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Philological Society (Transactions of The). A Complete Set, in

cluding the Proceedings of the Philological Society for the years 1842-1853. 6 vols. The Philological Society's Transactions, 1854 to 1876. 16 vols. The

Philological Society's Extra Volumes. 9 vols. In all 30 vols. 8vo. £19 131. 6. Proceedings (The) of the Philological Society 1842-1863. 6 vols. 8vo. 53. Transactions of the Philological Society, 1854-1876. 15 vols. 8vo. £10 166.

* The Volumes for 1867, 1868-9, 1870-2, and 1873-4, are only .to be had in complete sets, o8 above.

Separato Volumes. For 1854 : containing papers by Rev. J. W. Blakesley, Rev. T. 0. Cockayne,

Rev. J. Davies, Dr. J. W. Donaldson, Dr. Theod. Goldstücker, Prof. T. Hewitt Key, J. M. Kemble, Dr. R. G. Latham, J. M. Ludlow, Hensleigh Wedgwood,

etc. 8vo. cl. $1 is. For 1855: with papers by Dr. Carl Abel, Dr. W. Bleek, Rev. Jno. Davies, Miss

A. Gurney, Jas. Kennedy, Prof. T. H. Key, Dr. R. G. Latham, Henry Malden,

W. Ridley, Thos. Watts, Hensleigh Wedgwood, etc. In 4 parts. 8vo. £1 le. ... Kamilaroi Language of Australia, by W. Ridley; and False Etymologies, by H. Weilgwood, separately. 1. For 1856-7: with papers by Prof. Aufrecht, Herbert Coleridge, Lewis Kr. Daa,

M. de Haan, W. C. Jourdain, James Kennedy, Prof. Key, Dr. G. Latham, J. M. Ludlow, Rev. J. J. S. Perowne, Hensleigh Wedgwood, 'R. F. Weymouth, Jos. Yates, etc. 7 parts. 8vo. (The Papers relating to the Society's Dictionary are omitted.) £1 ls, each volume. For 1858: including the volume of Early English Poems, Lives of the Saints,

edited from MS8. by F. J. Furnivall; and papers by Er. Adams, Prof. Aufrecht, Herbert Coleridge, Rev. Francis Crawford, X. de Haan Hettema,

Dr. R. G. Latham, Dr. Lottner, etc. 8vo. c. 128. For 1859: with papers by Dr. E. Adams, Prof. Aufrecht, Herb. Coleridge, F.J.

Furnivail, Prof. T. H. Key, Dr. C. Lottner, Prof. De Morgan, F. Pulszky,

Hensleigh Wedgwood, etc. 8vo. cl. 128. For 1860.1: including The Play of the Sacrament; and Pascon agau Arluth, the

Passion of our Lord, in Cornish and English, both from MSS., edited by Dr. Whitley Stokes; and papers by Dr. E. Adams, T. F. Barham, Rev. Derwent Coleridge, Herbert Coleridge, Sir John F. Davis, Danby P. Fry, Prof. T. H. Key, Dr. C. Lottner, Bishop Thirlwall, Hensleigh Wedgwood, R. F. Wesmouth, etc. 8vo. cl. 128. For 1862-3 : with papers by C. B. Cayley, D. P. Fry, Prof. Key, H. Malden,

Rich. Morris, F. W. Newman, Robert Peacock, Hensleigh Wedgwood, R. F.

Weymouth, etc. 8vo. cl. 128. For 1864 : containing 1. Manning's (Jas.) Inquiry into the Character and Origin

of the Possessire Augment in English, etc. ; 2. Newman's (Francis W.) Test of the Iguvine Inscriptions, with Interlinear Latin Translation ; 3. Barnes's (Dr. W.) Grammar and Glossary of the Dorset Dialect; 4. Gwreans An Bys—The Creation : a Cornish Mystery, Cornish and English, with Notes by Whitley

Stokes, etc. 8vo. cL. 128. . Separately: Manning's Inquiry, 38.—Newman's Igavine Inscription, 36. Stokes's Gwreans An Bys, &c. For 1866: including Wheatley's (8. B.) Dictionary of Reduplicated Words in the

English Language; and påpers by Prof. Aufrecht, Ed. Brock, C. B. Cayley, Rev. A. J. Church, Prof. T. H. Key, Rev. E. H. Knowles, Prof. H. Malden, Hon. G. P. Marsh, John Rhys, Guthbrand Vigfusson, Hensleigh Wedgwood, H.

