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very few men in the yard, else she might Jan. 1, 1815. This day (Sunday) in

have been killed on the spot; yet this the College Hall, Tank-square, Calcutta,

may be perhaps regarded as a fortunate divine service was performed for the first

circumstance, as greater injury might time, in India, according to the esta

have been otherwise sustained. blished forms of the church of Scotland,

On the morning of the following day, by the Rev. Dr. Bryce, who delivered an

she had got about a mile further from the appropriate discourse, and afterward read water-side and near to the Sepoy's vilthe charter drawn up by the General As- lage. Here she was again surrounded by sembly of the Church of Scotland, for re

abont a thousand natives, when, although gulating the constitution of that branch

she had been much lamed on the preof the said church now established in ceding day, she sprung furiously on seIndia with the sanction of the Hon. Court

veral of them, and wounded one poor of Directors.

woman so dreadfully as to occasion her On the 17th Dec. last, the inhabitants

death. A fortunate shot however laid 'of Chittagong were alarmed by an un

her prostrate, and prevented further inwelcome visitor, whose movements were

jury. On ascertaining her dimensions, accompanied with melancholy effects.

she was found to ineasure eight feet from This was a tigress, discovered first among

the nose to the tip of the tail, and to some cattle which were grazing at the

have stood about four feet high. Her mouth of the river. As soon as she was

forefoot above the ancle was thirteen observed, the natives assembled with all

inches in circumference. speed, and advanced in defence of their Feb. 10. The ship Greyhound, from cattle. Irritated by this attempt to de- Madras, brings the distressing intelligence prive her of her prey, she sprung furi- of the total loss of the hon. company's ously on the person that approached late ship Bengal, by fire, in the roads of nearest to her, and wounded him severely. Point de Galle, in the island of Ceylon. The immediate attack, however, of the 23. The official report of the descrowd was successful, in rescuing the truction of the hon. company's ship Benman from her grasp, although not until gal by fire, has been published at this he had been lacerated so dreadfully that Presidency. The Bengal had on board, little hopes are entertained of his reco in her magazine, at the time of the very. On this the tigress, finding her fire, forty barrels of gunpower; and the self hemmed in on all sides and without flames spread with such rapidity, that any way of avoiding the multitude except she must have inevitably blown up before by the river, immediately took to the the greater part of her crew were remorwater, and swam with the flood tide ed, but for the fortunate circumstance of about five miles, closely pursued by the the powder being secured in patent copper natives in their boats, until she landed cases, owing to which the explosion did under a tree in Mr. MʻRae's dock-yard. not take place until after the ship had Here she laid herself down apparently sunk.–There were many women and much fatigued; but, before the people in children, belonging to the invalids from the yard could get their fire-arms ready Madras, on board the Bengal; all of she had considerably recovered her whom were sent off before the people strength. Several shot were fired at her finally abandoned her.—Capt. Beatle of and two of them penetrated her body, the Surrey, was for some time in immione of which lamed her. Rendered des nent danger, and had nearly shared the perate by this, she advanced against her same fate with Capt. Newell ;-he was at new opponents, and singling out a Mr. last obliged to throw himself from one Earle, an European gentleman in the of the anchors into the sea, but was yard, who was only provided with a fortunately picked up by a man of war's cutlass, she sprung upon him before he boat. A gentleman who remained on could make use of his weapon, knocked board until after the females and children him down with her forepaw, seized his had been removed, thus describes his head in her mouth, bit off a consider escape able part of the skin of his forehead, and “I now prepared to leave the ship, wounded him in several places. After and could not get away for a long time, as this, she sprung on a native, fractured his no boat would come near us, the guns skull, and otherwise lacerated him so being shotted, and the fire raging on the dreadfully, that the poor fellow died gun-deck. At length, with the loss of my next day. She then entered a thicket of shoes and hat, I got into the Ben gal's jungle close by, where she was allowed boat, and went under her quarter, to try to remain unmolested.. As this occur to scuttle her. There, however, we were rence took place on a holiday, there were even more uncomfortably situated thay

