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following be noticed and duly considered: You will
agree with me, the meaniog of the threatening was,
that the steward should no longer retain his office, if
the allegation which was the cause of his being called
.to an account, proved to be correct, or well founded.
Hence, as he was not expelled from his office, is it
pot demonstrative that he was not guilty?
from meeting with an expulsion from his stewardship
he was not, upon special examination, reprimanded,
or even admonished Hear the result of his trial :
The lord commended the unjust steward, because he
had done wisely ;"and is it not just to be wise ? One
of two things is certain, either the commendation was
unjust, or the steward was innocent. Hence, so in-
terpreting his words, as to make him guilty, involves
us in another embarrassment, by alledging injustice
upon him, who pronounced this commendation

Secondly; Should it be further objected, that the commendation had respect only to his conduct after he was accused; The reply is, the objection introduces the greatest copfusion into the parable. The steward was called to account for certain conduct ; and to suppose him tried for one thing, and commended for another, is confusion. He was justified in view of the misconduct, alledged against him, or the transaction was highly improper.

Thirdly, Should it be deemed' incumbent on the interpreter, to explain every particular, and make a special application of every observation in the parable, such as, “to dig I cannot, to beg I am ashamed,"9" &c. The reply is brief and direct : Almost every parable in the New Testament would be inexplica. ble, were that method pursued, in their interpretation. The general meaning is to be set forth, and allowances. made for parabolical style. One point, however, should be carefully observed s. viz. in all the stewarde. whservations, he gave no intimations of attempting this


efor mation in his conduct; but gave in sentiment the following paraphrase : If the unjust accusation prevail against me. and my lord in uprighteous severity take away my stewardship. I am resolved to make friends of those, from whom I may expect a more just and merciful treatment. The whole is a representation of the trials of the primitive christians, in miniature.

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The Ministers and Messengers from the different societies of the Western Association, convened in. council at the Court-house in Eaton, Madison County, New-York, agreeable to the adjournment of the last session, on the 7th day of June, 18 20 ; and opened the session with solemn prayer, by Br. Archelaus G.reen. 1. Appointed Br. SETA JONES, Moderator.

Br. Nathi Stacy 2.

Clerks. Br. S. R. Smith 3. Received the letters from the several societies; and certificates and commendations of their respective Delegates.

4. Requests from the society in Dryden, and churches in Oxford, Sangerfield and Vernon, for thefellowship of this Association.

5. Voted, that the above requests be granted.

6. Appointed Brs. Ferris, Underwood, Stacy, Flag Jer, and Foster, a committee to receive requests for fellowship or ordination.

1. Received a communication, that during the retess of the Association, a council had been called to set apart for the minintay Bt. Andrew Vandenberg of Pompey; and also another council, for the ordination of Brs. John S. Flagler at Norwich, and Amos Crandall at New-Berlin : That these councils respectively had deemed it proper and expedient to give ordination to the above mentioned brethren ; and that the solemnities were conducted with all gravity and sin: cerity as becometh sajnts.

Ordination of Br. Andrew Vandenberg, Br. J. Whitral, introductory prayer; Br. E. Fervis, sermon; Br. J. Foster, consecrating prayer ; Br. N. Stacy, delivery of the scriptures and charge; Bro. J. Whitnal, right hand of fellowship ; and Br. A. Vandenberg, concluding prayer.

Ordination of Br.. John S. Flagler: Br. N. Stacy, introductory prayer; Br. S. R: Smith, sermon; Br. S. Jones, consecrating prayer; Br. N. Stacy, delivery of the scriptures and charge Br. E. Ferris, right hand of fellowship; and Br. A. Crandall, concluding prayer:

Ordination of Br. Amos Crandall: Br. S. Jones, introductory prayer; Br. N. Staey, sermon; Br. S. R. Smith, consecrating prayer ; Br.. E. Ferris, delivery of the scriptures and charge ; Br. 8. Jones, right hand of fellowship; and. Br. J. S. Flagler, concluding prayers

The proceedings of the above named councils-were approved.

8. Order of morning service on Wednesday.

Br. N. Stacy introductory prayer; Br. W. Un derwood, sermon from Matto v. 17, 18;: Br. A. Green, concluding prayer.

Afternoon.-Br. 8. R. Smith, introductory prayer; Br. P. Morse, sermon from. Poala cxly.. 9; Br. Se Jones, concluding prayer.

9. Voted to adjourn this Asuociation to Thursday morning, half past six o'clock. Prayer by Bt.). For

10. Thursday morning, resumed the business of the council. Prayer by Br. J. Whitpal.

11. The committee for receiving requests for letters of fellowship or ordination, and the examination of candidates, report in favor of giving ordination to Rr. Pitt Morse, and letters of fellowship to Brs. Salmon Adams, Thaddeus Thompson, Jr. Artbur Field-approvedi

12 Appointed Brs. Whitnal, Ferris, Underwood; Smith, and Stacy, committee of discipline the casuing year.

13. Appointed Brs. Vandenberg, Crandall: Foster, Whitnal, and Stacy, a committee to visit the Genesee Branch of the Western Association at Henrietta or Pittsford, Ontario county, the first Wednesday and Thureday in October next. *

14. Order of public service, Thursday morning.

Br. A. Crandall, introductory prayer; Br. E. Ferris, sermon from Zech. viii. 5; Br.. A. Vandenberg concluding prayer:

Ordaining Service. Afternoon --Br. J. Foster, introductory prayer ;; Br. S. R. Smith, sermon from Jer. viii. 22; Br. N. Stacy;, consecrating prayer; Br. S. Jones, delivery of: the scriptures and charge ; Br. A. Green, right handof. fellowship; and Br. L. Knapp, concluding prayer.

15. Appointed Br. S. R. Smith, to prepare the Minutes of this Association for the press, accompany ing the same with a circular letter; and voted that one thousand copies be printed;

16. Voted that this Association hold an extra sess sion at Westun, Oneida county; the second Wednes. day and Thursday in September next; and thence be

Should any brother at the westward, who shall receive this, be able to favor the Editor with the proceedings of the: sebave named naceting, bo is requested to do it.

adjourned to meet in Bainbridge, Chenango county, the first Wednesday and Thursday in June, 1821.

17. Br. 8. Jones offered humble thanks to Al mighty God, and the Association adjourned.

SETH JONES, Modcrator,

Mipistering brethren, present

In fellowship, absent
Societies in sellowship
Churches in fellowship





Paris, June 28, 1820. Agreeable to adjournment, the Ministers and Delegates composing the Eastern Association of Universalists, met at the house of Bro!her RUSSELL HUB. BARD, and after uniling wiih Br. JOSEPH BUTTER-, Field in devout thanksgiving and prayer to Almighty God, proceeded to the organization of the Couns cil, and

1. Chose Br. JOSEPA BUTTERFIELD, Moderater..


Br. EZRA F. BEAL, Assistant Clerk. 4. Order of public service for Wednesday, A. M. Introductory prayer, Br. S. Streeter. Sermon, Br. J. Butterfield, from Psalm cxvi. 7a Retarn unto thy rest, O my soul ; for the Lord hath dealt" bountifully with thee. Concluding prayer, Br. J. Butterfield.

P. M.-Br. J. Butterfield, the introductory prayer ; Br. S. Streeter, the sermon, from Acts xxiv. 14. But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which incy call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets. Br. S. Streeter, concluding prayer.

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