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who could afford them no relief. The firmation of linre rights which were al. Hindustan was deftinelin Crtaa! China. wys ioberent to the Cantley sitiles. Herby is is to be attributed likely to the fe- 3. 8. This morning the servant of verty of the gel, whiclo b. 11- cvrny ef- a farmer, reliling a little faltevral of found that could be used. The complement L'wis, was Find dead on the Dawns; of men 00-hari W.S 1!!. Being on Conferito !!?? porihed through ituxiof the largest !!!:,'5, the alonhoose! 30 C1?10, and he inclemency of the righe, 04:18; was complicly flored for !e, and Crne Hall, long the acknowledged feat processing for the 4115 taken-board of Elith focus, staliry, has this Chrim s her patients, when the terrible sale heen the scene of unrivalled feftivity. On drove her on iso:e. When the thip struck, Wednesdiy, 123. 4, there were a {plendid and no hopes of getting her off were left, holl and fupper ; in the latter of whicha fbe then lengd 12 miles from Chore, two near you persons sat down. O. The day, rafls were mauve, and several of the crew, a dinner wis given to a select party, and pallengers, &c, connitied themielves to in the cvening all thie visitors of Bhati and them, in hopes of floating on thoie. These the preceding also were grilled wiba therafis, hv tlic violence of the waves, were atrical anuloments; the picture gallery darned against each other, and most of the having been prepared for the occasion, persons on 16:171 were drowned or killesi. and fired up in a very commodus hyle Jun. 13.

Al Sajfori lellions, the 1 h le The performance commenced with a Proe I oftlis day was taken up by an appeal of logue from a niidsumiger Night's Drem,"

Earl Ferrers against the poor's rate of the but allerest and made applicable to the ocpasith of Stowe, wherein the whole of his cafien. Mid.s then followed, and went oviť demesne at Charlev was rated. His bird will the happie!? effect; and the reiterzsed Thip chained an exempeinn firmwards of burls of applaufe: 20ipy.ipokellic merits 1700 acres of 115, which was called In. of the several performers. Midas nas derzejnie; and insit-d that the pare called plaved with the most fuccessful humour. Out-clemene only was liable to the rale, the Myfis uas animitied and juicious, while 11-demerne having been an antient park, Nyla would love insured commendation and extra-parochial. After a variety of from the projeit atenintage of Lydia evidence and consel were heard on each criticks. The foone of the ceititils was side, the Bench deiermined that the part well managed; and Hebe, Venus, and called In domefue was extra-parochial, and Juno, appeared, to influence the bicarts of directed (hy corfens of bo: parries) that il their mortal g zers Nidas was fol. the rate ihuld he amended accordingly. Jowed hy a new piece wristen for the oca An anfiver of Waringten Earl Ferrers cafion, entitled “ One Bird in the Hand (uncle to the preferit Eail) ro a bill in wortli Twoin the Bush."

It was meyxt Chancery, filed tsy A1r. Fizgeral, in 1982, merely as a vehicle for mific; the ideig Wes priduced in the part of the relpon- however, is ingenious, and replete with Jenis: in wrich his Lorlihip toled his de- comic effect. mefre (meneraliy) to be in the parish of The private thez:ricals at Dalby Houfe, Sone; and they wilhed a cale lo he granted in Leicesterhirr, the trave for several luca for the opinion of the Court of King's celšive immers heen object of the greated Bench, on lle question, “ Whether this altruction and admiration to the lovers of . aniwer was not conclusive evilence again?t the drama, bave been revived during the the present Earl, that the whole of his de- Christmas ho'idays, with all their former mfne was within the parinh?” But the elegance and splendour. "The Siringer," Magistrates were of opinion it could not be


Three Weeks after Marriage," granied. Earl Wathington, at the time of were the peces represented. The hospi. putting in the ahove-mentioned answer, tality and polite attenti« n of the lady of the had recently recerned from his comrand manlion, The Hon. Mrs. Hartope', nmue ia the naval service, to take poffeffion of as conspicuous on this as on former ocą the Chartley eltates, to which t.e had luc- casions. ceeded little more than a year when the an. swer was made; and that being done by

DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. persons in town, as ignorant of the tenujes

Heinesday, 7 N. 5: of his Statfirdthire estates as it muff nale- This afternoon, as his Majesty was rerally he supposed he was, the proper distinc- turoing from London to Windfor, the poll tion between the Out demelne and the Ine of the carriage broke near Hoonflow į in demesne might -potlibiy nos he made; but confequence of which one of the horfus the present Earl Terreis, who tried the fell down, aud received fome flight injury. late' appeal, has been indefatigable in the carriage was in vo reject damagej; making himself minitely acquainted with ror was his M jeity delayed more than a ibe tenures of every ellate he polleftes, few minutes by the accident, and by the asistance of able persons, and

Friday, Jan. 7. old and honest witrelles, obtained a con- ' Wbiseboll. The King bas been graci.


Dilly pleale', in confulerition of the final vour be registered in bois College of Arms. Services performed to his Maj.tty, and to

GAZETTE. his Ally the Ortona, Emperor,' y Sir Wil

Monday, 146. 10. ham Sidney Smith, Kniglie, Commander The evening, about 7, when the wind and Grand Crops of the Royal Swedish blew excessively hand, lune premises at Military Order of the Sword, a Caplain in the back of Mr. Keen's licult, facing Padine Royal Nivy, and Deprelericalive for Jingia Chiosch, occupied by Mr. Blufeld, the cily in the Parlantent of

an attorney, as a country cottage, were the Dalied Kingdom; and to erilin ile nie v ly deni olihed. The premises confenile which his Majesty entertains of the bited of a imall round and a kitchen, huit great ahility and heric perleverance mani- of worx!, having a chjainey carriej to a felted by him the said Sir William Suney great leighi, to prevent (moke.

Dung Sinin mpon divers occafions, and more the violence of the guit, the chimicy wins cipecially of his anle and his bly diftin. ilitown on the row of the per room), 12 guished cooduct in the defence vé the town winch Mrs. El field and fue order chile vif St. Jolm d'Acte, isi Symas, in re yar dien wele living; and the weight of vie 1199; his Royal Licence 3:14 Anury, brieta work brought the while or the bilos, tilat lie my besithe fubiuwing honourale timber, and ruhbuih, into the room, and augmentations to the armorial enlignis enveloped them in the ruips. One of the burne by his family, viz. on the cheveron chridren found means to extricale herfel * !Visurb of Laurel, ufcompanied by Tmn and Hi!) greut presence of mind thirust her Copes Cultury; alia, on a Cilef oi Alus hand irragia ive window, calling lously. mchission, the Interior of an ancient Forlin fur alliitance to come men whiwwert wurk. cation, in perspecte ; in the trigle a Biea:bs ing in a shop across the yarı!, Thicy imand, mit 01.0 hides of 'he fiw breac, the mediately lended, but it was not without Standard of the Ottoman Empire, und be difficulty they could get to the room where

Union Flag of Great brinin, as then dira thie mischief, had happened; frus, the for: plitycu: And for cruft, the Imperial Oironian Vanit being out upou an errand, and the

Cbelengå or Plume of Triumpb, upom a Ture door's ali faitençd, they were obliged to bar; in allucon to the lighly-ionourable force their way through the kitchen win: and litt oguihe decora!ion trantnited by dow : they fucceeled, howe.ti, in reliev. his faid Iimpern Mujeity to Sir William . ing the unfortuale lutfcrers froni sheir pe. Sidney Smith, in teftintuby si his efieem, rious Divation. One of the children w .5 and in acknow lesigement of his menosivus undi the nubhish nearly losif.29 binun exert ons in the aforesa si delence: and the but, when Xb«icated, and a Inele recoa family crcit, viz. a Leopard's Besd, col- vered from her fright, did not appear to Jared and hned, ifsuunt out of an Orienta! have received any material injury. Crown; the said aims and creas to be b. rne

