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7, A Tour, performed in the Years 1795-6, after a journey of 2000 versts, each

ibrough The Taurida, or Crimea, ibe an- containing 500 British fathoms, at the tiene Kingdom of Bosphorus, ebe once-pow. new city of Nicolayef on the Bog, the. erful Republick og Tanric Cherton, and all present feat of the naval eitablishment obe os ber Countries on ebe Norib Sbore of ibe of the Black Sea, founded, 1789, under Euxine, ceded so Ruilia by sbe Peace of three etlential disadvantages of local Kainardgi and Jally; by Nirs. Maria pofition, being placed in ihe Scythian Guthrie, formerly Arling-directress of obe defert, where no wood ever grew naImperial Comuni for the Educatis fibe turally; so that the oak-timber and Female Nobility of Ruffin; d fcribed in a Series of Lesteis to ber Husband, itse Editor, naval stores must be brought from a Matthew Gothrie, MD F. R. S. and great distance, and the want of freshF. S. n. of London and Edinbugh,

water. The furrounding deleris are. Member of ibe Ibilul phical Society of Man.

inhabited by roving hierds of horlemen, Chelter, &: &c. pbyficiun to obe Firpi and the shepheids of Holy Writ, ready at Second Imperial Coops of Noble Corders in St.. all eines, if able, to overrun and plunPeter lips, and Councilior of Stale to bis der med attenbled in civil society, Imperind Majejty of all obe Rulli s. I be living peaceably and comfortably in ible confrated by a Map of sbe Tuur along fixeci habitationis. If the omules are rie Evxme C321, from ib. Dretter to be here intended, they have no more of Cuhan; with Engravin, s of a great Num. fepherds in them than the Bedouin' ber of ancient Coirs, Medals, Monumenis, Ara!'s, nor even the thepherds of liolv Inforiprions, and orbe curious Obje&is.

or any other Writ, who were harmicis SCARCELY had we concluded a as their flocks. It seems, therefore,

partial tour through this celebrated from what follows, a tran(pofition of tract, by the Secretary to the Rullan the preis, and that the roving horfemen EmbalTv.* (lce p. 55–58), than we were ready to plunder the Thepherds. are called npon to join a female and a Salih Aga, a Turkish vaval officer, has travelier in a more ample detail, whote settled a colony of about 100 Turks,

hutband occasionally transmited to having, by travelling in Italy, France, · England foine brief” remarks by him and Greai Britain, acquired fuperior

felf during a journey that he made in lights to those of his countrymen. the fame direction fome years ago; Mrs. G. found her expectations of the The lady has paid the debt io Nature; grapes of Soudak dilappointed; and and to her modern description of each that trees, by much intention, in a city, &c. he had, at her request, added wade foil

, well watered, will grow in its antient history in different periods, this defert. being exactly the part of the new work Mrs. G. travels from the Dniesier, the which would connect it with another Western boundary between the Ruthians which he published at St. Peterburg, and Turks at the peace of Kainarigi in French, in 1795, trcating of the and Jatly, to the Ealtern to the river Ciia mural antiquities of the old dominions ban. The highell of the towns builo of Raflia, his “ Nocles Ruficæ 1." by the einprels on her new frontier is There letters were originally written Gregorypol

, an Armeninn colony; Tys in French ; but the editor, conscious ralopol, a fort and place of arms oppoof his inability to add his part in the fite Bender ; and Ovidopol, at ihe lively elegant liyle of the amiable wrie mouth of ihe Dniefier. In this last an ter, was obliged to tranflate the whole urn found under a kind of kistraen into English, to that he alone must be and also a terracotta female dretled t ; the object of criticism. They are il- of all which a drawing and an account luftrated with coins of the different ci- were fent to the Society of Antiquàries ties, of the exiflence of many of wirich they must, perhaps, serve as the best * Said, p. 418, to resemble the Olua. proofs, &c.

rium, or square box, in which the antients The lady, who is proud of shewing sent home ibe bines and ashes of a person de her knowledge of hifiory and geography, ceafed abroad. For this affercion we with and quoting old Herodotus, arrives,

to-have better authority, as well for the

square box, which was of stone or marble, Lady Craven's “ Journey through the

as for the fifa-consuming coffin, or sarcophaCrimea," publithed in 1789, 410, was re

gus, which decomposed a corpse in 4 days. viewed in our vol. LIX. p. 237.

