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Rules for rightly appretiating the Value of Things, Psalm iv. 6.-There be many that say, Who will shew us any good ?



The Vanity of all Earthly Things.

Eccles. i. 2.-Vanity of vanities, faith the preacher, vanity of vanities, all is vanity.



Of the practical Character of Jesus Christ.

Philipp. ii. 5:--Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.


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Of the Imitation of the Example of Jesus, Philipp. ii. 5.-Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.



Of the Pastoral Office. EPHESIẢNS iv. II.-He gave some-pastors and teachers. 548


The Value of Social and Public Worship.


GOD, to meditate on thee, to worship thee, to

have communion with thee, how honourable, how blessed an employment! How far it exalts us above the other inhabitants of the duft! How near it brings us to thy worshipers in heaven, and to thee thyself, who art all in all both to them and to us! Yes, in meditating on thee, we meditate on all that is good, that is great, that is exalted, that is vene rable and amiable! In praying to thee, we pray to the creator and sovereign of the universe, the wise and benign ruler, the gracious father, the great benefactor of us and of all mankind! In having communion with thee, we have communion with the eternal, inexhaustible source of all light, of all life, of all happiness! In employing ourselves in thy service, we feel the whole dignity of the man and of the christian ; feel that we are thy offspring,




thy children, that we are capable of high employ. ments, and are ordained by thee for such! Oh might then the sentiment of thee and of communion with thee ever be and procure to us what it may and should be and procure to mankind and to christians! Oh might we never enter the place which is consecrated to this divine employment without reverence, and never leave it without a blessing! Let us then, o Omniprefent, let us here ever intimately feel thy presence, and ever powerfully experience the influences of thy holy spirit! Let light and life, and energy and comfort flow down upon us from thy throne, when in the sentiment of our manifold and urgent necessities, we here invoke thee for supplies of thy bounty. Let it be our constant aim in assembling here in thy presence, ever more plainly and convincingly to discern the truth, to confirm ourselves in the belief in thee and in' thy fon Jesus, ever to advance in piety and goodness, in content and satisfaction, to consolidate our hopes, to bring us nearer to our vocation, and to become constantly more capable of the superior life; and let this be the fruit we fhall reap from our attendance in this place! Teach us, to that end, ever to gain juster conceptions of the value of social and public wor. fhip, ever higher to prize it; and ever to make a more faithful application of it. Bless even now our reflections on thefe important objects, and hearken to our prayer, through Jesus Chrift, in whose name we farther address thee, faying: Our father, &c.

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