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merd ef kén overthrowing beroes.

amber âghéen full of ambergris.

surûr aghéen full of pleasures, Ogł uljo murâd avér fulfilling our desires.


سرور اخين

and Uī als alem ară s adorning the world.

مران اور .dil aver tealing hearts دل اور ,jehan ara جهان آرا

عالم آرا .mejlis ara gracing the banquet مجلس آرا

.dil ara rejoicing the heart دل آرا .dil aram giving reft to the beart دل آرام .neberd azma experienced in battle نبرد آزما

ایسا .jan asa giving ren to the Joul جان آسا .khon alad Jprinkled with blood خون الود

غبار آلود .khata alid Rained apith crimes خطا الون


rûh asâ appeasing the spirit.


Jei jus gubar alûd covered with duft.

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elegantly applied to beauty, to which likewise the poets give
the following epithet,

ser efrâz raising his head.

.riz efzin increaking daily روز افزون سر افراز .gerden efraz exalting his neck گردن انراز

alem efriz عالم افروز jehan efriz جهان افروز or

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} enlightening the world.


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.kar amaz expert in affairs کار آموز

jot svino muzhdeh ameés mixed with joyful tidings.

This participle ;moT is used in a great variety of compounds.

./rahet ameez giving r راحت آمیز ستم .1hehd ameez mixed aith boney شهر آمیز


.pertu endaz darting rays پرتو انداز

sitem ameéz full of threats.

. jiwał oči, reng ameéz mixed with colours, that is, deceitful.

. jlovil cuido dehfhet endáz striking with fear. jlcul wül atesh endáz casting out fire.

. jgull Colbi zulmet endûz gathering darkness, an epithet of

انداز .teer endaz Jooting arro705 تیر اندز

the night.

jguuil was ibret endûz attrakting wonder.

.iltifat engeez exciting rapes التغات انگیز خلوص

.fitne engeez railing a tumult فتنه انشيز

jölüilskhejlet engeéz causing blushes to ris. ül olües khefekán engeéz making the heart beat.

.irhad engeez producing Jafety ارشاد انگیز

مردم اوبار

merdum ôbár devouring men.


.jan afereen that created the Joul جان آفرین دل ,faych perver bred in the Jhade سایه پور

> r. Ju dil ber a ravisher of hearts.

, an epithet for an ignorant young man who has not seen the world.

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.ifhk baz Jporting oith love عشق باز .puzinh pezeer accepting an escule پوزش پذیر

jlon wil je turáneh perdáz composing tunes, a musician.
jld wiw sekhun perdáz composing sentences, an orator.
cis dä nekil bend compiling narratives, an historian.
clis guls adu bend that enslaves bis enemies.

aüüs fitne beéz Spreading sedition.
jbs atar beéz shedding perfume.
woju li nádereh peerâ collecting memorable events.


.afoman peyvend reaching the Ry آسمان پیوند

التجوي .gul cheen gathering rays نل چین .hukufeh cheen cropping facters شکوفه چین

ylürdls alem tâb inflaming the world, an epithet of the sun. ogo deuletjúi wishing prosperity. .


cum aw sekhun cheen collecting words, an informer.
joj su seher kheez rising in the morning,
vlastigs khosh khân sweetly singing.

.jehandar pelling the orld جهاندار

wlo aüti nukteh dân skilful in subtleties.


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.jan thikar a bunter of Jouls جان شکار .umr dhikaf delroyang life عبر شکاف شکن

wliciis fef shikén breaking the ranks.
ubiü pil enjúm humâr equal to the stars in number.


.kar hinas kilful in burines کارشناس .theker furah Jelling Jigar شکر فروش فروش

.jiger gudaz melting the heart جنركداز

crügi Jó khôd furûlh boasting of himself.
Cu bili nazér fereéb deceiving the beholder.

jlus los fumma gudâz dispelling a calamity.

. Sls alem geer subduing the world. Su dilkushâ rejoicing the beart.

.zeya kufter preading light ضیا کلستر

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كشور .kifhver kucha conquering provinces کشور کشا .aurung niheen Atting on a throne اورنك نشين .viraneh nifheen inhabiting a delert ویرانه نشین

bid, rehnumâ showing the way.
ilaj cu ghereeb nuvâz kind to strangers.

! .
whvor kâm yâb that finds what he desires.

.berbut nuvaz tuning a barp بربط نواز


Words compounded of adjectives and nouns.

.khob rayi soith a beautiful face خوب روي .pakeezeh khai bawing pure intentions پاكيزه خوي

Sosti goi khosh khúi of a sweet difpofition. crolus pakdámen with unblemished virtue.

.khob avaz soith a pleading noice خوب آواز

asily was khob rayhe with a pleasant scent.
OG Jüngs khosh elhân with sweet notes;

an epithet of the nightingale, as in this elegant diftich,

رونق عهد شبابست اگر بستانرا میرسد مثله گل بلبل خوش الحانرا

The brightness of youth again returns to the bowers ; the rose sends joyful tidings to the nightingale with sweet notes.

Lignü shireenkâr with gentle manners.

we w Thireen dihen with a sweet mouth.

.khofh reftar balking gracefully خوش رفتار شیرینکار


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