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1871-72. 8vo. pp. 66 and xxxiv. Price 78. 6d. CONTENTS:-Extracts from a Memoir left by the Dutch Governor, Thomas Van Rhee, to his successor, Governor Gerris de Heer, 1697. Translated from the Dutch Records preserved in the Colonial Secretariat at Colombo. By R. A. van Cuylenberg. Government Record Keeper.-The Food Statistics of Ceylon. By J. Capper.-Specimens of Sinhalese Proverbs. By L. de Zogsa, . Mudaliyar, Chief 'I'ranslator of Government.-Ceylon Reptiles: being a preliminary Catalogue of the Reptiles found in, or supposed to be in Ceylou, compiled from various authorities. By W. Perguson.-On an Inscription at Dondra. No. 2.' By T. W. Rhys Davids, Esq.

1873. Part I. 8vo. pp. 79. Price 76. 6d. CONTENTS :-On Oath and Ordeal. By Bertram Fulke Hartshorne.-Notes on Prinochilus Vincens. By W. V. Legge.-The Sports and Games of the Singhalese. By Leopold Ludovici.On Miracles. By J. De Alwis.-On the Occurrence of Scolopax Rusticola and Gallinago Scolopacina in Ceylon.. By W. V. Legge.-Transcript and Translation of an Ancient Copper-plate Sannas. By Mudligar Louis de Zoysa, Chief Translator to Government.

1874. Part I. 8vo. pp. 94. Price 78. 6d.
CONTENTS:-Description of a supposed New Genus of Ceylon, Batrachians. By W. Ferguson.
-Notes on the identity of Piyadasi and Asoka. By Mudaliyar Louis de Zoysa, Chief Translator
to Government.-On the Island Distribution of the Birds in the Society's Museum. By W.
Vincent Legge.- Brand Marks on Cattle. By J. De Alwis.-Notes on the Occurrence of a rare
Eagle new to Ceylon; and other interesting or rare birds. By S. Bligh, Esq., Kotmale -
Extracts from the Records of the Dutch Government in Ceylon. "By R. van Cuylenberg, Esq.-
The Stature of Gotama Buddha. By J. De Alwis.
Asiatic Society (North China Branch).-JOURNAL OF THE NORTH

China BRANCH OF THE ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY. Old Series, 4 numbers, and
New Series Parts 1 to 12. The following numbers are sold separately :
OLD SERIES—No. II. May, 1859, pp. 145 to 256. No. III. December, 1859,
pp. 257 to 368. 78. 6d. each. Vol. II. No. I. September, 1860, pp. 128. 7s.6d.
New SERIES—No. I. December, 1864, pp. 174.78. 6d. No. II. December,
1865, pp. 187, with maps. is. 6d. No. III. December, 1866, pp. 121. 98.
No. IV. December, 1867, pp. 266. 108. 6d. No. VI. for 1869 and 1870, pp.
XV. and 200. 78. 6d. No. VII. for 1871 and 1872, pp. ix. and 260. 108.
No. VIII. pp. xii. and 187. 10s. 6d. No. IX. pp. xxxiii. and 219. 108. 6d.
No. X. pp. xii. and 324 and 279. El 1s. No. XI. (1877) pp. xvi. and 184.

10s. 6d." No. XII. (1878) pp. 337, with many maps. Asiatic Society of Japan.—T'RANSACTIONS OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY

OF JAPAN. Vol. I. From 30th October, 1872, to 9th October, 1873. 8vo. pp. 110, with plates. 1874. Vol. II. From 22nd October, 1873, to 15th July, 1874. 850. pp. 249. 1874. Vol. III. Part I. From 16th July, 1874, to December, 1874, 1875. VOL III. Part II. From 13th January, 1875, to 30th June, 1876. Vol. IV. From 20th October, 1875, to 12th July, 1876. Vol. V. Part I. From 25th October, 1876, to 27th June, 1877. Vol. V. -Part II. (A Summary of the Japanese Penal Codes. By J. H. Longford.) Vol. VI. Part I. pp. 190. Vol. vi. Part II. From 9th February. 1878, to 27th April, 1878. Vol. VI. Part III. Prom 25th May, 1878, to 22nd May, 1879. 76. 63. each Part. – Vol. VII. Part I. (Milne's Journey across Europe and Asia.) 58.– Vol. VII. Part II. March, 1879. 58.—Vol. VII. Part III. June,

