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a son.

of a son.


of a son,

At St. Mary's, Islington; John Cattley, Esq. of

Queenhithe, to Frances, daughter of the late


At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Rd. O'Conor, Esq. BIRTHS.

Capt. in the Royal Navy, to Hannah, daughter

of J. Ross, Esqi of Great Coram-street, Bruns. At Glasgow, the lady of the Hon. A. A. Hely Hut

wick square. chinson, of a son,

At St. James's church, the Hon. and Rev. G. Ne. In Upper Cadogan-place, the lady of H. Douglas, ville, son of Lord Braybroke, to the Rt. Hon. Esq. of a sun.

Charlotte Legge, daughter of the Earl of Dart. In Saville-row, the lady of G. W. Taylor, Esq. mouth. of a soil.

James, the son of Jas. Gandy, Esq. of Kendal, to At Stoke Newington, the lady of T, P. Smith, Esq. Miss Long, of the same place. of a son,

At Cheltenham, Wm. Franci: Patterson, Esq. of At Whitehall, the lady of J, Phil lore, L.L.D.

the same place, to Jane, daughter of Charles of a daughter,

Greenwood, Esq. 'of Braise Norton, OxfordIn Montaguc-square, Lady Fitzroy Somerset, of shire.

Wm. Herbert, Esq. of Huntingdon, to Mary, At Pulham, the lady of Maj. Gen. Sir H. Torrens, daughter of T, v. Okes, Esq. of Cainbridge.

At St. George's, Hanover-sqnare, M. J. Ripping. In_Portman square, the lady of C. O. Bowles, ham, Esq. of New-square, Minories, to Harriet, Esg, of a son.

daughter of Geo. Rose, Esq. of Marlow. At Cork, the lady of R. Hare, Esq. M.P, of a. Capt. H. F. Devey, of Churchill House, to Mary

daughter of the late Jos. Hill, Esq. of Hagley, At Greenwich, the lady of Major Bird, of a son, Worcestershire. At Drumcondra-house, Dublin, Lady Charlotte At St. Alphage, london-wall, W, H. Tatham, Crofton, of a daughter.

Esq; of Sion College, Aldermanbury, to Miss At Wonston, near Winchester, the lady of the Todd, of Lad-lane, Hon. Mr, Legge, of a daughter,

DEATHS, In Old Broad-street, the lady of J. Reid, Esq. of a daughter.

At Sea, on his return to India, Alex: Praser Tyto At Ely Lodge, Ireland, the Marchioness of Ely,

ler, Esq. author of “ Considerations on the

Siate of India."

Lieut, T, Tallemach, 82d regt. aged 29, At Woodchester, the lady of Major Gen, Hawker, At Allerton Park, Yorkshire, the Right Honi of a son.

Chas, Lord Stourton. In the Tower, the lady of F, March. Esq, of a son, At Fulham, Mrs. Cleaver, wife of His Grace the In Finsbury-place, the lady of J, Brougham, Esq. Archbishop nf Dublin,

of a son. In Mecklenburgla-square, the lady of F. Dwarris,

In Green-street, George, Earl Brooke and Earl

of Warwick, aged 70. His Lordship was Lord Esq. vf a son.

Lieutenant of ihe county, and Recorder of the At Chatham, the lady of Sir John Louis, of a

town and borough of Warwick, He is sucdaughter.

ceeded in his titles and estates by the Rt, Hon. in Wimpole-street, the lady of Sir E, Knatch

Lord Brook, now Earl of Warwick. bull. of a da ghter,

In New Burlington-street, Master Pole Bathurst, In Pall mall, the lady of J. Eversfield, Esq, of a son of the Right Hon, Chas, Bathurst, aged daughter.

12 years. At Twickenham Lodge, the lady of T. Moore, At Malta, Lieut. Col. C. M. Edwards, ist Cylon Esq, of a daughter,

regt. aged 37 years. At Whatcombe House, Dorset, the lady of Col, At Paris, the Rev, Sir Herbert Croft, Bart. aged Pursel, of a dangter.

Emma, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Waite, Lewis. MARRIAGES,

ham hill, Blackheath. The virtues and talents At St. Paul's church, Bristol, the Rev. G, Ridout, of this amiable child were rarely equalled, and

of Newland, Gloucestershire, to Miss Dowell, her affectionate disposition never exceeded, of St. James's-square, Bristol.

