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your readers to know, that to the ing of the last of my “ Lines," same gentlemen, Capt. Leake, Capt. · which ran thus, Squire, and Mr. Hamilton, the “ They Dor their virtues would be mourn'd learned world is indebted for a • or miss'd." most important discovery, which

As Crito gives it, it affords no was made known in a Memoir specimen of what he politely terins from Capt. Leake and Capt. Squire, the vigour of my wing :" the fault presented to the Antiquarian Soci- must have been in some transcriber. ety, on Thursday Feb. 3, by Dr. Also in line 7, for "the last Raine, containing an account of morn," read that last morn:" their having decyphered the inscrip- and, in the note*, for in Calton tion on the Pillar at Alexandria, · Hill," read “on Calton Hill:" and hitherto deemed illegible. By the for “ the sons of superstition," read inscription it appears, that the Pil- “ fuperftitious men." lar was erected in honour of Dio- Crito will acknowledge that lines elefan, not of Pompey, as has been 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and io, of his commonly imagined. By the Me- Apology," are not applicable to moir we find that this' diicovery any thing contained in my“ Lines;" was effected only by unremitting

as I have not any where said that attention and perieverance, the in- Christian burial can confer any benefcription not being visible but when fit whatever on the "fons of vice." the fun thone obliquely on it.

I emreat, Mr. Urban, your refF. A. S. pectable correspondent, to inform me

what is the title of the “ PublicaMr. URBAN,

tion" to which he alludes; that I E pleased to allure Crito that may procure to myself the pleasure

I am truly forry if I have of perusing it. wounded the feelings, or misrepre- The Author of the Lines occalented the tentiments, of such a

fioned by reading an EPITAPH man as he appears by his “apology'

on a PHYSICIAN, &c. &c. to be; (iol. LXXII. p. 1210.) If I had ever seen the “publication" The Puysician AND THE Dervise. which contains his “Epitaph on a Phyfician, &c." I should probably journey together. Scarcely has they

Tlcalı, the good dervise, began a have found somewhat there, which quilted the suburbs of Bagdat, before, would have prevented my writing ibe foot of Iscah flipping, he was difrbe “ Lines" on that Epitaph. But, abled froin purluing his way; and Amtering the Epitaph only in the tow went on without his conipanion, Paris coruer of a country news-pa- Sad were the Physician's thoughts, and per, ind oblerving in it what seem- his path was folitarv. “Sırange," cried ed to me to be a jneer on Christian he, " and cruel is that Providence,

which extends its protection to the burial; I imagined that it had been inserted by some enemy to Revealed foorsieps of licab !" No sooner had he

wicked, and neglects to watch over the Religion. It is well known that, pronounced these words, than a man for fone years pait, many news- rushed upon him from a secret place, and papers, both in town and country, with a blow beat him to the ground. have been made vehicles of atheitti- Amrow, rendering bis purte, peritioned cal and seditious principles. In the for his life. “Keep your purtė,” replied province where I relide, I have the atlailin ;

“ and since you are not watched them well; and have Tuf- licah, keep your life alto.“ Amrow's fered nothing to pass without ani

wounds did not prevent him from pronadverfion, which seemed likely different sentiments. “Ya, Allah," cried

ceeding; he purlued his way, but with to taint the religious or political he, “merciful and just art thou, who opinions of my neighbours. In jus hait rescued Iscah from the death which tice to myself, I must request you awaited him, and punished Amrow for to restore the true and original reada murmuring againit thy decrees!"



Feb. 9.


Fcb. 5. - his death, hy the inquisition on his fäTHE biography of Francis Beatre ther's deatli, which niemiótis his el

mont, water of the Charterhoute; der bruiter's agè, as ttaied in yout an office to which he was appointed Hifiory,' p. 650.” in 1617 «by the especial appointment lain of' opinion, Morban, that of the king," I have been able to atcer. my friend's portrait, wrich he has tain. He was second tour of Nicholis ohligingly lent ine, is that of Francis Beaulinont, of Cole Orton, in the Beau Foiit the Jefuit, who was riephew county of Leicester, efij. ; took the de- to the Dramatic Writer; and on thit gree of M. A at Cambridge date and idea take the liberty of prefenting it to collere not discovered); and died June your retiers (Plate 1.2, coniralied 38, 1024. On his tomb in the Chiaro vitti Verlue's portrait

, both faithfully verhoufe chapel he is fivled “ Matier of copied by Mt. Batire. J. N. Artes, Elquier, late Marier of this the King's Holpirall*." In the nexų vo-, lume of the Hitory of Leicestertbire YO

OUR correspondent S. 0.101. fome farther particulars of thith, with an LXXII. p. 1159, May, parallel engraving of his birti, shall be inserted. his earthen bottle with limilar one's