1879. 78. 6d. Asiatic Society.-Straits Branch.-JOURNAL OF THE STRAITS BRANCH

OF THR ROYAL Asiatic SOCIETY. No. 1. 8vo. Pp. 130, sewed, 3 folded

Maps and I Plate. July, 1878. Price 98. CONTENTS.- Inaugural Address of the President. By the Ven. Archdeacon Hose, M.A.Distribution of Minerals in Sarawak. By A. Hart Érerett.-Breeding Pearls. By N. B. Dennys, Ph.D.-Dialects of the Melanesian Tribes of the Malay Peninsula. By M. de MikluboMaclas:

--Malay Spelling in English. Report of Government Committee (reprinted). ---Geography of the Malay Peninsula. Part 1. By A. M. Skinner. - Chinese Secret Societies. Part I. By W. A. Pickering:-Malay Proverbs. Part. I. By W. E. Maxwell.-The Snake-eating Hamadryad. By N. B. Denngs, Ph.D.-Gulla Percha. 'By H. I Murton. - Miscellaneous Notices.

No. 2. 810. pp. 130, 2 Plates, sewed. December, 1879. Price 9s. CONTENTS :-The Song of the Dyak Head-feast. By Rev. J. Perham.-Malay Proverbs. Part II. By E. W. Maxwell.-A Malay Nautch. By F. A. Swettenham. - Pidgin English. By N. B. Dennys, Ph.D.-The Pounding of Singapore. Bs Sir T. 8. Raffles.--Notes on Two Perak Manuscripts. By w. E. Max well. The Metalliferous Formation of the Peninsula By D.D. Daly.-Suggestions

regarding a new Malay Dictionary. By the Hon. C. J. Irving. Ethnological Excursions in the Malay Peninsula. By N. von Mikluho Vaclay.-Miscellaneous Notices,

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Oriental & Linguistic Publications.





history, Languages, Religions, antiquities, Litera

ture, and Geography of the East,







duction, Prose Versions, and Parallel Passages from Classical Authors By J. MUIR, C.I.E., D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. xliv. and. 376.

1879. 148. MODERN INDIA AND THE INDIANS. Being a Series of Impressions, Notes,

and Essays. By Moniek WILLIAMS, D.C.L., Hon. LL.D. of the University of Calcutta, Hon. Member of the Bombay Asiatic Society, Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford. Third Edition. Revised and augmented

by considerable additions. Post Sro. cloth, pp. 366. With map. 1879. 148. MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS RELATING TO INDIAN SUBJECTS. By BRIAN

HOUGHTON HODGSON, Esq., F.R.8., late of the Bengal Civil Service, etc., etc.

2 vols. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 408, and viii. and 348. 1880.288. THE LIFE OR LEGEND OF Gaudara, the Buddha of the Burmese. With

Annotations, The Ways to Neibban, and Notice on the Phongyies or Burmese
Monks. By the Right Reverend P. BIGANDET, Bishop of Ramatha, Vicar
Apostolic of Ava and Pega. Third Edition 2 vols. 850. cloth, pp. II. and
268, and viii. and 326. 1880. 214.


SAMUEL JOHNSON. Second Section-China. In Two Volames, post 8vo, cloth. THE GOLIstan; or, Rose Garden of Shekh Mushliu'd-din Sadi of

Shiraz. Translated for the first time into Prose and Verse, with an Introductory Preface, and a Life of the Author, from the Atish Kadah, by EDWARD

B. EASTWICK, F.R.S., M.R.A.S., etc. Second Edition, post 8ro. cloth. THE JATAKA STORIES. With the Commentary and Collection of

Buddhist Fairy Tales, Pables, and Folk Lore. Translated from the original Pali by T. W. Rhys Davids. (The first part of the Commentary contains the most complete account we yet have of the Life of Buddha.) Vol. 1., post svo

cloth. CHINESE BUDDHISM. A Volume of Sketches, Historical and Critical.

By J. EDKINS, D.D, Author of "China's Place in Philology," “ Religion in

China," etc., etc. Post 8vo. cloth. BUDDHIST RECORDS OF THE WESTERN WORLD. Being the SI-YU-KI by

HYEN THSANG. Translated from the original Chinese, with Introduction, Index, etc. By SAMUEL BEAL, Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of

Chinese, University College, London. lo Iwo Tols., post Sro. cloth. THE POEMS OP Hafiz OF SHIRAZ. Translated from the Persian into

English Verse by E. H. PALMER, M.A., Professor of Arabic in the University

of Cambridge. "Post 8vo. cloth. INDIAN TALES FROM THIBETAN SOURCES. Translated from the Thibetan

into German by Aston SCHIEFNER. Rendered into English, with Notes, by

W. R. S. RALSTON. Io One Volume, post svo THB RELIGIONS OF INDIA. By A. BARTH. Translated from the

French, with the Author's sanction and belp. Post 8vo.