on board, as a gun was just staring us in were 14 chests of a very large size, full the face, at the distance of about two of them, and 37 sacks. It is scarcely yards, with the cabin about it, and the possible to describe the general feelings of gun-carriage itself, on fire. At length, our joy and satisfaction which this event has boat got so full of people, that I jumped diffused throughout all classes of society into another along-side, and thence here ; for, had the papers in question reinto a country canoe, which pushed off mained in existence, so long would the from the ship just as the stern exploded, people of this settlement have trembled from the saltpetre catching fire in the under the dread of its re-establishment hold. I had hardly got on board the and with every reason, because it was nearest ship (the Astell) when the masts, abolished in the year 1774, at which time yards, sails, &c. of the Bengal, in short the papers were not destroyed, and it was the whole ship, was in a blaze ; and very

afterward re-established; however, they soon after she sunk.”

now feel satisfied of its utter extinction. BENGAL MARRI AGES, &c.

The burning of those papers took place

on the very day eight years of the present Marriages.

Viceroy's arrival here, and may be, per. At St. John's Cathedral, Capt. J. R. Parish, to Miss Emily Clerk.

haps, considered a memorable event of At Coolbareeah, Jas. Robertson, Esq. to Mrs. E, the Government of his excellency the Phillips.

Count of Sazedas.” At Cawnpore, Lieut. M. White, of H. M. 24th dragoons, to Ann, second daughter of Major June 27.-Yesterday, at noon, royal saMilue, of the same regt.

lutes were fired from the fort and Chepauk At St. John's Catheural, Capt. J. W. Ellis, H.M.

06th fout, to Ann, eldest daughter of the Rev. palace, in honour of the success of the H. Shepherd, presidency chaplain.

British arms, under Major-General OchAt Cawnpore, Major.gen. Need, on the

Bombay terlony, and of the cession of the prostaff, to the daughter of the late Col. Grant, of H. M. 48d foot.

vince of Kumaoon to the British authority. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. John Watson, to The Right Hon, the Governor-General

Miss Ann Brydie.
Lieut. T. Maddock, 7th N. I. assist. sec, to the gave a grand military dinner on Tuesday

Military Board, to Harriet, eldest daughter of to his Excellency the Commander in Chief,
Benj. Comberbach, Esq.

on his return from the camp ; and on Mr. G. A. Sheppard, 10 Miss Ann Byrne. W. H. Oakes, Esq. to Miss Fitzgerald.

Thursday his Excellency gave a party at Mr. J. Calmon, to Miss Mary Ann Mackay. the Ameer Bang, which was attended by Mr. J. R. Kennedy, to Miss Ann Harris. Mr. W. H. Fleining, to Miss Jane Shobrooke.

a numerous circle of the rank and beauty

of Madras. Deaths. Mrs. Saxon, relict of the late G. Saxon, Esq. of

His Majesty's ship Tyne sailed on SunBartaparrah.

dry for Trincomalee, having on board His At Cawnpore, the infant son of Capt. Ferris, of

Majesty's Naval Commissioner of Madras. the Artillery ; and at the same place, the lady of Capt. Ferris.

- The Termagant accompanied the Tyne At Barelly, Lieut..col. P. Grant, 13th N.I. to get some repairs. On his passage to Cuttack, Rd. Case Cecil, Esq.

Several changes and promotions are MADRAS.

about taking place in the fleet. Capt. May 2. The new church on Choultry Harpur, of the Tyne, has been appointed plain was opened on Sunday morning for to the Wellesley, new 74, just finished at the first time; when an appropriate ser- Bombay, and daily expected to come mon was delivered by the Rev. E. Vaug- round to Madras. Capt. Allen of the han. The building is a beautiful speci. Hecate, has been posted into the Tyne : men of lonic architecture. The organ, and Lieut. Campbell, of the Minden, is remarkable for the fineness of its tones, to be appointed to command the Hecate. was recently received from England. The appointment to the Hesper, vacant

