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General Subject.

Modern Domestic Architecture.
A Plain Statement of Facts connected with the Designs of Doors and Windows, in the Italian

Coalition between the Society for the Promotion and Palladian Styles, announced, 137.
of Architecture, &c., and the Society of British Goodwin's Domestic Architecture, 44. 132.
Architects, page 275.

Shaw's Specimens of the Details of Elizabethan
A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Five Architecture, 85.
Orders of Architecture, 129.

Smith's Construction of Cottages for Labourers, Bakewell's Observations on Building and Brick 371. making, 312.

Whitling's Designs for Shop Fronts, 180.239. Bennet's Artificer's Complete Lexicon for Terms Wild's Elementary and Practical Instructions on and Prices, 83.

the Art of Building Cottages and Houses for the Billington's Architectural Director, Part i., 84 ; humbler Classes, 314. 372.

Parts ii. and iii., 180; Parts iv. and v., 274 ;
Parts vi. and vii., 213.

Views of Buildings recently completed.
Britton's Memoir of Sir John Soane, 310.

Billinton's South-west View of the Parish Crelle's Journal für die Baukunst, 237.

Church of All Saints, Wakefield, 240. Dallaway's Discourses upon Architecture in Eng- Cottingham's Prints of his Restoration of Armagh land, from the Norman Era to the Close of the

Cathedral, 239. Reign of Queen Elizabeth, 202.

Newman's View of the Indigent Blind School, Gregory's Mathematics for Practical Men, 86. St. George's Fields, 180. Hope's History of Architecture, announced, 45. Wilkinson's Elevation of the National Gallery, Hullmandell's Art of Drawing on Stone, 86. noticed, 372. Inwood's Studies of the Architect from Nature, 44. Lafevre's Modern Builder's Guide, 44.

Ornaments, chiefly for Fittings-up, Furniture, and Laxton's Improved Builder's Price Book, 86.

Finishing. Morisot's Journal d'Architecture Civile et Rurale, A Compilation of Splendid Ornamental Designs,

&c., 43. Nicholson's General Treatise on Projection, an.

from Foreign Works of recent Production, 137.

371. nounced, 372.

Carlo Antonini's Antique Roses for the Use of Rám Ráz's Essay on the Architecture of the

Architects, &c., 180. Hindús, 267. Rickman's Attempt to discriminate the Styles of Chippendale's Designs for Sconces, and Chimney Architecture in England, announced, 86.

and Looking-glass Frames, in the Old French

Style, announced, 187.
Robinson's New Vitruvius Britannicus, 85, 86.
Simm's Mathematical Instruments, 371.

Chippendale's Designs of Interior Decorations in

the Old French Style, for Carvers, &c., anSkyring's Builder's Price Book, 86.

nounced, 137. Smirke's Suggestions for the Architectural Improvement of the Western Parts of the Metro Designs for Chimney Glasses, of the Time of

Inigo Jones and Sir John Vanbrugh, anpolis, announced, 137 ; reviewed, 177.

nounced, 137. Sopwith's Isometrical Drawing, 369.

Designs for Vases, announced, 137.
Warren's Hints upon Tints, 86.
Wilkins's Vitruvius, noticed, 372.

Designs of the Ornaments and Decorations of

Chimneypieces, announced, 137.
Classical Architecture.

Johnson's Book of Ornaments in the French and Cockerell's Temple of Jupiter Panhellenius, and King's Working Ornaments, 370.

Antique Styles, announced, 37. Antiquities at Egina, announced, 86.

Knight's Ornaments for Jewellers, &c., 180. Dodwell's Cyclopian Remains, 44. 88.

Knight's Unique Fancy Ornaments, 274. 371. Rochette's Monumens inédits d'Antiquité, 44.

Lane's Ornaments of different Eras, 44. Architectural Antiquities in the Pointed Style.