B. Wheatley, etc. 8vo. cl. 126. For 1866 : including 1. Gregor's (Rev. Walter) Banffshire Dialect, with Glossary

of Words omitted by Jamieson ; 2. Edmondston's (T.) Glossary of the Shetland Dialect; and papers by Prof. Cassal, C. B. Cayley, Danby P. Fry, Prof. T. A. Key, Guthbrand Vigfusson, Hensleigh Wedgwood, etc. 8vo. cL 126.

The Volumes for 1867, 1868-9, 1870-2, and 1873-4, are out of priut. Besides contributions in the shape of valuable and interesting papers, the rolume for 1867 also includes : 1. Peacock's (Rob. B.) Glossary of the Hundred of Lonsdale; and 2. Ellis (1. J.) On Palæotype representing Spoken Sounds; and on the Diphthong “Oy" The volume for 1868-9—1. Ellis's (A. J.) Only English Proclamation of Henry III. in Oct. 1258; to which are added “The Cuckoo's Song and “The Prisoner's Prayer," Lyrics of the XIII. Century, with Glossary; and 2. Stokes's (Whitley) Cornish Glossary. l'hat for 1870-2–1. Murray's (Jas. A. H.) Dialect of the Southern Counties of Scotland, with a linguistical map. That for 1873-4_Sweet's (8.) History of English Sounds. For 1875-6: containing the Rev. Richard Morris (President), Fourth and Fifth

Annual Addresses. 1. Some Sources of Aryan Mythology, by E. L. Brandreth; 2. C. B. Cayley on Certain Italian Diminutives; 3. Changes made by four young Children in Pronouncing English Words, by Jas. M. Menzies ; 4. The Manx Language, by 11. Jenner; 5. The Dialect of West Somerset, by F. T. Elworthy; 6. English Metre, by Prof. J. B. Mayor; 7. Words, Logic, and Grammar, by H. Sweet; 8. The Russian Language and its Dialects,

by W. R. Morfill ; 9. Relics of the Cornish Language in Mount's Bay, by H. Jenner. 10. Dialects and Prehistoric Forms of Old English. By Henry Sweet, Esq.; 11. On the Dialects of Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire, South Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middleses, and Surrey, with a New Classification of the English Dialects. By Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte

(with Two Maps), Index, etc. Part I., 6s. ; Part II., 68.; Part III., 28. For 1877 8-9: containing the President's (Henry Sweet, Esq.) Sixth and Seventh

Annual Addresses. 1. Accadian Phonology, by Professor A. H. Sayce; 2. On
Here and There in Chaucer, by Dr. R. Weymouth; 3. The Grammar of the
Dialect of West Somerset, by P. T. Elworthy, Esq.; 4. English Metre, by
Professor J. B. Mayor; 5. The Malagasy Language, by the Rev. W. E.
Cousins; 6. The Anglo-Cymric Score, by A. J. Ellis, Esq., F.R.S. 8vo.
Part I., 3s. ; Part II., 78.

The Society's Extra Volumes.
Early English Volume, 1862-64, containing: 1. Liber Cure Cocorum, A.D. e.

1440. -2. llampole's (Richard Rolle) Pricke of Conscience, A.D. c. 1340.