At his seat, Huntley Hall, Staffordshire, James At Liverpool, C. R. Simpson, Esq. to Ann, daugh Bulkeley, Esq. Justice of the Peace for the ter of Robt. Harvey, Esq.

county. At Rolleston church, Staffordshire, the Rev. Edw, Wm, H. Staveley, Esq. of Durham-place East,

Law, son of Ewan Law, of Hursted-place, Sus. Hackney-road. sex, to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. At Earl's.court, Old Brompton-road, Lieut, Gen. J. P. Mosley

Sontag, aged 69 years. At St, George's, Hanover-square, W. James, Esq. At his chambers in Lincoln's-inn, Hardinge Stra

son of the late R. H, James, Esq. of Bruton. cey, Esq. son of Edw. Siracey, Esq, of Rackstreet, to Maria, daughter of the late J. Heath. heath Hall, Norfolk.

cote, Esq. of Mount Pleasant, Tottenham, Mr, John Bacun, of Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell, By, special licence, Lord Viscount Bury, son of aged 77 years; 52 years organist of that parishi.

the Earl of Albemarle, to Miss Frances Steer, At Walker's Hotel, Bridge street, Blackfriars, • of Chichester.

Jas. Tyers, Esq. of Field-place, Stroud, GlouJohn Eicke, Esq. of Doughty.street, to Anne, cestershire, aged 70 years.

daughter of J. Bannister, Esq, of Gower-street, Elizabeth, wife of Sam, Dobrec, Esq. of Wale Bedford-square,

thainstow, aged 60 years, The Rev. T. Robinson, M.A. of Trinity-college, At Rily Grove, Lincolnshire, Frances, wife of

Cambridge, to Miss Dornford, daughter of the Wm. Edw. Tomline, Esq. M. P. son of the • late Josiah Dornford, Esq, of London,

Lord Bishop of Lincoln, aged 27 years. Capt. Ross, R. M. to Miss Whitcombe, daughter In Portugal-street, Grosvenor-square, suddenly, of Sir Sam. Whitcombe.

Maria, daughter of the late Rd. Warren, M.Ď, At St. George's, Hanover-square, R. Cooper, Esq. Ann Elizabeth, wife of John R. Farre, M.D.

of Dulwich, io Caroline, daughter of Wm. A. Al Bill-hiil, near Wokingham, Frances, daughter

Hay, Esq. of Princes-street, Hanover-square, of Lieut. Gen. Levesun Gower, aged 15 years, At Little Horsted, in Sussex, the Rev, Peter G, At, Essex, Mrs. Mathews, relict

Crofts, to Elizabeth Frederica, daughter of of the late Jonathan Mathews, Esq. aged 65 Ewan Law, Esq, of Horsted-place.

years. At Lambeth, Rich, E. Hyde, Esq. of the Cres. Mrs. Celia Pomeroy, formerly of Twickenham,

cent, near Manchester, to Anne Isabella, daugh aged 89 years. ter of Tho. Ashby, Esq. of Lambeth.

Mrs. Ann Butt, wife of Wm. Butt, Esqof Cor. At Witton-le-Wear, c. B. Bewicke, Esq. to Eli. ney bury, Buntingford, Herts, aged 49 years.

zabeth Philadelphia, daughter of T, Wilkinson, In Bennett street, Bath, Mrs. Best, relict of the Esq. of Wirton Castle.

late Chas. Best, Esq. At Rochester, Geo, Baker, Esq. to Lucy Jane, At Frognal, Hampstead, Mrs. Abel, wife of J.

daughter of the late Howland Roberts, Esq. of Abel, Esq. Felhall, Norfolk,

At Haddington, Mr. John Walker, formerly an At Gouldhurst, Kent, Mr. W. Spurden, of Mark. extensive farmer in East Lothian, aged 84 years.

lane, to Sarah, daughter of J, Greenland, Esq. At Bath, the Rev. J. Chapman, DD, aged 74 of Gouldhurst and Jamaica.


65 years.

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nacionamoraranasan na nanana

160 serons, has been chiefly taken in at low prices,

forming no criterion of a market currency, SHIP-LETTER MAILS FOR INDIA..

Spices. The quotations are nominal; the ex

tensive sale by the East-India Company on ThursPRIVATE Ships.

day, will. regulate the future currency, Ship's Names.

Tons. Probable Time of Sailing:
For the Cape of Good Hope.