Lock's Book of Ornaments for Carvers, &c., an.

nounced, 137. Brayley's Illustrations of Christ Church, Hamp-Lock, Johnson, and Copland's Ornamental Deshire, 45.

signs, 313. Coney's Interior Views of Milan Cathedral, 85. Davis's Abbey Church, Bath (see Davis's Gothic Pether's Book of Ornaments, suitable for Begin

Maguire's Ornaments in various Styles, 371. Ornaments). Davis's Gothic Ornaments, illustrative of Prior Shaw's Ornamental Works in Louis XIV.'s Style,

ners, announced, 139. Birde's Oratory in the Abbey Church, Bath, 85. 131. 238. 370.

Shaw's Specimens of Ancient English Furniture, Ferrey's Antiquities of Christ Church, Hamp 44. 371. shire, 239. 371.

Trendal's Designs for Interior Finishings, 44. 136. Lange's Eglises Gothiques, 45.

Uagzin on the Cast-Iron Foundery of Berlin, 44. Lockwood and Cates's Ancient Gates and Fortifi- Working Ornaments and Forms for the Cabinetcations of the City of York, announced, 86.

maker, Upholsterer, &c., 180. Lockwood and Cates's Antiquities of York. See

Lockwood and Cates's Ancient Gates, &c. Raine's Catterick Church, in the County of York, Trotter's Observations and Illustrations of his

Local Architectural Improvement. 137. 273. 371. Robinson's Details of Ancient Gates, &c., in York,

modified Plan of a Communication between announced, 180.

the New and Old Towns of Edinburgh, 205. Salvin's Catterick Church. See Raine's Catterick Church.

Engineering. Sopwith's Eight Views of Fountains Abbey, 314. Alderston's Essay on the Nature and Application

of Steam, announced, 181. Elizabethan Architecture.

Blunt and Stephenson's Civil Engineer and Me. Blackburn's Architectural and Historical Ac chanist, 85. 237. 240. 371.

count of Crosby Place, London, 44. 130. Hallingworth's Plan and Section of the WaterBritton's Illustrations and Account of Cassiobury ford and Kilkenny Railway, announced, 181. Park, Hertfordshire, announced, 180.

Jones's Evans on Millwork, 372. Clarke's Architectural Illustrations of Eastbury Phillips's Analysis of the Defective State of TurnHouse, Essex, announced, 86. 240.

pike Roads, announced, 86. Clarke's Domestic Architecture of the Reign of Sopwith's Geological Sections of various Lead Queen Elizabeth and James I., 204.

Mines in Northumberland, 372. Robinson's Hardwick Hall, announced, 86. 372. Sopwith's Mining Districts of Alston Moor, 372.

[blocks in formation]

- 288
- 164

The Philosophy of Architecture popularised.

On the Means of forming a just and correct Taste

in Architecture, and on the Sources from which

the Principles of Design and Construction in

that Art are derived

Page 49

On the Causes of the different kinds and Degrees

of Taste which different Persons possess in


- 97

Architecture considered as an Art of Imagin-



On the Difference between Common, or Imita-

tive, Genius, and Inventive, or Original, Ge.

nius, in Architecture

On those Principles of Composition, in Archi-

tecture, which are acknowledged to be common

to all the Fine Arts


On those Principles of Composition, in Architec-

ture, which are common to all the Fine Arts :-

Sect. 1. Forms, Lines, Lights, Shades, and

Colours, considered with reference to the

Production of an Architectural Whole 249

Sect. 2. Forms, Lines, Lights, Shades, and

Colours, considered with reference to the

Principle of the Recognition of Art

Sect. 3. Forms, Lines, Lights, Shades, and

Colours, considered with reference to the

Principles of Regularity, Uniformity and



Sect. 4. Forms, Lines, Lights, Shades, and

Colours, considered with reference to the

Principles of Variety, Intricacy, and Har-


On the

alleged Degeneracy of Modern Architec-



On the comparative Value of Simplicity in Archi-


Remarks on the Harmony of Enrichment in


Architecture considered with reference to its

Claims as a Fine Art


On Character in Architecture


On Uniformity in Architecture


On Heraldic Ornaments in Architecture 188

Architectural Maxims 80. 128. 201. 236. 266. 309.


Elements of Classic Architecture.