+ First imagined to be Diana, because # Prof Pallas publithed another, 1794.

the hair in front was dressed like a crescent ; A copy of his “Ruffian Antiquities" afterwards, that of Julia, with whom Ovid is left at Melfieurs Cadell and Davies.

intrigued, GENT. Mag. February, 1803,



in London, 1795, who have hitherto Doctor was so highly impressed with declined publishing, it. In a note, their inportance, that he continues p. 419, the Ductor speaks of the tomb writing about them and about then, fancifully firpposed by some people to be contradicting and being contradicted, that of Orid, though he gives it up to the end of the chapter. We returi p. 420; and though we are exprefly to his lady. iold by the poet (Ep. ex Ponto, 1. 8), Another new port and city at the that Tomé, wbere the Danube en;pties Adjebey of the Turks was neiv-chrif ittelf into the Pontus, Euxinos, or tened Ode (Tie by the archbishop of the Black fea, uli curuleis jungitur lfler new conguelts from Odeflis, fuppo. aquis; vet Scherer fays, in his Annales fed, by Danville and Peyilonnel, ine de la Petite Rullie, that Orid's tomb antient name of Ochakoff"; the reesilip lix days' journey from the Boryto inains of the very wood in which lethends or Dnieper, but in what direction rodotus relates Anacharlis was mor, he fayy not, in a plain among antient performing his facrifices vowed to ruins, with a Latir infcription of four Cybele. lines. The xon/i is laid to have once borne In the IXth letter we arrive at Chero the name ofilietame poet, who mentions Son, where Admiral Mordwinotl' infcrithe rivers Benius and Lycus. In this beci on a tomb, "Here lies the boneculent tomb was found an amphora or vellel of Howard.Froni this city, on account the fame materials as the butt, but of its unhealthy situation, the seat of crusted over with lea-shells, and thence naval architecture for the Eusine was fuppofoed to be as old as Recupero's transferred to Nicolaver, though large Java of Etna; and a very rude figure of men of war are still built here, and a a Priapus furrounded by four nymphs*, garrifon remains. About 150 verlis up the loweripoti of thein ofiering him the river the Enpress planted a colony • what looks like a pye, or some kind of French emigrants. The sotient of very large fruit, possibly a water- Olbia is supposed to have stood about melon, the most common production 10 verits above Cherfon. The tombs of the country," but which in the en- of the Scythian kiirgs at Gerrhe, degraving is evidently a ram's head, on forbed by Herodotus, are supposed to which the figure lays its right-hand. A have been opened by a gentleman of: pair of better eyes, thofe of a young the Ukraine, who laid the foundation portrait-painter, discovered this; atd of his fortune by gold images and orihence it becomes emblematic of Pone naments found in some antient tombe ticapeum and Criu Motopon. This on the banks of the Dnieper. Find his groape is absolutely compared to the fi- fon, a general in the Rullian service, gure of Nilet at Rome, with children and a man of much knowledge climbing about him.

and liberality, been at Cherson, he We have next: a sculpture commu- would have given a particular account nicated to the fame learned body, of what his father found. (p. 38, 11.) though no information could be ob- Our traveller, ascending the Dnieper tained, when, where, or how it was · 55 versts higher, to a pass the dittrict. found, only that it came from a Tartar about which abounds with a species to an inhabitant of the North shore of of conic tumuli very common in the the Eusive. The Society entered these fiepts of antient Scythia or modern Curiolities in their minutes, never suf-, Tartary. “ The fmall town of Beref pecting they would fee the light I. The : lave, at this pafs, has nothing to re

contend it but its very fine view of * Or any other figures you please lo re-, the Dnieper, crolled here in a floating present to your imagination.

woolen bridge, which funk at every + Here called a Nilometre. We would step, and let in the water between the ask who is the learned President of the So- boards. From the banks they travelled ciety of Antiquaries to whom this letter, through a deep landy rod to a little audrelled to a nameless correspondent, was addesfied, who wrote “A Differtation of village on the Ikirts of the Vogay Nept,

where the government or province of the Siege of Troy ?"