Lusitania ..........


May 28 Garland..

do 25

Liverpool, 6th May, 1816.-Arrived, the Lives

do 30

pool, Green, from Bengal, sailed the 17th Nor. Concord .......

do 30

Cape 29th Feb.

Isle of France, December 30, 1815.-Speke,
For the Isle of France and Ceylon.

Thompson, arrived from London.
Princess Charlotte 400

May 31

Calcutta, Nov. 1, 1815.-James Sibbald, Forbes,

For the Isle of France.


Dixon, London,

May 31
11 City of London, Jenkins,

12 Union,

Johnson, Do.
For Batavia.

H. M. S. Revolutionaire,

May 25

13 Marquis Wellesley, Maxwell, Jasa and Lon

don. For Madras and Bengal,

Kedgeree, Nov. 1.-Fairlie, Ward, arrived from General Graham, 450

June 1

London , Chas. Mills, O'Brien, do.
For Bengal.

The Carnatic and Minerva were at Saugur, and
Windsur Castle .. 600

June 7

to sail together, filling up as they proceed down

the coast, and at Ceylon. For Trincomalee.

Bombay, Nov. 8, 1815.-David Scott, Heming,

arrived from London ; Carmarthen, Ross, d).
June 1

of Portsmouth, loch May, 1816.- Arrived the
For Calcutta.

Lord Cathcart, Tarbuit, from Bengal, sailed the Lord Wellington, 411

June 4

230 December. Ceylon, from the Cape, Capt.
Hamilton, sailed St. Helena 220 March.

10th May, 1816.--Arrived off the Isle of Wight,
and many other places on the coast of Hampshire,

Dorset and Devon :

Lowther Castle, Mortlock,

General Harris, Welstead, From China.
May 21, 1816.
Chas. Grant,

Sailed 20th Jan.

David Scott, Heming, and St. Helena Cotton.-The sales of Cotton for some time past Essex,


26th March.
have been exclusively for the home consumption Alnwick Castle, Rulland,
of the country ; last week there was apparently a

Bridgewater, Hughes, From China,


Sailed 20th Jarevival in the export demand, particularly for

Marquis Camden, Sanson, nuary, and St. Boweds and Bengal Cotton; 380 bags Bengals on Warren Hastings, Rawes,


28th board were sold at 1s. 21. without any sample Ceres,

March. being shewn ; 100 Surats were also sold exclusive


Sailed from St.


Atlas, of duty at 1s. Bd. a 18. 4d.

Helena, soth

Sugur,—The sugar market closed heavily last The General Kyd and Herefordshire, were to
week, yet the business done up to Thursday had

leave China about three weeks in February.

The Northampton, Tween, from New South been very extensive. The East India Company's

Wales, had arrived at China. sale of Sugar this forenoon consisted of 6,993 bags The Lady Flora, Brown, was spoke with off brown Mamilla 438. a 45s, 6d, fine dry yellow 468. Western Islands. a 48s, brown Jaya 389, 6d, dry yellow 48s. good Passengers per Lowther Castle.--None.

Per General Harris.- None. white sold at 568. a 588, fine at 60s, a 62s,

Per Charles Grant.-John F. Elphinstone, Esq. Coffee.-The public sales of last week were ex

President, &c. Charles Millett, Esq;

Per Atlas.-Mrs. C. (. Mayne, Mrs. Burchell. ten'sive. The exports are not so considerable,

Portsmouth, 2d May, 1916.-Arrived the Cuff. owing to the direct arrivals in Holland, Hamburgh, nells, Wellbank, from Cuffnells and China, leaky. &c, both from the East-Indles, and also the va. Devaynes, Brooks, sailed from Batavia the 12th rious supplies received from the foreign and re

December, and St. Helena 10th March.

Passengers per Devaynes.-Mr. Septimus Brown, stored colonies in the West-Indies. There were

Captain Shaw, left off the Cape Masier Shaw. no public sales of West India Coffee this fore.

Calcutta, 230 December.-Sailed 230 December noon; the Company's sale consisted of 10,364 from Bengal, Cathcart, Tarbutt, Country Ship,

for London. bags, the greater proportion has been taken in

Northumberland, Princess Charlotte of Wales, the demand was languid, and the prices very low;

Huddart, for Madras and England. Lord Eldon,
ordinary brown Samarang sold at 55s, a 578.; yel. for Bencoolen and England.
low and brown Java chiefly withdrawu at 688. a At Saugur. Under dispatch to sail 15th Jan.
708., damaged sold at 658.; good pale Cheribon

William Pitt, for London,
Lord Melville,

Do. bought in at 67s, ordinary 60s, a 61s, damaged 588.