3. The Castell Off Love, A.D. c. 1320. 8vo. cloth. 1865. £l. Or separately: Liber Cure Cocorum, Edited by Rich. Morris, 38.; Hampole's

(Rolle) Pricke of Conscience, edited by Rich. Morris, 128.; and The Castell off

Love, edited by Dr. R. F. Weymouth, 6s.
Dan Michel's Ayenbite of Iowyt, or Remorse of Conscience, in the Kentish

Dialect, A.D. 1340. From the Autograph MS. in Brit. Mus. Edited with
Introduction, Marginal loterpretations, and Glossarial Index, by Richard

Morris. Svo. cloth. 1866. 120.
Levios's (Peter, A.D. 1570) Manipulus Vocabulorum: a Rhyming Dictionary of

the English Language. With an Alphabetical Index by H. B. Wheatley. Svo.

cloth. 1867. 16s. Skeat's (Rev. W. W.) Næso-Gothic Glossary, with an Introduction, an Outline of

Mæso-Gothic Grammar, and a List of Anglo-Saxon and old and modern Eng

lish Words etymologically connected with Mæso-Gothic. 1868. 8vo. ch. gs. Ellis (A. J.) on Early English Pronunciation, with especial Reference to

Shakspere and Chancer : containing an Investigation of the Correspondence of
Writing with Speech in England from the Anglo-Saxon Period to the Present

Day, etc. 4 parts. 8vo. 1869-75. £2.
Mediæval Greek Texts: A Collection of the Earliest Compositions in Vulgar

Greek, prior to A.D. 1500. With Prolegomena and Critical Notes by W. Wagner. Part I. Seven Poems, three of wbich appear for the first time. 1870. 8vo. 108. 6d.



Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom (Transactions

of The). First Series, 6 Parts in 3 Vols., 4to., Plates ; 1827–39. Second Series, 10 Vols. or 30 Parts, and Vol. XI. Parts l'and 2, 8vo., Plates; 1873-76. A complete set, as far as published, £10 108. Very scarce. The first series of this important series of contributions of many of the most eminent men of the day has long been out of print and is very scarce. Of the Second Series, VoL I.-IV., each containing three parts, are quite out of print, and can only be had in the complete series, noticed above. Three Numbers, price 4s. 6d. each, form a volume. The price of the volume complete, bound in cloth, is 138. 6.

Separate Publications. I. FASTI MONASTICI AEVI SAXONICI: or an Alphabetical List of the Heads of

Religious Houses in England previous to the Norman Conquest, to which is prefixed a Chronological Catalogue of Contemporary Foundations. By WALTER

DE GRAY BIRCH. Royal 8vo. cloth. 1872. 78. 6d. II. LI CHANTARI DI LANCELLOTTO; a Troubadour's Poem of the XIV. Cent.

Edited from a MS. in the possession of the Royal Society of Literature, by WALTER DE GRAY BIRCA. "Royal 8vo. cloth. 1874. 78. III. INQUISITIO COMITATUS CANTABRIGIENSIS, nunc primum, è Manuscripto

unico in Bibliothecâ Cottoniensi asservato, typis mandata : subjicitur laquisitio Eliensis : curâ N. E. S. A. Hamilton. Royal 4to. With map and 3 facsimiles.

1876. £2 26. IV. A COMMONPLACE-Book Of John MILTON. Reproduced by the autotype

process from the original MS. in the possession of Sir Fred. U. Graham, Bart., of Netherby Hall. With an Introduction by A. J. Horwood. Sq. folio. Only one hundred copies printed. 1876. £2 26. V. CARONICON ADÆ DE USK, A.D. 1377-1404. Edited, with a Translation and

Notes, by Ed. MAUNDE THOMPSON. Royal 8vo. 1876. 10. 6d. Transactions OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LITERATURE OF THE UNITED

Kingdom. First Series, 6 parts in 3 vols. 4to. plates ; 1827-39. Second Series, 10 vols. or 30 parts, and vol. xi. parts 1 and 2, 8vo. plates, 1843-76. A complete set, as far as published, £10 10s. A list of the contents of the

volumes and parts on application. Society of Biblical Archæology.--TRANSACTIONS OF THE. 8vo. Vol. I.

