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مضت تعجيل بسیارست و منفعت صبر و سکون بیشار

The disadvantages of haste are many, and the advantages of patience

and deliberation (are) innumerable.

The adjective is placed after its fubftantive, and the governing noun is prefixed to that which it governs, as wys syy a beautiful face,

the Scent of a role; but if this order be inverted a compound بوينل

.refe-Scented نابوي ,fair-faced خوب روي adjective is formed, as

Conjunctions which exprefs conjecture, condition, will, motive, &c. require the conjunctive, or potential mood, as

شیر بدانست كه فرقت تو اینچنین صعب باشد و دلسوز از تو دوري نجستمي يكدم وز تو غایب نبودمي يكروز

If I had known that thy absence would have been so sorrowful and af

Alicting, I would not have departed from thee a single day ; I would not have left thee a single moment.

Prepositions and interjections are fixed to nouns in the nominative cafe, as

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شنوده ام

كه دو كبوتر با يكديضر در آشیانه ده ساز و در كاشانه همراز نه از غبار اغیار بر خاطر ایشان كردي و نه از مکنت روزشار در دل ایشان دركي

I have

I have heard that two doves lived together in one nest, and whispered

their secrets in one chamber ; the dust of jealousy had never sullied their minds, and the anguish of misfortune had never pierced their hearts,

پرده داري ميكند در قصر قیصر عنكبوت بومي نوبت * میزند بر كنبد افراسیاب


The spider holds the veil in the palace of Cæsar ; the owl stands fen

tinel on the watch-tower of Afrafiab.

These are the principal rules that I have collected for the Persian language ; but rules alone will avail but little, unless the learner will exemplify them in his own researches : the only office of a grammarian is to open the mine of literature, but they who wish to possess the gems must endeavour to find them by their own labours.

wej is an Arabick word fignifying a turn, a change, a watch, excubiæ: hence wigs wuj in Persian, and inligj in Turkish, fignify to relieve the guards by the sounds of drums and trumpets . This office is given by the poet to the owl

, as that of yld our or chamberlain is elegantly assigned to the spider. Some copies have as gj instead of go which reading would make very good sense, but defroys the beauty of the allution.

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باغبان وبلبل

The Gardener and the NIGHTINGALE.

اورده اند که دهقاني باغي داشت خوش و خرم و بوستاني تازه تر از گلستان ارم هواي آن نسیم بهاررا اعتدال بخشيدي و شهامة ریحان روح فزایش دماغ جانرا معطر ساختي

نظم گلستاني چو گلزار جواني كلشن سیراب آب زندگاني بواي عندلیبش عشرت انتين

نسیم عطرسایش راحت آمیز و بر یك كوشه چينش كلبني بول تازه تر از نهال کامراني و سرافرازتر از شاخ شجره شادماني هر صباح بر روي كلبن تل رنشین چون عذار الغريبان نازك خوي و رخسار سهنبران ياسين بوي بشكفتي و باغبان با آن كل رعنا عشت بازي آغاز نهوله كنتي

شكل بزیر لب نہیدانم چه میگوید که باز

بلبلان بي نوارا در فغان مي آورد باغبان روزي بر عادت معهول بتهاشاي شكل آند بلبلي دیں نالان

A literal translation of the foregoing Fable.


It is related that a husbandman had a sweet and pleasant orchard, and a garden more fresh than the bower of Irem. The air of it gave mildness to the gales of the spring, and the scent of its herbs that refrehed the spirits, conveyed perfume to the very



A bower like the garden of youth, a bed of roses bathed in the waters

of life, the notes of its nightingales raising delight ; its fragrant gale shedding perfume.

And in one corner of his garden there was a rose bush fresher than the fhrub of desire, and more lofty than the branch of the tree of mirth, Every morning on the top of the rose bush the rose blossomed, coloured like the cheek of heart-alluring damsels with gentle minds, and the face of lily-bosomed maids scented like jessamine. The gardener began to fhow an extreme fondness for these excellent roses, and said,

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I know not what the rose says under his lips, that he brings back the

helpless nightingales with their mournful notes.

One day the gardener according to his established custom went to view


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نالان كه روي در صحیفه كل مي مالید و شیرازه جلد زرنكار او را بهنغار تیز از یکدیگر می



بیت بلبل كه بشكل لرنرل مست شول

رشته اختیارش از دست شود باغبان پریشانی اوراق مشل مشاهده نبوده تریبان شکيباي بدست اضطراب چاك زده ودامن دلش بخار جنردوز بيقراري دراویخت روز دیگر همان حال وجود گرفت و شعله فراق خل


داغ درش بر سر آن داغ نهان روز سیوم بحركت منقار بلبل


نمل بتاراج رفت و خار بماند خارخاري از آن بلبل در سینه دهقان پدید آمده دام فریبي در راه وي نهاد و بدانه حيل اورا صید کرده در زندان تفس محبوس ساخت بلبل بیدل طوطي وار زبان بكشان وشكنت ای عزیز مرا بچه موجب حبس کرد: از چه سبب بعقوبت من


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