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SUBSCRIBERSY NAMES. Abraham Shackleton, esq? Ballitore

WV.a'.-'911 Mrs, Savage, near Enniscortby.

SIR JOA, J. Walsh, Bart. 2 cops, William Stierlock, esq. Athy R. Warburton; esq. Q's. co: 2 cops. Mr. John Simmons, near Carlow, Mrs. W. Wynne, co. Westmeath

Henry W. Wood, esq. do. 4 cops. T

W. Webb, Meath, 2 cops.

Mrs. Willians, daughter and sucLADY Ann Talbot, Mount Talbot

cessor to the late Mrs. Davison, Mrs. Trant

Parliament-street, Dublin, 2 cops. Mrs. Tourelle, Monastereven

Luke White, esq. co. Dublin Mrs. Taylor, Edenderry

Mrs. Whitestone, Heorietta-street

Miss Webb, Frankfort
Vajor Taylor, Hatcouri-read
Major Taylor, Warwick Regimenç Miss Ann Whiteluw, co. Leitrim

Miss Warren, Portarlington'. I Capt. Taylor, Moate

Miss E. Watson, Essex-bridge
Rev. Richard Tronson, Kilcock
Francis Trench, esq. near Roscrea

Mrs. Walker, Rathangan
Dr. Tabuteau; Tullamore

Miss Warren, Tullamore
Rev. William Thompson, A. M. co. Rev. H. Wynne, A. B. Kiffocan

Mrs. Mary Whitehead, do
Francis Tuite, esq. Lakefield

Mr. Owen Wynne, jun. Sligo
John Tolerton, New-row

Capt. Warburtons, o7th Regiment Mr. Robert Toleston, Thomas-street

Mr. Robert Walker, Athlone. Rev. John Toler, co. Meath

Mr. J-W; co. Westmeath Mr. Thomas Turner, near Celbridge 7. Webster, esq: co. Longford

'. : William Turnet, Esg. Chapelizod

do. Mr. Michael Tighe, Thomas-street Francis Waldron, esq. G. Tottenham, esq. Custoni house

Mr. Josh. Weir, co. Down Mr W. Thomson, Portland-street

Mr. Wm. Walsh, co. Leitrim

Rev. James Wilson, co. Lbrigford Capt. Towers, Burris-o-Kane

do. Mr. P. 'Tyndal.

Mr. John West,

Mi. Richard Webb,
C. Taffe, esq. co. Roscommon
R. H. Temple, esq. co. Weatmeath Rev. N. Wade, co. Cavan
Mr. B. L. Tarlton, Killeigh

Edward Whitely, esq. Ballyconnelt Mr. John Tarlton, Stradually

Nir. William Webb, co. Cavan Jabn Townsend, esq. Roscrea

Rev. N. Whitelaw, Ballyconhell Rev. W. Tew, Black rock

Rev. Wm. Whitelaw, James's-street Dennis Tracy, M. D. Mt. Mellick Rev. James Whitelaty, Dublin Mr James Tate, Castledermot Mr. James Walsh, Cavan, Rev. Dr. Truell

Mr. William Watson, Capel-street

Mr. Thonias Whitfield, Pill-lane

Nir. Japhet White, Camden-street

Capt. Willcocks, Palmerstonen VISCOUNTESS de Pesci, 4 cops. Mr. B. Wadden, Park-street Mrs. Vesey, Lucas

Mr. E. Wolfenden, Bokon-street Miss Vesey, bo.

Mr. Robert White, Canxien-street Col. Vesey do.

dr. Robert Wily, Colc-alley
Her. C. Vignoles, co. Fi esimeath Woods and Jagger, Celbridge
Ir. Robert Vanveieur,, du. Bei Mr. Robert Wilson, Goldenlane
Alr. John liucent, do.

James Webb, Corn-narket,
Mr. Charles Veech, co. Caran

Ponsonby Watts, esoj. Tulinóre Edward Verdon, em Golden-lane

Josh. Wybraints, eşg. King sco Mrs. Vigors, Carloin

Mr. James Waterstone, Lexin



15 Mr. John Walton, Celbridge

Rev. John Webb, King's co. Mr. Edward Woodhouse, Lucan Rev. Josh. Wilson, co. Kildare E. Wilson, esq. Clanbrazzil-street George Oliver Webb, esq. Frankford Mr. Thomas Walker, Grafton-street James Wall, esq. Ballitore Mr. Henry Williams, Grafton-street John Wa:son, esq. Loughlin-bridge Mr. B. Woodcock, James's-street Mrs. Waters, Baltinglass Mr. John Watts, Aungier-street

Mr. John Warren, King's co. Mr. G. Williams, Crampton court Mr. Robert Wilson, Queen's co. H. A. Woodward esq. "Ellis's-quay Mr. T. Willis, Portarlington Surgeon Wilmot, York street Mr. Stephen Wilson, Ballitore Mr. Martin Walnut, Mary bone-Jane Mr. William Wilson, Dunlavin Mr. James Wheeler, Abbey-street Mr. Christopher White, do. Henry Wilme, esq.

