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For to fulfil my Father's Will,

Without my Death appear;
And here the riches of my LOVE,

That in my Death were there :
To bear the first, and claim the last,

And all in LOVE to Man;
And as it was my Father's Will,

I say, that Will shall stand;
For so my Death shall now bring forth,

My Blood shall set you free ;
The Testament that God hath join'd

Must be fulfill'd this way.
So now see clear the words are here,

Then your redemption's come ;
My Testament must now appear,

In force must all go on.
Burnt offerings here they did appear,

But know they did not do;
Then in the volume of the Book

You know 'tis written so,
That I should come, it must be knowny

To do the Will of God :
I took the first, I'll bring the last

Let this be understood :
“ He took away the first," you say,

So I my Life took there,
The second might establish'd be

My Gospel now see clear,
How all his come, and all do join,

I tell you, with the Fall :
I took away the Sin for Man,

I now do tell you all;
I died to free the guilt of he,

So cast on me at first;
And now establish'd all shall be,

The PROMISE it shall burst;
The Woman here I now will clear,

And make the Promise good.
So it with patience you wait here,

And do the Will of God,
His Promise, see, shall come to ye;

I will not tarry here,
But I shall come, it shall be known,

My Bible all Ull clear.
So now the just may live by faith,

Relying on my WORD ;
For perfect as my Gospel saith

You'll find your coming LORD,
Who gave my Life to end the strife,

That I might MAN redeem,
I tell you, from iniquity,

And so 't shall now be seen ;
For zealous here do men appear,

Wisbing to have it so:
But foolish questions do appear,

Contention I do know,
About the Law men now do go,
Which way the Law took place;

But I have now reveal'd it so,

To shew the fallen race,
That I must come again to Man

In SPIRIT to redeem ;
To make the Law and Gospel stand

A way 'twas never seen :
For I'll appear to answer here,

My Bible none make TRUE ; For it is more than man can clear,

'Tis I the work must do. The Law before no man could clear

The way that I should come, T'ill I in Bethlehem did appear,

And of the WOMAN bornBut none did see the mystery

Why I that way should come;
That when the Law I did redeeni,

And free the Fall of Man,
I must appear, I tell you herc,

In Spirit in HER FORM ;
Because 'tis she the end must free,

To have her Promise known, And then to claim, ye sons of meri,

And this I shall go through,
And then you'll find it in the end

My Gospel all is TRUE.
But inen appear, I tell thee here,

My power for to deny !
Because the wise men, I see berc,

They boldly do defy,
The power of God cannot be know'd,

But forms are in their view
Of godliness, it may be shewid

But is my Gospel true,
Till I appear in power here

My GOSPEL to fulfil ?
And then the hope to all I'll clear,

My PROMISE shall be still,
As 'twas before't shall now appear;

Before the world began
The PROMISE of your God was there,

To offer up his SON
For ADAM's Fall, I tell you all,

Eternal life to come!
Here is the mystery of the Fall; ?

'Twas known before to HIM That Map would fall, I tell you all

But I must die in vain,
If I do not the Fall recal,

Eternal life to gain ;
Because for Man was then my plan

To die upon the tree,
And after that in power to come,

That all fulfill'd should be.
For I'll appear to answer here,

My Will is Mey to save, That they in knowledge might appear

The truth in all to clearo

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For I must come again to Mei,

And must their RANSOM be,
Who on the Cross did die for them;

And testified must be
That I do call to ransom all,

For my due time is come,
I say, to free you from the Fall,

And ransom bring to Man.
My Bible here you will not clear,

Nor yet allow it true;
Now let the learned answer here

The words before thy view."1 Timothy č. 5,6—For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.

“ Then where's the man that now can come

To prove the time was then ?
If in due time I tell my mind,

Ye simple sons of men,
A time must come, to you unknown,

That did not then appear-
Another Scripture must be shewn

For men to answer here. 2 Thessalonians ii. 6-9- And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.Who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.--Then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of liis, coning.