I "In Thort, my wife for," says Mrs. G. the Tauridă begins fome time before (p. 28), "if you cavil at my Scythian conjectures, only take the trouble of turning you may then sneer at those of your affecover the records of your own favourite tionate journalif.” Qu. Was not the Doc. Amiquary Sociery, and, if you do not find for imposed on first, and then tried to im in them freculations fully as improbable pose on his favourite Society?

you arrive at the peninsula itself, an Pallas places at Tarkhanskoy. Kout. iminenfe extent of palturage, whose The trade of Kosoff contists in falt, inhabitants feem to be greatly changed, leather, and woollen carpets. In spite of late years, by Ruffian polith. The of all the risques of Ottoman oppretriver Kulangare of the Rullian maps, fion, “I am inuch iniliaken if these at whole mouth stood the ancient city good people would not preser ' being Carcinatis, was the boundary of the under the iron fceptre of the chief of primitive Scythia of Herodotus, a their own religion to living under the Iquare space of 4000 ftades, or 400 mildelt government of a Christian Roman miles. An hour after palliug prince: Tuch is the empire which the this river, we arrived at Perecop, the able Mullilman prophet. Mahomet, antent l'aphra. Pra-kop, in Tarrar, has established over the ininds of his fignifies, as taphrus in Greek, a ditch, volaries, apparently by infpiring a won, the deep trench cut across the inthmus. derful degree of fanaticism," p.66.) Here are ftill fome remains of the tu. Symphesopol, the new lauric capital, mous wall which, Xenophon tells us, in a charining soundpv, decres with was built by Dercyllius, geveral of the fine green fields, walced by the Saia Lacedæmonians, within this ditch, 4 gir, was called by the Tartars Sure miles and 600 paces long, against the Serai, from iis hasing been the ordiinroads of the Scythians, and, in after. nary residence of the Kalgha Soultang, aces, defended by 600 towers, accord- or commander in chiei of the Crimean, ing to Procopius. The director of the army. Its houses are built of fone, hilt works bere has a handtome house, and roofed, in the antient Greek tyle, and a good liule library of Rulian with tiles. There are likewise nume books.

rous handfome modern buildings. “ The Taurida is 56 miles long, Tchatirdugh, the highest mountain of from Perecop to the port of Balaklava, the Taurida, the ancient Mons Berosus, on the Euxine, and 200 iniles broad, is 20 versts distant. (p. 67–69.) Cape Tarkantkoi projecting into the We next travel through a valley, Black Sea, on the Weft, to the city of equally pleasing and full of variety, Jepikal, on the Cimmerian Bofphorus, throngh which Alma rolls his limpid or itraits which divide the Taurida Itreanis, to Batchesirai, the residence, from the island of Taman. The large making an earthly paraclite, of its soriver Salgir nearly divides the penin. vereign the Khan, the Palulium of jula into two equal parts, and separates Strabo, and the Budatium of Ptolemy, the faline grally tiept, or plain on the with dirty, ill-pared, narrow streets, a North, from the fine inountainous palace, tome 1hops, merely furnished country to the South, the admiration with merchandize for the few wants of and abode of polithed commercial na- its inhabitants, and a primitive manutions for upwards of 2000 years, who factory of knives. It is an atiemblage filled iis ports with thips and inerchan- of Tartarian houses, of unconth forins, dize till the barbarous Turks (hut up fuck againti ihe sides of the mounthe Thracian Bofphorus, and turned tains, and placed in circles, one above the busy Euxine into a watery defert." another, round the palace of the Chan, 19. 54). The quantity of corn raifed with streets between the rows of in the falt part'has rendered Taurida houses. The palace is a curious fpethe granary of the Euxine, till the late cies of painted Chinele structure of iasvars depopulated it. The old town of rious apartments, entered by a fpacious Ferecop itill consists of some hundreds court, having, ou oue hand, a hanging

! houses, 5 verlts from the new, in garden of terraces, and, on the owner, the midst of an open burning plain. the time-sculptured rocks. In the court in this line pailure are reared the fa- is a handfome meichet, or mosque, with mous breed of Crimean or Tauric a loltv elastic fpire, that shakes like a ibeepas well as many camels, drome. free inder rou, while you riew the daries, and horses. Pufing the river whole city from its lofty femmit

. Near Chedilucli, by a bringe of the Romans it are tiro pretty rotondas, in which or Genele, we come to the lite of repose the ashes of a long line of chans, Prolemy's viry, Salarcha, which Peyton and a prrity lille mautolen erected onnell finds in the vill.go. of Tehetir. by one of them to a beloved Christian the Pioleny's Empituri robored to wife.. A finall interior court leads to

inff wicie, horaire !! Houell it fine sound veflibile, paved with bund Wertverlus; a nis Dandice Ghite rarble, and ornamented witla


three fountains of clear, cool, aud ex- his requeft; and the Chan was received cellent water, ever playing. When like a sovereign, and a desceadant of Mathe Empress vifited her new acquifi- homet, by the Balaaw of Cotchim, who tion, the caused the ghole city io he came out with a great retinue to meet illuminated. (p. 69–77.)