Monday, Jan 17. by liimi the faud Sir Wiliam Sidney Smith, This morning George Fuiter, who was and by his itlue, together with the motto convicted on Friday. daft of having mui" COEUR DE LION.". And although dered his wife and child, by tirownigthent the of hearg Supporters beli- into the canal at Paddington, was executed mited to the Peeis of the Realm, the pursuant to his sentence. Till yetterday Knights of his Majesty's Orders, and the morning, he continued to aifert that his Poxie's of Princes of the Blood Ruyal at wile liad by accident fallen into the Canal; britailutini, except in such cales wherein, 2010, the water heing deep, he was feassul under particular circunstances, his Man of attempting to lend any alliance, left jesty'lias been plealed to giant.lige pecial he might be drawu in allo. A mort time, Licence for the use vereof; yer, in order however, before liis execution, le confotled bugica further teilany of his Majesty's to Doctor Ford, that he actually did poik: parculr approbation of the services of the her in o the water, and then canie away. Juid Sir William Sidna y Smith, he has been and lefi her to perish. He acknowledged graciously pleased wallow bim lo bear, the justice of his sentence. When he apfi Supporters to iris Arms, a Tiger guar- peared out the scaitold, he was su mucia dant, manually crowned, in tbe moutbe Pam uvercone with the lente of his unbappy Branch, being the lyub lof Victory, foope ftuation, th’t he fainted, and w.s obliged puting, the Union Flag of Great Britain, to be fuppurred wine the co:u was applied with ibe Infcription" ERUSALEM,!"90" to luis neck. About ten muutes patte:3hb upon tbe Cross of $1. George; and a Lamig he was launched into eternils. murully crowned; in obe mouth on Olive

Thursday, Jan, 20. Branik, being the symbol of Pexe, fup- At 11 o'clock ile Special Commission porting the Bunner uj Jerufalemn : The faid was opened at the New Setlions' House, armonal digas feing fuit duly exemplie Borough, for the purpose of procet ding to "fied according t: the Laws of Arms, and the trial of Edwird Marcus Delpard, and recorded in the Heralds' Office. And allo others, charged with High Treason; the to older iht this his Majcity's laid cou-- particulars of which we purposely reler ve cellion and especial mark uf bis Royal Fa- lill oc next Number:

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Yol. LXXII. p. 1229. Lady Anne Clif- The wife of Mr. Jennings, of Fenchurchford, who died at Altona, Dec. 9, 1802, Atreet, a daughter. was prayed for in all the Roman Catholic 6. In St. James's place, Mrs. H. W. chapels in this metropolis on Jan, 23, 1803. Brown, a daughter.

P. 1219. Dr. Breton, of Hoddesdon, The wife of James Woodward, labourer, married a dapghter of Dr. Benjamin King, of St. Helen's, Lancaster, three daughters; fon and immediate successor of Dr. Benja- all

, with the mother, who is in her sath min King, (on-in-law and immediate suc. year, likely to do well. The father is upceffor of Dr. Conant in the rectory of All wards of 65. Saints, Northampton.

7. In Rufsel-square, the wife of Wm. Vol. LXXIII. P. 59. Dr. Gisborne and Bell, esq. a still-born child. Isaac Hawkins Browne, efq. che executors The wife of H. Rofs Lewin, erg, a son. of the late Isaac Hawkins, esq. (formerly 8. At Loughborough rectory-house, co. an eminent attorney at Burton-upon-Trent, Leicester, the wite of Rev.Dr.Hardy, a dan. who died, at a very advanced age, in March The wife of P. Towneley, efq. a son. 2799, LXIX. 284) have allotted, ander 9. Mrs. Good, of Caroline place, a daugh. the landlion of the Court of Chancery, a 11. In South Audley-Itreet, the Marlarge portion of his immense property to chíoness of Bate, a son. the following benevolent purposes : To At Dublin, the wife of Col. Anftruther, Christ's Hospital, London, 200pl. 3 per a fon, which died in a few hours, cent. Consols, with 900l. towards re- 13. The wife of Francis Freeling, erg of uilding the hospital. To the Bedford In- the General Poft-office, a daughter. mary sool 3 per cent, Consols. and sol. Ai Bath, the wife of Dr. W. Robertson,