Do. a 598.; the greater proportion of the Company's

James Sibbald,

Mocha was taken in at 1003. a 100s, 60, private Robarts, Brown, a new Country Ship; and the

True Briton, Cameron, had arrived at Bengal. trade; ordinary brown 885. up to 928, 6d, for good

Bengal, December 10, 1815.-Sailed the Met. yellow,

calfe to Amboyna. Apollo, Sir William Pulteney,

to Bombay. The Exmouth, 800 tons, a new Indigo. The extensive sale at the India House,

ship was fitting out for England. The Cabalva consisting of 16,812 chests, closed last week; the and Marquis Huntly were all well, 3d March, average of prices is from 1s. to Is, 6d, per lb, un lat. 8. 40. soutb, long. 37. west. Paried from the der the last sale; the better descriptions being

Castle Huntly 9th February. 1s, 3d, a 1s, gd, the inferior 6d, a 18, below the

Portsmouth, 3d May, 1816.-Arrived 'the Mar.

garet, Gower, from Batavia. former prices. We refer to our quotations, The Downs, 3d May.--Arrived the Maisters, Wise. public sale of Guitemala Indigo this forenoon, man, from Bengal, sailed 25th Oct,


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Liverpool, 211 May.-Arrived the Hannah, Heathorn, from Bombay, sailed 7th Dec.

Of Dover, 5th May:-Arrivert the Zenobia, George Pelley, from Bengal, sailed the 23d Dec. Cape 25th February.

Passengers per Zenobia.-Mr. Ben. Esdaile, Mr. David Anderson, Thos. Shutter, Surgeon, (came in a whaler.)

Per Maisters.-Captain Sinclair, of the Country Service, died afier leaving Calcutta. Lieut. Tomlinson, H. M. 14th Regt.

Off Portsmouth, 6th May.- Arrived the Hope, Henry Elliott, from Batavia. Passengers per Inglis.- None.

Per Bridgewater. - Lieut. M'Pherson, Lieut. Hilgam, Madras Infantry.

Per Vansittart.-Captain John Wyatt Watling, H.M. S. Julian. William Atherton, H. M. 47th Regt. Mrs. Atherton. Per Ceres.-Mr. Pritchett, from St. Helena.

Per Esser.-Mrs. Urmston, Miss Urmston, from Canton.

Per Warren Hastings.-John Reeves, Esq.

Per David Scort.-Mrs. Louisa Locke. Mr: Hope, from Batavia.

Per Alnwick Castle.--Mr. Curtis from Manilla. Col. James Curtis. Master C. W. Rolland.

Per Marqwis Camden.- Captain Hamilton from Bombay. Mrs. Hamilton.

Off Deal 12th May. - Arrived the Lady Flora, Brown, from China, sailed the 14th Dec. The Horario frigate arrived at China, 18th Jan. The Wm. Pitt, G:alam, had arrived at the Cape from Bengal.

Resource, for Bengal, was well 18th February, lat. 17. south, long. so east, and the Marchioness of Ely, for China, was all well, lat. 2. north, long. 22. west.

Jerusalem Coffee-House, May 25, 1816.

Portsmouth, April 25.--Arrivals.-Asia, Free. trader, Bombay.

Downs 24.- Willerey, Crosset, Merchantman, New South Wales. 26.-Minstrel, Jackson, Merchantman, Cape,

Eliza, King, Do. Isle of France. May 26.-Orpheus, Finley, Free trader, Bombay.

Deal 9.-Lady Lushington, Dormer, Free trader, Bengal.

15,- Lady Campbell, Marquis, Company's, Madeira and Bengal,

Batavia, Mayne, Company's, Madeira and Bengal.

16.-Hero, Stephenson, Freetrader, Madras and Bengal. Elizabeth, Ostler, Do. New S. Wales. Monarch, Gascoyne, Do.

Batavia. Lord Castlereagh, Laing, Country ship, Bombay,

Portsmouth 16.- Alexander, Surflin, Free trad. er, Madeira and Ceylon, Adamant, Elder, Whaler, South Sea s. Orpheus, Findlay, Free Trader, Bombay.

