they thus charge thee in the presence of her Redeemer ? " This child was the object of our fondest love, we reared her with the

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tenderest care, we taught her all we knew, we set her a good example, we brought her up in the fear of God. She was innocent and happy; and we hoped that our declining years would be blessed by her growing virtues ; but that man, that man whom she loved, who pretended to love her, seduced her from the path of virtue, plunged her in guilt, in shame, and ruin. At his hands we demand our child."

But this is not all. Shouldst thou then see that woman who was ruined by thee, banished from heaven for thy sake, consider, for a moment, what thou wilt then feel! Could thy agony be greater, if all her sins and thy own should fall with tenfold vengeance on thy guilty head ? This is not a fable; it is, it will be true. In vain may a wicked world excuse such crimes, in vain may many partners in guilt persuade thee not to reflect on the day of vengeance. The hour will come, it must be soon, it may

be thou shalt know and feel all the horrors of this blackest of crimes. O consider this, ye that forget God; repent, and beg for mercy, before it be too late!

To those who are not yet polluted with such crimes, allow me to repeat, in a few words, the

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advice which has been offered, in order that it may make a more lasting impression on the memory. Once more then, my young friends, let me entreat you to consider the world as a state of trial, and youth as a time of danger. Let me beg you to guard against the temptations of vanity and presumption, of bad company, of

, idleness, and of vice. Above all, let me en. treat you to “ remember your Creator in the days of your youth,”+ and to study, and endeavour to imitate, the bright example of perfect purity, and freedom from every kind of vice, which was presented to the world by Him, “ who was in all things tempted like as we are, yet without sin.”

To him, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be glory, now and for ever. Amen.

+ Eccles. xii. I.

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For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and

shall cleave to his wife, and they twain shall be one flesh. Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asundcr.

PROPOSE in this discourse to consider the I

duties of married persons, to each other, and to their children, according to what we learn on these subjects from the Holy Scriptures.

In these particular situations of life we cannot gain instruction from the example of our Saviour, as he did not appear to us in the character of a husband or a father ; but in the words of my text he expresses, in the strongest manner possible, his approbation of the sacred engagement of

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