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شود غیر ازین سر زمین جاي اسپ

باین نام مشهور شده . قحبه لو ع

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لاهور از هند است اکثري دار السلطنة بود و هست

. قط ل

البع . فع ل ز ل

المصل از بحرین



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ماردین قلعه ایست بجزیره بر قله کوهي عد ماقدونیه از روم است

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Medín, a place in Syria

Marághah, in the province of

MARÁKESH, in Africa

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Mirbát, in the province of Hadrmút, in Yemen, on the sea-shore

MARAND, (equivalent in metre to the word Parand,) a place in Ázerbáiján

Marv Szánján, a city of Khurasán, which in the time of the Seljúkian dynasty was the capital of that province

Marv Rúd, a city of Khurasan, at the distance of forty farsangs from Marvsháhján

MazdEkán, a place in Irák Âjem

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لز ل

مراغه از آذربایجان

. فب 8 مراکش از مغرب است .مط مرباط-از حضرموت ين است بر کنار

. عب 8

يب بع

مرند-بر وزن پرند از آذربایجان


یه لز ن

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سروشاهجان از خراسانست

مرورود از خراسانست بپہل فرسني سروشاهجان

. صز ع لو ل

مزدقان از عراق عجم است


لو و




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Mazínán, in the province of Khurasan

MASHKAT, a harbour on the coast of the sea of Ommán

Mash-HED MUKUDDES Tús, in the province of Khurasan

MASH-HED-1-Sar, a place in Tabristán, on the shore of the sea of Gílán, distant from the city of Ámol eight farsangs*

Massan, a place in Syria

MAARET AL Naamán, in Syria, belonging to the territory of Âvásim.

Makrán, a province adjoining Kirmán

MEKKAH MAAZMEH (the great or highly-honoured city)

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* This statement sufficiently agrees with the distances mentioned by Sir W. Ouseley, who informs us that his Persian companions assigned“ seh farsang-i-sabk” (Sluw Slinge kw), “three light farsangs," (or not quite three,) to the space between Mashhed-i-Sar and Bárfurush; and from Barfurush to Ámul he found to be a journey of five farsangs, or about eighteen miles. Respecting the name “Mashhed-i-Sar," he learned that it was derived from the tomb of a certain saint or


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. سط


مشهد سر از طبرستانست بر ساحل

. فز درياي کیلان از امل هشت فرسخ

صه از شام است معرة النعمان از شام است از اعمال عواصم


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express a spot rendered sacred by the martyrdom or the interment of personages held in religious veneration by the Muhammedans.” - Travels, vol. iii. pp. 290, 293, 295. Thus the city of Tús, noticed in the article immediately preceding, has been entitled “the holy tomb,” Mash-hed Mukuddes, from the adjoining burial-place of Imam Rizá.

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