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Expiation, term explained, 14.

Extent of Christ's atonement explained, 248. Proved to be de-
finite, 252.

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For,' the preposition, in what sense used in connexion with the work of
Christ, 188.

Forbearance of God connected with the atonement, 324.

God not changed by atonement, 23. His perfections, 58.
racter illustrated, 317.

Goodness of God, 63.

Good works, not sufficient to obtain pardon, 75.
Guilt, in what sense it belonged to Christ, 40.


Heathen sacrifices vicarious, 91.

Hebrews, importance of epistle to, 150.

Himself,' import of Christ's sacrifice being said to be, 219.
Holiness of God, 60.

Holiness of Christ, 228. Holiness of his life, 229. Holiness of his

His cha-

nature, 231.

Honour of Christ, not impugned by his atonement being definite, 277.
Intercession not incompatible with, 355.

Humanity of Christ, necessary to the worth of his atonement, 226. Its
perfect purity, 228.

Inefficacy, of every expedient but atonement to procure pardon of
sin, 70. Of repentance, 70. Of good works, 75.

Infinite intrinsic worth of Christ's death, 249.

Innocent suffering for the guilty, no valid objection to Christ's atone-
ment, 36.

Intercession of Christ, 349.

Correlate of atonement, 349. Reality, 349.
Term explained, 358. Wherein consists, 359. How performed,
364. For whom made, 368. For what, 373. Its proper.
ties, 388.

Judgment, final, affected by atonement, 342.

Justice of God, 60.

Justice and mercy consistent, 21.

Law of God, renders atonement necessary to pardon, 64.

relaxed, 66.

Levitical institutes ought to be studied, 149.

Levitical sacrifices, 119. Many of them propitiatory, 123.

Cannot be

Not suffi-

cient to take away sin, 126. Prefigurative of Christ, 131.
neous views taken of their design, 142.


Love of God, not caused by atonement, 19. Displayed in Christ's
intercession, 405.

Matter, of Christ's atonement, 199. Of his intercession, 368.

Middle system described, 6.

Miraculous conception of Christ, a proof of the spotlessness of his
human nature, 232.

Moral government of God, renders atonement necessary to pardon, 64.
Vindicated and established by the atonement, 199.

Nature of Christ's intercession, 358.

Necessity, in what sense affirmed of atonement, 56.

Noah's sacrifice vicarious, 93.

Objections, to atonement considered, 18. To divine origin of sacrifice
answered, 109.

Origin of primitive sacrifice, 94. Not human, 95. Divine, 96.

Pardon, strictly gracious notwithstanding the atonement, 30.

in matter of Christ's intercession, 375.

Paschal lamb, a proper sacrifice, 138.

Passover, prefigurative of Christ, 138.

Patriarchal sacrifices, vicarious, 92.

Perfections of God prove necessity of atonement, 58.

the atonement, 317.

Illustrated by

Possibility of those perishing for whom Christ died, passages which seem

to imply, explained, 293.

Propitiation, term explained, 12. Passages in which applied to work
of Christ, 182.

Prophecy, proof of atonement from, 152.

Providence, affected by atonement, 336.

Punitive character of Christ's sufferings, 159.

Ransom, work of Christ so called, 183.

Reconciliation, term explained, 10. In what sense affirmed of God, 24.
Work of Christ so called, 180.

Rectitude of the divine character, an argument for atonement being de-
finite, 255.

Redemption, term explained, 11. Work of Christ so called, 183.
Redundancy, supposed in the merits of Christ's death, an objection to
atonement being definite, 279.

Repentance, insufficient to procure pardon of sin, 70.
Results, of Christ's atonement, 317.

Sacrifice, in what sense God said not to desire, 111.
so called, 187.

Sacrifices, of great antiquity, 84. Universal prevalence, 87. Heathen,
91. Levitical, 119. Erroneous views respecting the design of
the legal sacrifices, 142. Why the services of believers called
sacrifices, 188. Cessation at death of Christ, 141.

Salvation, imperfect views taken of by enemies of atonement, 52. Com.
plete, secured by Christ's atonement, 325.

Satan, his accusations and temptations included in the matter of Christ's
intercession, 377.

Satisfaction, term explained, 12.

Scape-goat, ceremony of, 125, 161.

Work of Christ

Security of the people of God springs from the intercession of Christ, 408.
Services of God's people rendered acceptable by the intercession of
Christ, 384.

Silence of scripture, improperly adduced against divine origin of sac-
rifice, 109.

Sin, inadequate views of, taken by the enemies of atonement, 51. In
what sense Christ made sin, 186. Exceeding evil of sin shown by
atonement, 323.

Socinian system described, 4.

Subjection to the law, different kinds of, 201.

Substitution, term explained, 13.

plied to Christ's work, 188.
Sufferings of Christ, an argument for atonement, 167. Punitive cha-
racter of, 159. Substitutionary, 162. Their continuance, 168.
Their variety, 168. Not explained on the principle of retributive

Passages in which language of, ap-

justice, 171; nor of discipline, 172; nor of being confirmatory of
his doctrine, 172; nor of example, 176. Sufferings of his soul,
207. Not the same as those of lost spirits, 211.

Terms explained, 9.

Truth of God, 59.

Universe of moral creatures, interested in the atonement by Christ, 343,
Universality of sacrifices, 87.

Universal offer of the gospel, 282.

Universal terms employed in speaking of the subjects of Christ's atone-
ment, explained, 288.

Unique character of Christ's atonement, 47.

Use and design, of ancient sacrifices to prefigure Christ, 112. Of Levi-
tical sacrifices, 131.

Value of Christ's atonement, 214. From what it does not proceed, 217.

From what it does, 218.

Vicarious, what the word means, 14.

'World,' 'whole world,' &c., passages in which these terms occur ex-

plained, 295.

Worth of Christ's sacrifice, divine, 219.

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