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Kash, in Máweralnahr, the birth-place of the illustrious Emir Taimur Gúrkán.

99 30 39 0 Kishtwár, a mountainous region of Kashmir

. 1090 260 Kashmir, a country on the south of which is the Panjáb; on the north, part of Khurásán and Badakhshán; and on the west, the mountainous region of Afghánistán : the capital of Kashmir is called Srinagar

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KALúrán, a place in Turkistán 107 30

KAMBÁJET, a sea-port of Gujerát (Cambay)

108 30 Kamrán, an island belonging to Yemen (or Arabia Felix) 71 15

Kaváshír, in Kirmán, and the capital of that province

98 0 Kúpá, a place in Russia . . 107 0

Kúfah, in the province of Irák Arab

79 30

39 15

48 30

31 30

KÚKEN, a country of Dekkan on the sea-shore

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17 0

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کش-از ماورالنهر مولد صاحب قران امیر تیمور کورکانست

. صط ل

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کشیر-ولایتي است که

است که جنوبي آن پنجابست وشالي بعضي از خراسان و بدخشان و غربی کوهستان افغانستان است و تختگاه آنرا سري نکر کویند کلوران از ترکستان

. قز ل

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کواشیراز کرمان بلكه قاعده کرمان . صح کوپاز روس است

. قزع

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کوفه از عراق عرب

. عط ل وكن ولایتی است از دکن بر ساحل

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Gasgar, a territory in the province of Gilán

84 30 38 30 GusztásFi, a territory in the province of Shírván, on the shore of the sea of Gílán (the Caspian) 85 30 41 30

Ganjah, the capital of the province of Arrán

88 0 41 15 Gwáliár, in India, at the distance of three days' journey from Akberábád

114 40 36 0 Gúwah (Goa), a sea-port of Dekkan in India

36 0 Gúren Gát, (Ghúren Ghát,) in Bengál: * the name signifies “a pass for a horse.” As the soil of Bengál is . ..

full of

* Of this description three or four words have been rendered illegible in the manuscript, probably by wet, as the




کوه کیلویه ولایتي است بفارس . فر په کماز مکرانست

.صط ع

ل ع لے لا

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ما یه

گنجه قاعده آرانست

. فم

لا گوالیار از هند است بر سه روزه راه از اکبر آباد

. قع م


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characters that showed the longitude of Gúwah or Goa in the article immediately preceding.





water, there is not any place except this spot of land where


it has therefore derived its name from this circumstance

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horse can


LÁDIKíAH, on the sea-shore of Syria

Lár, between Shíráz and Hor

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LÁHJÁN, in the province of Gílán

LÁHÚR (LAHORE), in India; of which it has at most times been, as it now is, the capital

Lahsá, in Bahrein

· 109 30

32 0

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Márdín, a fortress in the province of Jezíreh, situated on the summit of a mountain


Majhlí Patan, a place in Dekkan

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