year in the foort Annuities. To the a son, Leicester Infirmary 1500l, 3 per cent. 14. The wife of Lieut-col. Robert Crau. Consols. with 9cl. per annum thort Ankurd, a fon. nuities1.pol. per annum dort Annuities The wife of Capt. Wm. Bowen, of Sumto the Lunatic Asylum; zool. 3 per cent. mers-Leaze house, a fon. Cunsols, to the Clerical Fand; 30001. ditto 15. Atstone hall,Surr.Mrs.Clayton,afoa. to the Stafford Infirmary; about 30qol. TO. At Powerscourt-house, Dublin, Vifdicto to the Inkruction of the Poor in countess Powerfcoust, a daughter. Burton: and Scol. diuto lo ibe House of lo Lower Gower-Atgeet, the wife of Dr. Recovery in the Pattery; Sool. ditto to the Holland, a con. Blue Coat Charity-school At Bridgenorth ; In Mansfield-street, the Countess of Ligol. per annum Ibort Annuities to the Dif- merick, a daughter. pensary; and 2001. in cath to be expenda At Limehouse, the wife of Cha. Hamped in repairing the hospital in that town; con Turner, esq. a son. 2000l. 3 per cent. Confols. to the General Ai St. Brido's-hill, the wife of Cha. PhiHalpital at Birmingham; bool. ditto to the lipps, esq. a daughter. Blue Coat Charity-fahgol; and saol. in 17. At Walton-upon-Thames, Surrey, cash towards erecting a free church in that the wife of R. North, esq. a fan. dowsi, if a plan now in agitation should be On Winchmoreshill, the wife of Capt.

carried into effect. In our next, this truly Cruden, a daughter. philanthropic lift will be much enlarged. The wife of Thomas Bliss, efq. of Pollard

row, Bethnal-green, a fon. Birtas.

19. In Nottingham-place, the wife of ATELY, at Bangor caftle, the lady of Henry Bevan, esq. a daughter.

the Right Hon. Robert Ward, a son. 20. At Frome, co. Somerset, the wife of The wife of J. Allcuck, ela. of Dover. Major


, of the King's dragoon., reet, a daughter.

guards, a daughter. On Blickheath-hill, the wife of Cape. The wife of Leeds Booth, esq. a daughter, C. Caldwell, a fon.

At Otheover-hall, co. Stafford, the wife In King's-road, Bedford-row, the wife of Samuel Powell, esq. a son. of Isaac D'Ifraeli, esq. a daughter.

21. The wife of W. Woodgate, efq. of In Harley-ftreet, the lady of Sir Edward Tupbridge cakle, Kent, a daughter. Pel sw, hast. a fon.

22. Lady William Rullel, a daughter. Jan. I. The wife of Mofes Solomon, a 23. In-Ormond-Street, the wife of S. F. Jaw, of Stoney-lane, Petticoat-lane, three Lettsom, esq. a.fon. daughters and a lon, all likely to live. Jo John-Ctreet, Bedford-row, the wife of

2. At Cheltenham, the wife of Colonel John Puget, efg. a son. Campbell, of the 6tb foot, a daughter. The wife of Wm. Brien, esq. of Queen's

The wife of Cha. Thellufton, ciq, a dau. Square, a fon.

4. At his house in Lincoln's-ing-fields, 24. La Nottingham-place, the wife of the wife of Richard Williams, efq. a fos. Wm. Berners, elq, afon.

The wife of John Pybus, esq. baaker, At Mereworth castle, Kenty Lady Le Bond-treet, a daughter.

