Miscellaneous Poems, Volume 2

Front Cover
J. Harrop, 1773

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Page 78 - I AM content, I do not care, Wag as it will the world for me; When fuss and fret was all my fare, It got no ground as I could see : So when away my caring went, I counted cost, and was content.
Page 50 - Why, yes; the thing is fact, Though, in regard to number, not exact; It was not two black crows — 'twas only one; The truth of that you may depend upon; The gentleman himself told me the case." "Where may I find him?" "Why, in such a place." Away goes he, and, having found him out, "Sir, be so good as to resolve a doubt.
Page 3 - I'll give him another; for why should not Tray Be as dull as his Master, when Phebe's away? When walking with Phebe, what sights have I seen! How fair was the Flower, how fresh was the Green! What a lovely Appearance the Trees, and the Shade, The Corn-fields and Hedges, and ev"ry Thing made! But now she has left me, tho...
Page 3 - Come hither, poor fellow,' and patted his head. . But now, when he's fawning, I with a sour look, Cry. 'Sirrah!' and give him a blow with my crook: And I'll give him another; for why should not Tray Be as dull as his master, when Phebe's away ? When walking with Phebe, what sights have I seen!
Page 4 - Will no pitying power that hears me complain, Or cure my disquiet, or soften my pain ? To be cured, thou must, Colin, thy Passion remove; But what swain is so silly to live without love ? No, Deity! bid the dear Nymph to return, For ne'er was poor Shepherd so sadly forlorn. Ah! what shall I do ? I shall die with despair; Take heed, all ye swains, how ye part with your Fair!
Page 79 - For chance or change of peace or pain, For Fortune's favour or her frown, For lack or glut, for loss or gain, I never dodge nor up nor down, But swing what way the ship shall swim, Or tack about with equal trim.
Page 49 - No ! I 'm surprised at that Where I come from, it is the common chat: But you shall hear ; an odd affair indeed ! And that it happened, they are all agreed. Not to detain you from a thing so strange, A gentleman, that lives not far from 'Change, This week, in short...
Page 51 - And begged to know if true, what he had heard. "Did you, sir, throw up a black crow?
Page 110 - A patriot's toast and a physician's fee, A wife's ambition and a parson's dues, A miser's idol and the badge of Jews. If now your happy genius can divine The correspondent words to every line, By the first letters will be plainly found An ancient city that is much renown'd.
Page 80 - With whom I feast I do not fawn, Nor if the folks should flout me, faint ; If wonted welcome be withdrawn, I cook no kind of a complaint : With none disposed to disagree, But like them best who best like me.

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