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Biographical Di&tionary, 15 vols. Ayo
Bowyer's Greca retiument, 40 only so Copies remain)

Miscelaneous Tracts, sto
Budworth's Kiarole to the Lakes, wiin Portrait of Mr. Noble o
Coates's History of Keading, 4:0
Coins of the Seleucida, (Plates engraved by Rartolozz!,) 40, new 2
Croker's Travels through Spain and Portugal, Svo

Fotbrooke': Britith Monachism, 2 vols. 810
Goldsmith's Hepository, by Alldridge, Svo

9 Gough's Topography, 2 vols. 4to

Hiftory of Plethy, 410, U'
Simon's Great Seals, ro264to (fire Platey
Monuments at Saliet in India, 410
Account of Bedford Millal, 460

Martin's Hifiory of Tlxctford, 410
Hiftory of the Itie of Thanet, 410
}lutchins's Hiftory of Dorfet, rols. I. and II. large

6 6 --- fmoll

4 4 Hutchinson's Iliftory of Durham, 3 vols. 4to

S Hutton's History of the Town of Derby, 8vo, many Flaies on the Roman Wall, Svo, nell'

O 7 Ignoramus, 8vo, published by Mr. Hawkins

7 Iðuftrations of the Manners and Expences of antient Times, 4t0 I Index to the Gentleman's Magazine, 2 vols. Svo

O 16
Kelly, (Rev. Dr.) Grammar of the Maoks Language, 4to, new o 6
Malcolm's Londiniun Redivivum, vol. I. 4t0

LXXIX Plates to illuftrate Lyfons's Environs

Ditto, on large paper

5 Medical Spectator, 2 vols. Pro

O 14
- 5 Numbers of vol. III.
Nichols's History and Antiquities of Leicesterhire, Tour

Parts, in loaris
Ditto, on fine large paper, tery ferr Copies

14 14
Parsons's Monuments in 100 Churches in Kent, 4t0
Pegge's Lives of Weseham and Grofieteste, 4to

History of Beauchief Abbey, 410, new
Anecdotes of the English Language, 8vo, new

6 Pinkerton's Scottih History, 2 vols. 8vo

Ballads, 2 vols. fmall Svo
Foems, 3 vols. small 8vo

Saints, 8vo, only 2 left
- Juvenile Poems, small 8vo
Fownall's Antiquarian Romance, 8vo

5 Provincia Romana, 4to Repository of Wit and Humour, by Bonnell Thornton and others, 4 vols. fmall Svo

8 Schnebbelie's Antiquaries Museum, 4to, complete

3 3
Sherlock's Letters of an Englith Traveller, complete, 2 vols. 8v0 0 12
Swift's Works, 24 vols, 18mo, new
Tanner's Notitia Monaftica, by Nalinith, folio

2 Thorpe's Regiftrum Roffense, folio

I 5
Custumale Roffense, folio, LVIII Plates
Tooke's Ruflia, as yols. Svo
Webb's Miscellanies, 4to, lurge

t 7
-- /mall
Wilkes's Speeches, 8vo (only genuine edition)

6 Nichets and Son, Printers, Red Lion Papage, Flest Streetz


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