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چه دولت دارم امشب
که آمد ناگهان دلدارم امشب


Heaven! how great is my happiness this night! for this night my be

loved is come unexpectedly!

; imraz to-day امروز and

روز عيش وطرب وعيد صيامست امروز كام دل حاصل وايام بكامست امروز

،، This day is a day of mirth, and joy, and the feaft of fpring ; this day ،، my heart obtains its defires, and fortune is favourable."


The words
prefixed to pronouns personal, change them
into poffeffives, and are read with a short vowel, ani to or ex ani to, i. e.
thine, as

ماه كنعان من مسند مصر آن تو شد

O my moon of Canaan (O Joseph) the throne of Egypt is thine.

The relatives and interrogatives are fupplied by the invariable pronouns & ke and a che, of which the former usually relates to perfons, and the latter to things: in the oblique cafes of these pronouns

the final


is absorbed before the fyllable, as




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latives, as

Oblique, whom.



? what is it چیست ? cobo is it کیست as است verb



are interrogatives, and are very often joined to the

یا رب آن شاهوش ماه رخ زهره جبین در يكتاي كه و كوهر يكدانه كيست

O heaven! whofe precious pearl, and whofe ineftimable jewel is that royal maid, with a cheek like the moon, and a forehead like Venus ?

lakudám is alfo an interrogative pronoun, as


و رندیم و نظرباز میخواره و سر که چنین نیست در این شهر کدامست وانکس

We are fond of wine, wanton, diffolute, and with rolling eyes; but who is there in this city that has not the fame vices?

-prefixed to the re هان or هر Our foever is expreffed in Perfian by


.who foever هرکه and هرکه .obatfoever هرانچه and هرچه



The Perfians have active and neuter verbs like other nations; but many of their verbs have both an active and neuter fenfe, which can be determined only by the conftruction. Thefe verbs have properly but one conjugation, and but three changes of tenfe; the imperative, the aorift, and the preterite; all the other tenfes being formed by the help of the particles and to be, and to be willing. The paffive voice is formed by add

the active;

ing the tenses of the verb substantive to the participle preterite of oil it was read. The inflexions of these auxiliaries must be here exhibited, and must be learned by heart, as they will very useful in forming the compound tenses of the active verbs.





The prefent tenfe of this verb is irregular, but very easy, and must be carefully remembered, as it is the model for the variations of persons in all tenfes.

\ I am.

بودن or هستن or of the auxiliary verbs

.to be بودن

Indicative Mood, Prefent Tense.

ام .thou art اي

.be is است

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This tenfe joined to nouns, pronouns, or adjectives often coalefces with them, and lofes the initial | elif; as with pronouns,

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The negatives are formed by prefixing & or, as I am not, &c.

we are glad.

there is not, as نیست is commonly written نه است but

.I am هستم .Sing

راهیست راه عشق که هیجش کناره نیست آنجا جز آنکه جان بسپارند چاره نیست

.thou art هستي

.he is هست

"The path of love is a path to which there is no end, in which there " is no remedy for lovers, but to give up their fouls.” Hafiz.

Second Prefent from the defective to be.

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.I was بودم

.thou waft بودي .be was بود

مي بودم

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Preterite Imperfect.

مي بودي

Compound Preterite.


.I had been بوده شدم

.thou badft been بوده شدي .be bad been بوده شد

.I will be خواهم بود

.thou wilt be خواهی بود

.be will be خواهد بود



.you were بودید .they were بودند

.I have been بوده ام .we have been بوده ایم .thou haft been بود or نوده اي .you have been بوده اید .be has been بوده است ..they have been بوده اند


we were.

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