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The Revelation now of John

Must all my Bible clear:
The FOUNTAIN, sec, must come from ME;

Jerusalem come down,
And the New Covenant they will see

How it will now be found.
When I come down to dwell with men,

In Spirit to appear,
All tears, you'll see, I'll wipe away,

And all things I'll make new;
Your griefs I'll bury in the Sca,

And Saian down shall go,
The earth no more to trouble here,

The nations to deceive;
My Promises I now shall clear,

And I with Man will live;
In Spirit strong I now shall come,

And take their grief away;
For death and hell no more shall swell,

As I before did say,
When I've went through what's in my view

I'll chain the rebel down,
And Man enjoy, his God shall know,

And the new songs abound:
For PEACE On Earth they shall possess,

And heavenly joys obtain ;.
I'll wipe the tears they've had before,

And free them from all pain.
For as things stand now in your land

They shall be done away;
And PARADISE men may commande

When they MY KINGDOM see.
So blessed here must all appear

That I do now invite,
(they accept my offer here,

And will not ill requite
My LOVE SO STRONG that is for Man

The MARRIAGE let them see,
How I am come with all to join,

My Spirit's sent to thee
To warn before I shall appear,

My TESTIMONY's come;
My Spirit is in PROPHECY,

Then let the Truth be known.
Thou dost testify 'tis from on Higil,

And testified of me,
When in thy bed that thou didst lie,

What Vision thou didst see;
What thou didst hcar thou didst declare,

And what within didst feel,
And told them thou wast ready here

The Truth for to reveal;
Of God and Man thou here wilt stand

The Truth in all to clear;
Then thy believers may command,
'They'uothung have to fçar,

But boldly stand by thy weak hand,

Where Truth doth so abound.
But here's a Trial deep for Man,

Wherein no Truth is found:
Just like that fly he now doth lie,

Then thou must set him free * ;
Because the Man he soon will stand,

Just like that fly to be;
Because his Fall he'll see from all,

He hath no feet to stand;
I know he'll tremble at his call,

Though I do it command,
He must appear the whole to clear,

For I'll ne'er give him up;
His honour I can never clear,

If now I let him drop.
So he must stand as I command :

And all must stand the same
“ We never will give up his hand :"

His Promise all must claim,
For to appear the whole to clear,

For I shall all go through;
And as my Bible doth appear,

The ending, all shall know,
Shall now come on, in every land

Confusions will abound;
In unbelief they all do stand,

My Bible none have found
To make it good, as now it stood,

By Signs are set before.
'The Revelation doth allude

What tumults would appear,
When at the last I came to çast

And chain your deadly Foe,
That strong in Men he'd surely burst

For to bring on their woe;
So sorrows strong, you see, are comes

lu every land appear ;
I said, MY KINGDOM so should come,

Then what have you to fear,
Where faith is strong? I said I'd come

To be their PRIEST and KING,
My Spirit with them I should join,

And they MY PRAISE should sing.
The nations here may now appear

My judgments for to see,
And think it is high time to fear;

But those that follow me,
In love to come with me to join,

My KINGDOM they'll embrace;
For now I tell you every one

My Gospel tells you this.
The Scriptures see that are penn'd by thee,

I ask men how they'll stand

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• Joanna saw a poor Ay on its back and could not help tself t she set it on its legs.


Tosay rejoicing so must be,

When judgment great's at hand,
If 'twas not clear that I was near,

Their sorrows to release,
To change their tumults and their wars,

And bring a LASTING PEACE ?
Now I'll begin from what thou'st scen

When the last plagues appear,
For to fill up the wrath of GOD

And every judgment near ;
When dangers round by all are found,

Appear in every land,
I ask, which way man can be found

To sing the every song
Of Moses here? Can men appear

In sorrow for to sing ?
Or of the Lamb can they now come

These victories for to bring ?
Did they not know how things would go

They could not sing at all;
Their hearts would soon be fill'd with wog,

And down they soon would fall ;
Did I not come in Spirit strong

To warn them of the end,
They ne'er could sing the heavenly song,

To see all nations bend,
And judgments here for to appear

Made manifest to be :
And yet you know 'tis written hert

They'd then sing praise to me.
Then, simple men, can you contend

To tell me how 'tis so,
That praises men to me shall sing,

And land surround'd with woc ?
I tell you plain it could not be done,

If I did not appear
To shew it plain to every man,.