On the Extent to which the Elementary Forms

of Classic Architecture are, from their Na.

ture and Origin, fixed or arbitrary . 16

The Elements of Grecian and Roman Architec-
ture practically explained to the General

108. 153. 259
Notice of a remarkable Corinthian Capital in the


- 353

- 120

Practical Architecture and Building.
A few Observations on the Anglo-Norman Style

of Architecture, and its Applicability to Mo-

dern Ecclesiastical Edifices
On the Gin Temples of the Metropolis
On London Street Houses and Shop Fronts - 113
A Method of securing Outside Shutters for Shop

Remarks on Closets, &c., in Sitting-Rooms
Specimen of Studies of Plan

- 226

Instructions for choosing a Dwelling-House, more

particularly in a town

- 166

On the Domestic Offices of a House
Notice of some of the Ornamental Chimney Pots

and Shafts manufactured of Artificial Stone by
Mr. Austin of London

A descriptive Account of the Duke of York's

Monument, accompanied by Plans, Elevations,
and Sections, copied from the Designs of Ben-
jamin Wyatt, Esq., Architect


A descriptive Account, accompanied by Plans,

Elevations, and Sections, of Hungerford New

Market, recently built from the Designs of

Charles Fowler, Esq., Architect


Notice of some Designs for Architectural Foun-

tains, manufactured in Artificial Stone by Mr
Austin of London

- 295
Design for a Villa in the Norman Style

A Series of Designs, with Descriptive and His-

torical Particulars, of Characteristic and Orna-
mental Buildings, and Objects for Gardens and


Notice of a very common Error in designing and

building Ornamental Chimney Shafts .63

On a Method of preventing the Damp from rising

in the Walls of Buildings on Clayey and other
Moist Soils


On an effectual Method of cutting off the Com-

munication between the damp Foundation of a

Wall built upon a moist Subsoil, and the Part

of the Wall above the Ground; and on a Mode

of securing the Inside of a Wall from damp

forced through the Brickwork by driving Rains,

Hail, Snow, &c.
On the Use of Cast Iron and Caithness Flagstone

in the Construction of Fireproof Floors and

Partition Walls in Dwelling-Houses

On Cast-Iron Angles for Outside Doors 234

The Art of Brickmaking among the Chinese 125

On Brickmaking in Egypt
On Brickmaking in England

Warming and Ventilating.

Origin and Progress of heating Hot-houses and

other Buildings by the Application and Cir.

culation of Hot Water

172. 358

On Ventilation, particularly as applied to Hospi-

tals and Sick Wards


On the Ventilation of Living Rooms, &c.

- 64

Fittings-up and Furniture,
A simple and effective Preventive for the Slam.
ming of a Passage Door


On a Method of curing Smoky Chimneys, and of

ventilating Rooms


On rendering Lath and Plaster Partitions Fire-



- 103

. 71



- 357

Elements of Gothic Architecture.

An Attempt to explain the Elements and Prin-

ciples of Gothic Architecture to the General



Professional Practices.

On the present State of the Professions of Archi.

tect and Surveyor, and of the Building Trade,

in England

On certain deceptive Practices adopted by some

Authors of Architectural Designs for Villas 117

- 127

The Bruges Stove, as improved by Messrs. Cot. tam and Hallen

77 Descriptive Notice of the Russel Stove; commu

nicated by Messrs. J. Sibbald and Sons of Edinburgh : with Remarks on this Stove, by a Cors respondent resident in that City

74 Description of an improved Roasting-Oven - 72 Notice of a Marble Table, with a Cast Iron Pillar,

constructed on an economical Principle, under

the Direction of John Robison, Esq. 308 On the Use of Slate and Cast Iron in Household Furniture


On Painted Transparent Blinds, and Tape and
Line Preservers

Description of an improved Milepost invented by

John Robison, Esq., and used on some of the
great Roads in Scotland

-78 Notice of a Wooden Fence, which may be put

together without the Use of Nails, Screws, or other Iron Work, invented by G. H. Cottam, Esq.