Dalpencar, a daughter.
Geur. MAD. FAmary, 1802.

L .

25. Mrs. Steel,' widow of the fate infor- At Foxearth church, Eflex, Rev. Thomas tanate Mr. J. C. s, who was bapbarously Wright, rector of that parish, to Miss Medmurdered, Nov. 6, on Hounslow-beachļicote, daughter of the late John M. esq. of (see vol. LXXII. p. 1158), a son.

Moortown-house, 'co. Kildare, Ireland. in Golden-square, the wife of C. Buller, Joseph Farrer, jun. esq. of London, to esq. a son.

Miss Elizabeth Black, of Portsea, Hants. Al his Lordship's house in Cleveland- Mr. Bury, druggift, of Leadenball-1?reet, row, Lady Hervey, a son.

to Miss Talbot, of Durweston-ftreet.

Jan. 1. Wm. Ord, esq. of Benhim, co. MARRIAO ES.

Northumberland, and M.P. for Morpeth, Ireland, Lord Clonbrock, to the Hon. James S. of lichin ferry, Southampion, Miss Blake, only child and heiress of Lord At Twickenham, Thomas Hohlyn, eiq. Wallscourt, and grand-daughter of the late of the Treasury, to Miss Overém:). Earl of Louth.

At Newmarket, Mr. Francis Smallman, At Edinburgh, Major Sidney Beckwith, training-groom to the Priuce of Wales, lo of the rifle regiment, to Miss Clementina Mis: Lifter, Loughnan, daughter of he late Thomas 'L. Rev. T. Collingwood, to Miss Jane cíq. of London.

Wcods, both of Kenington At Caernarvon, Hugh Reveley, esq. se. 3. Mr.Benjairin Brookhouse, horier, to cretary and nephew to Lord Redesdale, to Miss Muflon, huth of Leicester. Miss Owen.

Lord Andover, to the Hon. Miss Dutton. Rev. William Slade, of Warminster, to 4. At Alh, Surrey, Rev. James Beaver, Miss E. A. Wyche, of Salisbury.

rector of Childrey, Perks, to the eldest At Henley, co. Oxford, Henry Whor. daugh. of Her, Thalleò, ely.of Henley park, wood, elg. of Headington, to Miss Tréa- · Robert Beevor, efq. captain in the roval cher, piece of Sir John T.

artillery, to Miss Morrison, of Salisbury-ftr. Rev. Richard Parke, vicar of Lopping- Rev. T. Davies, of Twickenham, to the i ton, co. Salop, to Miss Edwards, of Han- youngest daughter of John Huglies, efq. of mer, co. Flint.

Morv., South Wales. Wm. Hale, esq: son of Gen. H. to Miss

James Bridges, efq. son of R. B: esq.' bf Webster, daughter of Rowland W. esq. of Brooke, Norfolk, to the youngeit danghter Stockton-upon-Tees, Durham.

of the late Rev. Mi. Caftell, of same place. At Hornsea, Suflex, Lieut. Thomas Le

5. At Brighthelmftone, the Rev. Mr, gard, of the royal navy, son of the late Sir Bricoke, to Miss A. Hicks. Dighy L. hart. of Gauton, co. York, to 6. Thomas Backhoule, esq: late captain Mifs Sarah Bishop.

in the 85th foot, to Miss Charlotte lggulAt Chatham, Major Campbell, of the den, of Deal. royal marines, to the youngest daughter of Mr. William Oldacres, of Little Ortonthe late Major Mawby, of the 18th foot. house; near Atherstone, to Miss Read, of

At Ollery Si. Mary's, Devon, William Sutton, co. Leicester. Bagwell, esq. to the eldest daughter of the : Al-Larsdon, Noribumberland, Lord De Jale Admiral Lord Graves, and filter to the : laval, to Miss Knight, present Lord G.

7. At Bath, Rev. William Coxe, rector Robert Foote, esq. of Charlton-place, of 'Bemerton, co. Someriet, to the reliet of near Canterbury, to the youngest dauglicer Thomas Yeldham, efq. Rutsi nerchant. of the Hon. Mrs. Keppel.