The following is an extract of a letter by the death of Capt. Biddulph, has not from Goa, the capital of the Portuguese yet been filled up, settlement in India, dated the 8th June, Letters from Calcutta mention that in answer to a paragraph which appeared considerable sickness prevailed among the in a Bombay paper, expressing apprehen- troops in Napaul.- Considerable sickness sions that the Inquisition was about to be likewise prevails among the troops rere-established at that place :-" You cently engaged in the Candian war. must have seen some time ago a remark, Letters from Bengal mention that the in the Bombay Gazette, upon the papers

53d regiment is ordered to proceed to of the holy office of the Inquisition at Calcutta immediately; and on its arrival Goa not having been burnt, agreeably to

at that Presidency, the 60th regiment is the orders or desire of his Royal Highness to proceed by water to Dinapore. the Prince Regent of Portugal, and which July 4.-The whole of His Majesty's was published at the same time; I have ships which were in the roads, with the now the pleasure of acquainting you, exception of the Minden, have sailed for that these documents were committed to their several destinations. The Cornwalthe flames on the 25th May; and it may lis, Leda and Hecate, have sailed on a be worthy of notic', that they were of so cruise to the eastward ; the Salsette for voluminous a nature as to take three days Trincomalee. His Majesty's sloop Ocean, in consuming. them. I am told there Capt. Prior, from the Cape, has sailed Asiatic Journ. No. I,



with dispatches far Calcutta. Capt. Fitz Persian Gulf state, that Mahomed Ali clarence proceeds in her, to join the staff Pacha has completely defeated the Wahaof the Governor-General. His Majesty's bee troops under the command of Faysull, sloop Tyne returned to the roads on Fri brother to Abdulla Ben Said, the Wahabee day from Ceylon. The Ceres, which Chief. The action took place on the 15th sailed from Calcutta so long back as the of February; 4,000 of the Wahabees were 17th April, and for whose safety appre killed and many prisone: s taken, Faysull hensions were entertained, has arrived being nearly numbered among the latter. in the roads.-A meeting of the inhabi. The town of Turba situated in the Nedtants of this presidency was held at the jed territory, and only three days' march Exchange on Thursday, for the purpose from Derjah, the Wababee capital, has of taking into consideration the expe surrendered to the Turkish forces, which diency and propriety of laying before are rapidly advancing to Deriah, with Parliament, in respectful petitions, the the determined object of reducing the grievances instanced here by the operation Wahabee power and placing the Turkish of the New Post-Office Act.

garrisons in all the forts on the western The following is a statement of the side of the Gulf. rates at which bills on Madras and spe

Births. cie sold at the public sale, held at the At Colaba, the Jady of Lieut. Morrison, of a General Treasury, on the 30 June :


The lady of Lieut,-col. Mignan, of a son. Bills on Madras commenced selling at 73},

Marriages. closed selling 73 fanams per pagoda.-Gold Capt. J. R. Carnac, to the eldest daughter of the star pagoda, 754 fanams each.

late W. Richards, Esq. of Penglaise, Cardigan

shire. Births.

T. Allport, Esq. to Julia, youngest daughter of The lady of Henry Taylor, Esq. commercial resi Murdoch Brown, Esq. of Calicut. dent at Vizagapatam, of a son.

Lieut. J. T. Eliis, 9th regt. to the daughter of At Tellicherry, the lady of A. Wilson, Esq. of a Lieut..col. G. W. Mignan. daughter.

Deaths. At Calicut, the lady of W. Sheffield, Esq. of a Eliza Eleanor, second daughter of J. Leckin, Esr. daughter.

Capt. Thomas Williams, of the country service. At Brodie castle, the lady of Lieut..col. Colebrooke, of a daughter.

PRINCE OF WALES'S ISLAND. At Trichinopoly, the lady of Lieut. J. W. Mallandine, 18th reg., of a son.

Penang, Dec. 3, 1814. Yesterday á At Secunderabad, the lady of Lieut. Elderton, dep. session court of oyer and terminer, and

paymaster and postmaster, of a son. At Cuddalore, the lady of G. Gowan, Esq. of a

general gaol delivery was opened. We daughter

have pleasure in remarking that not more The lady of J. A. Casamajor, Esq. of a daughter. than five bills were presented to the grand At Bangalore, Mrs. Ahmuty, of a still-born child. At St. Thomé, Mrs. Barrett, of a daughter.

jury; one of which has been ignored, At the Presidency, the lady of the Hon. Sir Fran three found, and one left for examination. cis Macnaghten, of a son.