him; and, after kitting the skirt of his

robe, presented a letter from his relation Five versts from this city Itands an the Grand Sultan, inviting him, in the excavaled monniain, called Tiape Kir- kindert language, to his capital, and assnart, of a conic form, covered with foring him that he was always ready to wood, and full of antient habitations, receive and succour the unfortunate. On

which are not only furnished with win- this flattering invitation, Chagin Girrey dows, but have cisterns full of water. proceeded to Conftantinople, where he

There are two more such feven verfis was at first well received, but soon after South of this. (p. 77.) The history of ordered to retire to the island of Rhodes, Chagin Girrey, the last of the Chans, which he was so well convinced was a is thus related (pp. 78-82.)

species of exile, the forerunner of death,

that he sought the protection of the French “ Chagin Girrey, the late Chan or So Consul*, who, it is said, had actually prevereign. of Crim Tartary; having, whilst a pared a small veslel to favour his escape; youth, accompanied an embally from the but, the wind being contrary, the fatal Bareigning Chan 10 the Court of Cathe. fhaw arrived, and, by the information of sine II was engaged by that politic prir- one of the unhappy Chan's suite, whom cefs to remain in Petersburg as captain of he put to the torture, discovered his master her guards; liappy, no doubt, to have one hud uuder the Confil's foor. The Bathaw of the Imperial Ottoman family in her child the devoted prince for Aying from one service, who might be useful on some fu- fene by the Sultan to wait opon him and do ture occasion. Au opportunity was not him honour; but a dith of coffee, preferiklong wanting of making him eminently ed him foon 'alier, put a period to å lile , useful to Rutia; as, after the Turkish war, full of misfortunes; and his head was sent so ably conducted by the Field-marshal to his kind relation, in the nfual Ityle of Romanzoff, and ended by the peace of Turkish barbarity and despotism. The Kainardgi in 1774. Crim Tartary was gentleman to whom I owe the above relasubdued by the Empress's arms, and its tion, so little known to Europe, lived in independence ftipulated in the treaty as one great intimacy with Chagin Girrey all the of the principal articles of peace agreed time that he dwelt in Woronetz, and octo by the Grand Sultan; which enabled cafionally visited him in Kalouga t. He Catherine to have her captain of the likewise favoured me with the following guards elected chan of the peninsula; the curious anecdstes of his manner of living right of chooiing a fovereign being left, of in the first-mentioned city, when he had course, to the Tartars, by the Ottoman an opportunity of seeing him almoft every Court. This station he filled with dig. day. The Chan (hę faid) was a man of nity, till Prince Potemkin had the address good figure, with a molt piercing eye, and to engage him, in 9783, to cede his fove. poilelled an excellent understanding, not a reignty in the Imperial Crown of Ruflia, liule cultivated, coofidering his country. and retire into Woronetz on a yearly pen- His countenance was remarkably pile, Sion of 100,000 roubles ; at which city, with strong marks of inward grief preyand at Kalouga, he refided for about two ing on his mind; a suspicion confirmed hy years, till, growo tired of a retreat among his viels, which was always black after he men differing from himself in religion, abdicated; and he conttantly wore a black customs, and manners, he petitioned Ca- ilk handkerchief on his head, which was therine for permiffion to visit his relations carried up each fide of his face from under al Constantinople. The Empress granted his chin, and tied above his turban 1. His

*"This very Consul ( Dutroui) is now in Peteriburg, ?nu has given me the whole ftory, too long and circumftantial to relate here; but the outline given is exact thus far, and is only deficient in delcribing the trouble that the Consul was put to in the affair, and the danger that he incurred from the earaged people, &c. as the whole island had, by the Grand Sultan, been made answerable for the escape of the devoted Chan. Evitor."

t“My friend and informer, I ince find, is mistaken with regard to what happened to the Chan after his departure for Contantinople; as the Conful says, that he was obliged to give him up to the governor of the island, with whom he remained till the expected messenger arrived, who ftrangled him in the usual way with a bow-itring : so that ihe tortured lave, aud poisoned coffee, the Ruffian gentleman must have taken from the report of travellers from Conftantinople; but his mode of life, &c. in this country, my friend was an eve witness of, and has fill a gold loutf-box by him, whiclı he gave him as a keepsake.”