At Loughborough, Mr. S. Adams, prina Samuel Crane, esq. of Worcester, to Miss. ter and hook felter, to Miss Shuttlewood. Wall, daughter of Lieut. col. W. of the 8. Henry-John Lamotie, elo. of Great Louge, near Tewkesbury. *

Ormond-itieel, 10 Mifs Marilda Raynes,'of Lieut. Wm. Monsell, of the royal invalids, New Buckingham, Norfolk. to Miss Anne Ormerod, of Ormerod, Lanc. Ai Sunderland, Charles Page, esq.of Up

Ai Walton, co. Warwick, Jolin Erskine, per Guidford-street, to the second dau. of elg. brother of Sir James St. Clair E. to Miss Robinson, esq. of Bilton park, Durham. Mary Mordaunt, daughter of Sir John M. 10. Mr. Vincent Gahagan, of Tichfield

Jólin Cross, esq. of Lincoln’s-inn, bar- street, to Miss Elizabeth-Agnes Kay. riller at law, 19 Miss Margaret Hyde, of At Blockley, near Northwick park, the Ardwick, co. Lancaster.

Hon. rind Rev. George Rolhout, lon of Rev.G. Wolley, vicar of Iutton-Beifhell, Lady Northwlek, to Lady Caroline Stewco. York, to Mrs. Spencer, of Maierlea, arus daughter of the Earl of Galloway. co. Nottingham.

II. Ac Coopertsle, hear Epping, Rev. At Portimouth, Capt. Broughton, of the. Laoncelot Sharpe, rector of Alltrallows. Penelope frigate, to the youngest daughter Stoyming, Mark-lune, London, to the eldest of Sir Thomas Broughton, bart. of Dod. daugh.offn. Harrison, efq. of Epping, Ellex. dington-fiall, in Chefhire.

Jacob Wood, esq. of Benfon-house, Croy. Mr. Benjamin Rooke, jun. attorney, of don, Surrey, to Miss fane Watson, daugh. Hertford, io tbe only daughter of William ler of John W. etj. of Pretion. 3.2 hinder, efq. vf St. Alban's.


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Rev. J. G. Watson, Vicar of Hackney, !o Harriet Forstor, daughter of Robert F. esq. Mirs.Caroline Powell, daughter of David of Turnham-green. P.elq. of the same place.

24. Mr. Thomson, of Woodfoot field, to At Briftul, Francis-William Bowzer, . Miss Monteith, daughter of the late Rev. elq, son of Richard B., esq. of Highwoods John M. minister of Houston. house, near Hendon, Middlesex, lo Mis 28. John Rolls, efq. of Bermondsey, SurDiana Aindley Ellioti, daughter of Philip rey, to Miss Barnet, of Harley-Areet. E. csq. of Berkeley-lyuare. Mr. Richard Sambourne, of the Bank of

DEATHS. England, to Miss Jane Coates, of Pimlico.

T Lynı, Norfolk, in her

Mail. Allthyear, MarsMary Blandi, Woodforal, Eflex, to the oldest Jaugluer of relict of Mr. David B. attorney at law, of Major-general Goldie, of Goldie Leigh, near that town, who died in 1753, and mother Dumậries, Scotland.

of Dr. Robert B. phyficiap in London. Rev. Mr. Holgłon, of Campsall, and Muy 24. At Southwold, Suffolk, in his vicar of Eait Drylon, co, Nottingham, to 70th year, John Robinson, esq.; a gentle Mifs Newcombe, of Barmby.

man equally reputable for his public priaWm. Crken, efq. of Puckeridge, Herts, 'ciples and private integrity, and, for near to the secood diughter of George Pochin, half a century, at the head of that coresq. of Newport, Effex.