SYRIA, B.C. 681-668. Translated from the Cuneiform Inscriptions upon
Cylinders and Tablets in the British Museum Collection. Together with a
Grammatical Analysis of each Word, Explanations of the Ideographs by
Extracts from the Bi-Lingual Syllabaries, and list of Eponyms, etc. By ERNEST

A. BUDOB, M.R.A.S., eto.

duction to the Talmud By P. J. HERSHON.

No. 3. 8vo. pp. ir, and 146, sewed. Price 9s. CONTENTS :-Chinese Secret Societies, by W. A. Pickering.-Malay Proverbs, Part III., by W. E. Maxwell

. -- Notes on Gutta Percha, by ř. W. Burbidge, W. 11. Treacher. H. J. Murton. The Maritime Code of the Malays, reprinted from a translation by Sir S. Raffles.-A Trip to Gunong Blumut, by D. F. A. Herves.-Caves at Sungei Batu in Selangor, by D. D. Daly: --Geograpby of Aching, translated from the German by Dr. Beiber. -Account of a Naturalist's Visit to Selangor, by A. J. Hornady:-Miscellaneous Notices : Geographical Notes, Routes from Selangor to Pabang. Mr. Deane's surrey Report, A Tiger's Wake, Breeding Pearls, The Maritime Code, and Sir F. Raffles' Meteorological Returns. American Oriental Society. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ORIENTAL

Society. Vols. I. to IX. and Vol. X. No. 1 (all published). 8vo. Boston and New Haven, 1849 to 1872. A complete set. Very rare.£12 128.

Volumes 2 to 5 and 8 to 10 may be bad separately at £1 58. each. Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (The Journal

of the). Published Quarterly. Vol I., No. 1. January-July, 1871. 8vo. pp. 120-clix, sewed. Illustrated

with 11 full page Plates, and namerous Woodcuts; and accompanied by several

folding plates of Tables, etc. 78. Vol. I., No. 2. October, 1871. 8vo. pp. 121-264, sewed. 48. Vol. I., No. 3. January, 1872. 8vo. pp. 265-+27, sewed. 16 full-page Plates. 48. Vol. II., No. 1. April, 1872. 8vo. pp. 136, sewed. Eight two-page plates and

two four-page plates. 48. Vol. II., No. 2. July and Oct , 1872. 8vo. pp. 137-312. 9 plates and a map. 6o. Vol. 11., No. 3. January, 1873. 8vo. pp. 143. With 4 plates. 48. Vol. III., No. 1. April, 1873. 8vo. pp. 136. With 8 plates and two maps. Vol. III., No. 2. July and October, 1873. 8vo. pp. 168, sewed. With 9 plates. 46. Vol. III., No. 3. January, 1874. 8vo. pp. 238, sewed. With 8 plates, etc. 66. Vol. IV., No. 1. April and July, 1874. 8vo. pp. 308, sewed. With 22 plates. 86.. Vol. IV., No. 2. April, 1875. 8vo. pp. 200, sewed. With 11 plates. 6s. Vol. V., No. 1. July, 1875. 8vo. pp. 120, sewed. With 3 plates. 46. Vol. V., No. 2. October, 1875. 8vo. pp. 132, sewed. With 8 plates. 48. Vol. V., No. 3. January, 1876. 8vo. pp. 156, sewed. With 8 plates. 6s. Vol. V. No, 4. April, 1876. 8vo. pp. 128, sewed. With 2 plates. 68. Vol. VI., No. 1. July, 1876. Sro. pp. 100, sewed. With 5 plates. 85. Vol. VI., No. 2. October, 1876. 8vo. pp. 98, sewed. With 4 plates and a map.

53 Vol. VI., No. 3. January, 1877. 8vo. pp. 146, sewed. With 11 plates. 58. Vol. VI., No. 4. May, 1877. 8vo. pp. iv. and 184, sewed. With plates. 6s. Vol. VII., No. 1. August, 1877. 8vo. pp. 116, sewed. With three plates. 56 Vol. VII., No. 2. November, 1877. 8vo. pp. 84, sewed. With one plate. 58. Vol., VII., No. 3. February, 1878. 8vo. pp. 193, sewed. With three plates. 56. Vol. VII., No. 4. Mav, 1878. 8vo. pp. iv. and 158, sewed. With nine plates. 68. Vol. VIII., No. 1. August, 1878. 8vo. pp. 103, sewed. With one plate. 58.