" The Consul tells me, that his beard was al-vays folded up onder the black filk, and chai be never let it hang dowu but in acts of religion. EDITOR."





laundress likewise discovered, by the little suspended from the neck with a blue rib. circles which it left on his iirts, that he

The Chan erected several small always wore a coat of mail under his Chineke buildings in the garden, where he ciorbiis, probably to ward off a sudden gave the neighbouring gencry little enterHow from any fanatic Mahometan, as he la ninents, and was so very generous that had near two bundred about his person few visited him without receiving fome even in his reciioment, who conitimuted his prefent. The gentleman who related these Dostle court. However, in spite of this anecdotes thewed me a gold enameled precaution against a hidden enemy, he was snuff-hox, and a gold watch, which Chaa man of great courage in the field, and gin bade him wear for his lake, lhat every upon all occafions of danger; a singular time he took snuff, or marked the bour, proof of which he once gave, when ob- he might think of bim. He once seot a liged to take theller, among the Ruflian diamond ring, of 20,000 roubles value, to troops, from an insurrection of his fub- a much-respected miniser at Petersburg; jucis during his short reign, inftigated by . but the Court prevented its delivery, and the Turkish party. The insurgents having bade the messenger tell his matter that a advanced against his defenders, to the present to a Rullian minister was improamount of 39 oco men, the Chan stole per; alihough the Chain had accompanied away in the night from the small Ruilian the gift with a hanusome little note, army (if pollible, to prevent the effufion of wherein he told tiis Excellency that it was blood ihe next dw), and rode directly into the Oriental cultom to present marks of the midit of his l'evoited iulijeets, alone esteem to those whom we love. On rem and unarmed, demanding the cause of ceiving back his ring, with the reprimand, their discontent, and of what they had to he only repbed, that the Rullians did not accuse lain. This hold measure fo con- hold thore opinions while he had minirpletely surprised and discomposed the hof- Carhcrive sent him the ribbon of rile army, that the soldiers declared they St. Andrew, with a diamond crescent, innad 110 perfowal enmity to their Chan, but stead of the ciofs and faint hanging to it had been led there hy certain mufas, or as usual; on which he renarke, that, if chiefs, witho'll well kooting why. On the visual insignia had been appended to it, this, Chagin Girrey ordered the murras to his religion would have forbidden him to be brought before him to declare their wear it; and, without them, it was on', a grievances; but they, being as much con- piece of ribhon with a trinkel, which he founded as their men, Coulu aileuge no- decline accepting." thing in the nightest deg te latisfactory : A little difiance from Baichelerai whereupon re commanded the foldiers to fiands, on a high mountain, an old liang them up os traicurs, which they in. fort, called the citadel of the Jews, who Itantly did.

He then quietly rode back have froin time iminenorial inhabited alone to the Rullian quarters, wlrich had it, and were very numerous in Turda been in mucha alarm on tinding him gone in the ninth century. They are cleanly No hing could be more simple than his way of life, as he never had more than

and prosperous, called Black Jews, to one with ath's table, which was conítanily diftinguith them from those of Poland, bouled rice and mution in the Tartar Style, and follow the Tura infiead of the Telwith water for his desok; after which he mu. (pp. 83, 84.) At the bottom of took one finall dith of coffee, and seldom

a hill we saw among the high grass even (moked but when alone. His chama fome remains of an ancient city, which, , ber of Itate was covered with blue clochi, we were told, was called Marianapol,

without any other furniture than a low but of which no mention occurs in ana Turkiih ip'ın oo wiich he ist; and at tient authors. On the top are the ruins 13ht a bigl, fiver cradleftick (tood in the of Mankoup, the Talane of Ptolemy, midule of the room on the foor, with one and the Kafirun Gothias, or capital of wax candle in it. He commonly wore Gothia in the ninth century, with a gloves, as helad a culon of throwing a

liuile monastery cut in a rock. (p. 87.) six-poursu cannon-be'l froin one hand to Returning back to Batcheterai, they another, while he rat converting with proceed to Sebafal, the Sinus Portathore about him, His principal amusement he derive from his lawks and ofos of Mela, the Eurine Portfinouth, hories; of which he brought a number

or principal sea-port on the Black-sea, wish him from the Criinea; bur, as lie called by the Turks Achtjar. "The could not enjoy the sport so 'well in the

worm here is particularly deliructive to city, where he at first lived, the Archbi- ships. The new city forms an amphis Top of Woronciz gave up to him his

theatre. The Tartar houles are finall country-louse, a civility which he nhly and ill-built. (pp. 91–113.) rewarded, by presenting bim with a large The next object were the raios of rich crois let with diamonds, such as the ghe antient Greek cirv of Chersonelies, Rullim arctibishops weiss a their breasts, founded by a colony from lleraclea on



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