It is a pleasing observation, that crime is At Jaulna, the lady of Capt. J. H. Coilett, 7th light cavalry, of a son.

fast approaching to its goal, and that At Chingleput, the lady of Baron de Kutzleben, halcyon days may again visit this once

cantonment adj. of Wallajalı bad, of a daughter. happy isle. The lady of Lieut. Rundall, of a daughter. At Royapetta, Mrs. Aurora Ferrnier of a son.

Death. At the Presidency, the lady of C. Maidman, Esq. Mr. A. B. Bone, printer of the Governm. Gazette. of a daughter:

CEYLON. The lady of Major Prendergast, military auditor gen, of a son.

Columbo, Jan. 10, 1815. Yesterday's At Poonamallee, the lady of J. W. Martin, Esq.

surgeon H.M.17th light dragoons, of a daughter. extra-gazette contained the proclamation At Seringapatam, the lady of J. G. James, Esq. issued by his excel. the governor in coun

of a son, At St. Thomas's Nount, the lady of Major Blair,

cil, announcing the renewal of hostilities of Artillery, of a son.

with the King of Candy. His excellency Marriages.

intends leaving Columbo this evening Capt. H. W. Sale, with reg. N. I. to Sarah, se for Avisahawelly in the Hewagam Korle,

cond daughter of the late L. G. Ford, Esq. of Melcombe Regis.

the river of which place forms the bounAt Pondicherry, R. Sladen, Esq, to Miss Louise dary-line between the British and the Lestarche.

Candian territories. It is from this point Deaths. Mr. Thomas lames Gepp:

that the attack on the forces of the King At Tranquebar, Lieut. F. Wickede, of His Da of Candy will first commence;

nish Majesty's service. At Pondicherry, Ann, the infant daughter of

under the command of the first adigar, Lieut. col. Fraser.

occupying a fortified post at Ruanwelle, In camp at Akowla, Capt. James Hamilton, H. a distance of about ten miles from Avi

M, 1st foot; and Adam Dow, late Serjeant Major of the Madras Horse Artillery.

sahawelly. At Amee, Caroline, the infant daughter of Lieut. 12. A bulletin of the operations of

col. Gurnell, 2d vet. batt. At Bellary, Col. G. Martin, commanding the ceded

the corps under Major Hook's command, Districts.

serving in the Candian territories, has At Brodie Castle, the infant daughter of Lieut.

reached Columbo. col. Colebrooke.

It announces the At Gooty, Ensign Alex. Macdonald, 15th N.I. capture of the fortified post of RuanAt Arcoi, Lieut. Prager, H. M. 25th light dragoons. welle, without loss on our side:BOMBAY.

Avisahawelly, 12th Jan. 1815.-On May 10, 1815.- Advices from the Wednesday the 11th instant, at day

the enemy,

break, the detachment commanded by Mollyguddie, 1st adigar, attended by numerous

chiefs. Major Hook, crossed the Sittawaka river

Two hundred head-men. at this place, and marched to Ruanwelle,

Gingals of the temple.

Tom-toms. without opposition. The enemy had

Drums of his Majesty's 3d Ceylon regiment. erected several batteries at that place, Five most beautiful tusked elephants abreast, the from one of which a few shots were fired

centre one carrying

THE SACRED RELIC. at the detachment on its approach to the

This elephant was highly ornamented, tusks higher bank of the Ruanwelle river; cased in gold; the rest carried attendants, which being returned from a one-pounder holding silver and gilt umbrellas and fans, &c.


Adigars. Whips. gun, and the troops immediately fording

Capuwatte, 2d. Adikar, in charge of the Temple, the river, the Candians retired, and the attended by many chiefs, and accompanied post was taken possession of without loss

by Mr. D’Oyly, Mr. Wright and myself.