Vol. VIII., No. 2. November, 1878. 8vo. Pp. 126, sewed. With three plates. 58. Bibliotheca Indica. A Collection of Oriental Works published by

the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Old Series. Fasc. 1 to 235. New Series. Fasc. I to 408. (Special List of Contents to be had on application.) Lacb

Psc in 8vo., 28.; in 4to., 48. Calcutta Review (THE).-Published Quarterly. Price 88. 6d. per


1844 to 1879. Vols 1. to 69, or Numbers 1 to 138. A fine clean copy. Calcutta, 1814–79. Index to the first fifty volumes of the Calcutta Review, . 2 parts. (Calcutta, 1873). Nos. 39 and 40 hare never been pablished. $60.Complete sets are of great rarity.

China Review; or, Notes and Queries on the Far East. Pablished

bi-monthly. 4to. Subscription £1 10s. per volume. Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal.—Shanghai. Subscription

per volume (of 6 parts) 15s. A complete set from the beginning. Vols. 1 to 10. 8vo. Foochow and

Shanghai, 1861-1879. 69. Containing important contributions on Chinese Philology, Mythology, and Geograpby, by Edkins, Giles, Bretschneider, Scarborough, etc. The earlier volumes are out of print Geographical Society of Bombay.--JOURNAL AND TRANSACTIONS. A

complete set. 19 vols. 8vo. Numerous Plates and Maps, some coloured.

Bombay, 1844-70. £10 10.. An important Periodical, containing grammatical sketches of several languages and dialecte, as well as the most valuable contributions on the Natural Sciences of India. Since 1871 100 above is amalgamated with the ". Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal

Asiatic Society." Indian Antiquary (The).- A Journal of Oriental Research in Archæo

logy, History, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, Religion, Folklore, etc. Edited by James Burgess, M.R.A.S., F.R.G.S. 410. Published 12 numbers per anouin. Subscription £2. A complete set. Vols, 1 to 7. £22. (The

earlier volumes are out of print.) Indian Evangelical Review.--A QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF MISSIONARY

THOUGHT AND EFFORT. Bombay. Subscription per vol 124. Containing valuable Articles on the Native Literature, Science, Geography, eta Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia.-Edited by

J. R. Logan, of Pinang. 9 vols. Singapore, 1817-55. New Series. Vols. 1. to IV. Part 1, (all published), 1856-59. A complete set in 13 vols. 8vo.

with many plates. £30. VOL I. of the New Series consists of 2 parts; Vol. II. of 4 parts; Vol. III. of

No. 1 (never completed), and of Vol. IV. also only one number was

published. A few

copies remain of several volumes that may be had separately. Madras Journal of Literature and Science. Published by the

Committe of the Madras Literary Society and Auxiliary Royal Asiatic Society, and edited by MORRIS, COLE, and Brown. A complete set of the Three Series (being Vols. I. to XVI., First Series; Vols. XVII. to XXII. Second Series; Vol. XXIII. Third Series, 2 Numbers, no more published). A fine- copy, uniformly bound in 23 vols. With numerous plates, half calf. Madras,

1834-66. £42. Equally_ scarce and important. On all South Indian topics, especially those relating to Natural History and Science, Public Works and Industry, this periodical is an unrivalled anthority. The Madras Journal of Literature and Science for the year 1878

(or the 1st Volume of the Fourth Series). Edited by Gustav Oppert, Ph.D.

8vo. pp. vi. and 234, and xlvii. with 2 plates. 1879. 108. 6d. CONTENTS.-1. On the Classification of Languages. By Dr. G. Oppert.-11. On the Ganga Kings. By Lewis Rice. Memoirs read before the ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF London, 1863

1864. 8vo., pp. 542, cloth. 21s. Memoirs read before the ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON, 1865-6.

Vol. II. 8vo., pp. s. 464, cloth. 216. The Pandit.-A Monthly Journal of the Benares College, deroted to

Sanskrit Literature. Old Series. 10 vols. 1866–1876. New Series, 3 vols.

(all out) 1876-1879. kl ls. per volume. Peking Gazette.—Translations of the Peking Gazette for 1872, 1873,

1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, and 1878. Sro, cloth. 10s. 6d. each.

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