79 Dovetailed Caps for Wooden Fences



- 237

- 239

- 274

- 313

General Subject.

galore, Corresponding Member of the Royal A Series of Discourses upon Architecture in Eng Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland 267 land, from the Norman Era to the Close of

A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Five the Reign of Queen Elizabeth; with an Ap

Orders of Architecture : containing the most pendix of Notes and Illustrations, and an His plain and simple rules for drawing and executtorical Account of Master and Free Masons. By

ing them in the present style ; including an the Rev. James Dallaway

202 historical description of Gothic Architecture, Journal für die Baukunst. By Dr. A. L. Crelle, showing its origin, and also a comparison of the Royal Prussian Architect, and Member of va

Gothic Architecture of England, Germany, rious Societies

France, Spain, and Italy, together with details La Propriété ; Journal d'Architecture Civile et of the first, second, and third periods of the Rurale, des Beaux Arts, et d'Economie Sociale. pointed Arch or Gothic style

- 129 Par T. Morisot, Architecte

43 The Architectural Director; being an approved

Architectural Designs. Guide to Builders, Draughtsmen, Students, Domestic Architecture; being a Second Series of and Workmen in the Study, Design, and Exe Designs for Cottages, Lodges, Villas, and other cution of Architecture, &c. By John Billing Residences, in the Grecian, Italian, and Old ton, Architect

84. 274. 313 English Styles of Architecture. By Francis The Artificer's complete Lexicon for Terms and Goodwin, Architect

- 132 Prices; adapted for Gentlemen, Engineers, A Series of original Designs for Shop Fronts, Builders, Mechanics, Millwrights, Manufac forming a Collection suitable to Persons conturers, Tradesmen, &c. &c. By John Bennett, nected with the Practical Part of Building. By Engineer


Henry John Whitling, Architect
A Treatise on Isometrical Drawing as applied to
Geological and Mining Plans, Picturesque De-

Designs for Ornaments. lineations of Ornamental Grounds, Perspective

A Compilation of splendid Ornamental Designs, Views and Working Plans of Buildings and from Foreign Works of recent Production 137 Machinery, and to General Purposes of Civil

Knight's unique Fancy Ornaments Engineering ; with Details of Improved Me.

Locke, Johnson, and Copland's Ornamental Dethods of preserving Plans and Records of Sub signs terranean Operations in Mining Districts. By T. Sopwith, Land and Mine Surveyor, Member

Building. of the Institution of Civil Engineers 369

Observations on Building and Brickmaking : to Historical and Descriptive.

which are subjoined Extracts from Testimonials

in behalf of S. R. Bakewell's Brickmaking MaViews and Descriptions of Cyclopian or Pelasgic chines. By S. R. Bakewell

312 Remains, in Greece and Italy; with Constructions of a later Period; from Drawings by the

Fittings-up and Furniture. late Edward Dodwell, Esq. F.S. A. and Member Examples for Interior Finishings. of several Foreign Academies

By C. W. 81

Trendall, Architect An Architectural and Historical Account of

Working Ornaments and Forms, full Size, and in Crosby Place, London. By Edward L. Black

various Styles, for the Use of the Cabinet burn, Architect

Manufacturer, Chair and Sofa Maker, Carver, Catterick Church, in the County of York : a cor. and Turner; consisting of entirely new De.

rect Copy of the Contract for its Building, signs, in which great Study has been bestowed dated in ; illustrated with Remarks and

in causing a Display without much Expense in Notes, by the Rev. James Raine, M. A. Libra.

Material or Labour. By T. King, Author of rian of Durham Cathedral, &c.; and with 13 The Modern Style of Cabinet Work ;” &c. Plates of Views, Elevations, and Details, by Parts I., II., and III, Folio

370 Anthony Salvin, Esq. F.S.A., Architect

- 273 Gothic Ornaments, illustrative of Prior Birde's

Engineering Oratory, in the Abbey Church, Bath. By Ed The Civil Engineer and Machinist. By Charles ward Davis, Architect, Bath 131. 238. 370 John Blunt and R. Macdonald Stephenson, The Domestic Architecture of the Reigns of Civil Engineers, Architects, &c.

237 Queen Elizabeth and James I., illustrated by a Series of Views of English Mansions, with brief

Biography. Historical and Descriptive Accounts of each Brief Memoir of Sir John Soane, R.A. F.R. and Subject. By T. H. Clarke, Architect 204

A.S., Professor of Architecture in the Royal Local Architectural Improvement.