poration. Mr. R. who to an irreproachRev. William Dighy, of Offenham, co. able conduct joined great activity of mind Worcendi, to the Hon. Miss C. F. Digby, and a sound judgment, pollessed the cormald of bouous to her Majesty.

fidence and esteem of all the worthy and Joseph Goodbart, esq. of Limehouse, to , respectable part of the neighbourhood, the eldest daughter of the late Rev. Dr. and was for many years looked up to by Woide, of the Bruilh Muteum.

his inferiors as their best friend and beneLieat. Samuel Porter, of the roth foot, factor in the hour of difficulty or distress; to Miss Pareridge, of Lincoln.

and few there were, in the place of his 15. John Alkinson, ery of the India- ' residence, who did not, at one time or ada houle, io Miss C. Haines, of James-Atreet, other, experience his good offices. His

0. Auhurey, elq. of Thornbury, co. attachment to the civil and religious eltabGloucefter, io Miss E. Douglas, sister of lifhments of his country was uiifeigned ; W.Dely, of Newman-ftreet, Oxford-Itr. and the zeal with which, in the moment

16. Charles Morley Balders, csq. of of revolutionary phreozy, he afferred the Weft Baitha'in, Norfolk, to the Hon. Mils, cause of his king and country, did him Hare, laughier of Lord Ennismore. much credit, although it made him some

Gepige Lipscomb, elj. surgeon, of Bir-bnemies amongst those of different politiminglan, formerly captaio-commandant cal principles. His remains, followed by a of ide Warwickshire volunteer infantry, , large concourse of the inbabicanes, were inand deputy-recorder of Warwick, io Mrs. lerred in the chancel of Southwold church, Hopisins, laic of Stratford-upon-Avon, within the rails, on the North side of the

17. Rev. Juhu Nelson, of Lincoln, to the communion çable. He is supposed to have fecund uglver of the Rev. Cayley Illing- ' died in affluent circumstances; and has horiti, of Scimpson, near Lincoln.

left a widow and four children, two sons At Giaigow, R. Bogs, esq. merchant, of and iwo daughters. The eldest son, forGreenock, wo Mils A. Campbell, daughter merly a gentleman-commoner in the Uniof the lice). G.C. ctq. « Auchline. versity of Oxford, is now in boly orders.

13. John F. H. Riwilli", ciq. to Miss Aug.... At Port Royal, in the illand of Baker, eldest daughter of Wni. B. esq. of Jamaica, in his 24th year, much and deBay foraturv, Herts, and only dangbeer by , fervedly regretted as a most worthy young bu firft ladywho was daughter of the late man and an officer of great promise, Jas. Lady Joliat. Penn.

Urquhart, eng. eldett son of John W. efq. 20 Ge. Fivence, et o, of Coleman-str.. of Fort George, North Britain. He served to Mir çox, wf Alman-itr. B Steril-rowi as an enign and lieutenant in the 49th re

Cape Jolie Budyny, of the royai navy, logiment; was in Holland dunag inę late Mits Mary Ruthibi of Cichard-Areel, expedition, where he was twice wounded;

At S. George's, Hanoves-lyuare, Ma- and was also with the same corps in the jorgen. Geor, iu Mris Tewple French. memorable attack on Copenhagen Loon

21. By special bycence, a Lidy Cecilia after which he was promoted to a comi. Johnson's, qu Wimpote Njeet Antheriyunny in the ed battalion of the Bših regia Alery, erg. Laiendus ilajeni ministëra ment, as a reward for bis gallantry. With plemputen: 13 be. Fivrisks Republiek, that corps he went to the West Indies, to the walow of, Join Leathes, clq: 'of where he fell a villim to the prevailing Herringtieci-il, s velki

fever of the tropicks. R. Mr. Charles Adams," a chiedt, to ir Nov. 3. In Spanith-town, Jamaica, Miss Kent, dar - Saida K.elq, of Fuihista Affleck, Jaughter of the late Dr. A. and 2. Mr. Greeting of the Siland, Lo Mirs fiter of 1:. crų: barrister as law there.



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