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The TAKWÍM AL BULDÁN, or Tables showing the

degrees of Longitude and Latitude of various places.

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Abisgún, (spelt with the Persian letter Gáf,) an island of the sea of Gílán (the Caspian).

88 30 ÁBAH, in the province of Irák Âjem


68 30 Alán, a territory bordering on Shírván and Gurjestán (or Georgia) 83 0

Ámul, in the province of Mázinderán

87 20 Ávah, a harbour on the coast of the Chinese Sea

135 0

44 30

36 40

55 0

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• It appears from a letter of Sir William Ouseley (quoted in the Preface) that Sádik Isfaháni, like most of the older Persian geographers, reckoned the degrees of longitude (wides ;!) “ from the Fortunate Islands,” and of

“ from the equinoctial line.”

‘‘ (از خط استوا) latitude

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آبسکون-بان فارسی جزیره ایست

. فع ل لز ك بدرياي كيلان

الد ل

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آبه از عراق عجم است


الان ولایتي است بحدود شیروان و

. في ح گرجستان

مد ك

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• The original manuscript does not give any description of Ákserái, but Nasir Túsi places it in long. 68-0, lat. 38-0. (See Hudson's “ Geogr. Script. Minores,” vol. iii. p. 94.) The, name, in Turkish, signifies the “ white palace, or mansion.” Sadik Isfahani has already mentioned it as a town of Karámán.-" Tahkík al Iráb,” p. 39.)





UBULLAH, a river or canal within four farsangs of Basrah, on the borders of which were populous towns

ÁBIVARD, in Khurasan, between Nesá and Sarakhs

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39 30

ATHENÍAh, the city of philosophers

65 40 Uchah, a place in Sind

106 0 Ahmedábád, a place of Gujerát in India

109 0 Akhlár, in Armenia

77 0 Erbel, a city near the borders of Mausel

77 20

21 0


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35 0

Arjis, in Armenia .

73 0

38 30

ARDESTÁN, a district of Irak Âjem : the people of this place are, it is said, prone to excessive anger and violence

ARZENALRUM, (ARZER’RUM,) a territory of Armenia, on the borders of Rúm

87 0 38 0


77 0 39 40

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79 0

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