Of his namefake and relation (vol. found in Eflex, and countmunieated by LXXI. p. 1095) foine interesting traits Mr. King to ilie Amasian Society will be given in the fame voluine. It (Archäol

. vol. V. p. 980); and E, W. is remarkable that there were four will find teleinulances of his Trith Prancis Beautmonts of this family, all rings, &c. in the fånre work, vol. II. living in 1615; and of thef: at least art. 111. p. 33. three were pucricul: the Matter of ihe The complaint hronight again the Charterhoute, the Dramatic Writer, and Society of Antiquaries by *.*. p. 1181, Francis Beaumont à Jefuit. Having and the hifts fuggeled, are certainly mentioned this cireumstance to a friend juft; but is it nou the cale with all Só. who unites in his own perfon the tas cieties which rise from finall begin.

lenis of a Poet and an Antiquary; he nings fó éminence and wealth, that · favoured me with the following note: they lose figlit of their original inftitu. *** As 10 the portrait of the great Dra- tion, or of the ineans of fulfilling it? matic Writer, Humplirey Moseley (his Do we not see that, in charity as in lic original publisher) tavs, I was very térature, the temptation to ill.guided ambitious to have got Mr. Beaumont's expence operates io the ruin of the in. preture, but could not posibly, though Rituxion? Hospitals, like literary rooms, i fpared no enquiry in' those noble fa- degenerate into magnificence and pamilies whence he was descended; as tadle, to the consumption of the very allo among the gentleinen that were of funds which have raised them to their his acquaintance when he was of the beiglit. The begging-box is open to Inner Temple. Verue's portrait of every one. Unworthy members are him was engraved froiu an original in admitted, to keep up ihe treafury and the poffeffion of ifie Duke of Dortet"; fwell the number, though they know and there is a mezzotinto of him by J. ne more of the matter than the rusticks Simon. I have a good iviniature in or journeyinen to whom the British water colours, at the back of which is Museum used to be exhibited as a rarcewritten, in a random habuel; Prancis Thew, till the librarians were wearied - Beaumont, the Puet, by William Bðir. ont with doing nothing. The contriBut it is much too old for a' mati of 30. vance of the Council, liated by your Weré it of him, it would be very cu- correspondent, was at the time mort rious. It has a very fine countenance; juftly reprobated ; and from the com. but the hait leenis grey: John-Wil- poblion of the Council, men of rank liam Baur was born in 16 ro, and could and honout, fuch' a" measure could -be only five years old at Beaumontt's hardly lare, been expelled, had it not death. He does not appšeip erér to keep thrown out, as he tuggelts, as a have been in ErnatietNor could plati för extricating them out of debt. Heauniont be mirüh more than stat Nobody can disajsprove a magnificent

exlibition of Buildings which are the * See Malcolm's very satisfactory'his- yet undefaced ornainents of our innd, Lory of the Charterhoute, in his." Lundin beciulle növüdy can foresee how frina nium Realivivum;" p. 424.

it may becvibe the faction to extermia Ger. Mag. Piltuury, 1908,

nate them; and the very Society may, to fix on the very learned and worthy from notives of various interett, let in gentleman who has, Mr. Urban, in anong them nien who will glory in your Miscellany, thus favoured us with such extermination. The reduction of his thoughts, what should be the faic of the letter preis may be advisable, but the publication alluded to. As I am the scale of the engravings should you patronized by a part of the Society, who bc deparied from. It is not to be tip- ihink more of the architectural merits poled the House of Commons, who : of our Cathedrals, and less of an adhave permited one of our fineli monu- vance of their fubferiprions to forward mnents to be pulled to picces aud disfie, the work of their ilhutiration, than hiin gured, would content io vode a fun in " I have in my eye;" I think it expedia aid of the expence of engraving Gothic ent, in duty io thens, and in justice to architecture, particularly the ecclefi- myself, to inform your corretpondent, aliical part of it. And, though ihey and iliat particular division of members have loved the printing of Catalogues who fuppored vim on the faid deof MS libraries and records, they have baring vight, ile caules wlay and not voted the publication of their ;, and wherefore the engravings of the Cathethe curious mult depend on the want of drals are given to the world in the taste of the incurious to get, even for way newn in those of Exeter, Bath, Imoney, a copy of these articles, so in- and Durhain. teresting to the publick at large.