Some hundred head-men and followers. on either side. A brass wall-piece, a Six large tusked elephants followed separately next, gingal-gun and twelve or fifteen prisoners

each carrying a sacred image.

Some hundreds of natives. were taken, and a number of articles, thrown away by the enemy in their flight,

Enehleypola, who intimated that his were found scattered in all directions

health would not admit of his walking, round the place. One of the prisoners followed in the rear on horseback, with is a Malabar man and a native of Jaffna

a numerous body of attendants. The patam. The people of the Three Korles,

procession extended more than a mile ; dispirited by the late attacks upon them, it reached the palace, in which the prinwere elated to the greatest degree, on see cipal temple is situated, at four o'clock, ing the British detachment prepare to but the soothsayer having intimated that march. They were zealous to afford

the propitious hour had not arrived, the their services, and offered to lead the way, procession again moved round the square which was accepted; and having received

opposite the palace. Upon its arrival a sathe distinguishing mark of a white band

lute was fired from the gingals of the round their arms, Mr. D’Oyly put him temple, which was answered by one from self at their head, and led the column; the royal artillery: after this, the Sacred they were the first to cross the river, and Relic was taken from off the elephant's enter the deserted battery.

back hy two servants of the temple, whose Columbo, May 3. The following is an

montlis were covered for the purpose of extract of a letter from a correspondent preventing their breath from contaminaat Candy, dated 28th April :- I shall now ting the object of their worship : after give you the particulars of the ceremony

this the chiefs, attended by the priests, of replacing the Sacred Relic* in the prin

retired within the temple, Mr. D’Oyly, cipal temple, which took place last Mon &c. being also invited to enter, which we day.

did, first taking off our shoes ; after a To give splendor to this event, pre

few coinplimentary words, Mr. D’Oyly

intimated, that he wished to make an parations were made for many days previous. On Sunday, the high-priest left Excellency the Governor, and would re

offering to the temple, in the name of his Candy, for the purpose of escortiug it in, attended by a numerous body of priests. returned, and presented as an offering to

tire to bring it. After a short interval, he About one o'clock, it was intimated to Mr. D’Oyly, that the procession was

the temple, a most beautiful musical

clock, which was sent out during the goapproaching, when le, attended by Mr.

vernment of Gen. Maitland. The burst Wright and myself, left the palace on foot, and proceeded toward the entrance minutes, upon this beautiful work being

of applause which continued for some of the town, to join it. On our arrival, produced (which so fully showed the suwe were met by the high-priest and chiefs, who appeared delighted at this periority of our countrymen as mechamark of respect to their religion-com- nics), proved the high estimation they

put upon the present ; but, when, as if plimentary congratulatious detained the

by magic, this little machine was put in procession for a short period, when it

motion, the expressions of delight, by proceeded in the following order :

both priests and chiefs, exceeded all beEight large elephants, with white tusks, with rich lief, several other smaller customary ofcoverings, accompanied by numerous attendants.

ferings were made. High-priest, supported by two young priests. One hundred and titty priests.

This procession, which was most magA SACRED IMAGE,

nificent, was conducted with the greatest Covered with gold brocade, carried in a muncheal, with a canopy over it.

regularity; not the smallest disorder was Sixty flags of different colours.

Trumpets and iom-toms.
Dancing girls.

The streets through which the proces.

Whips. sion passed, were strewed with a white * It appears, that on one side of every temple composition, as an emblem of purity; the of Buddha, there is a little shrine, in the form

houses in the town were all ornamented of a cupola, and standing on a moulded pedestal, with the young plantain trees. The dein which is pretenued to be placed a sacred relic,

corations around the temple were most consisting of a smail portion of the bones of the prophet.

Ed. tastefully designed ; all the pillars were

.covered with cocoa-nuts and various contented with the mild and paternal flowers.

protection of the Chinese government, The square in front of the palace was the wisest step they can take is to withvery handsomely illuminated at night; and draw themselves from the country. groups of boys, dressed as dancing-girls, But little is said, in the letters of the were exhibiting in all quarters.

same conveyance, regarding the Chinese Marriage.

markets. There is little demand for The Hon. J. Rodney to Antoinette Eliz. Reyne. opium, which has risen to 13,000 dolDeaths.

lars per chest. Jalone cotton is quoted Major Willerman, dep. quarter master general. at 12 tale per pecul, and Kuchowra at At Trincomalee, Lieut. Gardiner, H. M. 19th reg.