Deal 16.-Astell,' Creswell, Company's, Ceylon and Bengal.

17.-Mangles, Bunn, Company's, Madeira and Beugall. Lady Carrington, M‘Dougall, Do. Do. Northumbrian, Lawson, Free trader, Bengal.

19.-Ann, Masson, Company's, Madeira and Bombay,

Elizabeth, Transport, New South Wales. Alexander, Cobb, Company's, Madeira and Bombay.

22.-British Hero, Edwards, Free trader, Madeira, Madras and Bengal.

Jerusalem Cattec-House, May 27, 1816.

11. This day the dispatches were finally closed at the East India House, and delivered to the Pursers of the following ships, viz.Astell, Captain F. Cresswell, for Ceylon and Bengal; 1.ady Campbell, Captain P. Marquis; and Bata via, Captain J. Nayne, for Bengal direct.

Passengers. per Aitello-For Bengal Captain Lockett, Cornet A. L. Strachan, Mr. Caldwell, free mariner; Misses Fleming, Waddington and Christie; Mrs. Cheap and family. For Madras-Lieut. J. Robins, Mrs, Redding.

For Ceylon-Mistresses Simson, Mitchell, and Barnett.

Per Batavia.-For Bengal-Mr. A. Scott, assist. an t-surgeon.

Per Lady Campbell.--For Bengal-Sir A. Buller, (Judge of the Supreme Court) and family c. Boller and W. Clark, senior merchants ; Mrs. Builer; Messrs. Shaw and Floyer, writers ; T. Lewin, Esq. barrister ; Mr. and Miss Parlby ; . Miss Bathurst.

15.–This day the dispatches were finally closed at the East India House, and delivered to the Pursers of the following ships, viz.

Mangles, Capt. B. Bunn, for Bengal direct; Lady Carrington, Capt. D. M‘Dougall, for Mac deira and Bengal,

16.-This day the dispatches were finally closed at the East India House, and delivered to the Pursers of the following ships, viz.-Ann, Capt. J. Masson ; Alexander, Captain H. Cobb, fur Madras and Bombay.

Passengers per Ann.- For Bombay-Mr. Vibart, writer; Messrs. G. and C. Bladen.

Per Alexander.- For Bombay-Mr. William. son, writer; Mr. Pinckney, assistant surgeon ; Mr. Worsley:-Fur Madras-Captain Woodhouse and family.

Mar. 28-A half-yearly meeting of the sube scribers to Lloyd's was held this day, when the accounts of that establishment were laid before the subscribers, and some alterations in the by-, laws proposed by the Committee approved of. The following resolutious were brought forward by the Committee, and carried unanimously :-.

That the sum of 1001. be voted from the funds of the house towards the relief of the widow and tourteen children of Henry Pettit, a Deal boat man, who was drowned on the 14th of last month, in going off with an anchor and cable to the Mar. chioness of Ely, East India man, in distress.

That the sum of 100l. be voted to Lieut. Chas. Woodyer, R.N. of the signal station, North Yarmouth, for his exertions in saving, by means of Capt. Manby's moriar under his charge, the crew of the brig Leipzig, of Hall, which was wrecked on Yarmouth Bar on the 7th of December.

That an increase of 300l. per annum be made to the present salary of Mr. John Bennett, jun, the Secretary to the Committee, and to commence from the 1st of January last.

To Captain M.B. Laing, Commander of the

Lord Castlereagh. Dear Sir.-The passengers of the Lord Castle. reagh, impressed with the kind and liberal treat. ment which they have experienced from you du. ring their voyage from India to England, cannot quit your ship without expressing lo you the sen. timents they entertain of your conduct. In making their best acknowledgments to you for the comfort and ease which they have enjoyod ever since they came on board your ship, arising out of your uniform kindness towards them, they beg to add, that they have commissioned one of their body to present you with a piece of plate, which, without reference to its value, they assure themselves will be acceptable to you as a token of their regard and este m. We have the pleasure to subscribe ourselves,

Dear Sir, yours very faithfully,

Knight of Order Christi, Major of Volunteer

Royal Legion, late Governor and Captain-
General of Madras.

SPROULL, Surgeon,

[blocks in formation]

TIMES appointed for the EAST-INDIA COMPANY'S SHIPS of the SEASON 1815-16.

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15 Nov.

23 Jan.


1815. 1815.