My coming then was near.
But unbelief will bring on griel,

I tell you, fast on one; And joy abound, will be the sound,

Believers' faith be strong, My kingdom here will soon appear,

And it thev shall enjoy ; And then the victory they will wear

When I've the foes destroy'd. So thus to some their joys will come,

While others sink in woe• We judge nokin, dom is at hand

“ To crown the nations so." From Shadows here I shall appear,

And from them all must see, Thy Trial makes my Bible clear, The way the end will be:

* Revelation xv. 4

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Thy friends do long to see the time

To have it to appear;
But unbelief will bring on grief,

And Pomeroy now will fear
For to go through, I well do know,

And here you see the end,
When I my kingdom bring below,

How different men will bend.
Those that are clear MY COMING's near,

In joy they do abound;
But those that do the truth now fear,

Like Pomeroy will be found.
“ How can I go ?" I well do know,

Will soon be Pomeroy's cry;
“ For if that every truth they shew,

“ They'll know that I must lie;
“ Then can I free my infamy,

To say I've not done wrong?"
No, no; it cannot be done by he,

And so I say of men :
They can't appear, when I draw near

To make my Bible true;
And just like Pomeroy they must fear,

When I the whole go through.
They've lied the same as he hath done,

My Spirit to deny ;
The Trial all may try to shun

That now did act like he :
I tell thee hiere, they can't appear

No more to clear my WORD,
No more than Pomeroy now can clear

What he of thee hath said.
So they draw back to see the stroke,

As they cannot go through ;
Like Pomeroy here they do appear,

My Bible's in their view,
Which they deny, as much as he

Denies thy written hand,
Without iny Spirit to appear

My Bible ne'er can stand.
Can one rejoice to hear my voice

In happiness abound,
Another see in grief to be,

And trenable at the sound ? Could this be done, ye simple men,

Without my warning here?
Belief in some for to be strong

My kingdom will appear?
This must begin in different inen,

To make my Bible true;
"Tis unbelievers will complain,

And know not how to go;
Because they mock the coming stroke,

They mock my every WORD,
They mock my Bible as 'tis plac'd,

And so they mock their Lord.


Then they must fear when I am near,

As Pomeroy's fears will be.
From types and shadows I shall clear

How all the end will see:
I said this year should so appear,

A shadow of the last *;
And now from Pomeroy all may fear

To see the end to burst,
Who mock my word that's on record,

And mock my Bible through;
For as thy hand in Pomeroy's stands,

That he'd destroyed so T,
I tell you here, I'll now appear

And prove they've done the same;
For just like he the shepherds be,

For they destroy my Tame;
As he hath thine so men have mine,

Destroy'd my every word:
But now discern it at the time,

He wish'd from thee to ve Hed.,
While others here wish'd to appear,

With joy to see the end,
To see the Truth in all made clear

Believers' hearts do bend;
But unbelief doth bring on grief

In Pomeroy at this time;
He knows not how to gain relief;

His honour soon he'll find
Is gone from all, and he must fall

This shadow must appear,
Before that I could prove thy call

To make my Bible clear,
How it doth stand, to shew to Man

My Bible here is plain;
The different conduct now in men

Shews how it all will end.
So some will praise the End of DATS,

While others they will tear-
“ The End Of DAYS we cannot praise,

“Our unbelief is here."
So men do stand throughout the land,

Like Pomeroy to begin
At first for to uphold thy hand,

And then bimself to screen
The whole to burn, when he did turn

To say 'twas not fron. God:
And by my BIBLE this is done,

For so l shall allude;
Men do appear believers here,

Uphold iny BIBLE first;
But when the Tru! I'm come to clear,

Like tiny do cast

* That is, of the last year of judgments on mockers.
+ Her handwriting that he burnt.
1 Alluding to a dream of Joanna.

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