As the Views, Elevations, Plans, But why dwell on the errors of these &c. of our Cathedrals, introduced into measures, when it may be, from the the Monafticon, Commy Hiltories, and civil wars just breaking out in the faid other descriptive writings, in detached Society, their progress may be totally prints, and the like, were brought out flopped? The few men of {cience on tuch limall-lized plates merely to preamong them may be frighted away, as fenų the inals of each building mider

the delay of publishing communications discuilion, or as picturefque appeardeters them from making them, and ances produced by the kill of the leads them to prefer your quick delivery Arifi, in a certain dilpotal of light to the tardy maneuvres of apAntiquary and shade toward wliat is called “ef. Society Council - without a Jeader. fect"

in drawing

an effect of What shall we say to that procrastina- that kind wc perceive when gazing tion in submitting the Rotetta inserip on an object with the eves half tion to the world at large, when the opeu, in a fort of dim fascivation on rest of Europe, from France to Sweden, the senses, whereby we catch a momenare in poflellion of exemplars, and have tary gleam of the fublime; fuch fort of

sent out elucidations ? To what pur- pencilled performances tending more to - pose send to the two Universities calis in accredit the moderni Delineator than the plaster, to be locked up in cases, and antient Architect. Hence it was condelay the publication of the explana- ceived as an uwertaking to the honour tious already offered ? Mr. Urban has of the country (origitiating, if I am not the merit of holding a Society of Anti- mifinformel, with Majeliy itsell) for quaries in forma minore ; and long way the Society of Antiquaries io bring out the Gentleman's Magazine be the reci- a series of the Cathedrals by Plans, pient of çitcoveries of which i14 Con- Elerations, and detail of parts; not ductor is to communicative.

alone to please the eye by the beauties Yours, &c. · AN ANTIQUARY. of the whole display, but to give infor

mation and instruction to ihe riling . Mr. URBAN,

Feb. 4. generation of Antiquaries and Archi*.'s lęnunvenis (vol. LXXII. p. expedient, as our Cathedrals have in 1181) on the publication of our Carlie- their deligns such an endlels variety of drals by the Society of Antiquaries.; parts, to give the long line of each'elemy mind was carried back,jo that varion, both externally and internally evening bau Spripg, when the proposal (exhibiting in such elevations at every

respecting the agmentation of the con- ten, er ffieen feet fome material . sributions of the members, in aid of this change in the architectural parts), bulinels vas debates in their meeting, not in partial and murilated compila.

om ;, where ebele identical ideas were lions, as advised, Mr. Urban, by your held forth, for the same realous, and correfpondent, but to fuch a scale that for the fame purpoles. I am at no lols the leading charaçiers might be reu


dered conspicuous and imelligible. East India Company's thip Flindofinn, Aud, further, it was concluded, that, Edward Baliton, Esq. Captain, have by adding examples of the apo appeared in molt of the public prints, rights in a divilion of the feveral and eren in your generally accurate stories, the monuments, screens, and Milcellany, you may perhaps not obdecorations molt worthy of nisicc to a ject 10 the insertion of the following . fecond or more enlarged feale than the correct ftateinent of that lamentable general one, the whole collection dilalter. would come iwore riistactory to the During the levere of male of wind at attention and ttudy of the real admi.' Eati, which commenced on Sunday, fers and professional immitators of our January tlae 9th, until Tuesday afterNational Architecture, than if the illus- noon, the blindulian, which was at tration were devoid of such receilary anchor in the Queen's Channell, off and uleful details.

Maryate, apparently rode in fafedý till Wnat futile objections, what an- thc close of that day, when the gale founded arguments, do inen make use appeared fomewhat abated. Soon after of to discountenance an undertaking, five in the evening, the Halhes of guns when they themfelves are adverle to the were oblerved from the thip, and purluit! I do not hetilate to lay your were continued 'at' uncertain intercorrespondent's propolitions, Mr. Ur- vals till afier ten. The fuppofition ban, betray a wind of too confined a of our mariners was, that the Hindoro scope to be concerned in a bulinels of tan had tlood in need of aflistance from thai magnitude, such as the bringing the India yacht, which was in attendinto public notice the glories of our ance, and from her leaving off firing antient religious edifices. His ellay, that it had been afforded. However, I lurrect, has other enes in view ; 110 from the state of the wind and the sea, lels an aim than to do away entirely lo it was impollible for any boats to put noble an undertaking. But why have off from our harbour iill palt twelve recourle to a plausible, an ambiguous, o'clock, when the Lord Nelson, mana circuitous route, to underinine the ned with 16 brave fellows (among cause? Why, Mr. Urban, does not who was one of her owners, John this inasked friend come forward and Brothers, and at whose solicitation openly arow his purpose ? !et him they principally went,) put off froin express bis donlits ihai I am incompe. the pier, at the hazard of their lives tent to the employ of furveying and and the risk of their boat, and provi· Drawing from our Cathedrals; let him dentially reached the thip foon after hint that any experience and accuracy two in the morning, little fufpecting in point of laying down their arrange- to find her in the diltrelling and deploinents, and alligning to each its due rable state which they then be held; appropriation, is much to be fulpected, her main and mizen malts gone, with and highly to be centired; and, when the greatest part of her bull under wabringing forih bis proofs, let hiin oun ter, and unaccompanied by the yacht, that he has not my welfare at heart. which had attendeil her before dark. Buit Then will the motives of his dillike to oh! how were the feelings of our brave the publication appear in their true co- neighbours touched (as they had fuplours ; not to the large fize of the pa- pored the floop had prelerved the crew) per, type, the smalliefs of the hilloric on their nearer approach, to behold part, or to the “ rabble" his fellows, an thie bows of the ship, and what rigging order (whereby he is pleated to dillin- 'reinained, blackened with the bodies guith the late elected members; we how- of the distrefled fufferers; and when ever fuppose he excepts certain princes, within hail, the cries of the unfortunate dukes; lords, knights, &c. &c.); but to 'beings cauled tears to bedew those faces, me, who am sogreatan obtiruction in the which are not wont to turn pale when way of those who bow to the new lyf they are frequently exposed to the aptein of altering and improving the Ca, proach of death in his most terrific whedral Churches of this kinguon.