Camden-street Mr. Thomas Wilson; Duntavio
Mr. John Walsh, Rogerson's.quay Mr. William Wilkins, Athy
Mr. T. H. Wilkinson, Parsonstowo Mrs Isaac Williams, Ballilure !
Mr. Thomas Woods, do. Mr. Thonias Watcts, do.
William Williamson, esq. King's co.
M. H. Whitestone, esq.

Capt. Woods, Panagher
Mr. A. Warburton, Portumna James Young, esq. co. Caran
Wm. Woodward, esq. co. Tipperary Mr. D. Young, George's.quay
Doctor Walsh, Kilbeggan

Thomas Yates, esq. Rathcool
D. T. Winslow', esq. co. Westmeath
Mr. Arthur Webb, do.

Capt. Walsh, R. A. Longford
Mr. Henry Wilton, Mullingar Capt. Zobel, 66th Regiment

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Preface in four sections viz:

To the Learned and Critical Reader


To the Ignorant and Choleric


To the Liberal and Humane. - ;


To the mere Man of Pleasure


Difficulties to be encountered in the Work of Refor-

imation, &c.


Suitable Supplement to the foregoing


The Wheel of Life


The Balm of Gilead-an Allegory


Developeinent of the Human Character or Origin

and Destination of the Passions considered -


Reflections resulting from the Misfortunes of Rousseau, 59

Extracts from the Solitary-Walker


Doctor Young's Address to Lorenzo


Road to Wealth and Honour


Reflections resulting from the above

- 78

The merit of Public Opinion considered


Experience of James Nailor

- 88

Clement XIV. an Example of true Greatness 92

Marie de la Mothe Guion, brief Memoir of her His-

tory and Character


The internal Evidence of the Christian Religion

inferred, from the superior Excellence expected

of its Professors


Dialogue between a Christian and a Deist on the Na-

ture and Duties of Man


Specimen of the Moral Character of France since the



Allegory, in relation to the same subject


Parochial Education -


The angelic Estimate of Virtue, diametrically oppo-

site to that of the human


Mystic and active Piety considered


Doctrines of the Quaker and Methodist Societies in-

spected and compared- -Brief Sketch of

their Gorernment and moral Character .



for the Treatment of Excommunicated Persons 303

Caprice of Human Nature- Observations on its uni-

versal Depravity


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The World an Hospital

Receipts for cooling Duelling

-, 318

The Maniac's midnight Soliloquy and Prayer 323

Observations on the Modern Reformers Mode of ad-

dressing a Correspondent Sundry reli-

gious and Political Reflections-- Admiral Tyr.

rell's Conversation with Samuel Fothergill 325

Reflections at Sea, near the Island of Sicily - 340

Thoughts on the religious Principles of those Chris-

tians called Calvinists ; compared with the lloly

Scriptures and the Sentiments of other Christians. ,

Cursory observations on the doctrines of Infallibi-

lity and e.rclusive Salvation


Advertisement to those Christians, whose Principles

were analyzed in the foregoing


Apparent Evil productive of reat Good


Of Happiness or the chief Good


Hospitality-Observations on the Jewish and Chris-

tian Feasts, and Figures of the Old Law 408



Review of some Passages in l'oltaire's Philosophical

Dictionary, under the following heads, viz. Abra-
ham-Angel - Anthropophagi or Man-eaters
Country--ntiracle-Limits of the Human Under-
standing-Peter-Religion-War-Freedom of
Sentiment Baptism --- Beasts-.. Fanaticisme
Conscience-Atheists Dialogue between a Chi-

nesë Prince and a Disciple of Confucius, &e. 424

Extracts from Mrs. "Woolstoncraft's Rights of Wo

man, with sundry Observations interspersed. 454

On the wrong Education of Women


On the qualities which give Man the Superiority over

the Brute Creation


Singular Sagacity of the Bald-Coot in the Construc-

tion of its Nest


The Rabbit's Nest


Annual Assembly of Magpies


On the Acquireinent which exalts one Being above



On the Impetuosity of the PassionsEarly Alar-

riages strongly reconimended


Singular Observations risqued


On the false Principles luid down in Female Education 4671

On the I nfluence of Profession upon Character ib.

Curious Parrullell between Soldiers and Ladies 468

Amiable animal Love


Cultivation of Intellect the first step toward Níorality 467

(ONTEXTS. Character of a sensible and virtuous IVoman in the State of Widowhood

ib. OnGenius and Chearfulness

470 Ontrue Modesty and its Sour:e

471 On Purity of Mind

472 Consequences of Making human instead of divine

Approbation the Rule of Female Manners 473 On Chastity and the Necessity of religious Principle ib. On conjugal Felicity and maternal Love

474 Duties done by Deputies

475 What have iVomen to do in Society but to loiter with easy grace? - Answered

ib. On the use and abuse of Parental Authority

476 Negative and active Characters contrasted

478 On Education

485 On Public Schools

486 Reinarkable restoration of speech to certa in Catholics

whose Tongues had been cut out by Huneric for
asserting the Divinity of Christ

492 Miraculous deliverance of jhe Roman army under Marcus Antoninus

493 The Jews attempting to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem are defeated

ib. The Law and the Gospel, Time and Eternity, öne uniform Whole

ib. Persecutions of the Brethren and Sisters of the FreeSpirit in the XIVth. Century

495 Some Account of the Mennonists

496 Of Socinianism

497 Character of an Impartial Political Writer


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