Part. I., 12s. 6d. Vol. I., Part II., 12s. 6d. (this part cannot be sold separately, or otherwise than with the complete sets). Vols. II. and III., 2 parts, i0s. 6d. each. Vol. IV., 2 parts, 128. 6d. each. Vol. V., Part. I., 158. ;

Part. II., 128. 6d. Vol. VI., 2 parts, 12s. 6d. each. Syro-Egyptian Society.--Original Papers read before the Syro

Egyptian Society of London. Volume I. Part 1. 8vo. sewed, 2 plates and a

map, pp. 144. 38. 64. Trübner's American and Oriental Literary Record.—A Register of

the most important works published in North and South America, in India, China, and the British Colonies ; with occasional Notes on German, Dutch, French, etc., books. 4to. In Monthly Numbers. Subscription 58. per annum, or 6d. per number. A complete set, Nos. 1 to 142. London, 1865 to 1879. '£12 128.

History, Geography, Travels, Ethnography,

Archæology, Law, Numismatics.


the Rev. B. H. BADLEY, of the American Methodist Mission. 8vo. Pp. xii.

and 280, cloth. 1876. 10s. 6d. Balfour.—WAIFS AND STRAYS FROM TIE Far East; being a Series of

Disconnected Essays on Matters relating to China. By FREDERIC HENRY

BALFOUR. 1 vol. demy 8vo. cloth, pp. 224. 108. 6d. Beke. -THE LATE DR. CAARLES BEKE'S DISCOVERIES OF SINAI IN ARABIA

and in Midian. With Portrait, Geological, Botanical, and Conchological Reports. Plans, Map, and 13 Wood Engravings. Edited by his Widow. Roy. 8vo.

pp. XX. and 606, cloth. 1878. 28s. Morocco, £2 108. Bellew.–FROM THE INDUS TO THE TIGRIS: a Narrative of a Journey

through the Countries of Balochistan, Afghanistan, Khorassan, and Iran, in 1872; together with a Synoptical Grammar and Vocabulary of the Brahoe Language, and a Record of the Meteorological Observations and Altitudes on the March from the Indus to the Tigris. By H. W. Bellew, C.S.I., Surgeon Bengal Staff Corps, Author of “A Journal of a Mission to Afghanistan in 1857-58," and "A Grammar and Dictionary of the Pukkhto Language."

Temy 8vo. cloth. 145. Bellew.-KASHMIR AND KASHGAR. A Narrative of the Journey of the

Embasy to Kashgar in 1873-74. By H. W. BELLEW, C.S.I. Demy 8vo. cloth,

pp. xxxii. and 420. 165. Beveridge.--THE DISTRICT OF BAKARGANT; its History and Statistics.

By H. BEVERIDGE, B.C.S. 8vo. cloth, pp. xx. and 460.216.
Bibliotheca Orientalis: or, a Complete List of Books, Pamphlets,

Essays, and Journals, published in France, Germany, England, and the
Colonies, on the History and the Geography, the Religions, the Antiquities,
Literatare, and Languages of the East. Edited by CAARLES FRIEDBRICI.
Part I., 1876, sewed, pp. 86, 28. 6d. Part II., 1877, pp. 100, 3. 6d. Part

III., 1878, 38. 68.

H. BLOCHMANN, M.A. 12mo. pp. vi. and 100. 28. 6d. Bretschneider.-NOTES ON CHINESE MEDIEVAL TRAVELLERS TO THE

West. By E. BRETSCHNEIDER, M.D. Demy 8vo. sd., pp. 130. 58. Bretschneider.- ON THE KNOWLEDGE POSSESSED BY THE ANCIENT

CHINESE OF THE ARABS AND ARABIAN COLONIES, and other Western Countries mentioned in Chinese Books. By E. BRETSCHNEIDER, M.D., Physician

of the Russian Legation at Peking. Svo. pp. 28, sewed. 1871. le. Bretschneider.-NOTICES OF THE MEDIEVAL GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY

OF CENTRAL AND WESTERN Asia. Drawn from Chinese and Moogol Writings, and Compared with the Observations of Western Authors in the Middle Ages.

By E. BRETSCHNEIDER, M.D. 8vo. sewed, pp. 233, with two Maps. 128. 6d. Bretschneider. — ARCHEOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL RESEARCHES ON

Russian Legation at Peking. Imp. 8vo. sewed, pp. 64, with 4 Maps. 6o.