“ Now let this be answered by the learned, who it is that withholdeth, that must be revealed in his time-the mystery of iniquity. Now the mystery of iniquity must be understood by men in a way and manner they never discerned ; yet ye have always understood clearly from my Gospel, that the Devil is as a roaring lion, seeking whom he

seeking whom he may derour, and hath always been a let and hindrance to man; yet no man has ever discerned the meaning of his being revealed, nor how he was to be revealed, nor how the Lord was to consume him with the brightness of his coming, after his being revealed. This is a mystery no man can find out, neither can they explain, before I make it plain to man; but know, I have made it plain, as I revealed to thee the mysteries of the Fall, and where the Promise stands, and how it is to be demanded.

So now see plain, ye sons of men,

How all's revealed here;
But with my Bible you contend,

Yet never see it clear,
"Twas not reveal'd, but was conceald,

The things that were to come;
But know 'iis said then from MY WORD

That it must be made known;
So I've reveal'd, and not conceal'd,

The mystery of the l'all;
And as the Promise is to thee,

I now do tell you all,
It was desigu'd in heart and mind,

Though ne'er reveald to Man,
That it was by a WOMAN KIND

The PROMISE first did come ;
Then surely there it must appear

The whole for to reveal ;
My Bible there's no man cau clear,

Because I did conceal
The things from man, that none might come

Impostors to appear;
But I've reveal'd it to MY OWN,

To shew My Bible clear:
"Tis now reveal'd, and not conceald,

The Promise at the FIRST;
And in MY BRIGHTNESS I'll appear

To have the PROMISE burst.
So now to men I'll boldly come,

And let them answer ME,
Ilow they'll appear the whole to clear?

My BIBLE none do see:
Now tell me plain, je sons of men,

Was this reveal'd to Man,
The Woman should her Promise gain,

And claim it from my HAND,
What then reveal'd was there conceal'd

That must liereafter be,
That then did let? Let men dispute,

But I have answer'd thee;
It was the l'all I've told you all,

That I did thica conceal,
It must be by the Woman's call

I must the whole reveal.
So, simple men, if you discern,

My BIBLE I've made good
And perfect TRUE, before your view,

For to my Bible stood
Jo be reveald, as I conceal'd

These inysteries all from MAS;
But now you see the mystery-

The RiveLATION's come:


The Woman here for to appear

To have the thing reveald,
That Satan must his Trial share;

What I from Man conceald
Is now made known, I tell you plain,

And so I shall go on.
Because this is the Will of God,

My Spirit so is come;
Then don't appear to quench it here,

Despise these Prophecies;
For if you do, I tell you true,

In ADAM'S FALL you lie;
But if you'll not, I'll tell your lot,

That blameless you may come
Unto the coming of your LORD,

That now is hastening on.
My brightness here shall so appear

For to destroy your foe;
My Bible I have now made clear,

If you have sense to know
That all from ME fulfillid must be,

That made all at the first;
These mysteries deep no man can see,

How that the end must burst,
To make all clear my Bible here,

So let mankind stand mute ;
Know how the tempter did appear,

And so I've struck the root
By the same hand that he condemn'd,

And Man did cast on ME;
But now to Man the same I'll come,

And Man his blame shall sce;
IIe can't appear himself to clear,

For now he's compass 'd round ;
The Woman is against him here,

As he at first was found
To cast on she, you all do see,

And so I've turn'd it back;
Because in Man the blame doth stand,

And he shall feel the rack
Of what on Mt. was cast by he;

For no man can appear
To say, that hell is join'd with thee,

That he his guilt must bear:
I tell thec, No; it is not so,

But Iball still go on;
Though men do mock my every word,

I'll to the purpose come.
You say in peace your fears do

I shall not hasty come; But I do tell you, unaware

The whole will be made known.Now write the word that's on record,

And then I'll answer thee; For they shall find their comING LORD

In Spirit now to be;


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