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Sívás, a place in Rúm

71 40 Saknák, is a place in Turkistán (or Scythia)

99 30 Sultáních, in Irák Âjem 84 0 SALAMÍAh, in Shám (or Syria) 71 0

Samnán, a place in Irák Âjem, but at present regarded as belonging to the province of Khurásán 88 30

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Shábrán, in the territories of Báb al abuáb (or Derbend). It is said that the Cháh-e-Bízhen, Bizhen's pit,or well,” was at this place 84 0

SHUBURGHÁN, a territory of Balkh


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Shiki, a district near Shirvan

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Bizhen (Uju), Bíjen (u), or Bizen (w;), for so the name has been written, (according to the Dictionary “ Burbáni-Katea,”) was the son of Giv ( 2 ) a celebrated hero, by the sister (or, as some affirm, by the daughter) of Rustam (pow.). The young Bízhen having become enamoured of the princess

) or Manijeh (auto) was imprisoned in a

منیژه) Manizheh

اطوال عروض

سیواساز روم است


لط ل


مع يه

. فدع

. عا

قناقاز ترکستانست .صطل سلطانیه از عراق عجم است

لو ل سليه-از شام است

الد ل سینان از عراق عجم است و اکنون از خراسان شمارند

. فع ل لو بع


شابران بعدود باب الأبوابست گویند

چاه بیزن در آنجا بود



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شبرغان از مضافات بلے شکي ولایتي است نزديك بشیروان . فا و

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افراسیاب deep pit

or well
by command of her father Afrasiab

, , (w ) king of Turkistán. But the great Rustam liberated him from confinement; and this exploit is generally chosen as the subject of a picture, in illuminated manuscript copies of Firdausi's work the “ Sháh Námeh,” which records, in heroic poetry, many romantic adventures of the ancient Persian kings.


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SHAMÁKhi, the chief place of Shírván

Shólistán (see the “ Tahkík al Iráb,” p. 33)

Shahrzúr, in Kurdistán, between Erbel and Hamadán

SHAHRFÍRúzán, in Irák Âjem, on the banks of the river Zendeh

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Shíráz, the capital of the province of Fárs

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Suhár, a place in Ommán
SARHAD, in Misr (Egypt)

Saaid Misr, a district in
Egypt to the south of Fostát

Sakchi, on the borders of Charkez (Circassia); and from this place to Costantinieh (Constantinople) the distance is a journey of twenty days

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شماخي قاعدة شيروانست

. فد ل م شولستان

. فر و لا ل شهرزور از کردستان میان اربل و هدانست

. فا ل الد ل

شهر فیروزان از عراق عجم بر کنار زنده رود فز ك

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مار-از شانست

ال ل صعيد مصر ولایتي است بر جنوبي

. سا ل

صرحد- از مصر




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صقي در حدود دیار چرکز و از آن تا قسطنطنیه بیست روزه راه است

. سد

مط ل

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Tárum, in Irák Âjem, in the territory of Sultánieh

84 0 TáLEKÁN, (of Kazvín,) in the province of Dílmán

85 45 Tálekán, (of Badakshán,) in Tokhárestán, between Ghaznín and Balkh

102 50 Thief, a country of Hejáz, (in Arabia,) at the distance of twelve farsangs from Mekkah (the Great) 77 40

Tabaríeh, in Shám (or Syria) 68 0

Tabas Gílek, in Khurásán : the first letter of the second word) being a Persian Gáf.

92 30 Tabas Masíná, in the province of Khurasan

94 15

21 20

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38 0

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38 15

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