A Contribution to the History of Gujarât. By G. BÜHLER 16mo. sewed,

pp. 126, with Pacsimile. 36. 6d. Burgess.-ARCHEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF WESTERN INDIA. Vol. 1. Report

of the First Season's Operations in the Belgâm and Kaladgi Districts. Jan. to May, 1874. By James BURGESS. With 56 photographs and lith. plates.

Royal 4to. pp. viii, and 45. £2 26.
Vol. 2. Report of the Second Season's Operations.' Report on the Antiquities of

Kâthiâwâd and Kacbh. 1874-5. By JAMES BURGESS, F.R.G.S., M.R.A.S., etc.
With Map, Inscriptions, Photographs, etc. Roy. 4to. half bound, pp. , and

242. £3 33. Vol. 3. Report of the Third Season's Operations. 1875-76. Report on the

Antiquities in the Bidar and Aurangabad District. Royal 4to. Half bound

pp. viii. and 138, with 66 photographic and lithographic plates. $2 25. Burnell.-ELEMENTS OF SOUTH INDIAN PALÆOGRAPHY. From the

Fourth to the Seventeenth Century A.D. By A. C. BURNELL. Second Corrected and Enlarged Edition, 34 Plates and Map, ia One Vol. 4lo. pp. xiv.-148.


Roy. By MARY CARPENTER, of Bristol. With Five Illustrations. 8vo. pp.


COLEBROOKE. The Biography by his Son, Sir T. E. COLEBROOKE, Bart., M.P.,

The Essays edited by Professor Cowell. In 3 vols. Vol. I. The Life. VÝith Portrait and Map. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 492. : 14s. Vols. II. and III. The Essays. A New Edition, with Notes by E. B. CoWELL,

Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Cambridge. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp.

xvi.-544, and 2-520. 1873. 286. Cunningham.--THE STUPA OF BAARHUT. A Buddhist Monument,

ornamented with numerous Sculptures illustrative of Buddhist Legend and History in the third century B.C. By ALEXANDER CUYNINGHAM, C.S.I., C.I.E., Director-General Archæological Survey of India, etc. Royal 4to. cloth, gilt,

pp. viii. and 144, with 51 Photographs and Lithographic Plates 1879. 63 38. Cunningham.—THE ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA. I. The Buddhist

Period, including the Campaigns of Alexander, and the Travels of Hwen-Thsang.
By ALEXANDER CONNINGHAM, Major-General, Royal Engineers (Bengal Re.

tired). With thirteen Maps. 8vo. pp. 31. 590, cloth. 1870. 288. Cunningham.- ARCHÆOLOGICAL SUKVEY OF INDIA. Four Reports,

made during the years 1862-63-64-65. By ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, 0.8.1.,

Major-General, etc. With Maps and Plates. Vols. 1 to 8. 8vo. cloth. $12. Dalton._DESCRIPTIVE ETHNOLOGY OF BENGAL. By EDWARD TUITB

Dalton, C.S.I., Colonel, Bengal Staff Corps, etc. Illustrated by Lithograph
Portraits copied from Photographs. 33 Lithograph Plates. 4to. ball-call,

Pp. 340. £6 6e.

BASSEIN. By J. GERSON DA Cunua, M.R.C.S. and L.M. Eng., etc. 8vo.

cloth, pp. xvi. And 262. With 17 photographs, 9 plates and a map. £1 58. Dennys.-CHINA AND JAPAN. A complete Guide to the Open Ports of

those countries, together with Pekin, Yeddo, Hong Kong, and Macao; forming a Guide Book and Vade Mecum for Travellers, Mercbants, and Residents in general: with 56 Maps and Plans. By Wx. FREDERICK MATERS, F.R.G.S. H.M.'s Consular Service; N. B. DENNYS, late H.M.'s Consular Service; and CHARLES King, Lieut. Royal Marine Artillery. Edited by N. B. DENNTI. In one volume. 8vo. pp. 600, cloth. £2 26.

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