Academy, &c. By John Britton, F.S.A. - 310 Observations, by Alexander Trotter, Esq., of

Catalogue. Dreghorn, in Illustration of his modified Plan

Catalogue of Works on Architecture, Building, of a Communication between the New and the Old Town of Edinburgh

and Furnishing, and on the Arts more imme

- 205 Suggestions for the Architectural Improvement

diately connected therewith, published in Euof the Western Part of London.

rope and America during the Year 1834 :By Sydney

Britain 44. 85. 137. 180. 238. 274. 313. 371 Smirke, F.S. A. F.G.S.


44. 239. 371 Elementary Architecture.


44. 275. 371

North America
Essay on the Architecture of the Hindús. By
Rám Ráz, Native Judge and Magistrate at Ban. Literary Notices

45. 86. 137. 180. 239. 314

. 136

- 130

[blocks in formation]

- 261

- 356

Page No.

Page Elementary Details of Classic Architecture.

Ornamental Objects. 1-9. Egyptian architecture

19-23 58-60. Sundials 10. Grecian Doric order

122, 123 25 69–91. Grecian and Gothic chimney pots 11. Grecian Ionic order

and shafts

159-163 12. Classical doorway 28 137–148. Designs for fountains

296-302 13. Classical window

29 14. Attic order


Furniture 41-51. Mouldings of Classical architecture 110 15, 16. Cast-iron flanches and braces for 66–68. Comparative views of the different

tables and sideboards orders of Classical architecture 155-158 17. Sideboard of slate

42 122. Roman Corinthian order

32, 33. The Russel stove

75 123. Roman Doric order

262 34. An improvement on the Russel stove 76 124. Composite order 264 35—37. Cottam's Bruges stove

77 184. Remarkable Corinthian capital in the 117–120. Improved cock for boilers and kitVatican

chen ranges

240, 241

149, 150. Marble table with cast-iron pillar Elementary Details of Hindú Architecture.

308, 309 125. Mouldings of Hindú architecture 268 206. Bracket for towels

391 126–129. Bases and pedestals

269 130, 131. Columns

271, 272

Engineering 38. Improved milepost

78 Elementary Details of Gothic Architecture. 39_40. Wooden fence without nails or 132, 133. Elevations of Anglo-Norman churches


79, 80 291, 292 116. Improved cap for a wooden fence

- 236 151-162. Forms and construction of the dif 196, 197. Improved lamp posts

368 ferent kinds of arches in use in Gothic architecture


Miscellaneous. 203. Intersecting Norman arches in Hoylake 24, 25. 62–65. Correction of errors in the church

formation of ornamental chimney Public Buildings.


63, 61. 144

26–28. Explanation of the principles of ven. 18—23. Plans, elevations, and sections of


66-68 Hungerford Market

56-61 29–31. Cast and wrought iron supports to 134-136. Plan, elevations, and perspective view of Hoylake church

flagstone floors and partitions 293, 294

71, 72 52, 53. 204. Correction of errors in the arPublic Monuments.

chitecture of shop fronts 114-116. 382 92–107. Duke of York's column, with the

61. Preventive for the slamming of a pasdetails of its construction

sage door

126 202. Obelisk on Bromsgrove Lickey

- 379

108, 109. Errors in ground plans 226, 227

110-112. Ventilation of hospitals 232, 233 Private Buildings.

113. Curing smoky chimneys, and ventilating 54-56. Plan and two elevations of an Italian


234 villa

114, 115. Cast-iron angles for outside doors 234 163—182. Plans, elevations, sections, perspec 121. Forming foundations of concrete 248

tive views, interior views, and furni. 183. Plan for forming closets in cottage villas 350 ture of an Anglo-Norman villa - 334348 185. Outside shop-window shutters

358 201. Plan of a villa and grounds now forming 186–195. Apparatus for heating with hot in the neighbourhood of Sydney 376


360365 198—200. Brickmaking in Egypt Ornamental Structures.