JAVA. July 19,-We are in great distress

Batavia, Feb. 25. A meeting of the 'here, in consequence of a contagious ma

Java Auxiliary Bible Society was held on lady, raging in Port Louis, and which has

Monday morning last, at the rooms of deprived us of many English officers of the Literary Society, at Ryswick, the rank and reputation. The mortality of Hon. the 'Lient.-Governor presiding ; the town for the last month was 150 per

when a translation of part of the New sons. Some say the disease, resembling Testament into low Malay dialect was in its symptoms the yellow fever of the

submitted for examination to the direcWest Indies, has been introduced from

tors, as a specimen of the work, which Batavia ; but the probable suspicion is,

is in great progress. that it has been imported with the nume

May 29. We have had one of the rous slave-vessels, which land, with im

most tremendous eruptions of the mounpunity, at night, close to the port, their

tain Tomboro, that ever perhaps took unhappy victims from Madagascar and place in any part of the world ; this Mosambique, and which Mr. Power, so

mountain is situated on the island of much to his honour, has laboured to pre- Sumbawa, and is distant from Batavia vent, notwithstanding all the obstacles

pot less than 550 miles. We heard the and persecution that he met with. The explosion here distinctly, and had some Ariel sloop of war, Captain Ross, has

of the ashes. It was totally dark at arrived here from Cork. She came with

Macassar long after the sun was up; orders not to surrender Bourbon ; but

aud at noon, at Sourabaya, the sun sucthat island was surrendered on the actual

ceeded in enlightening the good folks so day she left Cork.

far as to allow them to see some yards

around; the ashes lay at Macassar, Advices from Calcutta of the 23d of which is 250 miles from Sumbawa, if March last, state, that at the period of inches deep. Capt. Fenn, of the Disthe departure of the ship Success from patch, and Capt. Eatwell

, of the Benares, Whampoo, the intercourse between the who have visited the island since the supra-cargoes and the Chinese govern eruptions, both declare, that the anchor. -ment, which, but a few weeks before age is much changed, and that they had been re-opened on an apparently found the sea for many miles round the sure footing, was likely to be again im island so completely covered with trunks mediately suspended. The cause of the of trees, pumicestone, &c. as materially -threatened rupture is understood to be, a to impede the progress of the two ships. haughty and contemptuous answer to Capt. Eatwell says, he was told that a the remonstrance against the conduct of village of rice was inundated, and had the Viceroy of Canton, which had been three fathoms water over it. Great numforwarded to Pekin by the Secret Com bers of the miserable inhabitants have mittee. The reply of the Emperor is perished, and others die daily. The represented as couched “ in the most crops of paddy (rice) have been utterly insolent and cutting terms,” and abound destroyed over a great part of the island; ing in the turgid bombast current in so that the situation of the unfortunate Eastern courts. After asserting that to survivors will be really pitiable. the bounty and kindness of his Sublime Weltvreden, May 30.

A few days Majesty is entirely owing the privilege since, a dreadful volcanic eruption took enjoyed by the English of residing in the place in the island of Sambawa, situated « mansions of the celestial hemisphere,” to the eastward, which has been attended the letter declares, that the English are a

with the most destructive consequences. litigious and ungrateful race, delighting in At Sourabaya the atmosphere was in enbroils, and insensible of the blessings tire darkness for two days, so as to give showered upon them. Further, that as a the appearance of midnight. At this return for the valuable articles exported place, which is at a considerable distance, by them, they have introduced into China the ashes discharged from the crater fell only articles of luxury, the effect of in heaps. The noise produced by the which has been to corrupt his Majesty's awful visitation was beyond description, good subjects. In conclusion, he tells and caused a sensation among the inhathe supra-cargoes, that if they are dis- bitants peculiarly afflicting. The sea rose


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