589 James Goldie James Crichton .. John Templeton .. Fred. Geo. Moore Stephen Anderson Alexander Sim St. Helena , China.. 25 Nov.
23 Jan. .. 1 Lord Lyndoch

5 Dec.

James Coxwell ....Wm. Shepheard .. Jos. A. Senhouse.. Thos. Clemishaw.. John L. Wardell.. St. Helena & China.. 30 Dec. 14 Jan. 19 Feb.
23 Mar. 3 Coldstream

693 John Dawson....
631Almon Hill... Andrew T. Mason George Stephens .. Wm.W. Haynes.. Samuel Garth .... Robert Miles

24 do,

St. Helena . China 15 Jan. 23 Do. 4 Mar.
7 Sovereign

617 John Locke. John Alex. Telfer. Wm. H. Biden.... Robert Foulerton Alexander Condy James Gardner
1 Barkworth
505 John Barkworth Thomas Lynn
George Noton .... Wm. R. Parkers.. John Wilkinson

John Moor ........
4 Larkins

637 John P. Larkins .. Thos. Dumbleton . Henry Wilkinson George H. Trill... Richard A. Taylor John Greaves.......
30 do.

7 Feb. 13 Do.

Madras & Bengal. 29 Do.
Lord Keith
599 Robert Morris

Archibald Ewart.. Edward Crowfoot
Peter Campbell.... Joseph L. Cope.... Walter Young
15 May

Lady Campbell 681 John Innes... Thomas Marquis.. John Jones William Reid James Arnott...... Eustace Wigzell
17 do."

560 John Wm. Buckle Benjamin Bunn . . James Graham

R. F. Lardner Whitmore Smart. Henry Osborne.... Bengal.
15 do..... 3 Batavia .......... 555 John Wm. Buckle John Mayne ...... Rich. B. Shears ... Geo. H. S. Gilbert James Plumbe Henry Hayne

508 Shakspear Reed .. James Masson
7 Ann ...

Thomas Flamank. William Ray John Sparks ... Samuel Mac Nae..
19 do...

19 Mar. 23 Mar. 28 April

} Madei & Bombay
7 Alexander

600 Robert Mangles... Henry Cobb Samuel Chester ...Tho. F. Seacole Evan Rowlands... Wm. Turner
17 do..... el Lady Carrington..l 564 John Campbell.... Dugald McDougall George Phillips ... Wm. J. Compton. Geo. Mac Donnell John Fincham Madeira g Bengal


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L. S. d. L. s. d.
Cochineal 0 5 ô tô 0 5 6
Coffee, Java ..
cwt. 3 8 0

$ 150

3 0 0 3 10 0

3 10 0

4 0 0

5 0 0

5 5 0
Cotton), Surat.... Ib. 0 1 4

0 1 5
Extra fine.........

0 1 7

0 1 9

0 1 2

0 1 6

02 4 0 30
Drugs, &c. for Dyeing.
Aloes, Epatica.......cwt. 0 0

8 0 0
Anniseeds, Star.....

5 10 0

6 0 0
Borax, Refined....

5 10 0

6 15 0
Jnrefined, or Tincal 5 10 0 6 0 0
Camphire unrefined..... 12 0 0 -14 10 0
Cardemoms, 03 6

06 0
Cassia Buds..........cwt. 23 10 0

12 00 - 17 0 0
Castor Oil.............. Ib. 0 1 3

0 0
China Root..........cwt. 2 0 0

2 5 0
Cocuius Indicus......... 3 1 0

3 10 0
Columbo Root..

2 15

3 0
Dragon's Blood.
Gum Ammoniac, lump..

3 10 O

0 0

6 0 0 15 0 0

6 10 0 - 50 0 0
Animi...........cwt. 5 10 0 10 0 0

22 o 24 0 0

90 0 - 11 0

5 0

6 10 0
Lac Lake...

0 3

0 1 9

0 3 6 0 5 6
Shell, Block...

3 0 3 10 0

3 10 0 8 0 0
Musk, China..........02. 014

1 1 0
Nux Vomica.........cwt. 2 O 0

2 10 0
Oil Cassia.....

.oz. 0 2 6

o 3 O

1 0 0

1 1 0

o S 6

06 0 0 10 0

L. S. d. L. S. d.
Sal Ammoniac ......cwt. 5 15 0
Senna... 01 6 to 0 2 6
Túrmerick, Bengal..cwt. 1 18 0


2 10 0 2 15 0
Galls, in Sorts...