forms. But words eadnot describe Yours, &c.

J.C their feelings, any more than their pru

dence and intrepidity in approaching • Mr. URBAN, Margate, Feb. 7. the wreck; fuffice it to say, that after

S the most erroneous accounts, as encouraging the crew, and enforcing circumstances, of the lots of the Hon. tion, which were immediately com

Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.
Barom. Weather


Weather in. pts. in Feb. 1803.

. pts. in Feb. 1803.

D. of
8 o'cl.


11 o'cl.


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8 o'cl.


11 o'cl.


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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN from the Returns ending Feb. 19, 1803.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barle | Oats Bearis s. d. s. d. s. d. s.

s. d. s. d.

d. Middler. 61 638 026

023. 1135
Effex 56 10134 624 723


3 Surrey

836 0126 8:21
34 Kent

O 0 26

2 31 3 Hertford 53

이 26 Sulles


0 20 TOPO Bedford 51

3 Suffolk 54 1032

119 9/27 Hunting. 51

023 416 1026 8 Cambrid. 50 2 24 10,22 U14 11/26 Northam. 53

2 29
8 26 6 Norfolk
53 7136 o 22

126 10 Rutland 56 ojoo

023 6118

032 O Lincoln 52 8134 11 24 115 11 29 II Leicester 56 11 20 023 1017 9293 York 53 538 524 4116 931 4 Notting. 62

2 37

434 Durham 56 7100 0,29 018 11 36 8 Derby 62

027 919
8 37 8 Noutbum, 50

936 521

616 ICO Scafford 60 700 026 7119 9 36 6 Cumberl. 63 0143 4 27


o Salop 55 81334 225 Wettino. 69 0 48 1027

OOO Hereford 52 533 624 8/20 1133 11 Lancift. 60 031 1820 1038 3 Worcest. 54


9.22 2:33 7 Chelter 57 Soo Warwick 56 11 09

0 26 519
5 Flint

000 000 clou Cloo Wilts 55 Ooo 022

438 0
Denbigh 61 500

0129 1028

441 Berks 59 3100 7121 834 3 Anglelea 00

0 14 OOO Oxford 56 6100 026 10 20 030 5 Caroary. 62 oloo 0 24 014

0.00 Bucks 000 0'23

6 20 10 32 II Merioneth 66 Brecon 0132 025 4.16 0.00

Cardigan 54 500 019 1011 Ooo Montgo. 54 5150 0122 517

Pembroke 50 900

0 24 13 000 Radnor 51 9100 0123 0120 2.00

Carmail. 57 400 021 413 1100

Glamorg. 54 800 0.22 1'16 Average of England and Wales, per quarter. Gloucest. 55

023 II 19 135 Somerset go


0 23
56 5135 4'24 7118 7133 2

55 000

0 24 417 9.00 Devon 59

216 000 Average of Scoiland, per quarter. Cornwall 57 110o

414 700 47 7130 3/23 11118 1130 10 Dorset 56 2100


Hants 55 400 023 1021 5133 10 AVERAGE PRICES, by which Exportation and Bounty are to be regulated. Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans

When Rye Barley Oats Beans. CariAs ds. ds. dls. d. Districts s.

als. d. I $8 6137 1127

9 54 735 4122

233 2 2 53 7123

626 9

55 7135 4/23 9'18 335 1 3 53 7136 0 22 019 126 11

58 635 421 8:15 233 2 4 52 5134 11 23 616 0129 1 2 56 035 423 321 033 10 53 5136 523 417 1136 8

3!30 021

817 01 29 5 6 65 045 227

733 14 54 7132 이 4 415 838 0 7 59 435 4,29 920.437 3

53 830 027 3.20 10 35 i 63 313; 4.28 116 wlis 8 16 43 6120 727 1117 8 18.

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