205. Explanation of the term “ curbed roof” 383 57. Round seat with a thatched roof

152 207. Apparatus for cleaning the outsides of

lofty windows


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118, 119

372, 373

- 391




· 117

- 247

- 95

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- 212

Page A Constant Reader, London 248 Main, James, Chelsea

- 125 A Journeyman Cabinet-maker, London 87 Mallet, Robert, Dublin

- 391 A Self-taught Architect and Landscape-Gar. Manners, Chas., Woolwich Common

. 392 dener 120 Mashdoud Mohandez, Norwich

• 373 A Subscriber

279 Milne, John, Architect, Edinburgh 64. 280 A Young Architect

142. 211 Picton, J. A., Architect, Liverpool 229. 288. An Observer, London

328. 381 Amicus, London

320. 390 Price, John, Architect, Derby Ар van, Sam., Neath, Glamorganshire . 392 R.

379 Austin, Felix, New Road, London 216 R., Bayswater

113 B., London

96 R.'M., Capel Street, Dublin Barnés, T. B., Newcastle under Line 320 R. M., Dublin

- 380 Benham, s. H., Brighton 246 R. S., Edinburgh

95 Besson, f. L., Rue de Richelieu, Paris 46. 375 Robertson, J., Architect, 39. New Church Street, Brown, John, Woodstock

91, 92

53. 108. 153. 192. 259 Candidus, London

319 Robison, John, Sec. R. S. E, Edinburgh . 78. Capper, C. H., Birmingham 234

308. 367 Cottam, Edward, London 77 Rose, William, Builder, Bristol

41 Cottam, G. H., Engineer, London 79. 172. 358 Rugby, Warwickshire

48 Cynicus, London 164 S. C., de Loire

88 D. 138 S. T., Kingston

317 D. S., London

140 Saul, M., Sulyard Street, Lancaster 223. 357 Dymond, G., Architect, Bristol 214. 383 Scrutator, London

12 E. B. L.

144. 248 Selim, Wiltshire F., Brighton

211 Short, William, J., Surveyor, Clapham 233 F.'A. ., Cowan, by Dingwall 94 Sibbald, J., and Sons, of Edinburgh

75 G. B. W. 392 T. F. L., Harwich

- 374 G. G. S., London - 216 T. S., Berlin

88 G. P., Brixton 315 T. T., Dublin

94 H.

378 T. W., Banks, near Barnsley, Yorkshire - 95, 96. Hawkins, John Isaac, Civil Engineer, Pancras

143. 181. 247. 280 Vale, London 123 T. Y., Vale of Alford

94 Hindle, W. J., Barnsley

235 Thomson, Lieut.-Colonel, Engineer, Cape Town, Investigator, Glasgow 96 Cape of Good Hope

72 Investigator, Kent

216 Thorold, W., Architect and Engineer, Norwich I. A. P. 382

218 J. B., The Rectory, near Lymington 320 Trotman, E., Architect, 10. Furnival's Inn - 16. J. I. K., Manor Place, Paddington


103. 148. 255 J. R., Bayswater 383 W.

143, 144 J. R., of Edinburgh - 71. 93, 94, 126. 240 W., London

- 378 J. W

245 w., Newcastle Street, Strand, London 184 Dumfries 278 W. H., Dover

209 J. W. L. 96 W. H., London

285. 375 J. Thompson, Sydney 377 | W. H. B.

- 225 John Milne, Edinburgh 386. 390 W. L., London

45.87 Jorgensen, F., Copenhagen 243 W. T.

95 Juvenis, Birmingham

280 W. T., Norfolk

140. 184. 213. 245, 246 Kent, I. J., Architect, Manor Place, Padding Watson, J. B., Duke Street, Manchester Square, ton 34. 166. 302, 319

248 L. . 138. 248. 321 Wightwick, G., Architect, Plymouth

- 357 Lamb, E. B., Architect, 9. Little James Street, Wilkinson, Thomas, Liverpool

40 Bedford Row

63.000 Wilson, Thomas, Banks, near Barnsley - 216 Lavator 247 Y. Z., London

- 389 Leeds, W. H., 23. Hunter Street, Brunswick Y. Z., Worcester Square 226, 351 z.

. 143. 391 Mackenzie, J. A., Cowan, by Dingwall, Ross Z., Hertford

386 shire


J. W.,

- 127

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