9 0 0

10 0 0
Indigo, Blue 0 99 0 10 0
Blue and Violet.... 0 8 6 096
Purple and Violet.... 0 7 6 0 8 6
Fine Violet.......

7 0 0 79
Good Ditto.....

0 6 0 0 6 9
Fine Violet & Copper 0

5 6

0 6 0
Good Ditto..

0 5 3 05
Fine Cupper....

05 6 0 5.9
Goud Ditto..

0 4 9 053
Ordinary Ditto 03 1

0 39
Rice, Like Carolina ...cwt. 017 0

1 2
Safflower................cwt. 4 15 0 90


2 O 0 3 0 0
Saltpetre, Refined.....cwt. 3 10 0
Silk, Bengal Skein .lb. O 12 0 0 15 6

0 16 1

1 3 11
Ditto White

1 0 0

1 3 1
Organ zine,

1 10 7

1 17 0
Spices, Cinnamon.. Ib. 0 10 0 0 11 0

0 36 0 3 9

090 0 11 0

0 6 0 06 3

cwt. 6 0 0
Pepper, Black Ib. 0 0 8 009

0 1 3
Sugar, Yellow ......... cwt. 2 6 0 2 10 0

2 12 0 3 2 0
Brown ..........

2 2 0. 2 5 0
Tea, O 2 O 0 2 2

0 2 7 03 5

0 4 0

0 4 6

0 2 11 0 4

0 30 0 3 2

0 4 10

0 5 4
Hyson Skin

0 2 11 o 5 6
Hyson ....

0 4 9

O 5

0 5 6

0 5 10

1 2 0

1 5
Woods, Saunders Red..ton 10 00



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Mace, ....


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... Ib.

Goods declared for Sale at the East-India House.
On Tuesday, 4 June-Prompt 30 August. On Wednesday, 19 June-Prompt 20 September.
Tea Bohea, 350,000 lbs.-Congou, Campai, and

Privilege.-Coffee, 18,214 bags.
Souchong, 4,500.000—Twankay, 750,000 – Hyson
Skin, 150,000 – Hyson, 250,000—Total, including Notice. The sale of the Company's Mirzapore
Private-l'rade, 6,000,000 lbs.-The Congou refused Carpets, advertised for Wednesday the 29th May,
by the buyers at the last sale will be put up again is postponed till after the bill now in Parliament
at this sale, at 28.7d. per lb.

for regulating the duties of customs shall have
been passed.

Cargoes of East-India Company's Ships lately arrived.
Cargoes of the Walmer Castle, Warley, Princess Private-Trade and Privilege.-Tea, 40, 147 chests
Amelia, Hope, Royal George, Cuffnells, Low-

and boxes-Gamboge, 114 cases-Rhubarb, 308

cases-Tortoiseshell, 14 boxes-Cassia, 192 chests
ther Castle, Charles Grant, General Harris,

-Cassia Buds, 48 chests-Cassia Oil, 4 tubs and
Bridgewater, Vansittart, David Scott, Esser, 20 cases-Silk Handkerchiefs, 44 boxes-Silks, 123
Alnwick Castle, Ceres, Inglis, Atlas, Warren boxes-Whanghee Canes, 70,350 and 40 bundles-
Hastings, Marquis Canden, and Lady Flora,

Ground Rattans, 136,150-Mother-o'- Pearl Shells,
from China.

376 boxes, 38 tons, and 35,000 lbs.-Vermillion,

25 boxes - Nankeens, 843 boxes - Madeira and
Company's. Tea, 323,600 chests, containing other Wines, 44 pipes, 4 cases, and 5 butts--Soy,
27,874,739 Ibs.-Raw Silk, 31,047 lbs.--Nankeens, 24 casks--China Ink, 2 boxes-Shells, 190 bags
191,700 pieces.

Paper, e cases.

East-India Exchanges and Company's Securities.
By accounts received from Bengal dated in De-

terest would be immediately reduced from 9 to 8
cember, it appears that the Company's 6 per cent,

per cent.
paper continued saleable at about 8 per cent. dis-

Private Bills on London were obtainable at 28.8d.
count ; and maintained a steady price.--It was

per Sicca Rupee, but the indux of bullion from
confidently expected that the privaie rate of in-

Europe rendered a speedy reduction to 26, 7d, very

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